A bucket of water in the winter

One night, the company Xiaoya After adding the class to drive home to the rental of residential quarters downstairs, suddenly a bucket of water fell from the sky, pouring her body had a water vapor permeability.A time when the winter, cold, Xiaoya suddenly cold chills straight.She lifted her head and looked at the upstairs culprit had disappeared without a trace.Who deliberately prank, or which of the water on the balcony inadvertently spilled out?Xiaoya heart side edge of the floor guilty of muttering, hold her shoulders, repeatedly sneezing.  Just then, the door to live in highlighting exactly are back.Highlight kind of embarrassed to see Xiaoya, she asked with concern: Xiao Ya, how you anyhow, what happened?  Xiaoya said a trembling watering unexpected things, highlight angrily: what people do, really wicked!Can go home, get your clothes, carefully cold.  They came to the room in front Xiaoya, Xiaoya highlighted watching silent look, hold carefully asked: Xiao Ya, you alone okay?If you are not comfortable on notice me, whatever the outcome, we are also neighbors ah.  Xiaoya nodded and then opened the door and went in.Highlight on the outside after a pause children, also have heard the sound of a sneeze came from the inside of.  At midnight, has been highlighted not sleep, he still does not fit Xiaoya, even though they are usually not many exchanges, meet only nod, but now Xiaoya trouble, two equally single out white-collar workers, can do not help one another?  Highlight a look from time to time on the pillow of mobile phones, mobile phones can be very quiet.Xu Xiaoya also had fallen asleep, maybe she does a fever!Hey, he was a single young, not good to go across the middle of the night to visit Xiaoya ah.When the highlight is cranky, the phone suddenly rang, highlighting a look, it is lesser numbers, he quickly answered, just listen to the voice Xiaoya weak and off: Highlight I’m so sorry you wait, I right over!Highlight had gone to undress, he Teng jumped out of bed, he rushed out a gust of wind.A ring the door bell, the door gently opened, highlight comes into the room, unable to see Xiaoya leaning on the wall, shivering, his face flushed, he realized, Xiaoya high fever.  Highlight apart from anything else, her own Xiaoya, while downstairs saying: Xiao Ya, let’s go to the hospital.  From the cell to the street outside, the less there are 500 meters away, highlighting breath did not break, ran to the street carrying a small Xiaoya.Lesser has not even the strength to speak, and just softly lying on his back.Highlight bayan stopped a taxi and sped away to the hospital.  The doctor immediately to lesser infusion, highlighting busy completing the formalities, deposit, and all came to the ward completed, Xiaoya have been sleeping later.Highlight sitting quietly Xiaoya bed, watching the infusion tube in liquid drops dripping, wide awake the next morning, so when Xiaoya wake up, the highlight has been bought back as soon as possible.He sat up and helped Xiaoya, Xiaoya or dizziness badly, no appetite.Highlight said: Xiao Ya, you’re body is empty, force yourself to eat a little.  Xiaoya silently sipping a few bites, eyes suddenly red, to highlight say: Thank you, the hour is late, you go to work it.  Highlight shook his head: I have to leave the company, incidentally, also asked to help you.  Xiaoya eyes wet: I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble.You did not sleep all night last night,?Fast break.  Highlight laugh: all right, you do not have family here, no one to take care of how it lines?  Xiaoya very sorry, moved to say.I really do not know how to thank you, highlight.  Highlight magnanimously waved his hand: what kind Yeah, why did not we do live-to-door.  In this way, we are highlighting a few days to accompany the Xiaoya, Xiaoya until healed.When discharged Xiaoya.Highlight gave a bouquet of flowers Xiaoya, Phoenix celebrate her body recovered.  After the accident sick incident, two people’s eyes are more subtle things.Highlight became a frequent visitor to the room Xiaoya, Xiaoya whenever you make a few highlight taste of home cooking.Two people sitting at a small table, drinking wine, chatting easily, felt extremely comfortable.  That evening, the highlight suddenly led an eleven-year-old boy walked into the room Xiaoya.Xiaoya timing wondering, highlight bluff with a straight face said to the boy: the little guy, not quick to apologize to aunt.  The boy head down, said: Auntie, I’m sorry, was my prank splashing down, causing your ill.  So is the case, highlight can be really conscientious, privately actually uncovered the naughty.Xiaoya smiled and said: know that was wrong on the line, aunt forgive you.  Highlight get the finger points at the boy’s forehead: Well, aunt has forgiven you, after you had better learn, do not capable of such a bad thing, let’s go.  The boy spit under the tongue, Sa Tuipao out.  Soon, to a lesser birthday.In the evening, highlighting holding a bunch of roses into the Xiaoya door.It turned out the lights, light a candle, ate a very exotic candlelight dinner.Finally, highlight a ring out like magic, leg kneeling down.He said: Xiao Ya, you can accept my love to you?Xiaoya blushing took the ring.  National Day, highlighting and Xiaoya married.Two people easy life flies romantic and sweet.  A blink of an eye in the winter.That evening, the highlight came home, Xiaoya taken aback: I saw the highlights wet from head to toe, like a drowned rat, and cold teeth chattered.  My God, how is it?Xiaoya asked.  I also suffered a flood heaven.Highlight shivering say.  Xiaoya refused to ask, busy getting the highlighting off wet clothes, dry myself after him into bed.then.Lesser went to the kitchen to boil ginger.Such as the highlight of hot ginger drink, got much warmer.At this time, Xiaoya also got into bed, tightly holding highlighting, for his warm.  The next day, highlighting wake up feeling refreshed, a little things are not, but a cold and Xiaoya.Highlight busy so she took the pills.This stammered: Xiaoya, in fact, last night the water is poured myself.  what?Xiaoya shocked, you sick ah?  Xiaoya sorry, I do, because I owe you a bucket of water.  Lesser but do not understand: What do you mean it?  Highlight scratched his head: In fact, that you are splashing the little guy, I’m the real mastermind behind.I would have a crush on you, but you always like a proud princess, I can not close to you, to declare to you my love.So, I will go out of this bad idea.As for the little guy, he is my son, an old colleague of the past, we are not allowed to pull the hook never betray you I really mixed ah!Xiaoya take Fenquan beat the highlight of the chest, I can not think of a bucket of water over your pirate ship.However, if you tell me earlier, I will not let you do me a bucket of water.  why?  Because we already are husband and wife, no longer need water in winter, I want you each other warm hearts together, forever!  Highlight the Xiaoya his arms excitedly, heavily nodded, ah, life!