Experts interpret the eight classic skin beauty recipes


Experts interpret the eight classic skin beauty recipes

“Taomi Shui wash face is white and delicate”, “Baking soda to remove blackheads”, “Toothpaste overnight acne” . These simple skin beauty recipes are very popular on the Internet because they are simple and save money.A series of related columns have been opened and people are eager to try.


hzh {display: none; }  那么,它们的真实效果到底怎样?Will it cause damage to the skin?

With the reader’s most concerned questions, the editor not only experienced these “couplings” in person, but also invited experts to interpret the mysteries and find out for you.

  Washing the face with whitening and delicate rice washing water When washing rice every day, leave the first and second rice washing water, let it slowly remove, and then take the fresh water part to wash your face, the complexion can become white and delicate.

  Editing experience: It has a whitening effect, but the gloss is not ideal. I washed my face with Taomi Shui continuously. I can see that the skin has become whiter than before, but the gloss is not ideal.

This method is more suitable for oily friends, because after washing the face with it, the face will no longer shine.

  Expert interpretation: a short face washing process, whitening effect is limited, and rice water is called amino acid, which has certain benefits to the skin.

But washing your face is a short process, and the whitening effect is very limited in such a short time.

If you want to obtain significant whitening effects, you should still use professional whitening products.

  Expert suggestions: There are many cases of professional whitening that are not fair enough due to the skin’s suitability. For example, some have uneven skin tone and the T area is dull. At this time, it is necessary to focus on removing the oil in the T area to avoid the dullness caused by oil soaking and whitening from the source.Some are not fair enough overall, you need to use professional products to control melanin.

  If the effect is not obvious, give up the eyelashes for the best overnight tea. Let the tea cool, and apply a cotton swab to the eyelashes is an economical and effective “eyelash growth solution”.

This method has been circulating on the Internet for a long time. Later, it was put on the screen by a life tips program, which made many people very excited.

  Editing experience: Green tea, chrysanthemum tea experience for 10 days, there are not so many tea leaves, which one should I choose?

In the end, I used the common chrysanthemum tea and green tea respectively. After one month, I carefully measured my eyelashes, and the results were really disappointing!

  Expert interpretation: There is a theoretical basis, but it is difficult to significantly effect the tea polyphenols contained in tea water in the laboratory research. It does have a hair growth effect, but only a small amount of tea polyphenols in tea water is applied to the eyelashes.It is difficult to achieve the effect of eyelash growth.

  Experts suggest: evaluate the nourishment of eyelash roots to improve the growth environment of eyelash follicles, and nourish the roots of eyelashes to achieve growth.

Laboratory-developed eyelash care products are the safest and most effective.

In addition, rub your eyes as little as possible on weekdays to reduce the chance of broken eyelashes.

  Is there acne secretion when drinking cassia to treat acne?

Go to a Chinese medicine store to buy cassia seeds and drink water after meals every day. The acne will disappear and the weight will be reduced the next day!

This extremely popular “secret” has really made the traditional Chinese medicine shop that is usually deserted a real fire!

  Editing experience: Can reduce fire, but drinking too much will cause diarrhea Cassia soaked in water, taste a bit like barley tea.

I drank for 7 consecutive days. It is not as magical as the legend says, and there is no obvious trend of acne transfer.

Another girl with acne that tried with me was acne-ridden and drank water for 3 consecutive days. As a result, the acne did not continue, but she had diarrhea.

Does Cassia have an additional weight loss feature to lose weight through diarrhea?

  Expert interpretation: there is a lipid-lowering effect, but the effect of acne is not obvious.

Acne is caused by excess secretion of sebaceous glands, so fat removal throughout the body can have some effect on reducing sebum secretion, but the effect will not be obvious.

  In addition, Cassia seeds also have laxative effects and regulate detoxification in the body.

It is inferred from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine that acne is also a phenomenon caused by body toxins. Therefore, cassia tea has a certain effect on acne caused by poor metabolism, but it has no effect on acne caused by the innate secretion of sebaceous glands.
  It is worth reminding that Cassia is a Chinese medicine after all. If you drink it in large quantities without the guidance of a doctor, it will produce a substitute for diarrhea.

Everyone’s situation is different, so use this method with caution.

  Experts suggest: clear away the strong oil in time. For the acne caused by the strong secretion of the sebaceous glands, it is recommended to pay special attention to cleaning.

Only by removing the grease from the pores in time can we fundamentally prevent the occurrence of acne.

Also eat less spicy and irritating foods in your diet.

  ① Deep-cleaning “pepper powder” can deeply clean pores, soften and remove skin aging cutin, and at the same time have the effect of reducing swelling and whitening.

