A bucketful of grassroots friend

A few days ago to the farmers market to buy close to home noodles child, just let people say a pound, touched pockets, bad, no money!It can be supposed?A seventy years old man, do not have any money to buy things, it’s not trouble you blind?Hey, God hungry blind Chelsea home – I saw next to a fruit stall woman.Although even the people who do not know the name yet, but, with all greeted her every day, to buy fruit relationship with her borrow ten dollars should not be a problem now?So, I told the women stall holders said: “Lend me ten dollars, and I for a pair of pants, put money in the pants.”Female stall special happy, immediately took out a lot of money from his pocket and asked me:” ten do enough?”I said:” Enough is enough, I only buy noodles child.”Back home, a child with his wife, said his wife children opening their eyes, said:” Oh dear?Well you know people?I have not heard that buying things with borrowed money selling things it!”I am proud to say:” Who do I have a bunch of grassroots friend!”I elementary school, high school, college, went to the countryside to go to Ningxia Production and Construction Corps to build third division, then back to the city every year from 1979 back to Beijing become grassroots, there are a lot of friends, high status they have Central Committee, Central Discipline Inspection Committee, the identity is not high not low are civilian generals, departmental cadres, much lower identity are bureau-level cadres in Beijing, the bureau level boss, as well as the identity of the lowest man in the street is that these grassroots people of.How I felt, with my most intimate, the most useful friends, have to say is that grassroots friend.  Our family in 2012, when a refined decoration, the foreman is a young guy child less than thirty.I saw his mouth no hair, work is not strong look, look down on his psyche.Maotouxiaohuo such a callow son, put my house renovated?So, I put a lot of very stringent requirements, such as bathroom tiles to shop streamlined, wall paint to brush gradient, to the absolute center chandelier, you must not have a single cent deviation, and so, finally, free installation chandelier, hanging picture frames, etc..Unexpectedly, this kid really solid two, water, electricity, walls, floors, kitchen, bathroom.I even let his wife and children could not pick one thing wrong to.  From then on, I told this young man surnamed Wu admiration.  In 2013, my son and I were to buy a second-hand house, need renovation.We invariably think Xiao Wu.He is a contract to complete the quality and quantity.My wife children like them very much, to recognize Xiao Wu did godson.Xiao Wu, every time I came home, his wife would give him an aura of children eat home.Recently, Xiao Wu gave birth to a son, which mean that we have a grandson, his wife children is very, very distressed, feeling the child’s cheek delighted.He gave a gift, and give milk than they have pro-grandchildren are also pleased.  I have a friend grassroots waste collection.  We have a few outside the compound Henan to Beijing waste collection staff.I always look at their calendar summer without winter, wearing dirty clothes so a winter jacket did not even.I think people are people too ah, cold and hungry all day long on the outside, they are also the father of the child, the home of the main labor force ah.If it is frozen, and how it can stir up the burden of the family?We now live much better, no fear of food and clothing, we think over the mountains to the countryside during tough times, we can not look at these hardy people suffer!I put a few pieces of cotton-padded jacket, thick pants out, wash clean, to let them wear their hands, they are happy I nodded straight.Where to play later, his wife and my children have any heavy work, people heard later, the door to take the initiative to help us dry, also repeatedly said: “What is heavy work, you speech!”You say I have these grassroots friend, I can not do good mood all day, my life still worry you?  True feelings do not care about the identity of the level, I am happy, I am proud, I have a laundry list of grassroots friend!

A bucket of white wine

Usually no matter how bad the blessing Donato spit on my attitude, I forbear hair.That he can humiliate me, I can not stand it, I find a way to get back at him.I know the temper of the people will not think I’m just talking about it, I will retaliate, regardless of whether would be endangered.This is not just let him suffer a little bit, but to eliminate the troubles, so no way he could bully me.Not only that, I can not be punished because of retaliation.Also, I have to let him know who was in retaliation for him, everything else I’m doing what significance?  Since I made up my mind, very carefully implementation plan.I can not let my blessing spit Donato seen unpredictable motives, so the first words and deeds must be as great as ever, he saw a brilliant smile, although this smile behind the bloodshed.  Fu spit Donato has a weakness, that is self-righteous tasting master, even though he is respected in many ways.In my opinion, the Italian wine tasting can be regarded as a master of few people, they demonstrated the professional qualities mostly camouflage, the purpose is to allow those who do not know what the British Austria rich, deluded.But his good fortune with those who spit Donato compatriots a little different, perhaps in terms of jewelery and paintings to his profession is a lie, you can do a little wine tasting experience in terms of.I told him of the same point in this regard is the very love of Italian wines, but also willing to study.If you encounter a fine wine, I will not hesitate to purchase.  This day is one of the carnival celebration in the evening, I came across a blessing spit Donato.Because the drunk’s sake, he suddenly warm up to me.I carefully looked at him about it, a clown dress, hat still tied bells, your eyes are dim.This is really a great opportunity.  Dude, you can see today is really good, it looks like you had a good day.I gotta tell you pieces down to business, I got a vat of white wine, you know, the Spanish Montilla production of wine, but I worry about is false.I said to spit blessing Donato.  what?White wine?Also a vat?How can it be?Carnival which makes so many white wine?He says.  So I have a suspect, I continued, I am stupid, you should talk to discuss, but I afraid to miss this sale, hurriedly paid.  Montilla!  I’m not sure.  Montilla!  I’m trying to figure out in the end is not really.  Montilla!  You feel busy, so I was planning to go to Luke Lacey, let him help me identify what.  Luke Lacey can not tell Montilla wine and sherry.  But many said the fool par with How about you.  We brisk walking.  where to?  Your cellar.  I can not do, man, I can not sit back and relax because you will kindly take up your time, I know you’re busy.Luke Lacey him go, I’m not busy.  Or not, man.Are you busy are followed, mainly cellar too cold, too humid, I worry about your body can not stand, and are surrounded by saltpeter.  That little cold is nothing, let’s go fast.  Fu spit Donato can not wait to roll up my arm, urging me to hurry to bring him home.I wear a black silk mask, tightened the coat, he walked towards the house with.  All employers have slipped out of the house the holidays, which I previously thought.In the morning to go out, I told them to go home until the next morning, so that they also optimistic about Qiandingwanzhu door, do not go out.I know as long as I front foot away, they’ll slip out the back foot play.  