80% seek death of love are like this

80% of all love so I seek death ticketing staff he is a programmer, we have been introduced to colleagues, I fell in love a year and a half.      My trouble is customary to mention breaking up, every time he took the initiative to come to coax me ask complex, but last month we fight the Cold War for three days, I still think he will soon be able to find me to apologize, and the results received that day he broke up the phone and told me he was tired, do not want to continue this Yaohong Donghonghong day every day, she told me very depressed.      I look ignorant, wayward pretend to say Well, you said it first, hung up the phone I’m sorry, I feel like he is not with another girl, so I pull off so the fishes, give him a phone in the past asked he did not make any explanation, let me think how to think how to love.      Then I realized his mistake, to call him a letter of apology micro seeking complex, he did not agree.Even during my illness later in hospital, I cried hysterically, he did not come to the hospital to see me.I hated him, he was particularly disappointed me, on his regret when he was with.Joy teacher, what should they upgrade themselves far as to beg him to let me compound? Instructor Re: Do you want to upgrade their retribution by his effect it?      I’m really sorry for the boy, he had to pay for all of you all of you turn a blind eye, even in the case of breaking up causing so much harm to him, still complaining question, completely not recognize his mistakes.      In my opinion, the boy had just proposed to break up, a little pseudo-meaning in it, he just wanted to tell you he was tired, the way to break through this give you a little lesson, I hope you can realize their mistakes change.You not only did not know his intentions, but also to impose guilt on his head, that he derailed, you think he did not care, even had to ask him to come back to coax you, and completely do not consider what exactly between you question, where do not own.      If you do not change their illnesses, even if no matter how much useful work to enhance, not the right medicine, treatment for longer will not have any effect.So in this case, I do not recommend that you open in any way to restore, the first stop and reflect on their own, why go to today’s outcome, or after you together with any man, will live into the current state of torment each other hurt each other.         Do not pester her boyfriend complex, promised decided to break up with him, and give yourself time to reflect on their own to change, take a piece of paper and put something before you carry out the fight, did you write on how to deal with, he has a kind of reaction , you think right, if you give a chance again, how should more appropriately dealt with.Mapping in their daily lives, what differences emerge friends or loved ones with you, let your heart unhappy time, learn to restrain their emotions, allow yourself to calm down, ask yourself if it suffer or do, you will die If not, they face a smile, look on point.      More often, it will naturally allow yourself to become generous tolerance and learn to love.This time to upgrade their building, the second building on the other side to attract valid.As for how to upgrade their Charisma, add tutor micro-channel can get leyu918.