A bucket of white wine

Usually no matter how bad the blessing Donato spit on my attitude, I forbear hair.That he can humiliate me, I can not stand it, I find a way to get back at him.I know the temper of the people will not think I’m just talking about it, I will retaliate, regardless of whether would be endangered.This is not just let him suffer a little bit, but to eliminate the troubles, so no way he could bully me.Not only that, I can not be punished because of retaliation.Also, I have to let him know who was in retaliation for him, everything else I’m doing what significance?  Since I made up my mind, very carefully implementation plan.I can not let my blessing spit Donato seen unpredictable motives, so the first words and deeds must be as great as ever, he saw a brilliant smile, although this smile behind the bloodshed.  Fu spit Donato has a weakness, that is self-righteous tasting master, even though he is respected in many ways.In my opinion, the Italian wine tasting can be regarded as a master of few people, they demonstrated the professional qualities mostly camouflage, the purpose is to allow those who do not know what the British Austria rich, deluded.But his good fortune with those who spit Donato compatriots a little different, perhaps in terms of jewelery and paintings to his profession is a lie, you can do a little wine tasting experience in terms of.I told him of the same point in this regard is the very love of Italian wines, but also willing to study.If you encounter a fine wine, I will not hesitate to purchase.  This day is one of the carnival celebration in the evening, I came across a blessing spit Donato.Because the drunk’s sake, he suddenly warm up to me.I carefully looked at him about it, a clown dress, hat still tied bells, your eyes are dim.This is really a great opportunity.  Dude, you can see today is really good, it looks like you had a good day.I gotta tell you pieces down to business, I got a vat of white wine, you know, the Spanish Montilla production of wine, but I worry about is false.I said to spit blessing Donato.  what?White wine?Also a vat?How can it be?Carnival which makes so many white wine?He says.  So I have a suspect, I continued, I am stupid, you should talk to discuss, but I afraid to miss this sale, hurriedly paid.  Montilla!  I’m not sure.  Montilla!  I’m trying to figure out in the end is not really.  Montilla!  You feel busy, so I was planning to go to Luke Lacey, let him help me identify what.  Luke Lacey can not tell Montilla wine and sherry.  But many said the fool par with How about you.  We brisk walking.  where to?  Your cellar.  I can not do, man, I can not sit back and relax because you will kindly take up your time, I know you’re busy.Luke Lacey him go, I’m not busy.  Or not, man.Are you busy are followed, mainly cellar too cold, too humid, I worry about your body can not stand, and are surrounded by saltpeter.  That little cold is nothing, let’s go fast.  Fu spit Donato can not wait to roll up my arm, urging me to hurry to bring him home.I wear a black silk mask, tightened the coat, he walked towards the house with.  All employers have slipped out of the house the holidays, which I previously thought.In the morning to go out, I told them to go home until the next morning, so that they also optimistic about Qiandingwanzhu door, do not go out.I know as long as I front foot away, they’ll slip out the back foot play.  I took two torches, and blessing a man a spit Donato.After passing through several rooms, a corridor, we are down to the cellar.I told him that the stairs here very long, very slippery, be careful, it is best to follow me closely.We gingerly all the way down the stairs, stood neatly mansion’s cellar Monte.Here is the wine cellar, the cellar is the tomb of Monte agile family, there are many bones of their ancestors.  Donato spit blessing every step, bells on the hat Dinglinger sounds, apparently walking instability.  Where wine?he asks.  Earlier, I said, you have to be careful on the wall of white mesh.  He faces me, your eyes are dim at me and asked: is saltpeter?  Yes, saltpeter, I could not hear him cough, he asked, how long have you had this cough?  He did not answer questions, coughing.After a while child, he bit any better, he says: Nothing’s.  I think we should go back, your body is more important than wine.A caste like you, someone edge of the rich, because if a barrel of wine and brought down the body not very good, and I can not afford such a responsibility.I ask Luke Lacey I have not finished, he was interrupted, what cough count?It will not cough dead.  This is one, I said, but also must be prevention is better to drink wine over and over again the United States Murdoch moisture.  I picked out a bottle from the wine bottle in the side of many, Qiaodiao bottle mouth, and gave a blessing spit Donato.He looked at me, nodded and thanked bells on the hat rang for a while.  I drink to the dead around them, may they rest in peace.He says.  I drink to your long life.  He drank, he helped me move on.  This cellar is really big.He says.  Monte agile is a big family, many children and grandchildren.I say.  What is your family coats of arms of Patterns is that I do not remember.  Bigfoot is a golden stepping on a huge python, blue background, snake fangs biting bird Feet.  The text above it?He then asked.  Hurt my family who will be punished.  Exquisite!He marveled.  