Father from the country

My father came from the country with a face of dust. Carrying a wallet tied together by two canvas bags, one bag contains about 20 eggs and the other bag contains about 10 potatoes. This is the two most common things, but the father’s back is pressed like a pole, carrying his wife and children and grandchildren at one end.   My father is a very old man, and he is obviously not as good as before. In the past, I always took my wife and children home to see them every Monday. When I went back, I bought some melons, fruits, vegetables, fish and fish, which was a little consolation to my parents’ loneliness and conscience.. Niang, three years ago, she suffered a serious illness, and her last life was to pick it up, but she was left with a lifelong disability..   Yesterday, my father called and said he wanted to have a look at my grandson. I said, I’ll pick you up. The father said aloud, ” What’s the name of the car after a short journey?”?! I have always feared my father, and I never dare disobey him. My father has never been far away. Today is the first time my father has come to see us from the countryside.!     The guard’s wife is busy in the kitchen. I stay in the study and read a book. The sun climbed to the top of Dongshan Mountain and was already a pole high. The guard called inside and said his father came to see me. Looking down from the sixth floor, my father was like a drop of ink on a canvas bag, spinning around a big black spot and couldn’t find his place to stay.. The big shot, usually we these little people don’t pay attention to, what’s more, a father from the countryside?   All of a sudden, I saw my father getting smaller and smaller into a mustard seed. On weekdays, my father was in the field, which was two heads higher than the wheat. The guard’s yelling, like the tide of Qiantang, has been pouring into the windowsill on the sixth floor. A mustard seed floated in panic in this sound wave, looking for its own piece of land.   Originally, two or three ears of wheat in the field were not picked up, and they were slapped in the face by their father in vain.. From then on, a peasant child’s eyes, wheat is more expensive than gold!   Downstairs father, trance between into a child in need of care. I rushed out of the door, slid down the stairs in a fit of pique, and nearly bumped into my father who was coming towards me.. I want to find that big shot to reason with. A big hand, crossing over, tightly grabbed my impulse and whipped me to my father’s eyes.     On the seventh floor of the stairs, there is no elevator, and there are plenty of steps one by one. Father carried a wallet, which was the kind that two coarse cloth sails were tied together. I said, ” Dad, let me get something.”? ‘ Dad said, ” Gently, I can move it.”. ‘ In this way, my father is ahead and I am behind. His hands were empty and his heart was heavy!   It was also a hot day in the sun. My father carried a shovel on his shoulder. I carried a small basket behind my father and wandered along the narrow mountain path.. Along the way, my father didn’t speak and I didn’t say anything, just keeping his heel tight. I want to walk all the way, grow up quickly and have the same big feet as my father.   I followed my father’s big feet through the narrow wooden bridge, through the deep gravel river, through the thick hot dirt road and across the neat wheat fields.. At that time, my father’s feet moved very fast, and I ran all the way without being dropped. Today, my father walked slowly, holding the handrail of the stairs with one hand and pressing the wallet on his chest with the other. I told my father three or four times, I came to take it, and he said vigorously, ” I’ll be here soon.”! The usual five words, which floated out of his father’s mouth, added a calm and persistent one.! The child stood at the door early and cried out to grandpa. dad said,’ it’s not here?! ‘ this relaxed like a cigarette in a pipe, curling up over my father’s head, hitting my heart and falling heavily on the stairs behind me..     3. There is a sofa in the living room. It is made of cloth and is very soft.. I asked my father to sit on the sofa. He said he was used to squatting and was uncomfortable to sit on. Father Geju ( dialect, crouching ) was sitting next to the sofa. My child was sitting on grandpa’s lap, one hand holding grandpa’s head and one hand touching grandpa’s beard..   Suddenly, the child exclaimed, ” Grandpa, your hair is white and your beard is white.”! ‘ I looked carefully along the sound, my father’s hair and beard were white, white and piercing.It’s not white, it’s frost that has fallen on my father’s head for years, and it’s tears that have fallen on my father’s face.!   A cigarette is stuck in the gap between the index finger and middle finger of the left hand, one hand protects the knees, and the smoking sound of the next day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day’s day will ring evenly.. Watching TV pictures without saying a word but with a happy smile on her face.   Gradually, a picture moved past my eyes. It was a summer threshing ground, and my father, like now, was smiling at the tall wheat heap.. At first glance, Lu Kai squatted quietly beside his father, just like a sofa perched beside his father, who is like a bunch of mature wheat, recalling the years in the blue sky.!     4. older people in straw hat city all wear a cloth hat in different colors and formats. Father, from the countryside, was wearing a straw hat made of straw. I said, ” Dad, I’ll buy you a cloth hat.”. ‘ Dad said, ” How many years have I been wearing a straw hat and got used to it. If I wear a cloth cap, I will not be used to it. ‘ It’s very hot in the house. I asked Dad to take off his straw hat. He said it wasn’t hot. Father is like this. Once he decides something, he will try his best to do it and will never look back.   A straw hat is a gift from wheat to the host! A yellow straw hat on his father’s head, coming and going in the rain in the wind, threw his deep feelings towards the land through the sweat for many years..   When Maimiaoer danced in the wind, his father’s straw hat floated on the ridge of the field, and the straw hat rolled with green hope. When the wheat shook its head in the sun, his father’s straw hat moved in the wheat field, and the straw hat shone with golden harvest. While Malone was in the ground, his father’s straw hat was passing through Malone’s room, and tears of joy were flying under it. When the wheat grain was built into a hill on the threshing ground, his father’s straw hat lay quietly on the wheat heap, and the straw hat watched for the happiness of the coming year..   Today, father’s straw hat covers the vicissitudes of wind and rain, shining with peace and peace.     I sat opposite my father’s eyes and looked at his father’s eyes with tintin’s eyes. That is a pair of tears eyes, canthus fish lines horizontal pile, bloodshot eyes full of cloth. The eyes of the former jiongjiongweishen suddenly lost their luster and a drop of tears flowed out of the corner of their eyes. Father wiped his cuffs and continued smoking his cigarette.   I said, ” Dad, is your eyes a little hard to bear?”? ‘ My father said, ” My eyes are a little sleepy. Sometimes I cry. It’s okay. Just wipe it! A pain in my heart made me realize that my father’s eyes are not good, and it has been some time since. Although my father said it was eye problems that caused tears in the wind, I would rather think it was a crystal clear interpretation of past smoke clouds.!   Father, don’t cry. Every time I see your eyes, my heart would have broken into a torrent of water. Please don’t mention it again. In the moon of childhood, I cruelly broke your family’s rice bowl and let it scatter into stars. In the boy’s schoolbag, I also resolutely tore up your burning hope and let it freeze into a dazzling score.   Father, don’t cry. My heart dances like snowflakes every time I see your eyes.. Please don’t mention it any more. In the impulse to grow up, I have frantically shattered your love and let it become indifferent and detached for a long time. At the dinner table after starting a family, I even left too much excuse me at this end of the phone. What you end up with is coarse tea and light rice, and what you swallow is bitter, spicy, sweet and sour!   Some people say that father is an old ploughshare, ploughing his heart silently. Some people also say that father is a winding mountain, firmly holding the sun and moon on his shoulders. However, I would like to say that my father is a heavy knife, deeply carving silent love into the eyes of these vicissitudes of life..