I took two torches, and blessing a man a spit Donato.After passing through several rooms, a corridor, we are down to the cellar.I told him that the stairs here very long, very slippery, be careful, it is best to follow me closely.We gingerly all the way down the stairs, stood neatly mansion’s cellar Monte.Here is the wine cellar, the cellar is the tomb of Monte agile family, there are many bones of their ancestors.  Donato spit blessing every step, bells on the hat Dinglinger sounds, apparently walking instability.  Where wine?he asks.  Earlier, I said, you have to be careful on the wall of white mesh.  He faces me, your eyes are dim at me and asked: is saltpeter?  Yes, saltpeter, I could not hear him cough, he asked, how long have you had this cough?  He did not answer questions, coughing.After a while child, he bit any better, he says: Nothing’s.  I think we should go back, your body is more important than wine.A caste like you, someone edge of the rich, because if a barrel of wine and brought down the body not very good, and I can not afford such a responsibility.I ask Luke Lacey I have not finished, he was interrupted, what cough count?It will not cough dead.  This is one, I said, but also must be prevention is better to drink wine over and over again the United States Murdoch moisture.  I picked out a bottle from the wine bottle in the side of many, Qiaodiao bottle mouth, and gave a blessing spit Donato.He looked at me, nodded and thanked bells on the hat rang for a while.  I drink to the dead around them, may they rest in peace.He says.  I drink to your long life.  He drank, he helped me move on.  This cellar is really big.He says.  Monte agile is a big family, many children and grandchildren.I say.  What is your family coats of arms of Patterns is that I do not remember.  Bigfoot is a golden stepping on a huge python, blue background, snake fangs biting bird Feet.  The text above it?He then asked.  Hurt my family who will be punished.  Exquisite!He marveled.  Fu after drinking spit Donato excited, eyes shining, hat bells ringing merrily.I also because the United States Murdoch wine and become agitated, had in mind the more things.Our bones piled along the corridor and cask wine cellar has to go deep, go for a while I exhort you, blessing spit Donato: saltpeter here more and more, you see, they are hanging on the walls and vaults on, like moss.Our head, but it rivers, has drops of water dripping, more humid environment, for your body, we still go back, look at your cough.  All right, we continue to go, I drink wine mouth the United States Murdoch.  This time, I opened a bottle of wine Graf gave him, he drank his shirt.After he finished, suddenly exposed ferocious eyes, while at me smiled wickedly, while still with a strange gesture to throw away the bottle.I do not understand what that gesture means.He was in front of me to do it once, and then looked at me and asked: you do not get it?  do not understand.I am at a loss to answer.  That you are not one of us.  What one of us?  You’re not Mason (mason translated as masons, masonry, this metaphor Masonic Masons).  I was, I was.I am anxious argues.  you are?  I’m.  So what signal?he asks.  This one.Then, I took out a knife from the mud under clothes.  He stepped back in surprise, shouted: Are you kidding?Well, we still see the white wine bars.  I put the knife back into the mud clothes, shoving and helped him, saying: Come.  Fu spit Donato almost all the body weight placed on my arm.We continue to go down, deeper and deeper, more and more humid, here it is the deepest pit of Monte agile family tomb, surrounded by full of smelly, stuffy air, hand torches of fire more and more faint, and finally only a little light.  The end of the pit of the tomb is a more narrow graves are surrounded by bones, piled to the top of the tomb pit.Innermost grave no seal, there are three walls, but also filled with bones, and even went over very difficult.I Bandiao blocked off the bones of forward movement, only to find there is also a small hole, about 1.2 meters deep, 1 meter wide, two meters high.This should not be grave, but support space formed between the two major pillars of the tomb pit just behind the wall is a hard granite walls.  Fu spit Donato took photos with torches inside, can not see what’s inside, the torch of light is too weak.  White wine in there, walk just fine.I quickly said,.  He looked at me, and the first to step up to the little hole, I then followed closely behind him.The hole is not much, and soon went to the head.When he found the road blocked by a large piece of granite, is wondering, I’ve locked him in a granite wall.There are two iron rings on the wall, separated by about 0.6 m.A chain tied to an iron ring on the other hoop hung on a big lock.I did not charge any effort, just with a chain around his body.Poor blessing spit Donato stunned, even against all forgotten.I deftly remove the key, retreated to the outside hole.  You can go touch the wall, above the saltpeter everywhere, humid as hell.The last time I advise you to go back, you still do not go, I naturally want to leave you.I say.  White wine!He cried in surprise.  Yes, white wine.I answered.  Then, I put the piles of bones to move away, exposing many of my prepared ahead of rocks and cement for walls.I took a trowel, put a block of stone piled up, a brick wall.When the first wall when the fast puzzle finished, almost sober blessing spit Donato.I could hear him humming sounds inside, apparently sent by a sober person.Followed by a long silence, absolutely not hear any movement.The first wall puzzle finished, I went on to build the second block, the third block, the fourth wall, I put him firmly trapped inside.He finally sent some sound, it is to break the chains of sound.I’ve always listened quietly, until the sound disappears, it began to build the fifth block, blocking sixth, seventh wall.To build a wall almost to the chest, and I want to see him in the end how it going through the gap left by.I picked up the torch, only to see his shadowy figure.  Suddenly, he screamed loud, shrill sound, like ghosts in general.He wanted to scare my voice.I was very frightened, not knowing what to do, subconsciously pull carry the sword, from the gap reaches into chaos poke a pass.I just poke a few peace of mind, so robust tomb how unsafe?I was standing in front of the wall at him and yelled, and he calls out, I called out, louder than he called.Slowly, his voice hoarse, and no longer emit strange roar.  Time fly past, already late at night.Fast puzzle over the wall, blocking eighth, ninth plugging, plugging tenth have Qi Hao.I’m blocking puzzle eleventh and final wall, Qi Hao is also fast, as long as the last stone masonry and it’s done.At this time, there came a dull laughter, accompanied by some of the creepy words: It’s a good joke, loss you can think of so splendid joke..While we returned to the house, you can while laughing while drinking.  Drink white wine?I ask.  Of course, white wine, but now it will not be a little late?Spit Natuo Fu Fu and others still in the house and so we do not?We’d better get out of here!  Yes, get out of here!I say.  Look at the love of God, Monte agile, we will soon go!  Well, look at God’s sake.  Then was another long silence, which never heard any words.I was very disturbed, unconsciously shouted: Fu spit Donato!There is no sound answer, I shouting again, still no answer sound.I will torch the gap thrown in, nothing happens, only the sound of tinkling bells.I suddenly some nausea, should be too wet sake.Anyway, I have to hurry completed, get out of here as soon as possible.I hurried to the last stone Qi Hao, blocking the gap, and then re-stack the wall next to the bones of those good.For half a century, no one had these bones, they would like to be able to rest in peace.

