Believe in time

Time is an ancient river that no one can surmount and no one can cross. Although the river is not wide and the current is not urgent, it has made all life a thing of the past, whether it be men or women, whether it be great men of common people, ugly people or charming people.. Yes, time is ruthless and treats anyone and anything, but it has meaning. Anyone who cherishes and values it will be rewarded, but it is more or less different directly or indirectly..     Yes, anyone who follows time knows in his heart that he will never be mistreated in front of him, but he will be severely punished for fraud, stealing the bell from my ear and cheating on others.. Therefore, some people say that time is an iron guarantee, rewards and punishments are clear, not impartial and impartial.. For this reason, time is trustworthy.     I don’t know how others see time, but it is serious and serious to me anyway.. Yes, every inch of time I have spent in my heart since my life woke up has not been wasted, either reading, thinking or writing my heart with me. Especially in recent years, I have taken time as the most precious wealth of my life and made full use of it and got a good return. The accumulation of four or five million words is the best wealth it has given me.. I admit that these things that I regard as wealth may not be compared with those so-called scholars, but it is not easy for me as an amateur literature lover, which is in itself an indication of the importance and plasticity of time in my life.. At least time didn’t live up to me, I didn’t live up to time.     As I said, I am not a very smart person, but I am definitely a serious person, especially when it comes to time, and I do not do false work.. Life is its own, and time also belongs to itself as far as life is concerned. Therefore, treating time as if it were life must be serious and serious.. Only in this way can life not be mediocre and empty-handed to see God.     To believe in time is to believe in life. No life is not treated kindly by time for inaction, but only by turning time into spiritual pursuit, can it achieve the goal one wants, at least your hard work and sweat will not be wasted. In contrast, those who waste their time will be treated with contempt and scorn. For this reason, I might as well say that time is god and truth. it watches your actions secretly all the time. if you are pious or sincere, it will treat you well. if you fool it, nature will not get anything and even everything you have will be taken away..     Kant, the great philosopher, is the person I respected in my life. I respected his knowledge, his thoughts and the principles of doing things, but as far as these are concerned, I respect the concept of time in his heart more. Perhaps time is order, law, starry sky, God and truth or morality for him. Otherwise, how could he appear on that road so punctually and almost step by step every day and become a scenery that will never fade in others’ eyes?. As far as this is concerned, Kant is an admirer of time and a believer of time. To believe in time, in a sense, is to believe in yourself and serve the truth.     Back in life to see time, time is the medicine of life, the cure of pain, the comfort of sorrow, the reward of pursuit and the benefit of giving. Let’s take the case of Lu Xun’s life to illustrate the problem. As we all know, Mr. Lu Xun was a man of will and ideas since he was a child. In his school days, time was reflected in the early words on his desk. Mr. Lu Xun was stronger, but he had to start from time. It was for this reason that Mr. Lu Xun kept on making progress until the end of his life.. Looking back on Mr. Wang’s life can be said to be a race against time. His short life, the spiritual wealth dedicated to the society and family, is not comparable to his collection, and the time he copied Mo Bao and wood carvings is enough to make us blush.. Besides, Lu Xun, who became famous and married, as he was a soldier, adopted a principle of not forgiving the enemy. He used his dagger to fight with them for a long time and hurt himself when he was tired, so he took time to heal his wounds and resolve his anger.. The blood licked dry, the wound healed, and life began to fight again, fighting with the enemy, fighting with time, and fighting with itself at the same time..     Finally, I would like to say that time is fair to every living life, but the choice of value is different. In other words, the fairness of time cannot change the actual situation of your life.. That is to say, although everyone is equal before time, the reason for inequality is not time but your attitude towards it. I remember the popular saying in China a few years ago that time is efficiency, time is money and time is life.. Yes, time is efficiency and time is life. I agree with it, but I can’t say no to money, at least each person has his own value judgment.. In short, as a life, time is believable, especially in the present society and people.     People who believe in time, make use of time and race against time are qualified to live and talk about conditions. Otherwise, not only is there no time but also time will spit on it. If you want time to remember you and play you, you must start with believing in time, believing that time will not disappoint you, not saying that you will harvest the whole autumn, or at least you will have more than enough food to live in.. Believe in time, start from small things, start from the little bits of life!