Asked tracing ancestral name says

My second stop was tracing Daming County, Hebei Province.    The day after leaving the Town, they drove to the Daming County.Town that is the seat of government, local county magistrate Guo had worked.Sitting in the car looking for the old way, but turn a few Waner, Mayor said: “Yes, right here.”?He also questioned the.Retired for several years, the county happened to complex change beyond all recognition, he was actually unexpected.A large wasteland or old farmhouse, has been erected as early as numerous workshops, and a variety of era of convergence of private enterprises mushroomed stand, farmers early to jump the trend of the times, chasing beautiful Chinese dream.    Daming County is my ancestors once thriving place, and that is good music camp their roots.How many generations of family heritage Xing things, created a splendid national culture.    ”Daming County” after the beginning of the 15th generation of Chinese name.Tang Wei Bo Jiedushi Tian Yue Wei Zhou arrogated to change Daming Fu, Daming, county name, since the Han qianyou by the Later Zhou Dynasty, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties six largely unchanged, until the Daming name in two years government waste diversion unchanged, incorporated yuan County Daming County, Daming County name has been passed in the Republic of China has continued for three years.Daming County is located in the East Village hole 5 li north, bluestone monument to quality, the first monument dragon, seat, part of a tablet Yin Zhuan “Tang Di Lianggong shrine of the monument”.4 high monument.46 m wide and 1.46 m, a thickness of 0.46 meters.Beizuo deep underground, the first monument carved Silong, whenever rainy weather, as if on Black Dragon around, so people commonly known as “Black Dragon monument,” part of a tablet Yang Zhuan “Tang Di Lianggong ancestral monument”, the words arranged in three rows.Silting monument half of the ground segment cracking, monument male engraved inscription procedure described in Wei Zhou Digong (this name) when Cishi performance and rehabilitation of the monument and ancestral.Li Yong author, book Zhangting Gui Dan.The inscription font neat, handsome powerful strokes.    AD 696 (Wu Long live Dengfeng first year), Khitan invasion, Hebei shock.Wei Di Renjie to any provincial governor, settled people, the Khitan caught from the back, the people De, Wei Zhou people against the war.Wei Zhou People gratitude Digong End, magic in two years (698 years) for the construction of a Shengci to report Ende.Rebellion spent in the war shrine.Now we see the ancestral tablets in AD 812 (Emperor Xian Zong Yuan and seven years) Wei Bo Tian Hiromasa Jiedushi to site rehabilitation DiRenJie shrine, erected in mind making.    Mid-1982 the Hebei provincial government announced for the provincial key cultural relics protection units.1995 mid-repair booth, to protect bridge.    This monument narrative Digong Ren Jie deeds of merit, although the age-old, but never forget the people to the monument tree name Li Wang.    Five Rites monument stands in the two-stage Village Daming County township streets, this is a well-known large monument in Handan.Tang Kaicheng five years (840 years) Li.The 1195 m-high monument, wherein turtle seat 214 m, 643 m monument, monument head 338 m, 304 m wide, 11 m thick.This monument is a famous calligrapher Liu Feng Tang Wenzong public rights of life, Weibo Jiedushi He Jintao as written benevolent monument.Ouyang Xiu, who is described in the writings.Such tall stone is rare in China.”Five Rites” The central idea is to promote feudal ethics, five Rites monument has withstood 1100 years of wind and rain erosion, writing most vague, but the monument two Liu public rights written in font well preserved, visitors can enjoy the bold and beautiful Liu body style, this is the kind of research precious calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty Liu.    From the 15th generation Han-year period, there is a famous palace, thousands of years of ups and downs, the creation of such a splendid national culture, and I was really proud of my ancestors.Di Renjie many stories that have been descendants for the elephants, the codification of the TV series “Detective Di Renjie” as early as household; the five ritual monument is to promote feudal ethics benevolent monument, 1100 years of wind and rain erosion, it still stands firmly in Hebei on the ground in China has created a miracle of history.    Over the past many years, I do not know the ancestors of this land survival, with so monumental national culture thousands of years, if not Xungenwenzu of the event, I was still five miles fog of their home.Their own pro-family, completely unaware of, secretly thinking, self-deprecating laugh, “towering trees, must have its roots.Mountain Water pregnant, must have its source.”Although I am not born in Hebei, but born in Beijing Legation Quarter, but consider themselves upright Pekingese, Pekingese and even Shihai to pride itself, foreign people, slightly biased, do not you know yourself actually foreign person after generations, have good sense of satirical ridicule.Not long ago, on the Internet there are outsiders.The debate Pekingese, now think of it is funny, in a Chinese family, no points inside and outside, there is “any.Righteousness.ceremony.Cause.The division channel, Xungenwenzu.Family Style is the heritage we all.    Between thoughts, we drove to Daming County Bao Thai food company, which is a cooked meat halal food processing plants, its development is to achieve duck meat goose brood development, breeding, slaughtering, food processing, packaging one-stop production, its products are exported to Arab countries, most recently in Beijing Niujie selling halal food supermarkets, where it produces filled with cooked food, I go there often when idle Niujie ya repurchase big bag Hui food, which were naturally have my home products, I say, why it tastes so good actually, pure and pure, it turned out to be another contribution to the people of his hometown.That the industrial park more than one hundred million yuan in the whole industrial chain of more than 30, with a total investment of 100 billion yuan.    Good hometown, home rich, happy people, I naturally elated.    By nightfall, we had returned to the city of Handan, that the urban night scene so beautiful, strings of red lights hanging in the trees, constitute beautiful city streets, skyscrapers.Ablaze with lights, car taillights suspended flushed red, echoed the tree red, so beautiful ah!I was deeply intoxicated!