Blue War, a wound for years

99 In the depths of winter, light blue with autumn dinner with friends meter time to get to know friends laugh autumn rice dust, dust laugh after dinner and asked her son to go to sing karaoke OK.It was the first time go to karaoke light blue, is also the first time drinking coffee, laughing dust spots, tens cup.  Laugh dust is a tall, handsome boy, wearing a blue sweater with high collar wide circle of hand-woven, more highlighting his face goes white.Aqua sight of him felt his heart pounding, feel a touch shy girl blush on her face fly.  In fact, light blue is a beautiful girl Neixiu, that night she wore a small down jacket waist one meter yellow card in the glow of neon lights, added a bit naive and pure, clear the dust to see her smile look how many drunk.  M autumn that he was born without a musical bone, so the initiative to undertake the task song.Light blue with laughter as if the dust is born singer, although they first collaboration, but all of them are love songs to the extreme interpretation: “Xinyu”, “confused love”, “belated love “” you make my heart “—— night they drink beer and singing, forget time, forget the place, completely drunk in the singing, the situation in.Until nearly 0:00, they did decide to leave devotion.Laughing Dust say this life is to recognize Aqua blessing of his life breaking up, so he took the initiative to leave the phone number light blue, light blue and ask for contact details.In fact, in those days, the phone is really very fashionable thing, almost no one in use, light blue is not.But there is a light blue pager, which was also pretty good the.But they did not record their name when storing each other’s numbers, but it is a tacit agreement with the blue and yellow sweater instead of a jacket.  Aqua blue born to a soft spot, so after that night wearing a dust laughing blue sweater image has been lingering a long time in her heart, she really sleep that night.  Although there is no dedicated laughing after dust like yellow habits, but a small night light blue beige jacket became his heart’s deepest India, especially in light blue lovely beautiful smile always eventually lead to his heart like a fire burning, tossing and turning unknowingly went to the dawn.  Early next morning on Aqua unexpectedly received a warm pager: Good morning flowers like yellow jacket!Meeting you was my real edge, I wish you happy every day!really miss you.Mr. Blue.  Aqua had just did not take long to work seriously fallen in love does not, how can such a straightforward face emotions and the way it love at first sight?Like all of a sudden her heart hidden under numerous little rabbits, always ups and downs it hard.In fact, somewhere she felt she had a special affection for dust laugh, perhaps that is the love of it?She wondered, heart flowers slowly inching lake in the heart of blooming.  Aqua do not know that day is how the classes, how they are coming from work?Because of her mind is full of that, Mr. Blue, her ecstatic awesome boy.  In fact, dust is not better than laughter, he fetched almost all the raw materials of the day wrong, because his heart has already flown to the side of the edge virtuous quiet beautiful and graceful singing of cotton jacket to go there.  Finally, when the light blue with an indefinable mood units out the door, her eyes suddenly wide open to the extreme: because she saw facing her laugh laugh dust.Dust laugh smile bright and slightly a bit haggard, as if the earth has experienced unspeakable parting with instant Acacia met true love of people, at least to the light blue of his intuition is so.  Laugh dust said to invite to dinner Aqua Blue, although not really familiar with them, but actually light blue mysteriously did not refuse, and inside there is a trace of sweet happiness surrounding.Because in the heart of the ocean blue, as if they had known each other as past lives, not the slightest strangeness.  They drank a lot of wine that night, and then went to sing, but almost did not sing that night light blue, because he has to listen to her laugh dust with songs express the deepest love: “but likes you”, “thank you for your love 1999 in “,” long live for you one day, “” you want to think well of loneliness, “as if each —– capital reveals the deepest most true love.Especially laugh dust that blurred eyes almost cheerful and loving portrait of circulation Inner Voices, light blue is really no way to refuse to let the boy love to the depths kiss the back of her white jade.  In fact, they really got drunk that night, in fact, that night they really are made for each other intoxicated.That night laugh dust carrying light blue went to his residence, but that night they did not do anything.They just tell each other their own once, from memories of childhood until right then bit by bit.Perhaps this is one of the best expression of love it?Because loving each other, so should the other party did not previously own for at least the day after listening impression to make it up.  