An attitude

Often do not want to remember, but they inadvertently Recalling Past, and perhaps life itself, it is necessary to Yikusitian?    Hard to forget the past, because the past is a history of struggle, there are happy, sad, sweet and sour, Kula.Life ah, why do you torture people so, how many times the pursuit without success; life ah, everyone is yearning for happiness and happy, but it can not do so; life ah, after a long, want you to understand, want you favor, you want to tilt; life ah, sometimes laugh.Way back when, when Joe married early, Shuro valiant, but unexpectedly Yingxiongqiduan, bitter peerless beauty!Emperor Wu Mei Niang love, but unfortunately it has come to old age, very difficult, but fortunately did not let the elderly little beauty sacrificial victims, to fulfill his son, also created Empress, thanks to the old man, no selfishness.Remember the past, in order to better inheritance, so they have a standard can refer to, when everything was negative, aimless walking!    Remain in the memory of yesterday might make yourself wrapped step before, may stay in the heart of the past so they can not let go, had to remain in the memory you can also do a mirror!Often recalled that in the past, there is excitement, there is reflection, the results are exciting, it is the lack of reflection.Do not remember, may be more chic; do not nostalgia, perhaps happier.Longing for a different life, but powerless, no power on no other love, practical work, honest man!(Sauna News .SanWen.COM imaginary space) there are infinite, can accommodate you, I can also be accommodated, inclusive, to grasp every move!Enough is enough, contentment, the most heard encourage each other, but easier said than done!I never considered itself to a gentleman, but also not bad people, the endless pursuit, but it depends on whether this pursuit would cause harm to others.    Everything has a degree, enough is enough, but life can not do brakes, a pole in the end most people’s habits: Buzuibugui banquet, Tandaqiuquan on business, on every aspect of life.Enough is enough, contentment, how many people can really do?Mr. Ouyang Xiu to Drunkard itself, whether the contentment?Contentment can only stop, but if there are happy when stalled?    I do not know enough to have a struggle, as always happy!

