A touch of blue is deep as the sea and sent to you in the red depicting landscape

In this troubled world, some meet and get to know each other is predestined friends, but parting from strangers is also fate. It is also a season of drizzle whispering smoke and willows, and it is inevitable to remember those old friends who are happy to meet us but leave sadly. In this rainy season of sorrow and melancholy, let me quietly hold a pen for you at my desk, write a heart song and send a yearning for you in a hurry.! – preface I have no poem with wonderful writing and fresh flowers, no elegant gentleman’s style, no charming appearance of lotus, and only a shallow heart wanders on the internet. In the network, we are predestined friends to get to know many friends, although they are like flowers in the mirror and moon in the water, enjoying quietly in the dim light, not talking about flowers in the wind and snow, but only talking about a love and persistence for words, communicating with each other and silently paying attention to each other.. Most of the time, the quiet reading of a person starts with his or her words. Because the words recognize people, they understand a heart, either disconsolate or happy, or deep or high … Ah, the words are like the people who read a piece of text and also understand a person..     Network friendship is just a fleeting fate, a dialogue between shadow and shadow. A screen, a person, a pair of hands, a pair of eyes, light waiting, silently watching. Most of the time we are still talking about our ideals and our lives today. Tomorrow we may go our own way, the world is boundless, and we don’t know where you are anymore. From then on, the bluebird will not send a message, waiting for the kite to bring home to Hong, the world is boundless, the sea is misty, and where there is the fragrance of returning..     Another year of pink rush season, I looked at the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, the mountains and the clear water, the reflection blurred, the catkins flying, the Yingge Yan dance, suddenly feeling like a distant world, the coloured glaze like a dream, there is always a faint melancholy and the smell of spring, and a tumultuous thought, as if in a flash, I missed those lovers who left, and from then on, the misty rain was heavy, the life was long, where to leave your story and wonderful, and where to let you stop?     Did you ever know that? Although it is said that the Internet is like a big wave washing sand, people are busy, coming and going, but what remains is full of memories. How can you forget those happy and happy times, those nights when you sing me and those days when you sing me?? Now, I can only sit in another time, counting the pear blossoms on the edge of the ridge, listening to Yingge singing and watching butterflies dance again and again. I don’t know when my eyes are wet quietly, oh! At this time, I realized it was misty rain again. I don’t know when the drizzle will come quietly, wetting the fragrance of the whole place, wetting the nostalgia of the whole place, and wetting the missed sky..     The scenery written in the fleeting time, the deep affection and friendship that those who fall in love with each other, like the ups and downs of piano melody, lingering in my mind for a long time, and spreading in my busy life day and night, have disturbed this beautiful season.. Although some of our loved ones are still among our friends, they seldom come and go, and seldom appear, just like beautiful butterflies, fluttering their beautiful wings and dancing occasionally in a season suitable for them..     Some people say that nostalgia may be your old age! Maybe I’m really old, happy to meet, sad to leave. Open your palm and count the quicksand between your fingers. How can I count the past and unforgettable fragments?.     Those persistent thoughts and memories are enough to drown out the elegance of several seasons and drunk several fleeting years of spring, autumn, winter and summer. I admit that I am feeling old gradually, as if I could not extricate myself from being drunk in the past years, thinking of the joy of getting together again and again and the sadness of parting again and again..     Standing in the air of memory, I found the sadness that I couldn’t hide from. Through this season’s warm wind and through this season’s lingering and infatuated rain, I can’t forget your coming and going. I can’t bring happiness home as you did when you came..     People who like writing have something in common: they love sentimentality and miss it! On the way back to the forgotten bags again and again, I stood up and looked back on tiptoe, even though the flowers were blossoming in front of me, I couldn’t help recalling the broken shadows in those days, the flowers in the mirror, the moon in the water, the poems in the dream, and the songs in the cup..     If you still remember me, please play a moonlight song with the moon and send it to Xiangyi Pavilion. If you still remember me, please sing a song with the spring breeze to remember Jiangnan and send it to the Yanyu Building. If you still remember me, please chant a forget-me-not with the flowers and send it to the butterfly cluster . Ah, March is still the same, April is the same. It has released thousands of years of expectations and allowed you a sunny day in safety..     A touch of blue is deep as the sea and sent to you in the red depicting landscape. In the coming year, the flowers will still bloom and my heart will remain. The snowflakes will dance in the coming year, and my heart will remain the same.