  ② Not just “oil absorbing agent” is not just a simple “oil absorbing agent”, but also a polymer that combines super oil absorption function, which can form a second layer of powdery film on the T-shaped part of the skin where oil is most likely to come out., To give the skin a soft touch and prevent pores from clogging.  Baking soda to get rid of blackheads, reconcile 5 g of baking soda with 100 ml of mineral water, soak a cotton pad (non-woven fabric is also possible), and apply it directly on the nose.

After a while, you can see the white and black head sprout like sprouts, which is very convenient to clean up.

  Editing experience: When I squeezed out blackheads easily to buy baking soda, I started to go to the pharmacy by mistake. In fact, I should go to the supermarket and buy the baking soda for fermentation.

Maybe it’s because my nose has deep blackheads, and I waited for 25 minutes to see tiny white spots appear.

  I didn’t expect it to appear like a sprout for a long time, but the exposed white dots can easily expand a lot of blackheads by twisting the external force of the hand, which is very fulfilling.

After clearing the blackheads, clean your face with clean water as soon as possible. Baking soda on the skin for a long time will feel itchy.

  Experts interpret: destroying the skin pH, the gains and losses of baking soda are alkaline, which may theoretically lead to a certain cleaning effect.

We know that blackheads are formed due to dirt remaining in the pores due to oxidation and other reasons, so thorough cleaning can definitely relieve blackheads.

However, this method is not recommended because our skin is weakly acidic. Using alkaline cleaning products will destroy our sebum membranes and damage the skin’s natural protective barrier.

  Experts suggest that you can see a lot of blackheads being cleaned up by squeezing the “blackheads” gently.

But “squeezing” actually accelerates the deformation of our pores. Once this habit is established, the blackheads will only become clearer and more.

So, the correct way is to “dissolve” blackheads into the pores with professional products.

It does not damage the shape of the pores, and the purpose of cleaning is achieved.

  ③ Gentle “dissolving” blackhead special oil control formula, in addition to a daily cleansing milk, as long as 3 minutes of light application, can effectively “dissolve” the blackheads to eliminate pores, and is a weekly deep adjustment oil control mask.

  ④ Let the pores breathe the green soft membrane of the grass, reset the natural amino acids, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and soybean extract, and directly apply to the blackhead flooding area, which can dissolve the blackhead.

Continuous use can help improve oil secretion, prevent pores from being secreted by oil, and help tighten pores.

  Applying lemon juice to freckle lemon is a natural whitening product. We are convinced that the simplest way is to add a few drops to the face wash water, or use a cotton swab to dip a bit of lemon juice directly on the spots. Keep it on for a few days.Will restore the whiteness of the past.

  Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the face wash every day can really improve the gloss and reduce the secretion of oil.

But whether I wash my face or apply it directly, I don’t see satisfactory results on the stains.

  Experts interpret: Pros and cons of lemon whitening. Lemon is rich in vitamins, and the vitamin itself is a good moisturizer. External application can make the skin smooth and smooth.

In itself, vitamin C has a good whitening effect, and lemon also contains a large amount of this component, but it is not very effective in combating pigmentation, mainly because these vitamin C cannot be fully absorbed into the basal layer of the skin and cannot directly act on it.Melanocytes.

  In addition, use lemon skin care.

Lemons contain light-sensitive ingredients. If you apply lemons and do not wash them, going out will accelerate to black.

  Experts suggest that the three-pronged spots of external application, oral administration, and massage are caused by melanin not being restored in time and being fixed in place.

Therefore, the effect of whitening products is not always obvious, let alone using lemon.

To deal with spots, we must first clean the horny surface of the spots to ensure that the whitening and freckle substances can be absorbed smoothly.

At the same time can be taken orally with a certain dose of vitamin C.

In addition, a certain amount of massage should be assisted to accelerate the absorption and the effect will be better.

  ① The ion patch is used to massage the spots. Some users may have a slight tingling sensation.

  ②Every step of repairing the formation of stains in time combines prevention and repair effects, and solves the problems of stains from each process of formation of stains.

  ③ Let the skin ingest the freshest vitamin C. Keep fresh vitamin C separately, and then release and activate it before use.

  Available for a short period of time. Can be used to shrink pores with beer. There are too many remedies on shrinking pores on the beauty forum.

Pour the beer into a clean small bowl, immerse the medicinal cotton yarn in the beer, and take out the cotton yarn and apply it on the body after about 3 minutes, and apply it for about half an hour.

Do it two or three times a week, and you will be pleasantly surprised that your skin is tightened and your pores are getting smaller.

  Weaving experience: Poor pore shrinkage, smooth effect can be applied at that moment, a refreshing beer fragrance, with a cool touch makes people feel very comfortable.

I only applied it for 15 minutes, and it didn’t feel as tight as I expected when my skin was dry.

After trying this for 4 weeks, my experience is that beer shrinks pores, which is probably the biggest lie.