By a time nourishing the heart –2015 finale

Text / Red smile time such as water, Looking back, 365 days and in a hurry and had suddenly thrust between.Winter in the north came very early this year, no time to organize a good mood, snow and they came one game after another, numerous snow not only beautiful in the world, but also colorful mood.    Almost all the characters who have a sentimental heart.Executive edged belief, trek in the landscape of the soul, the passing of each piece of context are engraved on the likes and nostalgia, Fallen flowers to be dried by years of nothingness, all the emotions it will be more fragrant taste.    Always feel that the text is a friend of the heart, warm, sentimental, passionate.Perhaps, but one word, Yimiyangguang; a sentence, it is the clear spring.Always some text, let us sit at the window a long time, will laugh to tears reading; always some text, let us toss and turn, read insight into tears.Murray write, listen to heart sounds, a person quiet, garden trees bloom, all downtown wither, are removed in the soul.    Hopelessly in love with the quiet, like a person in a daze, tea products, free time language, dialogue with the world.Or write blank mind, those sad or beautiful soothing as a warm, Que, a song, a pen, a clarity of mind, carries a lotus thoughts, walking in the wind SONG Yu Tang, fleeting light singing.Calm down time, is Campanula rang years; whisper as the soul into the drying strength of character Fallen flowers, heart beat and Ming.    Like the word: our souls are used to grow, the grass, there are emerald green; flowers have fragrance; to plant a tree, it will gain a touch of cool.Fleeting, years of sitting in the corner and listen to the growth of life, ordinary the reality gives us the most realistic pursuit and emotion, and life in this extraordinary, the gorgeous cantabile.    White plum blossoms fall, he said: Sometimes, as people so lonely heart, and only at the moment, things will be so placid.Yes, the flow of time, such as life and turns, some of the thrilling come into indifferent thing of the past, and we are latent in the text of emotion and dedication is ready to come out, just as strike.Fortunately, it is possible to listen to in the text, it can be years in the form of letterhead, bound, and then those tangled thoughts, suddenly comprehend, one by one record, so that every thought has a fresh life, so that each piece to read I would like to have enamored, so that every moment of time both Enron quiet beauty, just waiting for a turn around for years after years of searching can be in with the landscape meet.    Fortunately, able to trek in the text, hear the wind over the fingertips of sound.Either some beautiful Aiyuaichou stunning of the time, the colorful past.And I, only willing to do that in the desert Walker, the scenery along the way together with sand bags and income, for those who through the years, in writing no regrets.    2015, to me, is a full and happy year, good times Dimei quiet, indifferent to occupy prime language, work with, reaping, following the three individual text published in 2014, this year I co-edited ” New Horizons: poetry Readings boutique “(a, Volumes I and II),” the essence of contemporary writing network “(a, Volumes I and II),” selected works of contemporary authors 2015 “,” selected works of Chinese literature “and other six major literary collection; assist and organize a national literary contest and prairie folk songs; in the “Chinese Literature”, “Chinese essayist”, “Shen Hua”, “Chinese prose”, “art education”, “Liaoning newspaper workers”, “Jinzhou Evening News “,” Fushun television reported “dozens of national newspapers published the works of more than 70 (the first); the National Literary competition awards five times.    Looking back on 2015, a busy and full, how many feelings, how many happy.If this world the most common fireworks, that while dying while verdant, while Dianpei side of love, then, in the New Year’s bell will soon ring the occasion, I would like to take a time nourishing the heart, the mind set in a hope Taoyuan.Until the next to ground water, to do with love light, shade trees harvested.    Red smile put pen to paper on December 10, 2015