Di Bala: Who says I and Messi is not compatible only five minutes also make every effort to

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: In Sampaoli the system, but Messi Di Bala spare tire, Juventus striker did not get the opportunity to play in the game against Iceland。Di Bala had also pointed out that he and Lionel Messi style, location are similar, the two difficult compatible。But in today accept the "Ole" interview, Di Bala has said that he fully compatible and Messi。"My role?I am not a Macy's bench。Whether or are irreplaceable in Argentina, Lionel Messi in Barcelona。"Di Bala said," I and Messi similar position, but I think we can be compatible。"" I do not know if I have Messi and compatible way, but as long as the training more cooperation, more familiar with nature。"Di Bala continued," on the pitch, sometimes without any compatible method, just the thought of a teammate and go。"Di Bala and willing to do the spectators:" Although the first battle did not play, I will not give up, otherwise I might as well stay at home。I would have to show themselves in every training session, I would like to have the coach's trust at a time。As long as appearance, I will make every effort, both played 45 minutes, 90 minutes or 5 minutes。"Manzu Keech claimed that he was not afraid of Messi, Di Bala comes to club team-mate:" Iceland as strong as Croatia, and better technology。They will take the initiative to fight for control of the game, I hope to have the opportunity to clash with them, such as confrontation and Manzu Keech。I know how they play, know what they want。He seemed a very aggressive bad guys on the court, but in the field he is a very humble hard worker。He does not fear anyone in the field, do not care who we're playing……All Croats are so。"