A bucket of water in the winter

One night, the company Xiaoya After adding the class to drive home to the rental of residential quarters downstairs, suddenly a bucket of water fell from the sky, pouring her body had a water vapor permeability.A time when the winter, cold, Xiaoya suddenly cold chills straight.She lifted her head and looked at the upstairs culprit had disappeared without a trace.Who deliberately prank, or which of the water on the balcony inadvertently spilled out?Xiaoya heart side edge of the floor guilty of muttering, hold her shoulders, repeatedly sneezing.  Just then, the door to live in highlighting exactly are back.Highlight kind of embarrassed to see Xiaoya, she asked with concern: Xiao Ya, how you anyhow, what happened?  Xiaoya said a trembling watering unexpected things, highlight angrily: what people do, really wicked!Can go home, get your clothes, carefully cold.  They came to the room in front Xiaoya, Xiaoya highlighted watching silent look, hold carefully asked: Xiao Ya, you alone okay?If you are not comfortable on notice me, whatever the outcome, we are also neighbors ah.  Xiaoya nodded and then opened the door and went in.Highlight on the outside after a pause children, also have heard the sound of a sneeze came from the inside of.  At midnight, has been highlighted not sleep, he still does not fit Xiaoya, even though they are usually not many exchanges, meet only nod, but now Xiaoya trouble, two equally single out white-collar workers, can do not help one another?  Highlight a look from time to time on the pillow of mobile phones, mobile phones can be very quiet.Xu Xiaoya also had fallen asleep, maybe she does a fever!Hey, he was a single young, not good to go across the middle of the night to visit Xiaoya ah.When the highlight is cranky, the phone suddenly rang, highlighting a look, it is lesser numbers, he quickly answered, just listen to the voice Xiaoya weak and off: Highlight I’m so sorry you wait, I right over!Highlight had gone to undress, he Teng jumped out of bed, he rushed out a gust of wind.A ring the door bell, the door gently opened, highlight comes into the room, unable to see Xiaoya leaning on the wall, shivering, his face flushed, he realized, Xiaoya high fever.  Highlight apart from anything else, her own Xiaoya, while downstairs saying: Xiao Ya, let’s go to the hospital.  From the cell to the street outside, the less there are 500 meters away, highlighting breath did not break, ran to the street carrying a small Xiaoya.Lesser has not even the strength to speak, and just softly lying on his back.Highlight bayan stopped a taxi and sped away to the hospital.  The doctor immediately to lesser infusion, highlighting busy completing the formalities, deposit, and all came to the ward completed, Xiaoya have been sleeping later.Highlight sitting quietly Xiaoya bed, watching the infusion tube in liquid drops dripping, wide awake the next morning, so when Xiaoya wake up, the highlight has been bought back as soon as possible.He sat up and helped Xiaoya, Xiaoya or dizziness badly, no appetite.Highlight said: Xiao Ya, you’re body is empty, force yourself to eat a little.  Xiaoya silently sipping a few bites, eyes suddenly red, to highlight say: Thank you, the hour is late, you go to work it.  Highlight shook his head: I have to leave the company, incidentally, also asked to help you.  Xiaoya eyes wet: I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble.You did not sleep all night last night,?Fast break.  Highlight laugh: all right, you do not have family here, no one to take care of how it lines?  Xiaoya very sorry, moved to say.I really do not know how to thank you, highlight.  Highlight magnanimously waved his hand: what kind Yeah, why did not we do live-to-door.  In this way, we are highlighting a few days to accompany the Xiaoya, Xiaoya until healed.When discharged Xiaoya.Highlight gave a bouquet of flowers Xiaoya, Phoenix celebrate her body recovered.  After the accident sick incident, two people’s eyes are more subtle things.Highlight became a frequent visitor to the room Xiaoya, Xiaoya whenever you make a few highlight taste of home cooking.Two people sitting at a small table, drinking wine, chatting easily, felt extremely comfortable.  That evening, the highlight suddenly led an eleven-year-old boy walked into the room Xiaoya.Xiaoya timing wondering, highlight bluff with a straight face said to the boy: the little guy, not quick to apologize to aunt.  The boy head down, said: Auntie, I’m sorry, was my prank splashing down, causing your ill.  So is the case, highlight can be really conscientious, privately actually uncovered the naughty.Xiaoya smiled and said: know that was wrong on the line, aunt forgive you.  Highlight get the finger points at the boy’s forehead: Well, aunt has forgiven you, after you had better learn, do not capable of such a bad thing, let’s go.  The boy spit under the tongue, Sa Tuipao out.  Soon, to a lesser birthday.In the evening, highlighting holding a bunch of roses into the Xiaoya door.It turned out the lights, light a candle, ate a very exotic candlelight dinner.Finally, highlight a ring out like magic, leg kneeling down.He said: Xiao Ya, you can accept my love to you?Xiaoya blushing took the ring.  National Day, highlighting and Xiaoya married.Two people easy life flies romantic and sweet.  A blink of an eye in the winter.That evening, the highlight came home, Xiaoya taken aback: I saw the highlights wet from head to toe, like a drowned rat, and cold teeth chattered.  My God, how is it?Xiaoya asked.  I also suffered a flood heaven.Highlight shivering say.  Xiaoya refused to ask, busy getting the highlighting off wet clothes, dry myself after him into bed.then.Lesser went to the kitchen to boil ginger.Such as the highlight of hot ginger drink, got much warmer.At this time, Xiaoya also got into bed, tightly holding highlighting, for his warm.  The next day, highlighting wake up feeling refreshed, a little things are not, but a cold and Xiaoya.Highlight busy so she took the pills.This stammered: Xiaoya, in fact, last night the water is poured myself.  what?Xiaoya shocked, you sick ah?  Xiaoya sorry, I do, because I owe you a bucket of water.  Lesser but do not understand: What do you mean it?  Highlight scratched his head: In fact, that you are splashing the little guy, I’m the real mastermind behind.I would have a crush on you, but you always like a proud princess, I can not close to you, to declare to you my love.So, I will go out of this bad idea.As for the little guy, he is my son, an old colleague of the past, we are not allowed to pull the hook never betray you I really mixed ah!Xiaoya take Fenquan beat the highlight of the chest, I can not think of a bucket of water over your pirate ship.However, if you tell me earlier, I will not let you do me a bucket of water.  why?  Because we already are husband and wife, no longer need water in winter, I want you each other warm hearts together, forever!  Highlight the Xiaoya his arms excitedly, heavily nodded, ah, life!

