A bowl

I hold a hint of nostalgia-style care of Nara, because here only stay for a day rush.Visit the Horyuji Temple in heavy rain in the majestic.After the rain in the afternoon, linger in its plain and old secluded alley, often felt as if back to his childhood in a small town in eastern Zhejiang.Bluestone Road, messy interleaved poles, the corner edge Chrysanthemum flower pot.Throughout late autumn afternoon, the air was cool and what sounds almost none.So similar.In a long narrow alley, restaurants and tranquility through hidden temples apart from time to time, and see a little thick between a shop between small handicraft workshop.Linen, porcelain, cloth, paper, all kinds of.Inadvertently walked into a pottery workshop, the owner is not, perhaps inside the workplace.Put on a plain wooden works, all kinds of cups, cup holders, dishes, color and texture looks a delicate and moist, hidden among the innocent simplicity of attention to detail, is extremely stable convergence of style.A large pan white clay, painted with an elegant Zhuopu chrysanthemum, foliage lines spilled.The edge of a small price tag, the price extremely expensive.Clearly, owner manual work, knowing where its weight.Such a big tub if moved back home, this is for them, or use them?According to the usual practice, I could have kept it as much as possible integrated into daily life.Relative day and night, and always touch the intersection, so that it does not live Vicki.Maybe it will be filled with rice or water containers.After I measure it had decided to give up weight and volume, which are still floating in my heart always, never forget.From then on, I realized that, if a person objects to touch the hearts of love, may wish to revel, as far as possible with its attribution to each other, is so complete each other.I went to Jingdezhen a visit.I do not see the so-called masterpieces, just have to hang out in the streets and markets.Many shops, crowded, big wide market.Reach everywhere, most of which are keen to sell things and make money.Colored large Buddha statue, Mixed contemporary Western art concept design has become neither fish nor fowl, frivolous and rough, so do not mind insensitive articles full of evil companies.Fallen beauty and dignity of labor is really like a flood tide of depravity, irresistible.I remember a trip, eat in remote rural farm, the owner used to see blue and white bowl of soup is very archaic, Lichtung lines, put pen to paper and easy, you can not tell the chic beauty.And she used to hold rice bowl Sheng Cai also all good-looking, long-term use, some slight gap, completely inadvertently placed.This year there are bowls, and now the city had no blessing to enjoy human.Montagnards naturally frugal, reluctant and often unable to replace the grass is always greener, so keep these old bowl has.Heart with emotion, then it is not a thing of the past era.A soup bowl once ordinary people of the mountains, the scenery are so.My favorite items, the United States, you can use it unusual, and people living close to the actual and thick, not beautiful sight to behold, but the United States was clothed, calm.Daily habits gather around porcelain cups and saucers simple lamp bowls, one by one dressing properly, hand carrying large bags, carefully carry on board, back home.Japanese friends to Beijing guest, incidentally gift is often handmade family.With old cloth or silk sewn dolls, bags, sleeves, beddings, stitch, thick and indeed,.Such a mind full of gifts, from where you can feel other people’s emotions, heat and heart focus.Imagine these things sometimes do manual labor in the master is how the scene and mood inside: the golden afternoon sun through the curtains falling on display needlework and fabric pieces wooden table, a cup of hot tea faint smoke, cat nap next to a small garden flowers bloom being prosperous, but that would be wisteria or iris therefore feel that these alone this one little thing, the mind is so elegant and dignified and filling the hearts of others.