Don’t annihilate the flames of youth

Don’t annihilate the flames of youth

A male student jumped off the building at a university with a smile on his face, a college student was sentenced to a knife cut late at night, the Ma Jiajue incident of Yunnan University, and the “black bear incident” of Liu Haiyang, Tsinghua University. In recent years, college students have committed suicide, killings and wounding.

With the rapid changes of the social environment and the increasing pressure of competition, the mental health problems of college students have become increasingly prominent!

  Data from psychiatrists are currently 37.

1% of college students have mental disorders, and up to 80% of them have neurosis. This means that in the current college student population, a considerable number of students have mental disorders such as anxiety, fear, obsessive-compulsion, depression, and nervous breakdown, just to the extentThe importance is different.

  One of the causes of the psychological problems of contemporary college students is that some students have poor adaptability to the new environment, and they do not know how to deal with interpersonal relationships. They do not live independently, they do not know how to communicate with others, and they do not understand the skills and principles of communication.

In addition, many students experience a period of psychological imbalance in the city after entering the university. “Going to high school is very popular.

“The loss of superiority has made them feel frustrated, frustrated, and even inferior. Coupled with the difficulties in communication, some students have become sensitive, and they have begun to learn to escape and learn to close themselves.

These can easily cause psychological disorders.

  The second reason is the lack of faith and no life goal.

Before going to college, being admitted to a prestigious university is the biggest wish of many students. They never thought about what happened afterwards. When they got into college, they would find that they didn’t know what they wanted to do and what to do, and they were at a loss for the future.

It made them feel empty, panicked and helpless.

  The third reason is emotional confusion and crisis.

Although most college students are adults, because they do not have enough social experience and have not experienced enough social tempering, they are still very immature in emotional terms and are unable to properly handle the contradiction between emotion and learning.

At present, whether college students can correctly understand and deal with emotional problems has directly affected the mental health of college students.

The emotional crisis of college students due to love is an important factor that induces college students’ psychological problems. Failure of love often leads to psychological changes in college students, and some people go to extremes and even cause tragedies.

  The fourth incentive is to face multiple pressures.

In recent years, due to the intensified social competition and the slump in the job market, it has become increasingly difficult for college students to find or find a more ideal job. The high expectations of parents have also put pressure on college students, especially from poor families.Children are afraid of not being able to find a job after graduation, but also bear a heavy sense of guilt towards the family. This has caused a lot of psychological pressure on many senior students in the university, causing them to worry, inferiority, and loss of safety.Feeling, many psychological problems also arise.

  Experts teach how mental disorders interfere with “mental disorders. Different causes cause the brain to disrupt the relatively stable functional state of the brain within a certain range, leading to abnormal mental activities such as cognition, emotion, and behavior.

The psychological problems of college students are generally mild mental disorders, and can be restored to normal after timely intervention and adjustment.

“Director Huo also made a few suggestions for universities and individual students.

  School education plays a pivotal role in the formation of a personality.

At the time of puberty, the physiological development of college students tends to mature, but has not yet formed a completely healthy personality.

The school’s correct guidance of pre-set young students is of great help.

Colleges and universities should make psychological education courses, and provide relevant courses according to students’ mental health, and vigorously promote mental health knowledge.

Introduce professional psychological counseling teachers, establish psychological counseling institutions, and regularly organize students to conduct mental health tests.

There is a saying, “Heart disease requires heart medicine,” and the best psychiatrist is often himself, so learning self-mediation is also important for young students.

Students need to know themselves correctly, reset their goals in line with their actual goals, consider their realizability when making plans, set more short-term goals, and less long-term goals.

Psychological obstacles often result from setbacks, ignoring the actual situation of themselves. Setting large and improper goals often results in a person suffering setbacks, and achieving goals step by step can help students build confidence.

In addition, you should also learn to combine work with rest. You can neither indulge yourself nor be too harsh on yourself. Participate in outdoor activities and group activities more, listen more, watch more, and keep in touch with new ideas and new ideas.Increase experience.

This will guide students’ interests, enrich student life, and avoid depression caused by too much monotonous life.