I miss the hug next season

Say to the air that you want to hug, say to the hug that you miss.   If I can return to the common origin, then I must hug you well.   When I silently count to the 100th step, my heart will tremble like the vibration of a dark cell phone … I feel the breath of the wind blowing in my hair, and then there will be sunshine falling on me. This is a balcony, a balcony for burying silence and stranding. It is no different from other balconies, but the small shutter on the left reminds me of a person … In the summer of 2008, the wind on this balcony became the most comfortable and clever in my summer, and I felt all the pores open when I stood on this windowsill to blow air.. A trance between the day xuan to dark. Suddenly I was knocked down on the ground by a tall, thin impersonator, and later. However, the only thing that happened was that we didn’t make any noise, let alone lambaste, but looked at each other calmly for a minute … The wind blew my hair, I suddenly got up from the ground and stumbled back to the dormitory in a mess.. Spread out the pen and paper and sprinkle ink constantly, describing a story with ice cream flavor. At this time, the boy named Li mo entered my words from now on, and my words also began to have stories at this moment.. . Life is still fixed in that page of calendar, the ancient clock is spinning round and round tirelessly.. He and I were locked in the page number of time. In the summer of 2009, I was still looking at the sky on the balcony with shutters, but this time I was not only looking at the sky but also thinking about a person, an impostor who knocked me down and a boy named Li Mo.. I’m just thinking: Leave foam, if one day you can stand in front of me and continue this line in my life, I must hug you well … but it will always be your legend and become my hope.. Some things and some things pass by, and it will never come back. The snail-like life is filled with sadness and boredom without any sense of pain, and the summer in pain begins. When a group of lonely birds flitted across the sky, the May here had already begun to have the flavor of summer.. A little impetuous commotion. Those factors of uneasiness killed all the way back from the front.   From foam, you said we are both lollipops and chewing gum from each other, but we can’t taste them together, but we have the same sweet and greasy taste … if 2009 is a sad limit. Then 2010 is another interpretation of life. Your forever leaving is like an eternal breakpoint in my life, so it abruptly breaks at the beginning of the story, and then there will never be a following, let alone a result. In fact, it is not the result of the result but also the end of the reality, and the reality has no result.. Every day I always used to look at the sky, the lonely birds and the lonely white clouds. I know you’ll see me. Is it?? Because you are willing to let me alone. You also love my heart ache. From foam, when I wrote your name thousands of times, I found that even your name was so sad. Leave foam, leave like foam. I feel the obvious depravity. I can’t help it any more. I’m leaving foam, you know? I’m so tired: I’m really tired, so tired. A commitment to two people will tire and heartache. Remember when you said you would take me to see the sea, I also believe you would take me to see the sea. So I’ve been expecting and waiting. Now I am alone to fulfill the promise of mutual regret, will there be a heart to hand in. You said you need different hands to hold the temperature while drinking milk tea, and you also need two people to drink its romance, but now I can only watch it gradually lose its temperature in my hands. You said I can’t be so silent, but now I can only be silent.. Before, every morning you always called me when I opened my eyes to remind me that I remember to eat breakfast and I can’t cook. You did do what you call funny things for me every day: love dinner, my eyes are a little short – sighted. You always coax me to do eye exercises like a child. I don’t like sports, and you will pull me to run every day on time. I like reading books. At that time, you silently accompany me to keep silent when you are not used to talking. You are used to habits that shouldn’t be used to and persist in persistent persistence that shouldn’t be used to.. We like and are used to chatting. Every time we go online, we always send messages to each other in the first place and then say good night until dawn. The white jade and black that we lose sleep with and the city towns that we talked about together are like a beautiful picture.. Even if the angle is missing, the price will not fall. Just now, no matter how many messages I send to the gray head portrait, it will not jump, but will only remain silent forever … Finally, you and I fled the runway that depends on each other and separated in that winter.. The runway that used to have two figures is blank. Heart is empty, the whole person is empty.   Maybe I don’t love words so faithfully, just because I regard them as the continuation of life. There may be no tears in 2009, because I met the year that was destined to be the most fairy tale in my age … Oh, natural and man-made disasters and time really blocked too much, blocked you, blocked me, blocked the two of us. Leaving foam your face is like a very good and good first chapter, which I would like to read. I thought I could read you all the time, but it can only become an eternal hope in my wish.. We have always been on this side of each other, but now I still can’t reach it. Your purest love has lost the white clouds, faded the years and planted deep into the crevices of the soul. Was there any beauty or sadness left in the garden at that time?.   A year ago in the summer, I left foam. A year later, I miss it here. After tomorrow, we will no longer look back, hiding the forgotten past and the future of forbearance.. Seems; Losing one’s destiny is a certainty … ah, some things you don’t have to know, some people will always meet, remember to hold the people around you who really care about themselves, and pass happiness on to the first person in mind.. Last of the last. I just want to say: Also can only say: Leave foam, there is no fate in this life, I will wait for you in the next life..In the next season of spring flowers, I must hug you well.