A building on the good hearts

He was a benefactor.The sun, he stood in front of the building just built a number of.Perhaps his mind was not originally these buildings, however, in November 2010, there are eight buildings standing in front of him.Standing in front of the building, recalling the past eight years time, let him feel the most gratifying to learn that his behavior always resonate in people’s minds in the world.His goodness is also associated with the germination of a building.In 2002, he was 21 years old.This year in May, as a five-star hotel chef cooks, considerable income, he has been invited to a luxury hotel in Switzerland, which was an income of more lucrative work.Before going to Switzerland, he returned home to say goodbye to their parents for something, he will have to go to the temple shrine, pray to the gods bless his grand exhibition.May next to the tall temple of a scene to let his mind be a huge shock, as if his soul was divine guidance.The original temple not far away from the curb, an unkempt man, picking up trash, do not make any deal, his mouth will gobble up anything he had time to think, immediately rushed into a nearby restaurant, buy of a rice cake, handed the hands of the man.Blink of an eye, the man will not be left a little to eat rice cakes.He thought the man and others like him will say thank you, I did not expect, the man’s face more chaos as a needle to his chest to laugh is a smile that failed to spread out, it touches the eyes turbid tears rolling down his thought, if unfamiliar to Switzerland to cook the rich men of this expression would stab his soul lifelong pain, it is better to stay and help these people by picking up junk food to survive.It is said that charity is often just one person to take the lead to do, let alone as a handful of change into a handful of soil aggregation of brick, with the advance of time, these bricks will be built by piling up a seat charity building.In June 2002, he became such a handful of soil every day free of charge for the supply of 30 disabled people two meals a day.He was originally purchased from the hotel, the restaurant meals because both expensive and unpalatable, he played expertise to do it themselves.But make their own meals, but seriously affected the work to make money, not long before he worked so hard to accumulate up to nearly $ 2,500 spent.At the time he did not know how to do, there are some people offered him the hand of charity.He said: There are female cleaners, whenever I pass by the street when she was responsible for cleaning, she would give me some money.There are those small trading business of fruit and vegetables suppliers, we will continue to donate some money to me.A year later, many of these volunteers began to join the ranks of my.People donated money and more every day, and those who need help are also increasingly multiply.They soon grew from the initial 30 people to 400 people, the monthly contributions can only support a maximum of 22 days.Later, he had to move out from his grandfather left his house, the parents’ home to live in, rent a house in exchange for rent to meet their immediate needs.Yes, his life is not too relaxed.4:00 every day, he starts to get busy, and he volunteers ready meals, and then drove a car donated by a well-meaning people, to hide under the bridge, street corners and other places people with disabilities meal.For those suffering from the disease of the elderly, he often gave them a spoon a spoon to feed.Those who see the long hair and beard and no money to manage, so he learned the barber, he bought a barber tools, taking the time for those services that allow them a new look.Day soon the winter, when he saw the men shivering in the cold, he sprouted a desire: to cover some of the buildings nice for these poor people with disabilities!So they will not be cold.Besides, you would not have to run around to give them meal and a haircut, have more time to do some more important things.November 2010, he was finally all wishes come true, one after another, the building was completed.It turned out that initially he wanted to help the poor, parents stonewalled.Later, both because his son was widely praised, but also for his son’s good deeds touched two old began to help his son.With the support of parents and the help of some well-meaning people, in 2003, he founded the Foundation named Ake Shaya.This time, he can realize their dream of building a cover for homeless people.Now, he has covered eight houses are named for the poor house.Someone asked him, why you were taken to the Foundation 名阿克沙亚?He said Ake Shaya is Sanskrit, which contains a story: a fairy Akbar Shah had a bowl, the bowl can always provide will never be exhausted for the hungry, a steady stream of food.In addition, the name also symbolizes the good feelings will never decay or perish.Although this is an aspiration, but encouraging people to keep more action.From 2002 to now, they have accumulated more than 1.5 million poor and the weak meal times.He said that the poor of their home cover only a beginning, but keeps the lid down, hoping to shelter the scholars of the world more delighted.To the hungry, homeless people provide a warm meal for them to build a shelter house, both the poor and the weak to those who sent a dignity, but also make them self-reliance, self-confidence.Has more than 100 people bid farewell to let us help career, began a self-reliant life.Having said that, he laughed and said that I do not sacrifice anything, do not say how much I worked hard, played from the beginning to do good, I feel, no matter how tired no matter how busy to do such a thing is worth.He was born in 1981 in Madurai, India’s Nare Narayanan · Kelishinan.He was named cnn2010年十大英雄提名.Maybe his good deeds very ordinary, very simple, kind-hearted but never refused fine, as long as everyone did not forget to contribute on a good base, there will be the building blocks of where they stand.They not only material, and can send a man warm; they are more spiritual seat is a building, looking for people, let us continue to enhance the realm of life and sublimation