Layoffs turmoil sweeping the global IT giants

Dell January 10, according to TheRegister website reported that Dell may be the United States District sales team cut 20%, the Europe, Middle East and Africa marketing and sales team cut 30%。
Dell spokesman David Frink (DavidFrink) had an e-mail said, "In order to ensure long-term success, if necessary, we will make painful decisions, some decisions may affect employees。 "Intel January 18, Intel announced plans by the end of 2014, a 5% reduction in the number of employees。
Calculated as the total number of staff people, the staff reduction plan will affect more than 5,000 people。
The cuts mainly for smart phones and tablet PCs to create a sizable chip business。 IBM February 26 this year, IBM announced the launch of "Apollo program", about the number of people laid off。
The cuts are part of IBM's annual "workforce adjustment" program。 Although the official did not give the exact numbers of layoffs, but the company's chief financial officer 马丁施勒特 (MartinSchroeter) has said, IBM plans to save $ 1 billion in spending cuts through 2014 activities, "plus or minus $ 100 million."。 Sony February 27 this year, according to media reports, Sony Electronics said in a statement it would lay off 1,000 employees in 2014。
At the same time, Sony also closed 20 US stores, accounting for two-thirds of the total。 Recently, there were reports that Sony is implementing cost-cutting plan, retired employees to consult in advance, in order to reduce expenditure by 30% in fiscal year 2015。
Analysts say that the practice is equivalent to a disguised layoffs, Sony is a good way to quickly get rid of loss-making。 Siemens joint venture company based Guangming quoted Bloomberg June news that Siemens and private equity firms GoresGroup joint venture between Siemens communications software and services company SiemensUnify will lay off 3,800 people, equivalent to about half of its total number of employees 7700 people, most of retrenched staff from Central Europe。 Haier According to media reports, in June this year, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin, Haier layoffs admit when attending a business forum, said early last year, Haier is the number of staff people, reducing to 70,000 by the end of layoffs million, a ratio of 18% this year is expected to again cut 10,000。
Microsoft July 17, Microsoft announced plans to cut up to million employees this year, it will be the largest in Microsoft's history of layoffs。 Microsoft said the company's top job cuts could reach people, ongoing layoffs million people, of which about people from the Nokia device and the service sector, roughly half of the employees in the department。 After Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business in April this year, the total number of employees reached 127,104 people, this calculation, the layoffs accounting for more than 14%。
Cisco Cisco after August 13, 2014 fourth quarter earnings, announced that Cisco will lay off up to 6,000 people, accounting for about 8% of the total number of Cisco employees, the count will be charged up to $ 700 million in costs related to layoffs。 Cisco CEO John Chambers (JohnChambers) said that Cisco must be able to focus on growth areas, thus becoming the "number one IT supplier"。
He said the transformation of Cisco's "requires us to make very difficult decisions."。
Hewlett-Packard on August 22, HP announced the 2014 third quarter earnings, showing the quarter, Hewlett-Packard paid the cost of layoffs billion。 While HP will be as planned, in order to cut costs, HP will continue to expand the scale of layoffs next year, it intends to cut 9,000 jobs。