A brother ecstasy ecstasy that thing

Haha, Men brother is wonderful, I thought, college life if there is no brother, was a lot less fun.  Brother lean, Bel bright eyes, not myopic, playing very physical basis Cheat Sheet.Year four is relying see Gezhuo Five answers to the past, to say this, it is really beef.Good bounce, standing long jump test of time, basically jump, can go out of.  Brother said he only took part in three college entrance exam to Teachers College, also say the very twists and turns, but fortunately, admitted.Even so, it ranked second child in the bedroom, there are more hard to force the boss, also a two-year review.  Brother is a veteran of smokers, I learned to smoke, that is, with his mix, and that’s a bit irresponsible Ha, but when I first entered the bedroom, he was in that smoke it, I start smoking, is pumping with him like, soft package osmanthus two five, and now this cigarette, did not have to sell.  Hanging branches, skipping, love, drinking, playing mahjong, the student union, renting out, required course of these universities, brother no one elective, which attempts have been tried.Look at other people’s youth, had called the sea of unrestrained enthusiasm sway.Did not do what fucking thing youth is pale, pale and I always regret the.  In fact, quite the charm of brother.Smile that both eyes are discharged, deep eye wrinkles but also adds a lot of charm, much like the actor Moses Chan, the boys in our class, the level of the guy considered.  He is a man recklessly, do not care about money.If there are one hundred of his pocket, the last one hundred, he will not like me, live frugally to do subtraction, save money, spend a few days.But I will willingly put the flowers, and find ways to borrow or go to earn, and this is his style.And he also had a habit, basically have to follow a few people think he wants to do thing in the ass, something he’s put where, and with whom he had money and goods exchanges, very bad memory, it is estimated there are people of great wisdom so be it.But he has a good point, is not stingy, always, he was everyone’s, like everyone is his, and what’s a good thing, certainly share.  Brother very good at summing up, say, that for a while, spend big, skipping more, he would lump in the bed against the old, half-lying down, both feet resting on the bed curtain, pillow with both hands to the back of the head, looking at the bed board, saying, Oh, ah, this continues to fall, and how worthy family, ah, well I learned what the studious, and can not quit down to business a little, ah, ah is not it, boss?Or, ah?Is not ah, the youngest?Anyway, whoever caught with whom to talk about, very deep, so I’m still the next day.Old lump had any brains, a brother of self-reflection that he felt the action was, was brother probation, could not sleep ah, can brother, always, to talk about to forget.  Brother writing is good, I always think so, but just typos too much, a lot of the time, he wrote the article, I have to guess twenty percent, winding paths essay writing is really good, and I get into with brother societies Department, has gradually have to withdraw, and nothing mixing head.  Brother love to make some noise, for example, that you’re calligraphy it, if he came back, certainly have to say that in, oh, ah well, to write me a few strokes, then grab the past, I wrote in that, does not take five minutes, they dropped do not write; or you are reading, be sure to say, look at Shane, I see, get past Kanji Yan, I do not read.Quite naughty people, ha ha.  The ultimate is to join in the fun and Language.I stay in the bedroom too, brother anxious Three Fires Four came back and said, walked, six, go horn foreign language, and that there are a lot of girl.Both of us went, but went to, and I was okay, but also made a while, little brother Emmanuel foreign language, basically rely on gestures.Chatter with great difficulty to a girl, yes, Department of Foreign Languages, folks.They gave me gradually became a translator, the translation mainly to the brother, and later, They aggregate together, gone, out the chatter, with the Chinese say, leaving me there, lonely boring, you really excessive!No way, ah, look spiritual brother who told it.  Speaking of generous brother, think of a thing.Junior year, he rented a house, a holiday home.My brother in law and Shu this or tutor, to live his rented house to live a winter vacation.Brother something, come back early, estimated to be ready to make-up, forget.Three of us scrape together drinking together, drink happy, we must kowtow sworn.Looking for a needle to puncture fingers, suck blood for the Union, many young, naive and more!Shu law painlessly, do not have to tie, the brother said, okay, you Xiabu Qu hand, I came to the bar, not at all hurt.Shu law ignorantly believe.Brother copy up that needle, clicking on the bar inside, precise action, steady start.Shu law pain ow, really Jiehen ah, ha ha.Blood in the wine, a special kind of enchanting, in fact, nothing to drink up the taste, it is the testimony of youth.  A head knock to the ground, is the brother.My youngest, maybe brother also have been taken good care of me.I did a rub cigarette brother, especially green Ambassador then five dollars, really good pumped his mother ah, brother never said what, I know it rub smoke.  Our bedroom with the boss’s words, after a small two ah, if rich, you have the oil flow, if poor, the poor will be able to die, I think this evaluation is in place.  He is still very long love.Long distance relationship continued after graduation also went along Jiangsu Jiangnan gentle land, made a language teacher.Teach student achievement is actually in the first group, I am very surprised, phone in the past: Brother, you have to write it typos, teaching students how ah, so good to teach?  The phone has always been laughter, went on to say, the grass, the students have to manage, I can not, they will not be okay?They will not just pick up, pick up a few times will.Also not to mention, brother teaching really is a trick.  Later, he changed schools, divorce, resign his post until the back northeast, down grain, open remedial classes, in love, in love, get married and have children.  I have been tossing.Have not put down that cigarette and that mouthful of wine, a little habit is not?One year he was out of a car accident, I went to see him and the girl in October.He told me to drink two crutches middle of the night, had a good talk.  I went to see him, he was very moved, drink together, I am also very impressed.  Later, we also drink in Changchun Five back, he went to work after the children have children of Jiangsu drink for a while, are, wrinkles grow deeper friendship.  Some people at first glance, not very good, but like good wine, the more products the more concentrated; some people like ice cream, begun to taste it, taste good, the more light the more products.Fortunately, my university these students are the type of wine, to accompany me through youth, with memories and impossible, and impossible to create a friendship.Although not much contact, but as long as reach for the glass, there is full, then to slow to speak.Emma, to die, my eyes seem to be kissed onions, to which it.

