Experts unveil the top five myths about skin care

Experts unveil the top five myths about skin care

I have always been on the road to skin care, but there are always a few details that we usually ignore. Buried heads will cause eye puffiness, purple and pink eye shadows will cause eye congestion, and so on. Do n’t be caused by lack of common sense.Your skin problems continue to worsen.

Have you done these 5 skin care tips?

  1. Don’t eat too salty food before going to bed. Too much and too salty food will cause our skin to be dehydrated, and too much sodium will cause the body to swell, so MMs who want to keep the skin moisturized must rememberDo not eat anything salty before going to bed.

In addition to six years of tight work on the skin can reduce the swelling caused by improper work and rest.

  2. Don’t make too heavy makeup. Of course, occasionally you need to be active or other needs to make heavy makeup is constant. Xiaobian means that you don’t need to make heavy makeup when you don’t need heavy makeup.

Heavy makeup actually hurts the skin a lot, it will enlarge pores and make the skin rough.

So even in the case of last resort, you must do a thorough job of removing makeup.

  3, do not bury your head to sleep This is a taboo for eye protection, burying your head to sleep will cause blood flow around the eyes to be unobstructed and cause eye swelling.

Eyes are the top priority for women’s skin protection. Various eye problems such as dark circles, eye bags, and puffiness will bother us. If you want to do good eye care, you must choose a suitable eye essence.

  4. Try not to use pink and purple eyeshadows. Different eyeshadows will even have different effects on the eyes, and they will have different effects on the eyes.

Purple and pink eye shadows may cause eye congestion. Do n’t do it. This is the result of observation and research, so eye shadow-controlled MM must pay attention to it.

  5. Don’t let the skin become dehydrated. If the skin is dehydrated, it is easy to have wrinkles. Many people know this.

However, few people do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating. It is recommended to carry a moisturizing spray whenever you go out. Of course, choose a good moisturizing effect.