Fragrance surrounds the bosom, and beauty is cool

Walking into the bright spring day, it warms a spring state of mind and brings warmth and freshness to the season.. The sky is open to the blue sky, the wind is permeated with its worries, the long-lost petals bloom one after another, freehand brushwork in their true feelings and beautiful monologues, the water is quick to live and ripple its feelings, the light willow dance is silent and quiet, all life cherishes the warmth of time, and this invisible gathering and embrace of life is the most moving warmth, enjoying a sweet fragrance around here.. Feeling that all things make life not always new and full of gladness to meet each other.     Investing in nature is a graceful flower in the heart, which is the joy of life and the mutual appreciation between heart and nature. Is the heart and nature dependent heating; Is the soul and nature of the opposite. In this wheatgrass season, facing the warm spring breeze, I came to the forest park with my son, walked along the lawn and came to the lake to share the light spirit and beauty of spring and the happy attitude of my son, making people infected.. Warm warmth flows all over the body and lingers in a soft world. Peach blossoms give off a faint fragrance and watch bees fly butterfly dances. Fresh air is blowing in my face. A clear and peaceful feeling rises in my heart.. The beauty of the flowers makes people experience the richness of life, write the splendor of spring, make people feel leisurely and enjoy a wonderful time.. I would like to use warm words to record the comfortableness, ease and leisure. My son is chasing butterflies and sometimes hiding in flowers. He is very busy and envies his innocence.. The cool breeze Xu Lai, winding path leading to seclusion, sitting on a stone, relaxed in spirit, the heaven and earth became infinitely vast, and the heart was so merged in the process that it felt a sense of belonging.. Runs the eye, moistens the heart, moistens the feeling, lets us love the warm, bright an all-consuming love for a long time, blooms everyone’s heart. This bearing of life makes us feel sweet and sweet.     Willing to share the beauty and touch of life with nature, life has many beauties, a journey of landscape and a journey of growth, all of which are full of sweet smells.. Years of aloes, know the time, we should cherish the happiness of the past and present. When the wind blows, open the title page of the memory and you will see dark fragrance blowing on your face. It is like orchids in a flower note, fresh and fragrant.. To appreciate nature with this sincere heart is also to appreciate oneself. The scenery in the heart is the landscape that life will not change. People should learn to remember the scenery of life with beauty and make silence and beauty eternal.. In life, being true to nature is the waiting of life and the fate of the soul.. The lingering of the cool breeze and the fragrance of flowers; The enchanting and butterfly love between flowers and shadows; The fish play in the clear spring water is warm and moist; The dewdrop of grass is clear and colorful with sunshine, the morning is full of sunshine, the experience of youth is cool, there are fresh packages in life, peaceful hugs, shining eyes, graceful and gentle.. As long as we explore from the heart, appreciation will turn into happiness. This is also a supreme enjoyment of life.     The mountain is long and the water is far away. There is always a scenery in life because of its simplicity. Let each other meet, much moved; The mountain is long and the water is far away, life always has a scenery, there is always a beautiful and fresh one, which blooms for us. The mountain is long and the water is far away. There is always a scenery in life, and there is always a harvest of beauty to make the soul eternal.. In the river of life, feel the beauty and beauty of life’s poetry, let the flowery meet on the heart’s Yuan Ye, let the joy collide. Watch the scenery of life, let the true meaning overflow, make life more warm and bright, gather peace and tranquility in poetry, gather freshness, embrace flowers, dance with time, and especially remember the sweet smell of life on the books of the years..     In the ease of watching, the heart floats in the blue sky, sharing the truth of nature on the way to life, blooming our understanding of life, and learning to keep the scenery in our heart is the only way to warm our hearts and keep them warm and moist.. Let go of the years and bear a free and easy life, give yourself a vision of the future, breathe, listen, touch, meditate and recall with a light heart, meet the bright sunshine, pursue the beauty of the fragrance of the court, and learn to impress the inner feelings.. Life is walking in one kind of time, and years are sneaking around in life. Tastes the natural flavor, savors the wonderful life, the heart is as simple as Jane, and the person is as light as tea. Thanks to nature, let time have a more color. Thanks to life, the years have become more vivid and sincere.     Flowers are full of gardens, the current ripples, and the sound is gentle. The soul is returning to its own home garden with graceful dancing, green and warm spring, and red and intoxicated. Walking freely in nature, quietly lingering with tenderness, turning a wisp of dream fragrance into wisdom of life. When we stop chasing, calm in the soft season and yearn for the beauty of freshness, the plain life is achieved through the dull years.. In the flashy world, static beauty keeps a comfortable feeling. Clear sky, green water around the castle peak, Qing Fang ning wilderness, scenery from the heart, love from the scene, a quiet and lofty, let the soul embed, let your heart rest during the period. Soothing and elegant maintain the quiet beauty and enrich the life.     Sweet smell of the years, accumulated time, shallow life. Sometimes when flowers bloom, the mood is thick, the flowers fall unintentionally and float around. Whether flowers bloom or fall, they are cool to see the heart, melting the beauty into the heart, feeling the nature with a calm heart, walking in the life time, holding a cool state of mind, gazing at the blue sky and looking at the clouds and clouds in the sky.. The so-called life, be modest, see the flowers bloom and fall before the court; If you don’t want to stay, look at the clouds in the sky.