How common foods distinguish cold and heat

How common foods distinguish cold and heat

Cold or cold foods that are suitable for hot constitution and complications are cold or cold foods.

Such as watermelon for fever, thirst, irritability and other symptoms; pear for cough, chest pain, sputum and other symptoms are cold food.

  Warm or hot is the opposite of cool or cold. Any food that is suitable for cold physique and food is warm or hot food.

Such as ginger, light green, coriander for symptoms such as cold and cold, fever, chills, runny nose, headache; dry ginger and black tea for symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting, and hot drinks;Rheumatoid arthralgia and other symptoms of pepper, wine, etc., are warm foods.

  The properties of flat foods are between cold and warm foods, which are suitable for people with general constitution, cold and heat.

Flat foods are mostly for general nutrition and health.

Such as rice, noodles, soybeans, potato, radish, apple, milk and so on.

  From the analysis of more than 300 commonly used foods recorded in the books of dietetics of traditional Chinese medicine, flat foods are the most common; warm and hot foods are second; cold and cold foods are behind.

In general, in addition to foods of various natures, which have nutritional and health effects, cold foods are negative and have functions such as clearing heat, purging fire, cooling blood, and detoxifying; warm foods are positive, and have cold and warming,Tongluo, help Yang and other effects.

  Neutral and peaceful food From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, food is divided into five major natures, which are generally flat, cold, cold, warm and hot.

In the summer we declare that people eat more plain, cold and cold foods, such as common beans and fungus.

Tofu is more common in cold foods, as well as winter melon and loofah.

Cold foods are bitter gourds, tomatoes, and watermelon. Flat foods are: rice, soybeans, black sesame, peanuts, potatoes, cabbage, cabbage, carrots, onions, black fungus, lemon pork, motif, eggs, carp in fish, carp., Loach, yellow croaker, catfish.

In addition, the milk that we can use in our daily life is also a flat food.

  Cool food: buckwheat, corn, turnip, winter melon, mushroom, celery, lettuce, rape, orange, apple, etc.