That fishing fire warms my sleepless nights

In the bitter and heavy waves, sing aloud. On both sides of the mountain with a smile in the surging waves.     And with those tortuous and even thoughts, why are there so many people in the sea one by one?.     Fishery fire warms my sleepless nights. In the pieces of Shan Ye Peace, in every state of mind I set free, countless calls and cries have been triggered. In spring flowers and autumn months, the mountain love and water dreams bathed in wind and rain have lightened the emotions and wings of thousands of species, all lighting up the bright lights in the sky … Ah, in the loneliness of the years, I have set foot on Fengqiao.. In all the scenery, it is so full of passion.     I and you soothed countless joys and sorrows on the shoulders of that night, lingering black and white figures on the grass between me and you, deep into the songs of the warm clusters, melodious in which happiness is memories.     Play that pop song, me and you, that’s all: – in the emotional cableway and there are many surprises.   – in the sky car of life, there will always be thousands of sighs.   – waving oars in the river of life with endless changes in temperature.     Really, I have a lot of innocence and innocence. I have imagined many gorgeous scenery in your eyes, and what leaped into my eyes was the sail shadow and the moving whistle sound that came back from a long voyage..     In the flowing water of thought, the reflection shows that the star and the moon that I and I embrace have ushered in many gains and losses in the process of constant thinking.. Looking at the fence, you gave me a wry smile in the running water, and with a wry smile the natural and graceful and brilliant of the years..     Everything is gone in the running water, boundless. Everything was born again in the running water, thick.     In the innocent eyes of me and you, how many heroes have become fallen yellow flowers. How many ideals have become the gushing water. How many wishes have passed countless joys and sorrows.     Yes, one by one beautiful imagination, sitting alone became the stone oak on the bank of the big river, with black and white pain, the moon falling and crying in the wind and rain, and the real reason for that one by one? At the moment of life’s perception, the endless charm has left us with the eternal song. Life, find something to gain and innovate.     Life can only be beautiful in constant pursuit. In the world of thinking, he took off the mask and told him and her everything about himself. The moon has fallen and the whistle of life has sounded. Yes, let’s get out of that yesterday’s doubts and start our new journey and new actions. Ah, the singing of running water has strengthened my love.. Yes, in the spring flowers and the autumn moon, the sound of the waves is still the sound of your feet fading away. Every time I look forward to your beautiful image, in that moving ballad, I hold out devout wishes and open the doors and windows of my heart in the wind and rain.. The spring festival, long after my feelings, looked out from the window and walked along the road full of sunshine with thousands of thoughts and your guitar sound.. You and I walked on the beach together. The beautiful scene of first love surprised the waterfowl one by one, splashing into the river and singing the rhythm of life in the warm and cold.. In this way, looking at those spring and autumn periods, I realized a lot. The warmth of love and hate has flourished a philosophy of life. In the memory you gave me, I paid tribute to the most beautiful painting page of that relationship. Several romantic figures, I split the waves in your river.     A wish, full to recognize that a piece of yellow land. The ancient beauty is unsurpassed, simple and kind.     Plumes of what the new green, in this way, in the call of time and time again, with your and your feet out of confusion. With a kind of talk and real in – depth, containing hardships and hardships. In the abundant season, the wish became the spring song in February, the fragrant wheat waves in all previous dynasties in May, the rice fragrance in July, and the thick wine color in September.. In the process of simple and vivid expression, the beautiful scenes and the charming word ” agriculture” were written, holding out the dream as simple as that of the land.. From then on, the mountain village was full of wind and drizzle that moistened the spring and autumn period … oh, my sleepless, ever-present sorrow and joy for that piece of land.   My sleepless, don’t miss my mother’s feelings every time.   My sleepless, wearily watching the amorous feelings of the four seasons.   My sleepless, among all dreams, the true, the good and the beautiful.     So, I realized through the storm and the mystery of the night and the endless spirit of peddling, so I gratefully let fishing fire leave me a lot of poetry and paintings, leaving a canvas shadow of love forever … ah