Aqua downwind sailing all the way, there is no drink Flirt grievances, like pure clean so that everyone will feel pity.But laugh dust is different, and he was feeling bad parents, so he spent all the way tussle in the parents’ abuse of.Until then more and more unbearable fled to the aunt’s house, he lived life to depend on others.Dust laugh laughing eyes overflow with tears of grief helpless when it comes to the sad, he said he really thought about the days with other children have families and parents loved music, but also really miss someone he has been able to appease frozen heart.I listen Aqua Blue heart was broken, and she really can not imagine such a handsome boy sun would be so tragic past.She smiled help distressed dust wipe the tears from his eyes with a warm heart will laugh dust football into his arms, gently stroking his hair and said: You will never be alone, because of me, I’m your winter sun warm you, light your heart every dark corner, be sure to believe I can do it!  Having them more tightly, as if choking each other to be the same as the.At that moment, the window suddenly float snow goose feather.The muffled a white ground as if they indicate the end of time, grow old love, so that their hearts really so excited, they could not go downstairs to enjoy a night of snow: snuggle night, said the night of love, then, make a promise I,.That night so that they understand: the original world really destined somewhere edge, the original world really have the so-called love at first sight.In fact, when time has become indifferent in people’s hearts, then met two days so what?The same can be doomed forever!  After that night they almost entered the public phase of love, they each have occupied all discretionary time to work with each other except.They do most things is to drink together, eat together, sing together, laugh and sometimes are eating rice dust situation of the actions will be abruptly stood up and hugged the waist light blue slowly swaying sing the most emotional song: would you please point me on a candle, because I had lost the way.I could not conceal his panic, in not wait around, fear that a dream is a good way.And you are a boundless net, easily put me trapped in the net central —— reluctant so keep at your side, did not forget to prefer life so she listens Aqua —– always excited to tears, then put his lips buried deep inside laugh dust lip.They would like to forget this world kissing together, that moment as if the world is only part of the two of them, they really deeply carved into the bones to each other, if one is to leave it would be tantamount to cutting off each other’s heart, pushing to hell.  They are so happy with, with sweet, intoxicating, waiting for that wonderful moment in hand on the red carpet.But a girl called Reaching a surprise visit one day, and go directly to the office of light blue, light blue make the dream suddenly shattered.Aqua Blue is a single office, so she sat in the office, please Reaching down.  Reaching almost brown color, a little innocent girl almost alien woman.I can see she is a very straightforward woman, because her first words spoke directly to his intentions: Do you know laugh dust it?I was his fiancee.When hearing this light blue is to pour Reaching the results because of the extreme fragmentation of shock cup full of water sprinkled on the feet, the legs of a sudden becomes inflamed.Reaching wanted to have a chat with the light blue, light blue results so must go to the infirmary, so Reaching help her colleagues next door cried myself quietly away.  When the doctor gave the light blue drug, has been hurt when she asked.Aqua does not speak, but has been in tears because her heart really hurt hurt.  Pm laugh dust from work then light blue, light blue is not in.Laughing dust from her colleague that she scalded feet took leave of absence, lay it in the dormitory.When the dust smile holding a bouquet of forget-me-encrusted fresh lily quarters came to light blue, light blue eyes already swollen from crying.Previous Aqua Blue is a favorite among the lilies fall in the forget-me, she really wanted to be the day all those bits and pieces scattered to the horizon, because all of a sudden she really want to put that cheated on her torn blue sweater crushed, let it drift far away as possible —— light blue eyes and resentment inflamed eyes really scared laugh dust, he grabbed quickly in the past wanted trembling light blue, light blue because of the way to see it really makes both distressed and scared, laugh dust really do not know what happened, he was bewildered.  Aqua blasted open this she was once caught the boy’s arms, she cried hysterically laughing to let the dust Reaching ask what happened in the end.When you hear the word Reaching, laughing eyes clear of dust passing touch of strange.But he soon calmed down, he said let recuperate light blue, light blue and other injuries Well they went registration of marriage, he will give a satisfactory explanation of Aqua Blue.Aqua said she wanted a quiet person, watching her look like leaves in the wind Qiruoyousi, crying and laughing away the dust, he is really distressed light blue of pain.Laugh watching dust leave the back, light blue wailing, she was really hurt, both physically and mentally broken.  Aqua true love really can not afford their own so beloved man inexplicably ran a fiancee, she decided to take their own scars immense to travel to, first, in order to escape, the second is that time can give your heart a satisfactory account of.  