How to fix sagging skin on the eyes and face


How to fix sagging skin on the eyes and face

Guide: How to solve the slackness of the skin of the eyes and face, healthy skin care, healthy beauty has become our essential knowledge, beauty has become a necessity for many people’s lives, how healthy beauty is our key.

A healthy beauty knowledge is essential.

  Time has passed, and years have left traces on our faces. The original youthful skin has become loose and no longer tightened. At this time, the skin tightening plan cannot be waited for!

  There is a saying: “Men 30 stand, women 30 have to raise.”

When a woman passes 25 years of age, her skin condition will only go downhill, and after 30 years of age, she will see increasingly visible signs of aging.

I don’t want to wait until the skin is saggy before I think about starting to tighten the skin, we must be vigilant and join the fight against aging together!

  Skin problems: sagging eyes Every woman wants to have big eyes, feel charming and full of power, but big eyes are the most prone to eye skin problems, such as sagging and bags under the eyes.

In addition, the skin on the eyes is very fragile, so you must be careful when you care to avoid straining the skin, especially when doing some eye massage grass. Be more careful, use gentle force and pay attention to the correct gestures.

  The first tip of the editor: Make regular supplements for the skin when using eye masks to supplement the nutrition mask, which is very effective for both emergency skin and repairing damaged skin.

Therefore, insist on using the eye mask at least once or twice or twice a week. The effect of the eye mask on the moisturizing and firming of the eye skin is very obvious.

  Xiaobian’s second trick: apply eye cream to firm skin and smooth fine lines. Eyebrows that don’t usually use eye cream can’t be idle or troublesome at the age of 30. If you don’t use your eye skin, begin to age early.

When choosing an eye cream, you should pay attention to choosing the eye cream that suits you. Otherwise, if the nutrition is not enough, the fine lines on the eyes will easily grow. If it is too heavy, it will cause unfortunate grains.

  In addition to using eye cream, a 30-year-old woman can also use eye essence to enhance the effect.

Eye serum can help improve the effectiveness of eye care.

It is recommended to use the base essence of eye care, this effect is better and more obvious.

  Skin problems: With the increase of age, the face becomes loose, and the skin gradually loses its original elasticity, and it becomes slack and energetic.

Coupled with the slow metabolism, the metabolic function in the body will also slow down, so it is easy to accumulate toxins, making the rough and dull and dull.

Therefore, pay attention to supplementing the nutrients needed for the skin. For example, choose some skin care products with firm skin function and maintain them in time to avoid skin relaxation.

  Xiaobian’s first trick: massage to lift the jaw to tighten the skin, skin around the eyes is easy to sag, so you look unspirited and deformed, but don’t be afraid, just take 10 minutes a day and do a few simple skin massageLifts and tightens to prevent sagging of the jaws.

Taking the forehead as the starting point, “pull” with both hands to the left and right temples, and then gently pull up from the forehead to the left and right hairline.

Then inhale and lift up both jaws, gently rub the jaws in a circular manner with the back of the fist of both hands, exhale and relax after 5 seconds, repeat several times.

Finally, the mouth is “O” shaped, try to pull the nose up, drag the upper lip, stay for about 3?
4 seconds, return to the original state, repeat several times.

  Xiaobian’s second trick: Supplement protein to restore skin’s elasticity. There are two kinds of proteins in our skin’s dermis, namely collagen and elastin.

Before the age of 25, these two kinds of protein are rich in content, the skin is elastic, easy to smooth and smooth.

With the increase of age, these two substances gradually decrease, the skin elasticity decreases, and sagging and wrinkles appear.

Therefore, in the daily maintenance process, to increase the skin’s elasticity, collagen fiber-enhanced skin care products are necessary.