Book wish

Father is a retired cadre.     When my father changed jobs, the only thing that was most valuable was the small suitcase of books. Although the number and types of books are not large, they have excellent collection value. ; W6i, x 8f 1g 4z father’s books are mostly Chinese and foreign literary classics, a small part are knowledge reference books and a personal album. Among these books, his favorite is the old and somewhat damaged regulation of participating in the decoding of telegrams.. Father told me: This book is specially used for telegram. I once worked as a telegraph operator in the army and when I changed jobs, the army chief specially gave me this book as a souvenir, so I have a special feeling for it. From this point of view, father’s book not only has collection value, but also can be used as a historical file to record an unusual experience of father’s life.     When’ history is not in the forefront’, father, fearing that these books would suffer, took out all the great man’s works and put the other books at the bottom of the box and put clothes on them. In this way, the box of books was safely preserved. However, no one thought that these books were destroyed in the great water in 1975..     I remember that in mid – August of that year, the climate was particularly abnormal. The Huaibei Plain in Anhui Province was flooded with heavy rain and the river surged, and even torrents from the Zhumadian area in Henan Province overflowed into the Huaibei Plain.. There is a river called Quanhe in the north of the county seat. People from the county seat poured out their nests to fight the floods day and night, but they failed to stop the raging floods after all.. At about 2: 00 p.m., the river bank burst, and in a short time, the city was already flooded with water. Before this, my father had handled the main items in the home properly according to the county’s notice, and carefully put the small box of bookshelves on the big wardrobe, muttering to himself, ” This high place should not be flooded.”? But’ house leaks happen when it rains’. The flood receded, and it took me about a week to know that my home had been destroyed by the flood.. Despite the hot weather and the scorching sun on his head, his father searched for his possessions in a pile of rubbish.. When he pulled the small box of books out of the mess, his lost face was really crying. As expected, the books in the suitcase were as rotten as paste when touched by hand because they were soaked in water for too long.. Even so, my father did not give up putting it in the sun. However, everything is of no help. A few days later, my mother insisted on sending these books to the waste collection station when she was doing housework, but her father strongly opposed them.. One day, I witnessed my father carrying a small suitcase to a remote wall in the unit, lighting a match in pain and watching the box of books slowly turn to ashes.. Looking at his father’s depressed expression, I secretly vowed to buy as many books as his father did when he grew up in order to appease his father’s heart damaged by the book disaster..     Coincidentally, when I returned to the school, the librarian who was catching up with the school was also sorting out the books.. Without further ado, I helped librarians to turn over books, print books and collect books for several days in a row.. Maybe my sincerity touched him. Later, he opened a small kitchen for me: If you like reading, come and get it anytime and anywhere. Also at that time, I almost read Chinese and foreign classics all over the world, which has greatly benefited me and has strengthened my idea of collecting books ever since.. 5s; H % w8n3u $ q” I + ~ 2w more than 20 years have passed. I thought my sincerity and perseverance finally fulfilled the dream of collecting books in those days. To be sure, my current collection of books is far more than my father’s small suitcase. But the only thing that is missing is the code for participating in telegram decoding, which is like a part of father’s life