A bucketful of grassroots friend

A few days ago to the farmers market to buy close to home noodles child, just let people say a pound, touched pockets, bad, no money!It can be supposed?A seventy years old man, do not have any money to buy things, it’s not trouble you blind?Hey, God hungry blind Chelsea home – I saw next to a fruit stall woman.Although even the people who do not know the name yet, but, with all greeted her every day, to buy fruit relationship with her borrow ten dollars should not be a problem now?So, I told the women stall holders said: “Lend me ten dollars, and I for a pair of pants, put money in the pants.”Female stall special happy, immediately took out a lot of money from his pocket and asked me:” ten do enough?”I said:” Enough is enough, I only buy noodles child.”Back home, a child with his wife, said his wife children opening their eyes, said:” Oh dear?Well you know people?I have not heard that buying things with borrowed money selling things it!”I am proud to say:” Who do I have a bunch of grassroots friend!”I elementary school, high school, college, went to the countryside to go to Ningxia Production and Construction Corps to build third division, then back to the city every year from 1979 back to Beijing become grassroots, there are a lot of friends, high status they have Central Committee, Central Discipline Inspection Committee, the identity is not high not low are civilian generals, departmental cadres, much lower identity are bureau-level cadres in Beijing, the bureau level boss, as well as the identity of the lowest man in the street is that these grassroots people of.How I felt, with my most intimate, the most useful friends, have to say is that grassroots friend.  Our family in 2012, when a refined decoration, the foreman is a young guy child less than thirty.I saw his mouth no hair, work is not strong look, look down on his psyche.Maotouxiaohuo such a callow son, put my house renovated?So, I put a lot of very stringent requirements, such as bathroom tiles to shop streamlined, wall paint to brush gradient, to the absolute center chandelier, you must not have a single cent deviation, and so, finally, free installation chandelier, hanging picture frames, etc..Unexpectedly, this kid really solid two, water, electricity, walls, floors, kitchen, bathroom.I even let his wife and children could not pick one thing wrong to.  From then on, I told this young man surnamed Wu admiration.  In 2013, my son and I were to buy a second-hand house, need renovation.We invariably think Xiao Wu.He is a contract to complete the quality and quantity.My wife children like them very much, to recognize Xiao Wu did godson.Xiao Wu, every time I came home, his wife would give him an aura of children eat home.Recently, Xiao Wu gave birth to a son, which mean that we have a grandson, his wife children is very, very distressed, feeling the child’s cheek delighted.He gave a gift, and give milk than they have pro-grandchildren are also pleased.  I have a friend grassroots waste collection.  We have a few outside the compound Henan to Beijing waste collection staff.I always look at their calendar summer without winter, wearing dirty clothes so a winter jacket did not even.I think people are people too ah, cold and hungry all day long on the outside, they are also the father of the child, the home of the main labor force ah.If it is frozen, and how it can stir up the burden of the family?We now live much better, no fear of food and clothing, we think over the mountains to the countryside during tough times, we can not look at these hardy people suffer!I put a few pieces of cotton-padded jacket, thick pants out, wash clean, to let them wear their hands, they are happy I nodded straight.Where to play later, his wife and my children have any heavy work, people heard later, the door to take the initiative to help us dry, also repeatedly said: “What is heavy work, you speech!”You say I have these grassroots friend, I can not do good mood all day, my life still worry you?  True feelings do not care about the identity of the level, I am happy, I am proud, I have a laundry list of grassroots friend!