A bright spirit person

Jiang Wensheng in a January 5, 1963, is the birthplace of Tangshan.His father was a soldier, participated in the Korean War, the mother is primary school music teacher.He played little in the big grandfather parents, grandpa is Tangshan, opened in Hunan stone coal plant, after various flounder finally return to Tangshan.This is a big family, he has five aunt, two uncles, he received extra care and more.Although the members of the family of origin because of the problem, not so proud to live, but he was under the care of his family, the healthy growth.He later returned to her parents, but his father is a Corps of Engineers, have four to go along with the project, from south to north, from east to west, until mid-1973 before settling in Beijing.However, a military compound in life gave him another harvest, where he felt and learned men of the United States, open-minded and sense of humor.Not to mention that he had a cow’s mother, no matter what background, no matter how others cast eyes, chest rise forever alive, do not care about money, no vanity, he never asked for the secular standards, only care about he is not healthy, it is not obtained mental liberty.Among the big changes of the times, very difficult to maintain this state of mind, Jiang Wen lucky, to avoid distortion.Liu Sola in the “eighties Interview” Lane said: The key is not rich, but to become a normal people into mental health, normal, bright people who can not live a happy person, this state of mind is the best state of mind.For the people, it is clearly the most urgent task.He vivacity, and even unruly suspects, hinted at the people around and consider themselves ugly, but because moviegoers and drama, gradually in love with one kind of looks like a very far with these features show something.Graduated from high school, he Xiankao Beijing Film Academy, get the job, the second year and test the Central Academy of Drama, and almost get the job, thanks to the play of Ren in the teacher see his potential, he advocated taking an exception.21 years old, he graduated in drama, into the Qingyi.Graduated nine months, he starred in Chen Lin directed the film “The Last Empress”, he played Pu Yi, Pan Hong plays Shirley.Next, is the director Xie Jin’s “Hibiscus Town”, he played Qinshu Tian, Liu Xiaoqing Hu sound plays.Followed by French director may · Dufu Man of Asia “sedan tears,” he and Qin Yi cooperation.In his early twenties, starred in a series of three plays are the director or actor and cooperation, but also to play the middle-aged and even elderly people, he had no Qieyi, off the field, meaning no trace of hesitation frustration.His bright, right here, in the character of warm and active, never believe in their existence need a reason.Film “Hibiscus Town”, his visit right, write interpretation of the role, he played Qinshu Tian to design a lot of action and details, such as when the waltz sweep the streets; the film “Red Sorghum”, he designed the car, etc. Some scenes Britain, and Zhang Yimou’s almost discussion dispute; later film “Black snow”, too.Two of his bright, but also in developed senses, that capture their own spirituality.”Sunny day” is the most typical example.The film became a classic reason why, the reason was an unforgettable experience, because it presents a subtle sensory memory is the memory of the smell, color, emotional interaction, the kind of memory, is timeless, but also was the extreme lack of domestic films.To capture this sense of memory, for the first time when the director Jiang Wen with a very extravagant way to achieve their goals.Wang Shuo’s novel “ferocious animals” only sixty thousand entries, after Jiang Wen Adapted Screenplay there are ninety thousand words, the actor was closed training, at a cost of consuming movies are unusual, August 23, 1993 shooting, to October 1994 12, the first time inside the show, was released in September 1995, the whole movie cost 10 million yuan, with 250,000 feet of film, at the time are generous.He wants accurate color, the wrong color prop aircraft, aircraft on the dye, Xiao-Jun Ma jump chimney that scene, the chimney of the wrong color, dye chimney.Milan’s home ground, this is a concrete floor, he stepped to shoot sandals on the floor of the sound, put on the wood floor, because China does not attach importance to sound movies, only just know how important vision, because the times have not experienced rock for multi-channel sound, for complex sound, sound and quiet for a strong contrast, do not pay attention to the level of sound.Later, “The Sun Also Rises,” “Let the bullets fly,” too, a pair of sandals, and that devoting a column to find the train twists and turns, embodies this precise.This precise and others do not, not to be loyal to the so-called reality, but to be loyal to their senses memories.The charm lies in a deep show a delicate soul, I always put a person as eight people to play, so as to perform three-dimensional characters and rich, so he said,.This is the “sunny day” long in the memory, and even become part of the cause of memory, the taste of burning weeds have become some kind of a special presentation, enter the secret code generation.His bright, but also because people have affection for.Film “sunny day”, he did for Summer sweat (sweat manufactured with a sprayer), standing in front of Xia Yu, pulled him by the collar, it is like a big brother.Summer shot play swimming legs were frozen, he rubbed himself up Summer legs.2002 June 20, Liu Xiaoqing behind bars, arrested the same evening, he went to Meet the lawyer, the formation of a team of lawyers to help her appeal.Dustin Hoffman was so highly of him: If the Chinese people are like you, that I have started to change the impression of China.I used to not understand Chinese.His bright, but also because he has always been like a youth, young people in a way to live, to love, to worship youth.Although 15 years old he was called off uncle than their soldiers, though, he has been playing more than their old roles, old soul again and again into the dolphin.

