A brass bell

Lin Fei special naughty child, but fortunately move, an inattentive will be able to run without a trace, every time my mother scared half to death, because the village surrounding reservoirs and more, afraid hit the traffickers, said also he said, fight also hit, but he is powerless to change this unruly problems.It can not with a rope leash?Lin Fei Ma brains, and finally came up with a way: She Trustee bought a small brass bell with a nylon rope tied to the ankles Lin Fei, so that, as long as a run on Lin Fei jingle bells to ringing, Now will no longer afraid son can not find it!That day, Lin Fei Ma came back from the fields of labor, how could not find Lin Fei, neighbors also said that for a long time did not hear the sound of the bells.Lin Fei Ma village full of anxious to find, or can not see people, then there is a neighbor, he said: previously the village came a strange man, always talk to you speak at home Lin Fei, also dig sugar for him to eat, when we did not care , thought it was your family relatives miles, it seems no later the sound of the bell, so to speak Lin Fei Ma listened started up, pale and cried: the man where to go?The neighbor said: mart.Lin Fei mother immediately ran over there to the market, follow the trend ran as fast as everybody also closely followed.Crowded bazaar, everybody everywhere carefully to find, may have cried hoarse throat, the answer is to hear the sound of Lin Fei Lin Fei mom frantic.Suddenly, she was a show of hands, indicating Everybody quiet down.Everybody does not call out, and loud voices can be in addition to, or can not hear.At this point, Lin Fei mother wailing is heard called, straight roadside stall in a man sprang.It was a tall man, lying at his feet wearing a burlap bag big mouth.Man looking around, a nothing, look, Mom rushed in to see Lin Fei, his face suddenly changed, and was about to reach out and stop, where can got to stop, Lin Fei Ma crazy to unlock pocket, man furious, fierce land a punch in her head, Ma Lin Fei suddenly Manlianshixue to play, but she just does not let go.Men and spanking a few times, then everybody has rushed over, and with great perspicacity to fall upon him.This moment, Lin Fei Ma shaking hands untied pocket, God, Lin Fei being sound asleep with his eyes closed, she called out my children would faint.This guy is really traffickers!Everybody without any explanation to Tongzou up, and then handed over to police who heard.After a long time, Lin Fei mother woke up, and everybody hurriedly asked how she found Lin Fei, I saw her whole body shaking with excitement, hugged desperately waking too soon sons, and said: I heard a sound of the bell , boats, boats afraid, my mother had drugs in this original Lin Fei eat sugar, and soon there will be no perception, the traffickers slipped finest car market, it is mounted on linen pocket Lin Fei did not know touched by others, or your own unconscious move a little, slightly bell rang a moment, what is this, is mom heard Lin Fei!Everybody say incredible, perhaps this is the mother and even the heart of a lot of years later, Lin Fei has been in the city married a wife, and he and his wife often talk about it, talk about it every time, they still think that’s incredible.One day, Lin Fei found her mother’s memory do not know what time began to decline sharply from the.He began as a not recognize others, and later even did not know Lin Fei, and then the road or even touched, and finally life is difficult to take care of themselves.Lin Fei and his wife with her mother to the hospital for examination, the doctor said Lin Fei mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but also from brain examination results, Lin Fei Ma brain lumps, this may be past her brain He has been subjected to violent impact force of about.Lin Fei know after froze a moment, he thought of that year in the market, my mother was hit head that traffickers are swollen, and afterwards lay at home for several days after Lin Fei sick mother, the couple’s life becomes a mess they are wage earners, the income is not high also too busy at home and a child, my mother in addition to the mess at home, get lost is commonplace.Sometimes a person can not find at night, no way, they had to contact written on paper, stuffed into the pockets of her mother.On one occasion, his wife finally collapsed, she said Lin Fei: altogether we go to work after her mother in the house bar?Lin Fei also collapse, but still refused: so naughty I was a kid, my mother did not put me in the house, not the old affect the activity of the body will be, I can not do this to Mom.Wife struggling and said: it would send her nursing home, Lin Fei, go on like this, this day really could not have Lin Fei very tangled, he inserted his fingers in unkempt hair, motionless, waited a long time sighed, absence and said: will have to do, mom, I really do not, the two quickly picked out a nursing home, that day, Lin Fei and his wife to her mother’s room to bring her things, her mother has been like wood, like sitting, eyes dull matt, Lin Fei looked at pains, probably how to do it?At this time, the accident happened: when his wife turned out the drawers, accidentally hit the inside of the bell, uttered Qing Xiang bite, hear the sound of the bell, Lin Fei Ma eyes suddenly flashed, then a cry blurred boats.Lin Fei surprised to know that mother did not speak for several days, ah!Lin Fei immediately picked up the bell slowly to the front of my mother, gently shake, jingle bell, a series of clear and melodious voice sounded.Look Ma Lin Fei, her eyes lit up again, take a look at Lin Fei, opened his mouth, said: boats, boats afraid, mother that Lin Fei could not wait any longer, burst into tears: Mom, Mom afraid, after which these boats, Lin Fei and his wife decided unanimously not to send her to a nursing home.Because the doctor said, if we continue to stimulate it, Lin Fei mother’s condition will improve a little bit, and maybe there will be a miracle.Later, the district’s neighbors often see Lin Fei and his wife take turns walking with my mother.If the couple is too busy working, they do not lock the door, her mother a man out for a walk in the sun.They no longer afraid of her mother wandered off, because the mother’s ankle firmly tied up the little bell, the neighbors heard the sound of the bell will take care of her mother.They even went to the cell door security is good to discuss, as long as one to hear the sound of the bell, do not let my mother out of the cell.In case really ran out of the district is not afraid, mother’s pocket in addition to Information, also installed a locator.Time off work when they open the door, just to hear the sound of the bell at home, or find a circle, the final out to hear the sound of the bell, the family is the happiest time, because the sound of the bell, mom in.