Blue shadow evil love

Westerly bleak, Manjuan leaves, horse Diandong double Chun Road on Diandong.Three days ago, unscrupulous thieves in this neighborhood green shadow appears, abhorrence of evil double Chun after that, quickly rushed to the place.It is time became exhausted, the road there was a tea stall.Gema rustling a large pull the reins, he stopped: young girl, catch the road for so long, it is better in this little rest?Sister Ma Juqing nod.  Selling tea is an old man, squinting look at them: you both are right rivers and lakes paladin?To see that extraordinary skill, admire!Two humbly said: Grandpa, you flatter me.Grandpa went on to say: you walk on this road, whether heard the name of blue shadow thief?Two surprised, horse rustling and asked: Grandpa, you know this person?The old man smiled: Tomorrow is here, hear some.It is said that thieves can be powerful, to say you would not believe, he dressed as another person, and the other did not know.Ma Juqing do not believe, is the occasion should laugh, horse rustling suddenly shouted: Be careful, he is green shadow thief!  But the old man stature fast as lightning, palm strike to her.Seeing the young girl must drowning each other under the palm, horses whinny rushed over, laid down his life a block, save a life Maju Qing.But it beat Shangdebuqing, horse rustling hand can not even hold a knife.Maju Qing sword out of a desperate slash, finally rescued the horse whinny.Two fled.He fled to safe areas, in shock, after a long Maju Qing brother remembered to treat wounds.At this time, the horse whinny suddenly exclaimed: palm method, poisons and turning, this is not ‘Gone with the Wind Butterfly’ European Xin instrument of three stunt it?  European Xin instrument is renowned lone Woman, superior palm method, and is good at turning poisoning and.That is to say, Maju Qing also nodded in agreement.But how can green shadow thief of Europe and Healing Hearts Woman tied it?Two some deliberation, decided to go to Europe Xin instrument, surrender Thief.By the way also wanted to look up the relationship between Europe and Xin instrument Thief.Xin instrument to the European abode, horse whinny knocked on the door a long time, have a female voice replied: come.On the door was a woman about 34 years old, she saw the two men, said simply: visitor from afar, Come!Brew tea for the two women, asked what he wanted, the horse whinny halfway ambushed thieves do that again, and then said: we’ve come, would like to invite the European Woman helping hand extended to eradicate the scourge of martial arts this green shadow thief.Women’s a silence, he said: Do you know blue shadow thief and what is the relationship I?The woman said: Thief blue shadow, it is my apprentice.Two startled woman made an effort, said: apprentice Lize Qing is a smart man, he took only three years, put all my skills have learned to go, come to tea.  They go to see the tea to drink, the woman’s eyes Yangchu a smile, went on to say: Once he even disguised as I like to go outside a circle, even my sister every time he lied.Horse whinny suddenly stood up, drank loudly: young girl brisk walking, he, he is a blue shadow thief!But it speaks, suddenly fell to the ground, then Maju Qing also fell.I do not know how long, horse rustling woke up and found that two of them were his hands tied behind his back, locked up in a cellar.When he woke up Maju Qing, the cellar door burst open and a woman came in.  Horse whinny sneer: you?Next, we want to continue to torment you?Woman surprised a moment, said: oh?You must think of me as Lize Qing, my instrument is the European Xin.Horse whinny of course do not believe, the woman said: You have been reduced to this land, and I have to lie to you need it?Then, give them a loose tie, then the horse whinny two people believed.Ou Xin-yi says: This Lize Qing, really lawlessness.Horse whinny Q: Why do not you shot, clean house to ourselves?European Xin instrument sighed, looked helpless.  It turned out that the instrument when Lize Qing Xin Ou reverted sects, Lize Qing has grown, both from morning till evening, he had feelings for Master, actually confession directly to Master.But Europe can not Xin instrument across a large anti-ethical, categorically rejected.Since then Lize Qing’s temper is getting worse, even outside fishing a blue shadow of the bandit thief.European Xin instrument began to take measures to avoid, but Lize Qing misdeeds she gradually fed up.  This time she came back from the outside, I would like to sell clean house, but I did not expect Lize Qing preemptive shot, spent her martial arts.The results of the horse whinny two heart instantly dropped to freezing point.Two-Chun impulse up, to go out and Lize Qing desperately.European Xin instrument sighed and said: martial arts to both of you, it is impossible to beat him.Now the only thing I can do is let you go.They still hesitant horse whinny, a European instrument stomping Hope, said: Hurry up, do not go too late.Horse whinny not yet answered the door came a sneer: it was too late.We arrived just Lize Qing.Diandong double Chun rushed forward, but the horse whinny injured, two swords can not join forces, soon to be knocked to the ground.Lize Qing positive kill a horse whinny, Europe Xin instrument snapped shouted: Enough, stop me.Lize Qing said with a smile: Stop?Row!But you have to promise me one condition.  His condition is actually talk to her to get married.European Xin instrument listened, almost biting her lips were bleeding.Horse whinny shouted: European Woman, do not you promised him.Even if we die, do not let you be insulted beast.But the European Xin instrument finally nodded.Lize Qing laughed heartily, immediately went to the preparations for the wedding, but also let the horse whinny when their two witnesses.Wedding was held in the lobby, two horses whinny as a witness, see Europe and Lize Qing Xin instrument woodenly worship hall, line ceremony, they really do not know how sad.Lize Qing reach for the glass, saying: Come, Xin instrument, drink this cup, we officially became husband and wife.European Xin instrument reach for the glass, hand somehow shocked, the whole people a crooked, almost to fall.Fortunately Lize Qing agile, she will pull a European Xin instrument to catch his breath, he smiled and said: all right, we can drink.Lize Qing by her smile that fans have three souls flying happily exclaimed: drink, we drink.This wine is a drink, but half quarter of an hour, Lize Qing suddenly over his heart, eyes Yuan Deng, pointing to the European Xin instrument: you, you should Europe Xin instrument lightly: Yes, I got “three-step Lethal scattered in your wine “.Murder, sometimes you can not necessarily rely on martial arts.  Lize Qing mouth out of the ray of blood, said the last sentence: I love you so much if not finished, the knockout.European Xin instrument face I do not know sorrow, or relief, she said to the horse whinny two: You go, since then, there will not be ‘Gone with the Wind Butterfly’ on rivers and lakes, there will not be ‘Green Shadow Thief’ the.  They bade farewell with the European Xin instrument, can also fit Maju Qing how the heart, she said: Brother, you just said that Europe Woman say, in the end what is the meaning of it?She would not kill yourself?Maju Qing decided to go back to check it out, return to the European Xin instrument residence, which actually came a man’s voice.She was shocked, and fell in the door and looked inside, the original Lize Qing actually did not die.  European Xin instrument coldly: your martial arts of work has been destroyed and scattered, you take this right retreated into the shadows.Lize Qing but said excitedly: Xin instrument, you love me, we go together.European Xin instrument after a brief pause thought, finally nodded his head.  Maju Qing heard Lize Qing was abolished martial arts, she drew his sword, rushed to want to kill each other.But think for a long time, he finally recovered the sword, perhaps, as the European Instrument Xin said, there will be no blue shadow thief on rivers and lakes, she then why bother to make things difficult for one pair of lovestruck men and women do?