An article Rose

Part one: a rose finishing mood, packed my bags, put a jar of wine language, hurrying local dating, print a label full of smiles, filled with witty rhyme surging articles, so you cover the red mark.  Leading to a happy state of mind has become a passport, has become the heart of Huaxiangniaoyu spring passes, whistles pack in the wings of a bird flew a little cloud.Rain sprinkled all the way to the cheerful, wash away the soul, leaving a pure land clearing, planting beautiful.  Brisk child singing heart, heart birds chirping dating to the place, the mountains have been in the dance, watching the water has a love of singing a rub.Yo snap of his fingers, his brow lifted, rose in the hands like a happy mountain furans, Manjuan love tempting, beautiful flowers no longer picking, pinch ray of spring, put a pot of fragrant sunshine led to the nectar, a rub that into a rose Fang a fragrant, exhausting love of all.  Inspired by the mist, his thoughts riding Rays, the soft sparkling mountain breeze.Like you see with a red floating in the air caused the figure, it seems that a bunch of wind chimes you hear laughter, already there, such as rocking swing like that on a banyan tree.My heartstrings knock mess, my dream of holding the feminine voice fingers, gently loosen, again in my heart empty blue Expand your beautiful figure.  Rose in my hands, sometimes attached to my heart, sometimes held to the forehead, I heard my oath of heart sounds.Carrying your soft hand we stepped into the happy, go with the wind on the way of life of the sword rain, watching the years graver our unsightly carved image, we are still happy with disperse cold, call us forever to get a first love sweet sound, we do not sing the old romance, calm and walked another wonderland.  I laugh and passing wind, the wind sent the information you come, bright eyes have seen the heart of the breeze blow you muster skirts Yiba worth of wind stir up feelings.Listen to several more frogs in the pond, I urge faster pace of light a surplus, I heard Rongrong’s heart sounds, etc. already there, sweet dimples had drunk love the scenery.  Child heart stops, my dating harbor, tall banyan tree shy witnessed my first love, crazy love, has left me eternal memory.Rongrong soft posture pushed by the wind, step by step way, like from that famous “lotus Fu” shake out in the general.Graceful close, I heard the rhythm sounds, tilt my last doorbell, we have entered the spire of my mind.My heart never unrestrained charm beautiful language, the Spirit of wonderful soft, elegant and pure Xin Feng a delicious, crisp moment of the soul that rises caused by unlimited soft happiness.  Witness all of the banyan, standing quietly in a timeless landscape in the TV drama, Artest came up, the smell that exudes happiness dye concentration of the Dutch sugar, concentrated dye banyan tree, covered with thousands kiss of a rose, soft Mei language rushes without a break, and pour it arrived happy dock.  Rose one mind, of one mind walking a path, the truth is said and done, a rose for life.Pull together you step into the hallowed halls, an we are happy lovers.    Part II: first flower first rose roses waiting for spring opening spring is a luxury, Banghuang anguish of waiting is a non-monotonic unmatched and poignant, gorgeous encounter a lonely edge of extinction.  Long time no touched floral rose, see those knowing smiles and enjoy the flowers, pretend it does not matter joke of their own laugh, and even one kind of confused disdain.For you do not know, no need to waste time and experience.A long time feeling the dormitory boring and anxiety.The network has not brought the focus of life, the text can be modified just a happy thought.Happiness comes from a natural inner strengths and induction.I have been looking calm when the soul burst of passion and inspiration of three-dimensional space in the middle of the night.In order to settle silenced Zhaohua.Sauna net in the dormitory balcony planted a pot of wild rose, from last October to now, there are half-way open several flower pink flowers.During that time it has been in cultivation.Not too concerned about energy basin of wild rose.Later that feeling before plastic pots soil is not too good.Rose began to wither, Rose had to move before a large pan of porcelain pots, and a lily with the coexistence of a flowerpot soil, long time no movement.Watering them every day for a period of time, he began to turn for the better.Wild Rose pan-green foliage begin after the Spring Festival discard one brown, dark green foliage facelift life began erupting newborn.Unknowingly rose every day to see a new look to change, there has to be two bright red buds open, my heart began to have the slightest sense of shock and impulse.  Quiet time, think about these in good time so silent in mediocrity and night, that dream world is like a light shining in the night, watching the distant but also in front of shaking.How can we let this gentle sound of life without turning.Unknown boring depleted expanding desires, the heart can not keep burning charcoal fire extinguished.We change a living law of life on the road looking for happiness and freedom.We must forget the past too restless and impulsive, and love the gorgeous cover up the decline of fortune withered in the dust.Many years later, I still kept running all the way downtown to catch up in full bloom.Beijing is also the way in the loss left a dream, an instant looked at Evergreen spring awakening, still vague, the survival in the face, the pure ideals and pursuits.The original is so fragile.In the face of reality.That beautiful love.Later that broke up once met.Like a lonely midnight wither, I do not see the withered.  Spring first rose to open soon at hand.How I could not think of her at that moment in full bloom.What kind of mood will record silence of those waiting.  That child roses like fire, it was who cast the love.Gently around in the face of indifference, spring love roses, like green flowers.Although thousands of words, I do not know how to tell the truth at that moment, waiting for that one thousand roses, hey, where you are in the crowd, I can not see, the first roses of spring.  The first roses of spring, buried deep in the earth, you have not see the shadow, I was looking for did you smile, after the Millennium prosperity ended, I was in the wind and rain as you pour.  Last spring, the first roses, characters meet.    Part Three: bird original rose paper rose, so we opened the prelude to love.The first roses I first met Xu An, it is very sad.It was raining hard, I rushed to the house a small video store.In the sad people, how to get their own sense of panic and humble?Water constantly falling from my hair between his face and ended up with my blurred vision, in fact, difficult to distinguish the rain or tears.  Lotus opened in June, when A slightly gently hold up my hand.He said he long ago Fengpao Fall in love with the girl all the way, he says he loves his face slightly sun.So I face the sun is more Chi.  I thought it was a profound love life, mixed with irresistible fate oncoming.But just today, I hear it, see that man will shy smile revealing faint dimples, an extremely frivolous tone telephone to ask gamble that end MP4.Content gambling regulations – I.  Then the United States of glass, broken, also had a messy place.  Tsai circulation of the video store is placid, keyed melody of the song: “Who is knocking at my window, who eventually lead to the strings.”I unconsciously picked up in front of the dish, is Shunji Iwai’s” Love Letter “.Not stop the tears fall down.  I cry the most sad, flower quietly handed my eyes.I was about anger, only to discover that sticks with real flowers almost exactly the same rose even just folded the paper.Green stems and makes complicated propped petals, leaves out slanting in holding that want to open the bud, gratuitous I actually think even the air is fragrant up.I could not help took also took note of hand delivery slender, white and clean.But one looked up, only to see the back of an equally tall and graceful boys.  Rose Rose Rose paper sheets of glass cabinets are swollen, frustrated face, tears of his face is not dry, but also see where a half minutes of sunshine.I slightly hesitated and finally said to myself: I’m better than them, I will get better.  That branch was my paper roses placed in a bed of flowers plug.  You see, you see Ann Hui’s face that period of time I became very silent, intensify one’s strength back every day various legal provisions in preparation for the bar exam is about to come.Just always will inadvertently go to that little room that day video stores.In fact, I do not know what I was expecting, but went away empty always take twelve CD and their sense of loss.  Ann Hui met again when I did not know he met him, it was in September, just past the bar exam soon, my best buddies leafless egg on non pull me to attend her birthday party of a friend.That friend is actually her long time crush on the boys, like a secret, like all youth, both for those who need a keep a secret they need allies.  Leafless laugh like silver bells as yet crisp and fast, there were numerous drops on the green lake.Cruise packages are leafless, cruise in big birthday cake is leafless buy, the good wings are leafless personally halogen, and even that is slightly acidic wine leafless brewing for a long time.So like the moon transparent girl’s mind in fact I do not believe that is called Xu An invisibility clues.  But, he just laughed, he laughed when the handsome face is the distance.  When out birthday gift, leafless article is very nice very warm scarf, I knew she was to pick the color of the line and ran seventeen yarn shop, she knitted for a long time, it is woven into her stitch love and her dream.But Xu An access as other people’s gifts, like just say thank you politely, did not like leafless expect that immediately put on.  I did not know before Xu An, his birthday has come a rush, but I brought in daily paper rose on the TV drama sticks try to figure out their own silly practice hands folded flower.Seventy-eight same flower swaying slanting inserted in a different style to send flowers into in the past, to do together quite beautiful bouquet.  I have never seen this more than a promise of security when it took the bundle of paper roses, suddenly looked up to see me for a long long time, I was not surprised look to him, his face turned red quietly.  The sudden kiss swim lake dined, it was soon suggested that the collective went to sing?.Leafless mood is clearly influenced by the afternoon, the convergence of laughing, singing always best to listen to actually push a sore throat, said, sitting in the corner, I heard also refused a.Ann Hui is far sitting, holding a piece of paper, I do not know what to do.Until circle of friends booing birthday to sing, he readily put aside.  Xu An songs floating into my ears, I could not help lengleleng.”Who is that knocking at my window, and who, in flipping the strings, that period, forgotten time, gradually, rise out of my heart.”Yes Tsai Chin’s” Forgotten Time “.My eyes fell quietly on the coffee table in front of him just sitting on the sofa.That was the prototype of a rose, folded more smoothly than I am more beautiful, even the ends of the leaves are slightly outwardly turned that road too familiar arc.  It would only hold the hand microphone slender, white and clean.My heart suddenly like whom suddenly hit a bit, but being looked up on the eyes of the Anjing Liang Xu.  I want to go to the bathroom stabilize their emotions under.I just opened the door suddenly Shari a hand too, is Ann Hui.I stared at him a chance to respond, he kissed my lips.I pushed him at the beginning, but gradually involuntarily hook on his neck, like the heart of Spring as a straight red in the face kiss each other, kiss me weak at the knees straight.Until you hear a crying voice, we quickly separated, to see is the same to the bathroom leafless.  I was the first back KTV, leafless has been excused.When Ann Hui and then come in, casually sitting far across the crowd on its original location.I do not see him, my heart is a mess, a mess.  A small video store that room back home only to find that he did not promise safety of Information, Ann Hui did not ask me the.What it does not mean that kiss, and I did not make friends from leafless.I have always wanted to strangle himself depressed.  Had one day at a day off, A little accident received a phone call he asked recently, OK.If it was a week ago, I think I will cry Xilihuala, but now, my heart is not his.  I calmly greeting, saying softly situation, lightly she hung up the phone, and did not ask you a question on how he recently?That a bet, he may have to explain?Love and pain as there is a statute of limitations.I looked at the branch will be determined initial paper rose on the bed, suddenly decided to go to Tsai forgotten time goes buy back.  Although the store but as usual there is always distant soot years of quiet good feeling in the downtown.I went into the shop Zheng Zhu, saw Xu An, turn left.How far had left haunt, a live hand has executed my.  ”I am here waiting How about you every day!”His eyes seemed to have stars, he said the first time he was here to see that silly, rushed been crying girl from the rain, he secretly told himself that he does not want to let her cry.He said he hoped to send me paper roses are most unhappy when I know that the world is still a surprise, it was love there are concerns was blessing.  He said the kiss.He talked and talked on a crowded street and gently kissed me.I could almost hear heart child was singing, as if all the flowers blooming at this moment.  You are leafless I spent my love and promise security official, he treated me as precious, my heart has always refused to corner him open.We have the vision, he did not say anything, just redoubled intentions to me, I have some slight uneasiness.But shortly after the unrest in the ashes of leafless phone.  Leafless voice on the phone very cold, just tell me a time a place.Sure enough, I saw in that room cafe Xu An, his head next to head and leafless shoulder to shoulder, like a very intimate.Until they leave, I stare at that far you can see their location on the corner, a move can not move.  I was out of the cafe to buy a train ticket, the evening went to Shenzhen, and never contact anyone.  A very bitter man in Shenzhen day, I carries a youthful love and sadness I often fall apart, no longer refused to accept anyone call me slightly.Leafless see the message until quietly married on the Classmates.  I was removed to inquire about the location of the wedding leafless, far across the street waiting for the wind my beautiful bride, distressed and could not speak.I could see you one promise it safe?  To float slowly, a look of sweet leafless bride, the groom is not Ann Hui.Xu An original day I want to marry him, he found hope leafless leafless can untie knots, as our bridesmaids.I looked at the leafless guilty face, without saying a word.Wandering soul back to our original home.  In fact, every so many years, and then deep love is long overdue of soot, what I do?I do not know either.Even though I did throw me the key to the house, or can lock it turned out that the?I stared at the door.Hesitated for a long time, I took out the original key.  And even the door should be open hand.It is blowing – Full House Rose.Blooming roses of various colors of paper, then rose to the middle of the pile on the floor, put into two words: slightly.  I readily taken out one, written in green leaves is: I love you slightly in 2007.07.12.I carefully look, on paper Each rose has the same thing, different day, my tears continue to fall.  Someone ran to the door, saw me, Zhengzhu with me, and then suddenly hugged me.I gently close your eyes, Ann Hui.


