A cabbage fly

She is a beautiful and talented girl.Her 15-year-old admitted to the university; 19 years old to become a university teacher: 22-year-old was admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences postgraduate courses; 24-year-old graduate student at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to teach.Then, she was in love, get married, have children.Everything is smooth sailing, always covered with flowers and applause.However, in her 29 years old, God suddenly closed the door to a piece of happiness, suddenly pushed her into the dark abyss.Her optic nerve lesions occurred, blind.And light with the loss, as well as her husband and children.She is like a martial arts master was suddenly abolished martial arts, all the power is gone in an instant without a trace.In her parents’ help, start school dress, school meals, learning to walk.These seemingly ordinary thing, and now for her, even more difficult than simply impossible.Her most oppressed can not read, can not write, can not acquire knowledge and information.This is a university professor who, how cruel is a terrible way!She wants to learn Braille, she wanted to go back to their areas of knowledge.However, this year, she was already 30 years old.30-year-old woman, of course you can not be on the School for the Blind.Therefore, she had to self.She began to read Braille.Of course, she is with your fingers to see.She can touch with your finger instead of eyes.The first English words she touched Chinese cabbage, cabbage letters, seven letters, she touched a hand full for an hour, but, in the end she did not understand this word is Chinese cabbage.When the father told her the answer, she cried.She shed tears for his clumsiness.She’s an English professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese cabbage actually do not know the English word.Before that, she was Yimushihang ah!She did not believe himself to be a cabbage so stumbled.She wants to live, she wanted to stand up, she was able to do a flying cabbage, again flying in the sky of knowledge.She began her struggle.She put a man locked himself in the room, practicing over and over again, over and over again touch the word, over and over again memorization.Then, reciting what she then learned to listen to his father.Once, my father listening to her recite, they found the blind character pieces full of bright red blood.Back when she finished, her father Yibalaguo hand, discovered that her fingers have been torn.Father put her hands clutched in their hands, could not help but burst into tears.My father said: daughter Yeah, we do not learn.Dad wage, and my father can feed you forever.She did not cry.Instead, she smiled and comforted the father said: Dad, you have to believe your daughter, I can do it!One night, a man she secretly ran out of the house.His father was in a hurry, looking for.Finally, the father found her in the classroom where she worked.Students have school.Classroom lighting has been extinguished.She was left standing on the podium, his hand repeatedly measuring the blackboard.Father stood in the classroom, silently watching the darkness daughter, my heart bursts of sorrow and grief to.Father knows that her daughter is ready to return to the podium ah.Until she was ready to leave when his father was stepped forward, holding her hand.She was glad, she said: Dad, I did it, I have found a method of writing on the blackboard!My father said: You are a cabbage can fly, you will be successful in!She finally returned to the podium.Her writing on the blackboard is still so normative, elegant; her pronunciation is still so accurate, clear: she multimedia use is still so rich, brilliant; her image is still so handsome, smiling.Everything is not any different with the previous illness that on two weeks of classes, the students do not know their teachers have the blind.Finally, some students found her leaning on a cane to walk on campus, the students knew of her misfortune, she knew the pain and effort pay for each lesson Shanghao.Students moved to tears, and she laughed.She laughs about the struggle of a cabbage, encouraged the students to cherish every moment.Her name is Patrick.After Patrick learn Braille, Braille computer software use, embarked on a career in the fast lane.She was admitted to Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Public Administration as a blind person, and received a MPA degree from Harvard.Now, Patrick vice chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, China Eleventh CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of China Association for Blind.This is Patrick, a successful blind, a flying cabbage!Her success as she said in a speech that: a person can not see, but not without insight; can no vision, but not without a vision; you can not see the road, but can not stop the pace of progress!