Fu after drinking spit Donato excited, eyes shining, hat bells ringing merrily.I also because the United States Murdoch wine and become agitated, had in mind the more things.Our bones piled along the corridor and cask wine cellar has to go deep, go for a while I exhort you, blessing spit Donato: saltpeter here more and more, you see, they are hanging on the walls and vaults on, like moss.Our head, but it rivers, has drops of water dripping, more humid environment, for your body, we still go back, look at your cough.  All right, we continue to go, I drink wine mouth the United States Murdoch.  This time, I opened a bottle of wine Graf gave him, he drank his shirt.After he finished, suddenly exposed ferocious eyes, while at me smiled wickedly, while still with a strange gesture to throw away the bottle.I do not understand what that gesture means.He was in front of me to do it once, and then looked at me and asked: you do not get it?  do not understand.I am at a loss to answer.  That you are not one of us.  What one of us?  You’re not Mason (mason translated as masons, masonry, this metaphor Masonic Masons).  I was, I was.I am anxious argues.  you are?  I’m.  So what signal?he asks.  This one.Then, I took out a knife from the mud under clothes.  He stepped back in surprise, shouted: Are you kidding?Well, we still see the white wine bars.  I put the knife back into the mud clothes, shoving and helped him, saying: Come.  Fu spit Donato almost all the body weight placed on my arm.We continue to go down, deeper and deeper, more and more humid, here it is the deepest pit of Monte agile family tomb, surrounded by full of smelly, stuffy air, hand torches of fire more and more faint, and finally only a little light.  The end of the pit of the tomb is a more narrow graves are surrounded by bones, piled to the top of the tomb pit.Innermost grave no seal, there are three walls, but also filled with bones, and even went over very difficult.I Bandiao blocked off the bones of forward movement, only to find there is also a small hole, about 1.2 meters deep, 1 meter wide, two meters high.This should not be grave, but support space formed between the two major pillars of the tomb pit just behind the wall is a hard granite walls.  Fu spit Donato took photos with torches inside, can not see what’s inside, the torch of light is too weak.  White wine in there, walk just fine.I quickly said,.  He looked at me, and the first to step up to the little hole, I then followed closely behind him.The hole is not much, and soon went to the head.When he found the road blocked by a large piece of granite, is wondering, I’ve locked him in a granite wall.There are two iron rings on the wall, separated by about 0.6 m.A chain tied to an iron ring on the other hoop hung on a big lock.I did not charge any effort, just with a chain around his body.Poor blessing spit Donato stunned, even against all forgotten.I deftly remove the key, retreated to the outside hole.  You can go touch the wall, above the saltpeter everywhere, humid as hell.The last time I advise you to go back, you still do not go, I naturally want to leave you.I say.  White wine!He cried in surprise.  Yes, white wine.I answered.  Then, I put the piles of bones to move away, exposing many of my prepared ahead of rocks and cement for walls.I took a trowel, put a block of stone piled up, a brick wall.When the first wall when the fast puzzle finished, almost sober blessing spit Donato.I could hear him humming sounds inside, apparently sent by a sober person.Followed by a long silence, absolutely not hear any movement.The first wall puzzle finished, I went on to build the second block, the third block, the fourth wall, I put him firmly trapped inside.He finally sent some sound, it is to break the chains of sound.I’ve always listened quietly, until the sound disappears, it began to build the fifth block, blocking sixth, seventh wall.To build a wall almost to the chest, and I want to see him in the end how it going through the gap left by.I picked up the torch, only to see his shadowy figure.  Suddenly, he screamed loud, shrill sound, like ghosts in general.He wanted to scare my voice.I was very frightened, not knowing what to do, subconsciously pull carry the sword, from the gap reaches into chaos poke a pass.I just poke a few peace of mind, so robust tomb how unsafe?I was standing in front of the wall at him and yelled, and he calls out, I called out, louder than he called.Slowly, his voice hoarse, and no longer emit strange roar.  Time fly past, already late at night.Fast puzzle over the wall, blocking eighth, ninth plugging, plugging tenth have Qi Hao.I’m blocking puzzle eleventh and final wall, Qi Hao is also fast, as long as the last stone masonry and it’s done.At this time, there came a dull laughter, accompanied by some of the creepy words: It’s a good joke, loss you can think of so splendid joke..While we returned to the house, you can while laughing while drinking.  Drink white wine?I ask.  Of course, white wine, but now it will not be a little late?Spit Natuo Fu Fu and others still in the house and so we do not?We’d better get out of here!  Yes, get out of here!I say.  Look at the love of God, Monte agile, we will soon go!  Well, look at God’s sake.  Then was another long silence, which never heard any words.I was very disturbed, unconsciously shouted: Fu spit Donato!There is no sound answer, I shouting again, still no answer sound.I will torch the gap thrown in, nothing happens, only the sound of tinkling bells.I suddenly some nausea, should be too wet sake.Anyway, I have to hurry completed, get out of here as soon as possible.I hurried to the last stone Qi Hao, blocking the gap, and then re-stack the wall next to the bones of those good.For half a century, no one had these bones, they would like to be able to rest in peace.