[REVIEW] In many cases, tolerance is not indulgence, maturity reflects a strong-minded, warm attitude to defuse little hurt and contemptuous of others.Why boundless sky is blue, why the vast sea is blue, is itself enough generous, because the ability to accommodate.  Blue is the clean, bright, blue is the crystal of the blue is nowhere dense, but also a deep blue; blue is serene, blue is the warm, blue is candid, blue is inclusive; serene blue, blue, conservative, blue mature and somewhat arrogant, so I like blue.    Sometimes I think that if people use to describe the color, childhood is probably the pink bar.Innocent childhood, childhood innocence, childhood dreams, juvenile children to see the world’s eyes are as Longzhe veil-like beauty and relaxed, as a touch of pink with a vision.Juvenile should be green, lively boy with a young bull-like vigor and, hid the stubborn, yearning toward the heart to walk through without scruples.Youth, orange, has too full of passion and desire, the courage indulged themselves full of light penetration.So, middle-aged, blue is the.    Over forty years, suddenly, after a lot of things in life, not tangled, Duirenduishi, with a very calm eyes, as it’s tranquil blue.Although numerous world can not see through, but life has been clear, able to understand, know tolerant, not eager for self-confession, no longer be denied their wishes at odds with everything.Still maintained a share candid heart, but the attitude is subtle, quiet, it reflects a warm, serene mature.    In many cases, tolerance is not indulgence, maturity reflects a strong-minded, warm attitude to resolve other people’s little harm and disrespect.Why boundless sky is blue, why the vast sea is blue, is itself enough generous, because the ability to accommodate.    Often sat by the water, staring at the crazy boundless afar, thinking: this world there are too many dirty gas is flowing to space, why it is so blue sky?Standing water day phase of the sea, like, thousands of streams, filth, Chung into the sea, why the sea is still blue?    Blue sky and clouds cruising know how to look calm, cold sea view storm roar know, know when to warm, when it should be alienated.    Fortunately, people stand between heaven and earth, the vast sky is blue, accounting for 70 percent of the land the sea is blue, like blue![Editor: Can children]

