After reflection

How are you, mom? ‘ two days didn’t call his son, suddenly received a phone call from his son.   ‘ what are you doing? Son. No, I don’t have your phone in the past two days. I don’t trust you. Just know how you are.. ‘ the original son’s phone just wanted to know if I was ok or not.   ‘ is that you said there is no common language, I didn’t play. I asked my son.   ‘ two generations, there must be a gap. ‘ son prevaricated, I seem to see his apology.   This is how to return a responsibility? On that day, I went to the provincial capital to go to school. There was a little difference with my son, who was always worried about it..   Every time I leave home for another place, I have to give orders to my family, especially to my son..   The son is getting married soon, and when the mother is still old, she treats him as a child, especially in his growth. It is difficult to endure what is wrong without giving birth..   In those two days, my husband and I talked about a business with a girl. Although the girl had a discussion behind her back, every time she came forward alone, she was able and meticulous, confident and active, and I couldn’t believe she was only 25 years old. In just two days, we reached an agreement happily and learned from the contact that the girl only attended an ordinary university in Shenyang, graduated from an advertising major and worked for two years..   ‘ Do your parents do business? You have had such edification and training. Otherwise, how can you be so mature and understand so much in all aspects of society?? The girl trembles and nods.   The girl has always been a mystery to me. The key point of business development is that she has to go out of the phone to ask for instructions. It seems that the people who entrusted her to handle affairs behind the scenes believe in her ability..   In this way, she will not be able to fly in the future. She is a flying bird and is released into the blue sky.. In this way, I think of my son, as a parent, who often takes care of every important event, fearing that he will not be able to do it well and will wander in his own circle, such as the bird in the house, which is the reason for this?   I wanted to think about it this way. I wanted to talk to my son immediately, but now my son is working outside and I want to catch the train to the provincial capital. So I rushed to entrust a few words on the phone..   ‘ Son, the girl I met in business with your father today is two years younger than you, but is mature. You have to learn from others. You see you, often watch TV series in the evening, and time is wasted. How can you do that? If you want to fly high and go far, you can’t let go of your spare time. You can only fly if you read more books and reserve more.. You always compare me with other people. When you go to school, what’s the advantage? Did it work? I am who I am.. ‘ Telephone there, son is not happy.   Alas, if this stubborn son could have listened to me earlier, it would have been much better than it is now. Which parents are not good for their children! ‘ People don’t listen to me. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. I know I’m going to touch a rebuff, but I still want to say it because I’m his mother. I’ve come a lot of ways and know how to go. I’m anxious to see them around the corner.!   When I arrived at the station, I received a message from my son: ” Mom, I have a bad attitude to speak and pay more attention to it later.”. You also don’t always tell me that we don’t have a common language. I’m not angry. It’s normal for my son to play the woman in front of his mother.. I wrote back and said, ” Son, mother told you not to waste your time and study more and accumulate more and more to accumulate more, which is necessary for future survival and development. Please don’t take it seriously and think carefully.”! ‘ When we were young, we didn’t have TV or computers. We only read books to understand the outside world and broaden our horizons.. When I was young, I knew that reading changed my fate and worked hard to get up. Love, intoxicated in love rarely read; After getting married, in order to change my life style, I started business, was busy and didn’t have time to study. In those years, a successful and wise friend often reminded me: ” Don’t forget to read, it will increase your connotation and nurture”. Such warnings often echo in my ears. I also want to be a man of his erudite spirit, not just rich. ‘ Looking far away, I saw that real wealth is spiritual. It is the stars shining in the sky, beautiful and never fading away.. So, at night, when everyone else was sleeping, I picked up the book, and Drucker took part in the management practice bill. I came up with the desire to go to university to study business management in major war zones, and entered the business management class. I also realized that the driving force of external things came from the deep cultural core, and the wisdom of the ancients and the nurturing of literature would make ordinary life shine. Along the line of reading, I realized the unspeakable happiness. How could I have found this happiness if it had not been carried by my friends at the beginning?? Now, how I wish my son could have seen the road of continuous happiness I have realized earlier!   My son and I have different views on reading. He believes that there are many ways to learn. Society is a big classroom, and there are still TV computers.? However, I think that learning is limited at present, impetuous is full of society and permeates the sky. Only when we calm down and talk to intelligent people can we have a set star in our hearts and a bright and broad world..   To this, my friend said to me, ” Young people are like the beauty of spring flowers. You must let him have red leaves, will you?”? Yes, people also have the process of spring, summer, autumn and winter. why should we pull out seedlings to encourage them? Why not let nature take its course?  Son in love, they have become independent and their faces are brimming with happiness. How nice! Why do you have to add burden to them? Instead of preaching, parents should silently put on a pair of paddles when they cross the river and open the window to let them fly when their wings are ripe..   ‘ did you do it? After reflection, I asked myself.