Out for seven days, no one can forget to laugh in the face of dust.But better between them every day more clearly gaining on her every nerve, she suddenly realized that she really can not do without this person, so she must go back to hear him, give him a chance, because he said to give yourself a satisfactory answer is not it?  Aqua go back directly back to the unit, she wanted to change clothes to look for dust laughed for the first time, because the share of pressing thoughts has made her no turning back.But I did not expect just arrived on duty security section of people say there is express her, so she would take the side edge to the hostel opened.To this shipment really has the power of the atomic bomb: because it is a copy of the marriage certificate of Reaching laugh with dust!  Aqua suddenly fainted: the journey of fatigue coupled with deep-seated thoughts really pushed her to the lowest point of the body and mind, a slight blow he never took the slightest effort.  When the light blue woke up and found himself lying in a single room is infusion ward clean, dust laughed and squeezed his hand tears have soaked large bedding.Aqua wanted to laugh dust a slap in the face, but she really had no strength even raising his hand up.The pale light blue like the world has not the same, which makes dust laugh even have the heart to die.Aqua has watched his fight the urge to laugh dust quickly kept their own fan slap in the face.Dust laugh watching the move, is so genuine and sincere, light blue can not help but relented, exhausted all the strength and sat up clinging to laugh dust.Well she held tight good tight, let go a laugh because it seems the dust will disappear forever from her side as.  Aqua infusion After already dark, laugh dust take her out to eat dinner that night they who did not drink, who did not speak.After dinner they went to the nearby small park and sat down on a park bench.Laughing dust into my arms light blue, light blue tears kept streaming down her cheeks.Aqua could not help but follow the cry, their tears blend together, laughing dust intersection became tearful melody: Good -Bey of MyLove Maina, let me cry on your shoulder; Goodbye, my baby, let the last time I call you ——, laugh dust began to sing choked, she began to sing light blue already kneeling on the ground.  Reaching laugh with dust that he had betrothed, he dwelleth in together.But later found Reaching character really out of tune with their own, often confused Sapo put themselves black and blue, so they really have been separated for a long time.But on the day after Reaching looking for a light blue, she went to the laughter of dust raised by aunt.Still there cry and kick, joking dust heartless that he actually was kind enough to have their own break up pregnant.  Reaching a laugh dust aunt was pregnant, they hastened to appease Reaching said let her not excited, scared as easy fetus.She said she would ensure that laugh immediately register with dust Reaching marriage because she believes laughter dust will not go against her will.  Is the aunt for a laugh dust to complete their studies and to laugh dust arrangements satisfactory work, and is also an important leadership aunt administrative unit, is particularly too proud.Even if the dust of life aunt to laugh, laugh dust will give, not to mention was a loveless marriage it?Just the day before under that kind of desperation in the ocean blue travel back and laugh registered with Reaching the dust, and the wedding will be held soon.  After listening to Aqua she did not blame any dust laugh, even if it was felt that he might also make the same choice with dust laugh, because after all, they are both reasonable Gratitude Xingqingzhongren.  Laughing dust wedding was held as scheduled, light blue did not attend, but sent a gift, she really want to laugh dust can live happily, even though her heart flooded with injury, it has even into mourning.  Laughing dust marriage Aqua also within the shortest possible time with a crush on his co-workers for a long time married, he severed all ties with laughter dust.But often heard friends talking and laughing autumn rice dust a little 破罐子破摔 marriage, the couple will not have this feeling, so they often quarrel.M Autumn has also been lamented: If I had to say with light blue dust can laugh together nice ah!  Just after they separated shortly Aqua also bought a cell phone, and decided life would not trade numbers, for five years she also heard the sound of a dust laugh twice indefinitely.Aqua know because the relationship between rice autumn, laugh dust get their phone numbers can be easily.But they are responsible for the men, so they regarded each other to hide the deepest.  Phone two years, after answering laugh light blue dust is always the first thing never changes: so many years, that did not change your voice.Yes ah, how will it change?That is what a love ah?Emotional simply can not change, is not it?  He is coming fifteen years, and that time should also light blue phone rang right?Ugh!A few years have, never forgotten, but all the care doomed life into mourning ——