An ancient emperor of Jishan

Four ancient emperors Daling secret language of Jishan of an article / [Yixian Xishan come to town to spend a little family camp Seoul taotie village unearthed bronze bells ZU] (late Shang Dynasty) Daling largest tributary – – small river, originating he Zhalan Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County in rural camel Hill.After entering the Yixian, at the foot of King Mountain Area Daling village and merging into the Bohai Sea south.    Fine the left bank of the river, the northern section of the Yixian Yiwulushan households within the camp a little town, there is a historic village, the Great Wall of the Ming Liaodong therethrough, the towers were built in a tranquil watch tower, floor 4 feet wide from east, north to south and 3.5 feet, high 3.6 feet, down three, the upper end of the main entrance read: “Alan watch tower”, describe the top right engraved “Mao Ming Dynasty have been rebuilt,” entertain “your pillow ridge edge of the town”, which has existed for 460 years ago.Because of this garrison floor, people will take to the village with a beautiful name – Seoul floor flower.    Early in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, there will be a floor populated spend Seoul.Southwest of the village a small hill less than 100 meters Yiwulushan extension, called bastard covered mountain, the Peak had a piece of artificial leveling of land, 500 meters long from north to south, east-west width of 1000 meters.It is a cultural site of Shang and Zhou dynasties, cultural accumulation of thick surface 0.5 meters.The total accumulation capacity of 500,000 square meters.There are unearthed stone knives, sickle stone, stone axes, cycloalkyl, scrapers, unearthed pottery Ding, vat, tank, Ge, etc..Times are Shang and Zhou dynasties.    April 1979, Seoul flower village villagers of Commerce in China, not far from the ruins of their own ground, depth of 1 meter from the ground found a cache of a round hole, the excavation unearthed five bronzes are: the size of two bronze earthenware vessel parts, a bronze Gui, Zu a bronze bell, a bronze tripod.Confirmed by the experts, these bronzes from the form and ornamentation of view, casting the age for the end of weekly.Very precious.Now these bronzes, the collection of Jinzhou City Museum, Seoul spent building site of the Shang and Zhou, also included in Jinzhou City People’s Government of the municipal units.    Shang and Zhou bronze hoard found the Yixian Formation in northern China has become by far the Shang and Zhou bronzes unearthed the northernmost critical point.Also for the study of the evolution of the Northern Zhou period of national suppliers to provide in-kind basis.From the use of artifacts, size and shape, the experts can be on the prevailing social and political, economic, cultural and military infer.    Seoul took bronze floor this group, the most interesting is that ZU bronze bell, cast taotie double-sided, full-speed pull between two hanging bells, unique shape, exquisite ornamentation, despite two thousand years buried has rust stains, but so far still clear and melodious percussion bells.Experts, which is used for worship ancient musical instruments unearthed bronze for China only, is priceless solitary.In addition to the home of emperors, not the general folk all.    The other four is the ancient tableware, but also ritual.Gui which cast the earliest, for the business in the mid.Ding is used as a “do not up and down, Ming and poor”, a rating indicating the identity of an important ritual.(Literature: “Emperor Jiuding, Zhu Hou Qiding, doctor five Ding Ding membered persons Sanding or a).    The ancients had a “device with possession ceremony,” said.Western Han Dynasty “Salt and Iron Powder inadequate”, said: “Used the common people, that is just bamboo Liu Tao Pao.”This means that, Shang and Zhou dynasties people with tableware, only some bamboo, wicker container, or the firing of pottery with soil.The implication, those precious, exquisite bronzes, only by people with social status to.Thus the experts concluded that these ancient bronzes are used for the worship Yiwulushan appliances.And ancient emperors thing, ordinary people are unlikely to have such beautiful, precious bronzes.    Jishan long history of emperors.Yiwulushan, its long history and heritage of Chinese civilization for thousands of years together, prove that it holds high status.According to legend, Shun the country divided into twelve cantons, each capped mountain as a state of the town, has been called Yiwulushan mountain town north Youzhou.Zhou Feng Mountain Area is one of five towns Sacred Mountains, Spring and Autumn Period Chu poet Qu Yuan praise Yiwulushan with “Come towards justice began in earnest too, the eve of the beginning of the Pro almost the micro-Lu,” the poem spirituality.Thus “North Town” fame.When the emperors ascended the throne, has routinely Yaoji mountain to mountain, as many as there are historical records of more than 50, there is only the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, etc. Five Emperor has asked a dozen times to hunt mountain worship , leaving more than fifty Yu Wen.Emperor Qianlong which came three times.”Mountains insert fearless, blossoming green hibiscus.Even Gen dozens of miles, thousands of miles to see the hidden weight.”Merry forlorn Yue Emperor Qianlong such praise with his gifted pen Yiwulushan.    Jishan emperors, left a large number of cultural relics.Magnificent Pavilion, Taiwan, House, House; dotted with inscriptions Cliff; cloud-shrouded temple hall, and both have had it shines brilliant.It is the history left us the most precious cultural heritage.    Shang and Zhou dynasties, what is the emperor who left a building in Seoul to spend habitation sites and Jishan bronze is no longer documented, and these kind of been completely preserved, bronze bell ZU still makes people feel sweet bell quiet and peaceful, a symbol of national power and bronze Ding people still think it is a kind of mystical power.Bronze is the etiquette, a symbol of social cherry, oak country’s prosperity, Rose row humanities, witnessed the ancient civilization of human temperament, reproducing the water beside Ling, jubilant scene flourishing under the emperor Jishan Lu Shan corner.This is an ancient beauty!

Blue Yan Hongyan

Blue Yan Hongyan, a previous life I owe you, or, you owe me.Perhaps the last generation we were not able to take loved each other, had a chance gentle, on account of the war-torn hurried retreat, cut off from our contact, I order to defend the country, the expedition beyond the Great Wall, Civil war, the East West to discuss cutting, you work hard at home —— tired at night and hope maybe, you are the last generation wealthy daughter, I am abjection scholar, our first encounter, mutual admiration at first sight, but ultimately wreck duck two fly.    Blue Yan Hongyan, was never meant to let you in my life met at the wrong time, it can only regret the continuation of a love.Is God’s sympathy and attention, you let me meet again in this life, although the encounter late, you have a wife, I have a husband.Leaving us sigh is heard only in the fleeting years, only let Xiangsichengzai such as flooding rivers.    Blue Yan Hongyan, a situation different from that between friend and lover, as loved ones.Is when you need each other, he ‘she’ could fly around you, and regrets that person.When thoughts of each other, met on the side, sipping tea, listening to music, watching each other, talk about the confidences considerate language.I took your little hand, you took my arm, climbing together, flowers, watching the sunset, hear the wind and rain together, look at the sky with Yunjuanyunshu.    Blue Yan Hongyan, is to understand you, understand your man.I know your thinking, you know my feelings.Just one look, a word or phrase croon songs, I can understand your ideas; I have a smile, a movement, you will understand —— Blue Yan Hongyan, is to fall in love, mutual care mutual care.We can talk about anything, there is always untold topic, talking, and we’ll have to smile, when you will cry, I gently wipe for you, pat you on the back thin.A few days gone, or the Internet, or send a text message, and say ‘all is well’.Rain tomorrow remember to take an umbrella, remember to pay attention to eat less fat at night.Hope always be happy with each other happiness, peace.    Blue Yan Hongyan, you remembered me I Dianzhe you toward thinking twilight and think.What are you doing at the moment, you have to smile and laugh?You can Dreamed A Dream last night, I had a dream I can?    True blue color and roots, as Dong Xiaowan and Mao Bijiang; true blue color and roots, as the Chamber of Bliss.