A Brief History of Yu surname genealogy research

Yu surname as the surname of one of the oldest, dating back to the ancient era of the Yellow Emperor Shen Yi Yu tarsal, though it had a big by Tianwei, then ages talented people for deep Chinese civilization from a long contribute their part power.Yu’s ancestors spawned multiply throughout the country, surnamed Yu at present there are about 1.4 million, ranking 117, 70% living life in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces.  Since last name Yu, was named earlier, and its development in the first while other surnames.In the Spring and Autumn Period, Zheng, Chu and the nobility of man surnamed Yu.Prior to the Western Zhou Dynasty and a surname Yu Feng Guo, Yu Bo then used monarch “Yu Bo respect”, “Gui Yu Bo” and other modern archeology has found.Historically surnamed Yu at the river, the east is the county look, contemporary addition to the country has more widely distributed, but again Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces as the main living area.Discussion on ethnic Han Yu is not only the name but also for the full family name, Yi, Hui, Korean, Tennessee, Tujia and other ethnic groups who used.  Yu’s southern scattered some people, mostly in Zhejiang.The province is one of Xinchang man surnamed Yu kibbutz, the surname Yu Xinchang, about 3 million people.Yu surname originated in the Tang Dynasty, now can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.The Zuxian Shi Yu’s living room, Shandong Province River area (as Qingzhou Yidu County village dollars), now Qingzhou City in Shandong Province.Yu Shi Jiangnan originator.Scholars are Zhuangwu Shi Yu.  Yu (YU) there are three name Source: After 1, from tarsal Huangdi Chen, to some kind of s.It is contained in the “Annals little clan” and “Historical Records” and so on, the Yellow Emperor when doctors tarsus, its medical skills, expertise pulse through the ancient “Yu” and the word “Shu” the word the same, and acupoints as “the pulse of Notes “, and with the recovery of the more Yu homonym, it said Yu tarsal, followed by human ancestors Everbright medicine, that is some kind of surname, called Yu Shi.  2, from the Spring and Autumn Period Zheng, Yu Shi Chu Guogong family have.According to the “Road History,” the Spring and Autumn Period Zhengguo Gong family, Chu Guogong family have this surname.  3, from his family surname: ① surnamed Qing Manchu, a Shenyang, Liaoyang, Zhang Luo and other places, and Yu Qing Manchu Eight Banners surname has changed after surnamed Ni Maha.  ② now Yi, Tujia, Hui, Korean and other ethnic groups have surnamed Yu.  In the “Historical Records” and “Que Biography”, there was a good doctor Yu tarsal, according to legend, the art of living in order to save the world and know the ancient name to Yu tarsal mentioned when the Yellow Emperor, is thousands of years Chinese surname Yu ancestor.Yu tarsal, the legendary ancestor of the Chinese Xinglin.He talked to Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, a variety of herbs known performance, he knows how to use the “cut leather Jie Ji, washing five internal organs,” the modern surgical techniques, is considered geniuses.A low birthrate and the Yellow Emperor Yu Yang terminally ill, the Yellow Emperor asked him to go to treatment, but the time he rushed, Yu Yang has Qiruoyousi.Yellow Emperor cherished this child, could not help but grief, Yang Yu tarsal that is cut open the abdomen, the viscera clean, the Yu Yang back to life.Later someone asked him: “dying man, you cut open his stomach, the event can not be saved would not have to bear the blame?”He said:” When the doctor first condition is to forget yourself, only to forget themselves in order to put the heart on the patient.”Because of his medical skills, no matter how severe the disease, so that he can heal, so people call him the more tarsus, the more Yu homonym, later known as Yu tarsal, followed follow public opinion, that surname Yu, Yu Feng tarsal for the surname ancestor.  Clan Feature 1, Yu Song uncommon name before in history.  2, surnamed Yu is a typical southern surname.  3, Yu surname south earlier than other surnames, surnamed Yu early into Guangdong and Guangxi, the more his surname not be compared.  4, the multi-talented scholar surnamed Yu, on the development of Chinese traditional literature quite a contribution, even the general Yu Dayou also writing “righteousness Hall Collection,” “by the sword” two books handed down.  Species distribution Yu Yu surname surname surname early, much can be traced back to five thousand years ago the Yellow Emperor, Zheng, Chuguo Gong Yu joined the family name after another when the Spring and Autumn.Even so, surname Yu Sui and Tang dynasties before seen in the annals of the very few still.Only a few people is: Spring and Autumn Period Chu Yu Boya, Eastern Han Dynasty was originally Khotan (now part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region) Wang, after Li returned to Wang Yu Lin, East Jincheng Di when Xuancheng (now part of Anhui Province) people Yu vertical and Southern Song (capital now Nanjing) who Yu Qian.Although there is no a few people, but enough to show that before the Sui and Tang dynasties, surnamed Yu, who has been in Hubei multiply, and there are people across the surname Yu Changjiang, enter Koto (As for Yu Lin, might as ancient ethnic minority people.This deposit, for reference).Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, the Jingzhou Jiangling (now Hubei Qianjiang county area) Yu Wenjun who ventured into words, saying Xinfeng land a mountain to emerge for no reason, because of Empress Wu “female ranks Yang bits” of it.This remark angered Wu, so he took him to exile was still desolate land of Lingnan.Yu descendants surname will thus reach the vicinity of Guangdong and Guangxi in southern China.Therefore, surnamed Yu, a native of southern China, there should be many of them are descendants of the Yu Wenjun.As stated in “Prefecture Family Names” and “name Dynasty” and so on, surnamed Yu, looking at the distribution of four, namely Hadong, Hanoi County, Hejian County, Jiangling county, these data suggest that in the Sui and Tang Sui and Tang Dynasty or previously, surnamed Yu had long lived in this Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Hubei and other provinces, and a flourishing population, ethnic minority adults.After entering the Song Dynasty, surnamed Yu suddenly shine, the carrier “ancient Chinese Dictionary of names” Song in only 44 people there, in addition to three check-free place of origin, the rest are now Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Yu followed by the names of people above the land distributed to the public.The early Ming Dynasty, surnamed Yu, as the Ming Hongtong Ash moved to one of the people surname, is divided moved in Shaanxi, Gansu, Hebei, Tianjin and other places.Ming and Qing Dynasties, surnamed Yu East is still the land for the public, but an increasing diaspora land.Today, the Yu surname widely distributed in the country, especially in Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces more than the name, last name Yu, the above-mentioned three provinces account for about seventy percent of the country’s population surnamed Han Yu.Yu surname surname in China today is ranked one hundred and seventeenth position last name, a bigger population, accounting for 0.12% Han Chinese population.  