A cabinet of old shoes, two fatherly

A Late that night, I had a terrible nightmare.The dream, I saw two men glared at each other eyes that can not wait to swallow.  The two men, one is my father, my stepfather was a.Father suit, well-dressed; stepfather is a fixture on bits and pieces of pants covered with mud.As the enemy like a moment of confrontation, the father spoke coldly: Zhang lame, say, how much money you can make disappear two days?Stepfather work on construction sites, steel and concrete all day and dealing, though legs a little lame, but his pair of calloused hand by no means a vegetarian.He grinned and answered very simply: Do not think money is great, it is that you should disappear.  That being the case, then blame me polite!Father rather abruptly crashed stepfather.This way, I was dismayed to find that the two men standing on tall scaffolding!  Seeing stepfather staggered back, kick Ta, I woke up and shouted: Dad dream, thanks to a dream.I’m scared cold sweat oozes strong pressing fluttered hearts, scramble called the boyfriend’s phone Xu Bin: Bin son, I’m afraid my father and my stepfather would beat up.  Where?Not hurt people hurt?Phone, Xu Bin Hire.  When you heard in a dream fight when, Xu Bin this grow breath, do not comfort me cranky.I bulkhead smile, alas, can not want it, early next month I’ll be the bride Xu Bin.This is a big happy event.Unexpectedly, the trouble comes.A few days ago, my stepfather called to let him leave with the foreman came back to the wedding prayer Diocese.Stepfather cheerfully said: Do not worry, girl, and so I went home opened wages.Just hang up the phone here, my father excitedly ran into the door: a small quiet hotel I booked.Dad also need to do, despite the orders.  Obvious, as a father, we must accept this worship of the couple.At that time, a mother, father, two, sitting on a bench, spread out not people laugh?I Choude big head, wondering over and over again for several days, but also thought a good way best of both worlds.  B put bright sky, Xu Bin Hastening.See, he is also anxious for this thing: a small quiet, you see that okay, let’s do two back one day?  They are married, but not a concert.Xu Bin I immediately rejected the idea of rancid, even if it can be done two back, Backwards?Who Major Minor?  From the kinship, should give priority to the biological father.Child, my father loved me very much, and treat the apple, but in my 7 years old, has been doing business very smoothly father was a friend of the pit, heavily in debt.Fraternizing buddies once a month fell faster than the open book, Gesanchawu door to collect debts and no money yet?Then move the TV, Chai Fangzi.Life is getting more difficult, the father and mother divorced, and her daughter disappeared cruel to us, huh.Until 10 years later, his father was Fengfengguangguang back to the city: a small quiet, dad re-energized, and plenty of money.Dad owe you, doubling the repayment!  After listening to his father tell, I finally understand, then, why the father filed for divorce, her daughter is worried creditors to bully us.In the 10 years his father left, my mother took me and humble, simple and honest upright stepfather came together.Have to admit, stepfather is hard to find a world of good.At first, I never look down on him, not only scolded him and bite him.Stepfather gap on the left is my ear bite.I remember clearly, I had 8-year-old birthday, stepfather bought me a new pair of shoes, hehe smile tease me: girl, called my father, my father called me give you wear.I Chou Chou shoes, with open arms so that the stepfather hold.Stepfather happy enraptured, did not envisage that I would die at the mouth, the shoes will be thrown to his face: You’re not my father, I hate you!  Positive thinking, Xu Bin seems to see through my mind, he said: small quiet, or else, do not let your stepfather showed up.You embarrassed, I said to him.  No, I can not hurt stepfather’s heart.I repeatedly shook his head.After that bloodshed, stepfather and nothing to make me call him Dad, can I care for no less Bansi too.During that time, there are still creditors importune: Father son also debt, debt husband wife also, do not pay back the money, put your daughter to sell stolen!Hear intimidation creditors, stepfather anxious, took a kitchen knife to cut: roll, I Shuigan Dong girl a finger, I cut him!Creditors immediately scared the crap, never ever no one would dare prank.  Father stepfather, both father; born ex raise grace, than the heavy mountain.This is how to do?Xu Bin and I completely gone rut.  ?Upset in the past week.That afternoon, I received a phone bank sent a text message to inform me on the account and transferred 10,000 yuan.Needless to say, is stepfather to get the wages.  Lengzheng a little, I called the stepfather Tel: Dad, I got your money.When will you come back?  Girl, I, I could not go back why?Is there anything you?  All right all right, all right Dad.Stepfather hesitated for a few seconds, said the rain yesterday, I accidentally stepped on a springboard turning point skin rubbed raw, but did not cause illness.Listen, I can run and jump it.  You can run, jump, why do not you come back?You wait, I’ll pick you up and Xu Bin.I am anxious Yeung.End of the line, stepfather repeatedly stop: you do not come.I, I do in the hospital.The doctor said to be resting a few days, workers have to take care of me, you worry.  Hang up the phone, I feel so badly, and gave a good friend stepfather, Qinshu with work at the site of playing to the phone.Qinshu said: You do stepfather slightly injured, you want to get married, he was lame lame Shui Po affect the atmosphere of fear.  So that.Stepfather’s legs should not neat, it does not toss him run back and forth.Anyway Results married to honeymoon, and I go visit Xu Bin, give him knock a few heads.Just made up his mind to his father: a small quiet, you also want what dowry?Dad holding money does not go out, my heart Jia.  Dad, the others have, nothing missing.By the way, Dad, do not forget the dowry when I would only pull wooden cabinet.I said, pointing to the bird stand in the corner of an old wooden cabinet.  I’ll buy you a combination of all imported cabinets, air yet, why should it break cabinet?Father grumbling, to the lockers.Opened the door, my father froze.  Cabinet, neatly decorated with dozens of pairs of shoes, shoes.Each double spread the goods are cheap, put it more bluntly point, throw a pack rat pack, people are not willing to.  These shoes are stepfather bought me a gift.New Year birthday, school test out the good results, he will give me a pair of shoes.I picked up a pair, we knew it wet eyes, this is my 8-year-old birthday to buy, I not only bite him and beat him with shoes.  The Zhang old women, the fight!Do not buy a birthday cake, buy so many shoes do?Father mouth still hard.  I have asked my mother, stepfather Why always give me a pair of shoes?I wiped his tears.Xu Bin and his father’s eyes, filled with the same puzzled: Why?  Dad, when you go in winter, people smashed home.Mom afraid of hurting me, pulled me to run out, did not care to give me the shoes.When the stepfather met in the street, he said nothing, took off his jacket wrap my feet.Mom, he was working outside, saw a shoe stalls, I did not think of shoes look like, it will not control me buy.She spoke, tears I laughed, but he did not know, he has a color-blind.Stall total fool him, poor color, treatment can not sell to him.But he bought me sawed, I wear what type of listening to my explanation, my father suddenly took a few forehead, his face guilt to work out a cell phone: Zhang lame, I’m a little quiet her dad.  Yo?Small static accident?  A major event, it was to grab her bride!Listen, I take back what I said, you also stop installed lame, I quickly come back, you go sit Theme!  It turned out that thanks to his father secretly scare stepfather: Well, I do not have anything else, money.You have to dare to come back and fight me, I put a small quiet couple out of the country, so you’ll never see her again, you want to die