Blue Yan Fu

I do not love the world I would like to be insane not my busy life and death cycle for thousands of years but I do not regret this life I want drunk drunk before King stubbornly persists forever hand in hand to ask the Iraqi city of Jun Mo Jun at how much dust and journeying to the heart of the Iraqi Jun Mo bitterly when the moon today most ecstasy monarch smiled and laughed at the present king and past strike down mortal sight Allure Love has a thousand years of knowing each other, but they have each other crazy III should not regret blossom flowers do the wrong thing of the past three thousand wasted Weak eastward Yixin this life poured drinks Sansei stone, according to Sansei Sansei rare friend millennium edge, Wei Xu Jun promise a thousand years of his life toward people also think, twilight love also Shenxianjuanlv in the world if Acacia, MO negative phase read Jun peace of mind is the return of the generation one pair of human life half awake half drunk Bliss mountain stream Concert case of Qin Xiao ensemble have you forgotten the way home from the Red Acacia drunk Iraqis who carry on loving monarch king Fu Hui ink with my friend who a person

Blue Winter notes

He waving a wave, struggling to wipe away all the illusion of perfect from the front.Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale illusion, a ray of warm sun in the afternoon right arm across the shoulder of the Iraqi people, the moment a shadow wandering linear, eat only a little every bunch of bright IPL.Has been trying to get rid of every piece of error is not decorated with beautiful shadow.    He called the blue winter sky against lightly smile from time to time in each of the raw cold morning.According to the wind blue winter standing, in this winter of time in China, such as training, facing the sun and feel the warmth of moving.What they seem to remember, more or waiting to see who?Blue winter’s mind, between all of a sudden has become a spectator puzzled doubts.That dark secret, implies floor porch red rust-like melancholy lingering in his world.    Campus after school is very quiet, by this rare time, he was holding a corpus made on the village Murakami “Norwegian Wood”, bring a crumpled yellow notebook quickly go into teaching the roof, along with riding rather noisy sound of footsteps, mottled back, gradually, gradually disappearing in the narrow corridor, as if his mouth is often fleeting mention.fleeting time.    Time freeze, he still looked woodenly.Holding books, thought the Red.A black coat, black slacks same, but was a pair of white sneakers stained with dirt, in the ferocious wind, hanging out the slightest silky brocade-like emotions, without relying on wind erosion of the surface has been cold flesh.Why grief, only Dukang.Even his expectations in the foreseeable future in the city north of the Iraqi people, in order to appease his confused heart.Unusual silence, delicate slip cold winter crosses such as onion skin, thin blue winter’s uncertain world, his handsome looks might occasionally furrowed, then calm.    Listen to his spoken of, has been longing for a life of state.So he wishes come true, and the other end began his family’s ordinary life.However, over time the same space, he was the more gradual indifference, the more gradually feel that they do not have too many cherished family love.It probably has become a “Free Bird” of the bar, he liked the blue like never before, the kind of charm, he would be reluctant to.Because of this, sometimes, he silently through the glass of the side window, he looked up to the best arc expected to sky.In fact, he just wanted to tactfully express his inner Melancholy.Helpless and chaotic, the idea of blue in winter, do not want to have fun while also dragging its feet to keep a tidal sad.    Yong Huai worry about insomnia, loose window virtual Moonlight.Often in these times, cold poultry and withered grass, everywhere with face.Blue winter like the songs, especially the kind of classical style Nocturne, truthfully make him intoxicated, will be attracted to listen to it; things like sweeping generalizations around, then let him exposure to the secret even lawlessness; Yue taste like fresh apple , different from strawberry fruit, taste the happiness he enjoyed in.Oh, yes, he liked the recent cotton candy, and therefore traveled the streets of the town where the shops looking for different tastes.    Then rain, closely linked to the doors, I was really disappointed to be cut off twinkling eyes.Lonely Quartet angular prominent buildings, blue winter from the body, row quietly to the floor of the cold walls, slender fingers slowly across everywhere, fine look, white corner gurgling water stains, contented state of mind by the this filled the air, ferry, from shore to shore, as if the past do not need to expend all their strength to crush blows spray.Blue winter is so hazy that purpose, with a person’s self-interest, no one will know any of his ideas.When he completed the work, I can not imagine that he would return to the original place, then sit down cold ground.It looks like feel, how many pale, but also thereby obtaining the next second things do not need to deliberate carefully constructed.    ”Norwegian Wood” He looked and looked, not tired.This paper like masters like him, waiting for the emergence of a very casual thing, but it can also light up his mind shimmer in the sea, do not want to become a stray lamb.Blue winter is very selfish, life will always learn to read his books where the characters, from behavior to the speech from the character and then life skills, so accustomed to go its own way.    While others bring endless joy, but sometimes can not help but bring unintended harm, just like the text Watanabe Jun Haruki Murakami’s behavior, like blue winter’s first love.All thoughts only for their own contentment strike.    Campus song, next to the lodge high horizon never too bright glare of lights I do not know where’s the fight mist faint glow of a rainbow, the wind finally subsided mortal.Winter blue lips and teeth quietly action, also looks like singing and humming along with the campus, the melody is very familiar with, is Fish Leong “warm”.Perhaps a person to save some tired, Blue winter once again got up and left the quiet place.He looked back, thinking that this time the petty bourgeoisie ended.    Back to the empty classroom, learning books gem into the head.Hundred thousand turn back, blue winter still silent speechless.His head pillowed on a pile of books on his desk, like a cat-like body curled into a ball, her hand still holding the book, “Norwegian Wood”.Perhaps that book gave him a lot of inspiration, just do not want to put down.People often say: well-intentioned lie is beautiful.Blue learned this winter, do not remember what month and whenever he so again and again.In fact, I totally know his mind, but I am living in them, for his fabricate such a lie.    He told me not learning good college; now tell me the house is not complete without peace; tell me what he wanted to missing material and spiritual better life to worry about, as those rich people; tell me.His many minds, and for others, he is calm, at best gives the lie to talk to listen to complete his true.Sometimes, he is living in your shadow, do all the books in the state personnel already behind our thousands of miles away.Blue winter of this, a lot of unknown feelings, no thoughts that there is always some of his voice.Lying on the table Blue Winter recalls, “Norwegian Wood” There is a Naoko words: people who can not find where the problem well in.Therefore, you should never off track.Blue winter feel very interesting, so the rest of the time to a dream, to go along with the track in the kingdom.