1 surnamed Wang Yu County, east county Qin, where the rule Anyi (now Shanxi Xiaxian northwest), the jurisdiction of Shanxi Southwest.Eastern Jin Dynasty shift governing Hosaka (now Yongji, Shanxi puzhou town).Sui and Tang is Puzhou Hadong.Sui was divided Hosaka home east of County Seat.Ming and east into the county Puzhou.  2, Hanoi county ancient Yellow River to the north of Hanoi, south, west of the extragalactic.Chuhan occasion of Hanoi home county, western jurisdiction over this northern Henan, where the rule Huai County (Henan Wu Zhi Southwest).Western Jin Dynasty shift governing Ye Wang (now Qinyang).Sui Ye Wang in Hanoi County.Sui and Tang Hanoi county that is pregnant state.Yuan Huaiqing road.Ming and Qing Huaiqing House.Hanoi change the name of the county, often legacy.When the government of the Republic, changed Hanoi County Qinyang.  3, Hejian County Han has Hejian County (or Hejian country), governance Music City (now the Hebei Xian County southeast).Northern Wei Zhijun, shift rule between now Hebei River, now Xian.Sui and Tang dynasties inter Yeongju River County.The late Northern Song Dynasty liter River House, the rule Hejian (now Hejian).Dollar to Hejian Road.Ming and Qing Hejian.  Fourth, the Han Dynasty set Jiangling County Jiangling County, is the legacy of Nelson.Southern Qi home to Jiangling county, territory in this area of eastern Sichuan and Hubei Jiangling.937 years, the government for the Southern Tang Jinling Jiangning House.Northern Song Dynasty and the Qing government also Jiangning.Jiangning but also for the county, or city, or in the suburbs.Clear Spring County and with the Jiangsu provincial capital.Republic Waste House and Spring, Jiangning County capital.Capital of Nanjing Kuomintang government, and move to the outskirts of Jiangning.  Zong Yu ancestral surname Wu Xingtang number (in the hope to Li Tang, also known as Wu Cheng Church, Church 0 Huzhou, water Church, alpine Church, the Church in the spring, Dan Youtang, homotopy Church, on the Syrian Church, the Church of righteousness, The Poetry Hall, tracing the Church, Victoria the hall, enjoy Yu Tong, Yau Syrian Church, Guangyu Church, thinking of the Church, Yuqing Tang, chasing away together, Shin Hing Tong, which was Cheng Church, Chengqi Tang, the ancient Han Tong, Yong tin Church, never thought hall Yongyu Church, sourcing Church, and the Church caused, Germany Yintang, Negotiable Church, Xiao Si Tong, Yu Kai Tong, Rende Hall, Shuter Tong, Tong Zi de, Matilda Hall, Kwai Yintang, Yi Valley Church, Duilun Church, Friendship Hall, Mid Hall, grace parish, east hall (with Wang Li Tang, also known Hosaka Church, Taiyuan Church and state Church, Binh Duong Church), Hanoi Church (to Wang Li Tang, also known as pregnant state Hall, Ye Wang Tong, Huaiqing Church, Qinyang Church), Hejian Church (in the hope to Li Tang, also known as Yeongju hall, music hall into).and many more.  Water Church, from the legend of Yu Boya’s Spring and Autumn Period.Chu Yu Boya corporations, but fall in the official Star Jin, Jingzhou, Hubei and Hunan government land also, to the official position of the doctor, because the orders of Lord Jin, Chu repair to hire day Range Rover odd control line to the Han Yangjiang product, when in August fifteen Mid-Autumn night, stop burning incense ordered the boy, holding a piano tuning, piano spectrum into its word cloud: Unfortunately, Yan Hui died early life, teach people thought coming from the frost.Because alley Tansu scoop music.To this time, found no strings, never pop up to fourth place, then said Zhong Ziqi shore; name forever stay too Yin Yang.Since then, Yu Boya was mountain stream Concert – Zhong Ziqi also.Yu’s family on the “water” as the name of the Church.Still in use.  Generation name surname Yu ranking Chinese surname, the word has always been arranged in order, the purpose is to distinguish between young and old seniority, even if the split far apart, separated by hundreds of years, you can separate the name from whether you are our family, you can separate the generation part.Each word sequences of different denominations, but this must be consistent internal sects.Loya sect may have word order to pioneer ancestors first of all, not a separate sect small branch word order, otherwise the back ancestors abandoned Shaw.  First, the slope Xichang Jiang Yu’s Mongolian character generation: “Ting sea CSL Town Chengxi Liang Chen Chao Teng-day school can Bonaventure Yuan Kai Shi Bing Zhongzhi Li Ching Chong Ren Yongchang product Daheng pregnant with significant long-term Myeongjong reflect light phase State Jiazhao Qin Shi Lu gift to Vang Vieng “.    Second, Chaohu, Anhui Mongolian Yu’s character generation: “Long Ting Tong Zuzong Xin Zhong Jia Zhu country after another from Yichang to introduce the text to be the birthplace of this well-known but good Chak Diligence Jianye light Zhaode deposit sincere moral whole”.  Third, Ningbo, Zhejiang Yu’s character generation: “Shi Cong from the Road Safety wooden Bowen Hong Rui Ren Zhi Cheng Zulie credit Yushu Gong Fang Chi-chang should open feel good Shuji Gantang but elegant Xiaolian positive Yau Chang-ting significantly mediated Fukunaga Corning village”.  Fourth, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Yu’s character generation: “grievous Wen-liang arch Chengzhao Qi Wang Ying Xu Si Chang Daxing first person Ruibang House of Light”.  Fifth, Guangdong Huanggong Lin Yu’s character generation: “Si Cheng Yi Ren Ci Xingxiao University early Yong Xi Yu Pei handsome rule nine Wing Yip Ping An Jiashi Long Fu Rong Xiangrui”.  Sixth, Huaian Yu’s character generation: “benevolence Cixing Xiao Yi, Cheng Si college early, handsome Yong Xi Yu, Pei nine to rule forever, industry Fu Rong Xiangrui, Ping An Jiashi Dragon”.  Seven, Fujian Fuqing Yu’s seniority ranking 10-39 World: “the public official should be towards the country, will Shangzhi Chong, Yong Shao world Qichang, Zhao Jianyu Acer, Yu Zu Zewei the Xianmo new cotton pedigree.Biaozi 4-39 World Ranking: child with Bozong Jing Wen, De Ting Yuan has body, learn Qing Fu Jun, Zeng Yin Kai Sun Seoul, on behalf of inherited Long Yi, Zhao Yi long training Heirloom grams Mau family name. “.  Eight, Zhuji, dock Yu’s character generation: “the size of three fifty one thousand Ya Wan Cheng Wen-tsung your Zhong Kai Yu Friends of Fujia Chen Zhen Ji Xing Tian Yun Zhou Sheng Dai-sheng Lin Bin Qin Shi is the body of the pregnant bench really works but see Yi Yan Wing people have to work with the product “Shandong a deceased ancestor, Yu Chong Wei Xing word to thirty-three, surnamed Yu, as the first ancestor of the World.  Born Tang Wu Houguang Monkey House two years (AD 684) February fifth day.Min’s married, two children Yi positive and HC.Dezong posthumously Jiedushi, the Rat died Kaiyuan twenty-four years (AD 736 years) September 23.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Two ancestor, Yu Yi orthographic end fraud Kenichi line, a second name to Yu Shi.  