Detroit recovery calls for Chinese urban management experience in China can save the economy

China news agency, Houston, November 12 (Reporter Wang Huan) – Just released this week on the FBI's annual crime rate list metropolis, the former "Motor City" Detroit significant advantage "crowned" dangerous cities list and scored the highest murder rate and violent crime "double"。However, for Chinese investors, the nation's largest bankruptcy in the history of the city seems to be a poised。  The latest data of China's foreign investment (ODI) showed that foreign investment in China in September almost doubled to 97.$ 900 million。Among them, investment in the US increased 28.2% to 39.$ 500 million。Chinese companies major acquisition in North America last year alone invested $ 14 billion, a record。Commercial real estate transaction which is an important part of。In San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York and Detroit, has China's figure, with a total investment of $ 1.8 billion。  The Chinese government is considering allowing domestic investors to use RMB to invest overseas in order to provide vitality pool of offshore renminbi funds。The central bank [microblogging] at the same time is planning RQDII (RMB qualified domestic institutional investor) operation, making the qualified domestic institutional investors can invest offshore RMB market。  British "Guardian" website has published an article entitled "China's huge investment marks the rebirth of Detroit," the article said the Chinese real estate developers to Detroit uninterrupted sightseeing and generous buy。Although a decline in the city, but they see the art venues, colorful building technology start-ups and other signs of transformation, brush with the slogan on the wall, "Detroit's rebirth."。  In June, a Chinese developer went to Detroit and see if we can build a Chinatown in Detroit。Local real estate broker Carolyn Chen said: "I told him mostly negative information, but he did not flinch, and told me, 'because of the dilapidated Detroit, so I want to develop。We have seen many examples of this – look at Shanghai's Pudong bar。"" Media ridicule, Detroit has become a China's 'new city'。  "Detroit recovery, we need Chinese urban management", that someone so dubbed in the evaluation of Chinese enterprises to invest in Detroit。Due to the bankruptcy of some cities, Detroit has long interruption of basic services, many places do not even have a police service。Detroit first quarter of 2013, about 40% of the lights are not bright, only a third of the ambulance service available。Detroit people call the police to wait an average 58 minutes to get a response, while the national average waiting time of 11 minutes。Detection rate of only 8.7% detection rate for the statewide Michigan 30.5%。  "People are afraid to move into the city, they are afraid of being robbed in front of her house。Even the church because of fear must hire security guards。"Detroit Police Commission Chairman Bayer (Willie Bell) released data bank robbery earlier that the reconstruction of the city's population and confidence requires a lot of work。  Detroit's 2013 crime rate has declined, but this is not enough, the FBI released the latest version of the 2013 "Annual Crime Report" means, in the Detroit metropolitan population of 100,000 or more, the most violent crime and murder rate, is one of the nation's most dangerous cities。As Bayer said "Detroit still has a long way to go", but the road will probably be the way to assist Chinese investment overseas experience economies of。(Finish)