Blue Wing window

A simple room fragrance lightly open, two white dissipation Jessie.    Noble gentleman invites month, do not dye Yichen pregnant perfection.    Good: University Road, in Mingming, in the PFP, in all worlds.Refers to spiritual perfection is the greatest degree of freedom to achieve a natural development of things and the unity of the realm.    January 1, shabby homes on the windowsill, a pot of orchids Beatrice Pan smoke quietly opened two white flowers, indifferent, elegant and quiet.I gently Bitan snow brew a pot, pour two cups, holding to his beloved wife and daughters, then himself a cup, and clutch his wife and children, along with tea tours Portland.Gazing meditation, the dense green tea reveals a graceful magnolia.Thank heaven and earth, that you grant me a pure goodness of heart, we have a pair of beautiful eyes.The New Year’s Day really beautiful!

Blue War, a wound for years

99 In the depths of winter, light blue with autumn dinner with friends meter time to get to know friends laugh autumn rice dust, dust laugh after dinner and asked her son to go to sing karaoke OK.It was the first time go to karaoke light blue, is also the first time drinking coffee, laughing dust spots, tens cup.  Laugh dust is a tall, handsome boy, wearing a blue sweater with high collar wide circle of hand-woven, more highlighting his face goes white.Aqua sight of him felt his heart pounding, feel a touch shy girl blush on her face fly.  In fact, light blue is a beautiful girl Neixiu, that night she wore a small down jacket waist one meter yellow card in the glow of neon lights, added a bit naive and pure, clear the dust to see her smile look how many drunk.  M autumn that he was born without a musical bone, so the initiative to undertake the task song.Light blue with laughter as if the dust is born singer, although they first collaboration, but all of them are love songs to the extreme interpretation: “Xinyu”, “confused love”, “belated love “” you make my heart “—— night they drink beer and singing, forget time, forget the place, completely drunk in the singing, the situation in.Until nearly 0:00, they did decide to leave devotion.Laughing Dust say this life is to recognize Aqua blessing of his life breaking up, so he took the initiative to leave the phone number light blue, light blue and ask for contact details.In fact, in those days, the phone is really very fashionable thing, almost no one in use, light blue is not.But there is a light blue pager, which was also pretty good the.But they did not record their name when storing each other’s numbers, but it is a tacit agreement with the blue and yellow sweater instead of a jacket.  Aqua blue born to a soft spot, so after that night wearing a dust laughing blue sweater image has been lingering a long time in her heart, she really sleep that night.  Although there is no dedicated laughing after dust like yellow habits, but a small night light blue beige jacket became his heart’s deepest India, especially in light blue lovely beautiful smile always eventually lead to his heart like a fire burning, tossing and turning unknowingly went to the dawn.  Early next morning on Aqua unexpectedly received a warm pager: Good morning flowers like yellow jacket!Meeting you was my real edge, I wish you happy every day!really miss you.Mr. Blue.  Aqua had just did not take long to work seriously fallen in love does not, how can such a straightforward face emotions and the way it love at first sight?Like all of a sudden her heart hidden under numerous little rabbits, always ups and downs it hard.In fact, somewhere she felt she had a special affection for dust laugh, perhaps that is the love of it?She wondered, heart flowers slowly inching lake in the heart of blooming.  Aqua do not know that day is how the classes, how they are coming from work?Because of her mind is full of that, Mr. Blue, her ecstatic awesome boy.  In fact, dust is not better than laughter, he fetched almost all the raw materials of the day wrong, because his heart has already flown to the side of the edge virtuous quiet beautiful and graceful singing of cotton jacket to go there.  Finally, when the light blue with an indefinable mood units out the door, her eyes suddenly wide open to the extreme: because she saw facing her laugh laugh dust.Dust laugh smile bright and slightly a bit haggard, as if the earth has experienced unspeakable parting with instant Acacia met true love of people, at least to the light blue of his intuition is so.  Laugh dust said to invite to dinner Aqua Blue, although not really familiar with them, but actually light blue mysteriously did not refuse, and inside there is a trace of sweet happiness surrounding.Because in the heart of the ocean blue, as if they had known each other as past lives, not the slightest strangeness.  They drank a lot of wine that night, and then went to sing, but almost did not sing that night light blue, because he has to listen to her laugh dust with songs express the deepest love: “but likes you”, “thank you for your love 1999 in “,” long live for you one day, “” you want to think well of loneliness, “as if each —– capital reveals the deepest most true love.Especially laugh dust that blurred eyes almost cheerful and loving portrait of circulation Inner Voices, light blue is really no way to refuse to let the boy love to the depths kiss the back of her white jade.  In fact, they really got drunk that night, in fact, that night they really are made for each other intoxicated.That night laugh dust carrying light blue went to his residence, but that night they did not do anything.They just tell each other their own once, from memories of childhood until right then bit by bit.Perhaps this is one of the best expression of love it?Because loving each other, so should the other party did not previously own for at least the day after listening impression to make it up.  Aqua downwind sailing all the way, there is no drink Flirt grievances, like pure clean so that everyone will feel pity.But laugh dust is different, and he was feeling bad parents, so he spent all the way tussle in the parents’ abuse of.Until then more and more unbearable fled to the aunt’s house, he lived life to depend on others.Dust laugh laughing eyes overflow with tears of grief helpless when it comes to the sad, he said he really thought about the days with other children have families and parents loved music, but also really miss someone he has been able to appease frozen heart.I listen Aqua Blue heart was broken, and she really can not imagine such a handsome boy sun would be so tragic past.She smiled help distressed dust wipe the tears from his eyes with a warm heart will laugh dust football into his arms, gently stroking his hair and said: You will never be alone, because of me, I’m your winter sun warm you, light your heart every dark corner, be sure to believe I can do it!  Having them more tightly, as if choking each other to be the same as the.At that moment, the window suddenly float snow goose feather.The muffled a white ground as if they indicate the end of time, grow old love, so that their hearts really so excited, they could not go downstairs to enjoy a night of snow: snuggle night, said the night of love, then, make a promise I,.That night so that they understand: the original world really destined somewhere edge, the original world really have the so-called love at first sight.In fact, when time has become indifferent in people’s hearts, then met two days so what?The same can be doomed forever!  After that night they almost entered the public phase of love, they each have occupied all discretionary time to work with each other except.They do most things is to drink together, eat together, sing together, laugh and sometimes are eating rice dust situation of the actions will be abruptly stood up and hugged the waist light blue slowly swaying sing the most emotional song: would you please point me on a candle, because I had lost the way.I could not conceal his panic, in not wait around, fear that a dream is a good way.And you are a boundless net, easily put me trapped in the net central —— reluctant so keep at your side, did not forget to prefer life so she listens Aqua —– always excited to tears, then put his lips buried deep inside laugh dust lip.They would like to forget this world kissing together, that moment as if the world is only part of the two of them, they really deeply carved into the bones to each other, if one is to leave it would be tantamount to cutting off each other’s heart, pushing to hell.  