A bright spirit person

Jiang Wensheng in a January 5, 1963, is the birthplace of Tangshan.His father was a soldier, participated in the Korean War, the mother is primary school music teacher.He played little in the big grandfather parents, grandpa is Tangshan, opened in Hunan stone coal plant, after various flounder finally return to Tangshan.This is a big family, he has five aunt, two uncles, he received extra care and more.Although the members of the family of origin because of the problem, not so proud to live, but he was under the care of his family, the healthy growth.He later returned to her parents, but his father is a Corps of Engineers, have four to go along with the project, from south to north, from east to west, until mid-1973 before settling in Beijing.However, a military compound in life gave him another harvest, where he felt and learned men of the United States, open-minded and sense of humor.Not to mention that he had a cow’s mother, no matter what background, no matter how others cast eyes, chest rise forever alive, do not care about money, no vanity, he never asked for the secular standards, only care about he is not healthy, it is not obtained mental liberty.Among the big changes of the times, very difficult to maintain this state of mind, Jiang Wen lucky, to avoid distortion.Liu Sola in the “eighties Interview” Lane said: The key is not rich, but to become a normal people into mental health, normal, bright people who can not live a happy person, this state of mind is the best state of mind.For the people, it is clearly the most urgent task.He vivacity, and even unruly suspects, hinted at the people around and consider themselves ugly, but because moviegoers and drama, gradually in love with one kind of looks like a very far with these features show something.Graduated from high school, he Xiankao Beijing Film Academy, get the job, the second year and test the Central Academy of Drama, and almost get the job, thanks to the play of Ren in the teacher see his potential, he advocated taking an exception.21 years old, he graduated in drama, into the Qingyi.Graduated nine months, he starred in Chen Lin directed the film “The Last Empress”, he played Pu Yi, Pan Hong plays Shirley.Next, is the director Xie Jin’s “Hibiscus Town”, he played Qinshu Tian, Liu Xiaoqing Hu sound plays.Followed by French director may · Dufu Man of Asia “sedan tears,” he and Qin Yi cooperation.In his early twenties, starred in a series of three plays are the director or actor and cooperation, but also to play the middle-aged and even elderly people, he had no Qieyi, off the field, meaning no trace of hesitation frustration.His bright, right here, in the character of warm and active, never believe in their existence need a reason.Film “Hibiscus Town”, his visit right, write interpretation of the role, he played Qinshu Tian to design a lot of action and details, such as when the waltz sweep the streets; the film “Red Sorghum”, he designed the car, etc. Some scenes Britain, and Zhang Yimou’s almost discussion dispute; later film “Black snow”, too.Two of his bright, but also in developed senses, that capture their own spirituality.”Sunny day” is the most typical example.The film became a classic reason why, the reason was an unforgettable experience, because it presents a subtle sensory memory is the memory of the smell, color, emotional interaction, the kind of memory, is timeless, but also was the extreme lack of domestic films.To capture this sense of memory, for the first time when the director Jiang Wen with a very extravagant way to achieve their goals.Wang Shuo’s novel “ferocious animals” only sixty thousand entries, after Jiang Wen Adapted Screenplay there are ninety thousand words, the actor was closed training, at a cost of consuming movies are unusual, August 23, 1993 shooting, to October 1994 12, the first time inside the show, was released in September 1995, the whole movie cost 10 million yuan, with 250,000 feet of film, at the time are generous.He wants accurate color, the wrong color prop aircraft, aircraft on the dye, Xiao-Jun Ma jump chimney that scene, the chimney of the wrong color, dye chimney.Milan’s home ground, this is a concrete floor, he stepped to shoot sandals on the floor of the sound, put on the wood floor, because China does not attach importance to sound movies, only just know how important vision, because the times have not experienced rock for multi-channel sound, for complex sound, sound and quiet for a strong contrast, do not pay attention to the level of sound.Later, “The Sun Also Rises,” “Let the bullets fly,” too, a pair of sandals, and that devoting a column to find the train twists and turns, embodies this precise.This precise and others do not, not to be loyal to the so-called reality, but to be loyal to their senses memories.The charm lies in a deep show a delicate soul, I always put a person as eight people to play, so as to perform three-dimensional characters and rich, so he said,.This is the “sunny day” long in the memory, and even become part of the cause of memory, the taste of burning weeds have become some kind of a special presentation, enter the secret code generation.His bright, but also because people have affection for.Film “sunny day”, he did for Summer sweat (sweat manufactured with a sprayer), standing in front of Xia Yu, pulled him by the collar, it is like a big brother.Summer shot play swimming legs were frozen, he rubbed himself up Summer legs.2002 June 20, Liu Xiaoqing behind bars, arrested the same evening, he went to Meet the lawyer, the formation of a team of lawyers to help her appeal.Dustin Hoffman was so highly of him: If the Chinese people are like you, that I have started to change the impression of China.I used to not understand Chinese.His bright, but also because he has always been like a youth, young people in a way to live, to love, to worship youth.Although 15 years old he was called off uncle than their soldiers, though, he has been playing more than their old roles, old soul again and again into the dolphin.