Sauce small yellow croaker practice how to do authentic Shandong cuisine

Big fish and small fish distinction: large fish and small fish layman is very similar, but the fish head is larger than the small fish, the length of caudal peduncle of peduncle height of more than three times; anal second spines is equal to or greater than the eye diameter, scales small, well organized, with scales dorsal and lateral line 8?9; big head, oblique fissure mouth, eyes large head。 Fish and small dorsal high, large scale round, stubby caudal peduncle, upturned mouth wide, the smaller eye。 1 small yellow croaker.Small yellow croaker contains a lot of protein, minerals and, on the human body have a good role in nutritional supplements, on the weak and the elderly, consumption of fish will receive good results; 2.Small fish are rich in selenium, can eliminate free radicals generated by human metabolism, can delay aging, and various types of cancer prevention and treatment efficacy。 Small yellow croaker for the crowd general population can eat。
1.If anemia is especially suitable for people to eat small fish life, including, dizziness, loss of appetite who can eat small fish。
2.But note that the small fish are fat objects, and if the patient is allergic people do not eat。
Therapeutic effect of small yellow croaker fish sweet and salty, hepatic, renal two classics; sauce small yellow croaker how to do fish have spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves Zhili, Qi fill fine effect of; small yellow croaker fish grams of food and medicine can not Jing mustard with food; not with the buckwheat with food。

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