Bless mother

A bunch of carnations swaying in the heart on Mother’s Day. Caring in the heart one by one, blooming happiness, blooming happiness, blooming warmth, blooming a beautiful dream of life.     Mother’s Day is a warm holiday. The warmth is thick and light, it is someone’s thoughts of sheltering me from the rain, someone’s thoughts of asking me to add more clothes to eat on time, and someone who always reads the nickname and waits for me to come home..     It’s Mother’s Day again. Thinking about the past years that my mother talked about, I suddenly felt that I grew up too slowly and understood too late. Mother has also been young, beautiful, longing and pursuing. Today she still has dreams, dreams of children, hopes of children.     On this warm holiday, but as I grew up day by day, after Mother’s Day after Mother’s Day, I never carefully remembered and tasted my mother’s deep love for her children. Who knows how long, how far and how deep that love is?. Mother’s tenacious character and tolerance of patience when something goes wrong belong to the quality that we can bear hardships and stand hard work..     Mother’s childhood was hard, but she was so persistent and unyielding. My mother told me that grandpa died early and did not even leave a picture. Granny was only in her 30s, and in order to survive and take care of her children, she often went back to her mother’s family, where there were four siblings, the mother was the second child and the eldest daughter, with a eldest brother and the youngest brother at the age of eight.. In the famine year of the early 1960s, my grandmother took my youngest son and daughter back to her family, where my eldest brother and mother were still at school. They were often hungry and had no rice to cook. Sometimes they could not help but go to the mill and remove some bran from the middle of the mill.. Big Brother does not look after his mother like a brother, but hides food for his mother. On one occasion, only their brother and sister were at home. Mother came back from school and saw the younger sister lying next to a pile of carrots and cherry blossoms.. When my sister came back, the younger brother handed her a small finger-sized carrot found from the carrot cherry.. My mother suddenly burst into tears. I was deeply moved by this sister and my eyes were wet.. In order to keep the siblings from starving, the mother crustily grinds and binds with the school canteen administrator to bring home the half-month food rations, and the siblings eat together to sustain their lives.. After eating for a few days, the eldest brother refused to let his mother eat, saying that she was a student who went to school to eat, but her mother was helpless and could not eat any food for a few days, so her mother had to go to school to rub rice, and her mother did not do anything for more than ten days at school.. Sometimes I go to the harvested land to pick up corn and roast it on the oil lamp with a needle. This is the hard time for my mother, but the deep and thick sister feeling has kept the same temperature as it used to be..     The mother did not give up her studies on the most difficult day. Even after she got married, she still continued to complete her studies. She is such a big family in her husband’s family. How much pressure is she under to fulfill her long-cherished wish. In those days, women could read and have several people, but in those days when they did not have enough to eat, they could pursue relentlessly. This is my mother. Thanks to her mother’s efforts, she became a private teacher in Murakami after graduation. Her mother worked very hard and her lectures were well known to us.. At that time, we had a sewing machine in our family, which was used by Murakami to make the ” four clean – ups”. This became the mother’s patent and added another hard work. Murakami also had to work on Sunday.. Without time, he often makes clothes for Murakami in the middle of the night. Mothers often go from village to village after school to mobilize students who do not attend school or whose parents do not allow them to attend school. Mothers’ conscientious and selfless work has been recognized by the school and they are often rated as excellent or advanced teachers.. As a result, the mother became a regular teacher in 1979. Mother used her salary of ten yuan per month for our sister and brother to go to school. Only when our parents have culture can we survive the crisis of dropping out of school. Mother never let us only go to primary school because we are girls. The parents’ view is that if we study well, we can go to school.. With such parents, we have today. Mother taught countless students, and five of our sisters and brothers were also mother’s students. every mother’s day or teacher’s day, I silently wish in my heart, though I did not express it, but I have a feeling involving heart and lung..     Mother is old, her health is not as good as before, her age is not too big, and she has accumulated pains and become ill.. However, the mother’s character is very tenacious and tenacious. She has not fallen down due to various diseases. Instead, she has been exercising and bringing her grandchildren. If she can not give trouble to her children, she will do anything for her children. She will always do all she loves to care for us who have grown up and become wives and mothers.. Today, we really understand the weight of mother and understand that there is a person in the world who is willing to give her life for you and everything she has for you, that is, mother.     On Mother’s Day, what can I do for my mother? I know, as long as I stay with my mother, let her watch us eat happily, watch us kiss and warm together comfortably, see us all healthy and healthy, and see us all working well, this is my mother’s expectation.     Mother’s Day, a holiday I haven’t paid much attention to in the past few decades, or just a day I silently read in my mind.. Now looking at mother’s aging, mother’s decades of hard work are flowing in my heart, mother’s bitterness to me, her hard work to me, and her care for me, now being a mother, when she looks up at my children, all these emerge together and her heart vibrates.. Mother is old and gray – haired, I can feel her exhaustion and toil all her life, and always have no regrets about our output.. She is the one who loves me most in my life, the one who loves me most selflessly and is willing to give my life for me.. Now it’s time for us to care about her, take care of her and accompany her. In fact, a greeting, a phone call and a small gift from us will make her very happy, very happy and very satisfied.. Knowing that we are safe, watching our health and feeling happy, she will be happy.. Give her some of our happiness, let her be happy forever, wish her health and longevity, wish her happiness in her later years, and wish her a long and long life in our lives.. With her, we will always be the children that some people care about, and she will always be our warm home..     Unfortunately, it suddenly happened, as if once again testing the mother’s strength.Father is ill, is a rare motor neuron disease, is still incurable in medicine, can’t walk gradually, can’t get out of bed, can’t move, can’t take care of themselves, father’s anxious face is full of helplessness, hidden sorrow, sitting alone in a few square meters of a room in a day, staring out of the window in a daze.. Every time I go, my heart is always sour and full of sadness. But in front of us, the mother always smiled as if her strength had given us strength. Father’s life is all taken care of by his mother, who takes care of everything properly, his father’s food and drink, everything.     What can we do?     At this point, I can’t write any more. While respecting my mother, I secretly encouraged myself to learn her tenacity and tenacity..     Mother, with you, we are very happy!     Mother, with you, we will always be healthy!     Mother, we are willing to go through every day, every second and every festival with you, healthy and happy..     Happy mother’s day!