They are so happy with, with sweet, intoxicating, waiting for that wonderful moment in hand on the red carpet.But a girl called Reaching a surprise visit one day, and go directly to the office of light blue, light blue make the dream suddenly shattered.Aqua Blue is a single office, so she sat in the office, please Reaching down.  Reaching almost brown color, a little innocent girl almost alien woman.I can see she is a very straightforward woman, because her first words spoke directly to his intentions: Do you know laugh dust it?I was his fiancee.When hearing this light blue is to pour Reaching the results because of the extreme fragmentation of shock cup full of water sprinkled on the feet, the legs of a sudden becomes inflamed.Reaching wanted to have a chat with the light blue, light blue results so must go to the infirmary, so Reaching help her colleagues next door cried myself quietly away.  When the doctor gave the light blue drug, has been hurt when she asked.Aqua does not speak, but has been in tears because her heart really hurt hurt.  Pm laugh dust from work then light blue, light blue is not in.Laughing dust from her colleague that she scalded feet took leave of absence, lay it in the dormitory.When the dust smile holding a bouquet of forget-me-encrusted fresh lily quarters came to light blue, light blue eyes already swollen from crying.Previous Aqua Blue is a favorite among the lilies fall in the forget-me, she really wanted to be the day all those bits and pieces scattered to the horizon, because all of a sudden she really want to put that cheated on her torn blue sweater crushed, let it drift far away as possible —— light blue eyes and resentment inflamed eyes really scared laugh dust, he grabbed quickly in the past wanted trembling light blue, light blue because of the way to see it really makes both distressed and scared, laugh dust really do not know what happened, he was bewildered.  Aqua blasted open this she was once caught the boy’s arms, she cried hysterically laughing to let the dust Reaching ask what happened in the end.When you hear the word Reaching, laughing eyes clear of dust passing touch of strange.But he soon calmed down, he said let recuperate light blue, light blue and other injuries Well they went registration of marriage, he will give a satisfactory explanation of Aqua Blue.Aqua said she wanted a quiet person, watching her look like leaves in the wind Qiruoyousi, crying and laughing away the dust, he is really distressed light blue of pain.Laugh watching dust leave the back, light blue wailing, she was really hurt, both physically and mentally broken.  Aqua true love really can not afford their own so beloved man inexplicably ran a fiancee, she decided to take their own scars immense to travel to, first, in order to escape, the second is that time can give your heart a satisfactory account of.  Out for seven days, no one can forget to laugh in the face of dust.But better between them every day more clearly gaining on her every nerve, she suddenly realized that she really can not do without this person, so she must go back to hear him, give him a chance, because he said to give yourself a satisfactory answer is not it?  Aqua go back directly back to the unit, she wanted to change clothes to look for dust laughed for the first time, because the share of pressing thoughts has made her no turning back.But I did not expect just arrived on duty security section of people say there is express her, so she would take the side edge to the hostel opened.To this shipment really has the power of the atomic bomb: because it is a copy of the marriage certificate of Reaching laugh with dust!  Aqua suddenly fainted: the journey of fatigue coupled with deep-seated thoughts really pushed her to the lowest point of the body and mind, a slight blow he never took the slightest effort.  When the light blue woke up and found himself lying in a single room is infusion ward clean, dust laughed and squeezed his hand tears have soaked large bedding.Aqua wanted to laugh dust a slap in the face, but she really had no strength even raising his hand up.The pale light blue like the world has not the same, which makes dust laugh even have the heart to die.Aqua has watched his fight the urge to laugh dust quickly kept their own fan slap in the face.Dust laugh watching the move, is so genuine and sincere, light blue can not help but relented, exhausted all the strength and sat up clinging to laugh dust.Well she held tight good tight, let go a laugh because it seems the dust will disappear forever from her side as.  Aqua infusion After already dark, laugh dust take her out to eat dinner that night they who did not drink, who did not speak.After dinner they went to the nearby small park and sat down on a park bench.Laughing dust into my arms light blue, light blue tears kept streaming down her cheeks.Aqua could not help but follow the cry, their tears blend together, laughing dust intersection became tearful melody: Good -Bey of MyLove Maina, let me cry on your shoulder; Goodbye, my baby, let the last time I call you ——, laugh dust began to sing choked, she began to sing light blue already kneeling on the ground.  Reaching laugh with dust that he had betrothed, he dwelleth in together.But later found Reaching character really out of tune with their own, often confused Sapo put themselves black and blue, so they really have been separated for a long time.But on the day after Reaching looking for a light blue, she went to the laughter of dust raised by aunt.Still there cry and kick, joking dust heartless that he actually was kind enough to have their own break up pregnant.  Reaching a laugh dust aunt was pregnant, they hastened to appease Reaching said let her not excited, scared as easy fetus.She said she would ensure that laugh immediately register with dust Reaching marriage because she believes laughter dust will not go against her will.  Is the aunt for a laugh dust to complete their studies and to laugh dust arrangements satisfactory work, and is also an important leadership aunt administrative unit, is particularly too proud.Even if the dust of life aunt to laugh, laugh dust will give, not to mention was a loveless marriage it?Just the day before under that kind of desperation in the ocean blue travel back and laugh registered with Reaching the dust, and the wedding will be held soon.  After listening to Aqua she did not blame any dust laugh, even if it was felt that he might also make the same choice with dust laugh, because after all, they are both reasonable Gratitude Xingqingzhongren.  Laughing dust wedding was held as scheduled, light blue did not attend, but sent a gift, she really want to laugh dust can live happily, even though her heart flooded with injury, it has even into mourning.  Laughing dust marriage Aqua also within the shortest possible time with a crush on his co-workers for a long time married, he severed all ties with laughter dust.But often heard friends talking and laughing autumn rice dust a little 破罐子破摔 marriage, the couple will not have this feeling, so they often quarrel.M Autumn has also been lamented: If I had to say with light blue dust can laugh together nice ah!  Just after they separated shortly Aqua also bought a cell phone, and decided life would not trade numbers, for five years she also heard the sound of a dust laugh twice indefinitely.Aqua know because the relationship between rice autumn, laugh dust get their phone numbers can be easily.But they are responsible for the men, so they regarded each other to hide the deepest.  Phone two years, after answering laugh light blue dust is always the first thing never changes: so many years, that did not change your voice.Yes ah, how will it change?That is what a love ah?Emotional simply can not change, is not it?  He is coming fifteen years, and that time should also light blue phone rang right?Ugh!A few years have, never forgotten, but all the care doomed life into mourning ——

