Female weight loss vigilant woman’s body four seasons


Female weight loss vigilant woman’s body four seasons

Lead: Women’s weight loss health guards the four seasons of women’s body (Figure).

How to lose weight is the distress of most women. American fitness experts warn that even some people are mostly in the middle of life and weight cities have a certain increase or decrease, but the following four “periods” are particularly prone to gain weight.

銆€銆€1, excessive dieting, dieters do not see weight loss after dieting, out of disappointment or suffering from headache, they abandoned the diet plan and restore the original eating habits.

If the diet is like two days of fishing for two days, it will cause the weight to rise.

To comply with this, dieting and losing weight must be patient and persevering.

銆€銆€2, the statistics of the wedding period show that within half a year of marriage, whether it is the bride or the groom, the average weight can increase by 3-5 kg.

This is because new people often feel lingering, and the time spent on bed and day-to-day 鈥渂ubbing鈥?is greatly increased, while the time for outdoor activities and sports activities is reduced.

In addition, the pace of life in the past may be broken with the establishment of small families, and the young couples are too rich in the food they start when they start their new life 鈥?all of which naturally creates favorable conditions for getting fat.

銆€銆€3, the promotion period when you “high rise”, inevitably someone will make a feast for you.

Under the control of your optimistic attitude, your appetite will be even stronger.

In addition, higher positions also mean that you will face more strange colleagues and subordinates, as well as more responsibilities, which may put you under pressure, and this pressure often surprisingly urgesDrink more and eat more snacks!

銆€銆€4, lactation lactation period is actually the most dangerous period of women’s blessing, and the excess meat is often concentrated on the top and thigh.

This is because breastfeeding mothers have stopped other activities in order to take care of the baby’s excessive fatigue, and the substitution for nutrition is often too rich.

To control the body shape, you should minimize the intake of high-fat foods, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to the nutrients needed for breastfeeding.