(Teacher’s Day) In fact, the more you know me, the more uncomfortable

I’m just back from his trip, I heard my wife to call the head teacher to find me, if there was something?I quickly taking the time played in the past, or wife answered the phone, did not say two words, hear I hear applause, little wife said excitedly: “You know you called teacher, happy clapping!”At this time, I wish to reproduce the scene yesterday ah!As long as he knew I had a phone call, will be on hand grabbed the phone from my wife, and asked my favorite saying is: “how’s it going?”He seems like life is my homeroom teacher.    Only to hear my wife on the phone, repeat TV drama words: “Recently, I do not know why, you always love talking about your teacher!”Then I heard the teacher that never betray applause, my eyes moist!    My homeroom teacher suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for several years, I remember Teacher’s Day a few months ago, I asked the teacher and the previous two classmates and his wife to dinner, the restaurant was busy, the waiter first three cups of tea, I’m looking for the topic asked the teacher: “we have five people, the waiter had only three cups of tea, how do?”I never expected that the teacher replied without hesitation:” The short, I do not!”I then asked:” That’s a cup or less, how do?”The teacher Wood with his little eyes looked slowly around a bit, pointed at me and replied:” You do not!”We did not expect, do not have even the addition and subtraction will be counted homeroom teacher how could this ‘afterwards’, quiet atmosphere has been broken by the sound of a burst of excitement, and that the previous two classmates wife very happy.Then the teacher stared at me as if to say this answer only you can understand!    Each time students, and the students will be pulled teacher jokes, which said he was eccentric thing for me, is unavoidable topic, I do not know why, it seems to have been all the students want to completely unravel a mystery.In a former teacher sick students at the meeting, in front of the students face, but also in front of me, he finally admitted!But then, he imperious eyes seemed to deliberately avoid me, did not look me in the eyes that look forward.    Whenever recently heard the applause, the teacher sat in a wheelchair on the wooden stay applause image will emerge in my eyes.I delusion, paranoia or the teacher’s question with the phrase a little domineering asked me: “how’s it going?”.    I still live in hope that he should not be in front of the students admit, I admit that he is more eccentric, so this mystery, let him know I know this mystery, forever looming treasure in our hearts!(One yuan brother)