Blue sky singing

Looking white clouds Yi Mei fluttering, cloudless blue sky, whose prime hand picture depicted in heart.    The glow of burning embers, wind blurred in the eye anymore, the water swept over the distant sun wistful, birds laden with sediment dream, far behind the ripples, the immense sail the coast.River aloe flying snow, whether crooning shallow sing, wave ripples through the heart, turned into a jump in the blue sky notes.Distant sounds of nature, floating above the earth, to break up the head of the fog.Let swan song of life, covering loss of sorrow.    Although, the other side of the scenery, flashing a brilliant spark in every helpless watching the fog, although the river wind caressed the dream just whisper gurgling water, regardless of the time of changing the old face, I just have to pick up the broken pieces Falling Yu, I still watch singing blue sky, let River landscape in my eyes under dignified woven into a boat, overlooking the joys and sorrows of this world, perhaps in the marshes is still highly fixed in our heads.    Perhaps, I would choose silence.Silence is a tribute to volcanic blue sky.Perhaps, I would choose the moon, the moon confront is the dress of blue sky.Stars silent, as long as the wind and rain picked up the window, just pick up the moon and stars, bit by bit, shred, you will see birds bright shadow across the sky.