After determining why the relationship had changed man?

After determining why the relationship had changed man?The purpose of this section is designed to help you uncover the truth emotions, so that you have a happy sweet love, to build a harmonious and happy family, at the same time, it can be self-improvement.  — — here is to say in front of emotional Q & A section, here are Binbin rational emotional coaches to help you interpret the emotional problems in and save the crisis of emotion.Though not a cure, but it can make you strong.Two-dimensional code sweep the bottom of the article, you can enter the service area of emotional coaches.A free consultation, not only to you, but the answer is definitely your personal and exclusive.Poke holes in the trees to the right, you can make your problem publicly resolvable?I am a tree hole, straining to poke my 01 Keywords: boyfriend does not warm me to accompany him on leave two days did not how to contact me Word Count: 1251 words long reading: 4 minutes Advisory girlfriends basic situation: Female, 29 years old, the monthly income of 3000 -8000, prefecture-level city.He was 28 years old, more than 3,000 police, monthly income.  Q: The two of us is a good mutual friend introduced know, we both love at first sight, is to talk to.4.No. 7 together, now more than two months, May to travel, has been rolling across the sheets, my 87 years of his 89 years in January.I am a teacher, he was the police.He has no emotional experience.I was his first real girlfriend.I talked to two boyfriend.And I ran to go get married.He is Aquarius.I’m Aries.He usually did not contact me, sometimes a day no message, vacation time may twelve days no news, do not contact me.I talked to three times the official told him, asked him why so, he did not say, I am very sincere to me, let him say something passion.But every time Moving on, he insisted only about one and a half.Yesterday I completely can not stand, because he was on leave two days did not how to contact me, last night 9.30 I called him, he said in a dinner with friends, I hung up the phone, then he called me back home around ten o’clock, talked for two, hung up.I mention quietly to each other.If he can not change, broke.He did not warm to me, I am very worried.Click on the image to enlarge ◆◆◆◆◆ A: You say you see sincere passion I have to let him to the point I laughed.Enthusiasm can not request something, but he should come from the heart revealed.  I do not know what your passion is standard for men?It is considered a daily telephone or warm it stick together?  You really did not understand this man species, the male desire for communication in general is much lower than women.You may say that you initially met when he was very sticky you ah, but you know the pursuit of a woman when full of hope and joy, is one of the most passionate state, and passion is a very state, it is not possible continue long state.Feelings of two people have peak plains, but the difference between the duration of each person makes a difference, I guess the problem between you is likely that there is misalignment in your state to determine each other’s feelings.For many men, go to bed means that relations have entered another stage, into the relatively stable period.For you, maybe this means to further promote relations, but also have more expectations.Now that you’ve had sex, talk does not make sense to delay gratification.I guess for him, you have entered a stable period, and for you, you still enjoy the taste of passion.You take yourself very state of the state to ask for normal state.If I might be wrong, then for you, you have to manage your expectations, and for him, you let him clearly realizes that he should make an effort with your emotions pace.  Everyone’s comfort zone is not the same, but also demands a huge difference.There is a joke this to say: women prefer silence to punish men, but most men prefer silence.For men, speaking quietly alone is not the most comfortable state, while women like to be called together from time to time Niwai Niwai feelings.  Everyone gets to dull enthusiasm, slowly into their comfort zone, which is bound to experience the other side of the state does not meet our expectations, but you really have to go through a little faster.  You may have entered the beginning signs of a dull, you do not put forward their claims by way of coquetry and the like, but with a questioning tone of the requirements and demands made on him.Do you think you are very sincere, but between men and women solve the problem by not sincere, but to use some small mind, to re-create some of the atmosphere to induce the occurrence of passion.  Give an opinion you mentioned, men are more single-minded animal, you have to be very clear requirements.I asked him for a special passion point is vague statement, let him know what to do.You can try to every day is to leave at least and I spent every night must be called to say he could well understand the details of the night, etc..Do not let him guess, this is not a man of good aspects.  If now I interviewed about your boyfriend, is estimated to fall in love for the first time, he is still in the state forced it to rip off.  02 Key words: I do not want to derail property disputes left his house and the fox Word Count: 750 words long reading: 2.5 minutes Advisory girlfriends basic situation: Female, 28 years old, revenue 3000-8000, county.Ex-boyfriend aged 34, occupational physicians, the question is, for the problem of the house, how do I handle better.  Q: I paid the down payment together with ex-boyfriend to buy a house, real estate license each 50% share of the decoration is a person I have to worry about packing finished clearing.After the feelings of both cracks because they did not know how to communicate and resolve to see each other each other are all kinds of unhappy.There is a female colleague knowing he has a girlfriend situation, chasing him very tight, the two have been micro-channel chat, and finally he spirit of the derailment, after I cold violence, I can not take the initiative to mention breaking out in.Parting verbal negotiation: He gave me some money this year, next year to give the remaining part of the house waiting for him to 6 years after the mortgage has finished, I helped him apply for transfer procedures.At one month after I moved home to pack things, he had found the woman to take home overnight.The moment I can not accept, he would not want to leave his house and the fox, I want to sell the house belonging to my share of the money away.But he did not want to sell, a month after he promised to give me half of the money, in the end of the year to find ways to give me another half.If I forced him to sell me back my money, we will be completely decorum, after all, we were together for six years, I did not entirely put down to him.But I found that he had put the woman back to our home rolled sheets, I can not accept.I feel not sell, my own heart make life difficult for the Hom, do you feel the wedding dress for her people.Sellers Our relationship was stormy at times may even see the court.Especially now tangled, I do not know whether to sell the house?  ◆◆◆◆◆ A: I was renovated people, you say you stare finished independent clean package decoration I especially admire you, it must be very tired, kind of a little bit of his own nest building up experience will let you his house full of feelings, but also full of hope for future life.So why boyfriend made a mistake, you never own the house they moved out to the Teng place?The two of you together to buy a house how can you let him live?Why do not you get rid of him?  You tangled point particularly strange, you are worried about forced him to sell now will make your relationship becomes very stiff, you do a good relationship right now?He betrayed your feelings, he derailed a fact, but also the fact that together with others, to derail the object to the fact that your house is to live.You have come to this point, you are still thinking left a good impression after breaking up?Do you want him to lead you love?  There are a lot of silly girl would like to express their parting still in love, to express their feelings more than anything else heavy.So what are not, compromise on the division of property, let this man think you realize that losing such a good girl go later regret.I mean, you think too much!You have much hatred with their?  You are thrown into the house and put the money in the renovation, a poverty-stricken what means lower capital into a relationship?For women, real estate has always been a very big thing, when your feelings have broken, you want to figure out what the house.Even went to court and how?New Year keep ex-boyfriend?  When you lose love, please do a good job for your money.  — — final say in when you walk into the love of Silent Hill, faced huge emotional problem, do not face alone!Sweep under the Fanger Wei code, tell your emotional problems, Binbin rational emotional coach tour arrived and help you improve your emotional well-being index.  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