Blue velvet

REVIEW stroll over the arched back, savoring the fragrance of the soil between the trees, feeling the gentle morning breeze in the fingers glide, although so the Ching Ming, the morning breeze in the slightly weak hint of warm, across the face after a trace of warmth away, it is still slightly cool the pan.  Like an early spring day she was gently awakened the girl, with a night spent Italian opened his eyes, that mystery hazy, tears glistening eyes side two drops slowly slide down, a tear quietly moisture from the burgeoning child, green grown hair, appear to be so satisfactory, another drop of the dough falls embrace of the earth, the stroking after a winter blow kill skin, chapped tender scar heal Road.Looking at the full trauma of the spine, a man was moved to the tears, leaning on the face of a gust of wind turned into quiet tears drift away.    The morning air floating bursts of vigor, driving a winter sleeping tired, propped breeze, with cries of greeting in your ear you whisper, a long sigh with relief, looking at the air This moisture condensation, as if you smiled, laughing with four dispersed.Horizon of a hill also seat a pleasant glow green, arched like a winding path also highlights out of the foot of the bowstring do not know when the dough to melt off, tell the nature of language, drip drip of whispers , large bluestone river I do not know when they will have covered with dark green moss, like stubble general growth in bluestone Lianpan.Jicha see the sky noisy sparrow, the stubble on the face side of a slight tilt up, kind of looking at the sky, laughing children.    Walk on the arched, savoring the fragrance of the soil between the trees, feeling the gentle morning breeze in the fingers glide, although so the Ching Ming, the morning wind slightly warm hint of weak, taken across the face after a trace of warmth, it is still slightly cool the pan.I fiddled with the breeze like a soft hair black hair, combing them one by one up, but also a root of black hair with comb-like obedient weak shaking.Feeling the spring breeze caress me, gradually intoxicated, among themselves lost in the spring Manshan.Sitting on a hill under a pine chair and enjoy the play in before the first rays of morning light shining look, with trees in the mountains, laughing sparrow, whispering river, a year alone first rays of morning soft.    Horizon clouds have been slightly soft yellow glow Qinren, listening to the cries of the heart beat of the chest voice, full of expectation of watching soft blue horizon.Finally a hint of soft yellow diffuse out through layers of clouds, shining down inch by inch, when the first ray of golden shine in my eyes when their expectations are instantly filled, replaced by a heavy satisfied, because I Manshan with “friends” until the moment the first rays of the morning soft light shining on the earth.Soft yellow brings me soft plume of warm, warm morning air was taken away plume of warm morning.Soft yellow stretched out his hands and stroked my cheek, like a long time missing child’s mother stroked the long-awaited child wandering in general, so warm and tender.    Shanlin Jian warmth is so gratifying, people forget, away from the hustle and bustle of the earth, abandoned debauchery of the city, erase the secular city gas, there is no infighting between people, there are only faint fragrance , tender new green, a gentle breeze, weak morning light.Some just washed in the embrace of nature with their own spirituality, sublimate their own minds, non-winner his soul, cultivate noble sentiments from.The arched walk slowly along, wandering in the mountains, hesitating disappeared in the spring Manshan.[Editor: Can children]