Eight dreams suggest human illness

Eight dreams suggest human illness

From a pathological point of view, many physical and mental illnesses are not obvious during the incubation period.

Especially during the day when people’s brain activity increases and brain cells are very excited, it is difficult to detect abnormal stimulation signals caused by the potential in the body.

During sleep, brain cells enter a “rest” state and work function is reduced. At this time, a small stimulus signal during the day stimulates the cortex’s relevant center, causing the corresponding brain cells to have a stress response and a predictive dream.

And different diseases are related to different dreams, and dreams of the same disease are usually more similar.

  Here are some dreams related to disease.

  1. Dream of someone or a monster beating your head, or perfuse your features.

You may have brain tumors and nervous system diseases.

  2. I heard strange noises in my dream.

There may be some concerns in the auditory center or sclerosis of blood vessels nearby.

  3, dreamed that the trachea was stuck, breathing was not smooth, and choking.

There may be damage to the respiratory system.

  4, being chased in dreams, fearing in my heart, not being able to scream, unable to run, after waking up, I have a lingering heart, sweating, and my heart beats faster.

It may be insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries of the heart.

  5. Unsteady walking in dreams, twisted body, heavy limbs, accompanied by suffocation, and will suddenly wake up.

May be a precursor to angina.

  6, dreaming of falling from a height, but always awakened before falling to the ground.

May be a precursor to heart disease.

  7, dreaming of water scenes, such as floods, swamps, drowning, etc.

Hepatobiliary system and kidney may have complications.

  8. I was beaten in my dreams. After waking up, I felt pain in my dreams.

It indicates that the corresponding viscera may be distorted.

  Therefore, relevant experts believe that if a dream similar to the above scenario occurs multiple times during sleep, attention should be drawn.