Prince was born in the first year of Tai Chi (712) March 17.Zhao married, two children.Dali died in the first year of Ping Wu (766) February 19, at the age of fifty-five.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Second-generation ancestor, Chen Yu Xiang orthography end line Qian four second surname as Yu Shi.  Born Bing Chen Kaiyuan four years (716 years) in September eighth day.Young married, two children Yun Yuan, Ji-won.When Yu Shi Zhongcheng posthumously Xianzong.Guihai died Jianzhong four years (783 years) the first two days in March at the age of sixty-eight.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Three ancestor, Yuyun yuan faithful word line is still five to Yu surname Third World.  Government House was born in Kaiyuan twenty-nine years (741 years) in October three days.Marry Lu, a student seeking Ziyan.When Tongzhou pass sentence in Tang.Yuan died and three years (808 years) in July sixth, at the age of sixty-eight.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Three ancestor, Yu Zhi Yuan Zhongming word line is still nine for the third World surname Yu.  Monkey was born in Tianbao three years (744 years) August 15.Hsu married, have two aromatic Zaiyan, Yanhui.Shi Jiedushi when Dezong.Changqing Renyin died two years (822 years) October 18, the age of seventy-nine.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Four-generation ancestor, Yu Yan seek word can just rows and five Second, for the fourth World surname Yu.  Dali was born in the first year of Ping Wu (766) fifth day of October.Wu married, two children.Dezong Kaiyuan ceremony when the election (official opening ceremony yuan).Died Yuan and the first year (806 years) in August three days, at the age of forty-one.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Four-generation ancestor, Yuyan Fang word line name just five or six for the fourth surnamed Shi Yu.  Shu Geng was born in Dali five years (770 years) August 10, thirty days.Conn married, two children.When Shi Emperor Shunzong of Tang in the book Pingzhang.Shu Geng died in Taihe four years (830 years) May 19, at the age of sixty-one.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Four-generation ancestor, Yu Yanhui word Aidlite line fifty-seven, surnamed Yu, as the fourth world.  Dali was born nine years Jiayin (774) June second day.Feng married, two children induced Yao, Yu induced.When Emperor Xian Zong Shi Yu Shi Zhongcheng.Died open into five Gengshen (840) February twenty days, at the age of sixty-seven.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Five-generation ancestor, Yuzhi Yao Gao and six characters, for the fifth World surname Yu.  Government House was born in Zhenyuan seventeen years (801 years) day of the month.Meng married, two children.Shi Xichuan Jiedushi Tang Wenzong time.Dazhong Rat died ten years (856 years) May 11, at the age of fifty-six.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Five-generation ancestor, Yu Zhiyu optical character lines and ten, for the fifth World surname Yu.  Born in Zhenyuan two decades Monkey (804) August 23.Lee married, a son thick.Tang Emperor board examination, the official Prince small division, gifts Taishi.Died Ping Wu (886) 26 February KPS years, at the age of eighty-three.Shandong tombs Youth Outreach.  Yu surname ancestor are five ranks (central Shandong Province in 1986, county to waste Qingzhou) Shandong Qingzhou Yidu Jinling County Mei Keng Village Green at the agency, so Xinchang Yu’s self-proclaimed “Qingzhou Source” or “Source a Youth Outreach “.  Jiangnan Jiangnan ancestors Yu’s scattered some people, mostly in Zhejiang.The province is one of Xinchang man surnamed Yu kibbutz, the surname Yu Xinchang, about 3 million people.Yu surname originated in the Tang Dynasty, now can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.The Zuxian Shi Yu’s living room, Shandong Province River Yidu (for the first Green County state capital) Yu Chong, now Qingzhou City in Shandong Province.Yu Shi Jiangnan originator.Scholars are Zhuangwu Shi Yu.  Six-generation ancestor, Yu Wei Hing thick word line benefits of Six, surnamed Yu, as the sixth World.  Tai Ji born three years (829 years) beginning November 9.Zhang married, four children Xun, Chong, Bin, TRANSACTIONS.Late Tang Huan Yu Chang, Shi Xizong when Muzhou (now Jiande) provincial governor.God Bless Yi Chou died two years (905 years) October 13, at the age of seventy and seven years.The eldest son of the tomb and buried in the Yan Yu Xun public Wufeng East riding a dragon cut off (now the town of Xinchang pull Mao Wufeng Village).  Yu fused positive late Tang Huang Chao arbitrary value, and the eldest son magistrate any Yan Yu Xun seclusion xinchang Wufeng.It is known as “Wufeng Yu’s” sub-sub-Hispanic moved to new, Shengzhou, on and Shaoxing, Ningbo, etc., thick Yu Yu Shi became the ancestor of the southern.Yu thick gave birth to four sons: Yu Xun, Yu Chong, Yu Bin, Yu TRANSACTIONS.Yan were to become (Synergis), Hui (Huizhou), Beijing (Kaifeng), Ming (Ningbo, called Minnesota) sent four ancestor.  Seven ancestor, Xun Yu the Great Seal of the word line forty-four for the seventh World surname Yu.  Born Tang Dazhong GuiYou seven years (853 years) five days in early February.Ouyang’s married, two children bearing off, Chengzhi.For the popular Yu Duanning, lapel of macro exclusion, Zhaozong when Shi Yan Yi Ling gift (or as Wu Yue Yan Yi Wei to) through government Bong Yee doctor, shame towards non-official and rebel Huang Chao Luo, then the parent kai seclusion Yan Dong Wu Mountain town.Changxing four years later died in Kimi (933) Nianba May Day, at the age of eighty and two years.Funeral riding a dragon cut off, together with the parent trillion.  To the late Tang, Yu Yu Xun son together with thick, official all to the south.Yu thick as Muzhou (now Jiande) provincial governor, the eldest son Yu Xun, Yan Yi Ling to.At this chaos, thick Yu, Yu Xun and his son, then hidden in the Yan-kai official position east of Wufeng.Yu Xun starting from the calendar IV, about AD 1000 years ago, Yu Wenxing, Yuwen Wang brothers, moved Xinchang city and Jing Fang Ming Lun Fang, Yu Shi became the ancestor of Xinchang.Yu Xun and passed III, Health and three sons: Peter deep, unspoken Bo, Bo Yuan.Bo Yuan four children: Wen Xing, Wang Wen, elegant, text should.The text should be moved to tour Xie Township Shengxian black pit, the text should grandson Yu Shi, Sun characters, enjoy the line ten, moved by the black pit Baiguan, Baiguan for Yu’s ancestors began to move.  Seven ancestor, Yu Chong word country row five for the seventh surnamed Shi Yu.  Tang Dazhong was born in Rat years (856 years) beginning May 5.Wang married, two children Cheng Xun, Cheng arch.Xi Shi provincial governor when Xizong.Later Tang Dynasty with light Guiwei died in the first year (923 years) early February, at the age of sixty-eight.Resides in Hangzhou, Hangzhou send ancestor tomb in Lin’an.  Yu Cheng Xun has three sons.Eldest son Ren Qing, Shi River in the House to observe the history of the pilgrimage Silver Green Guanglu doctor the house of Shi Yu.Renshou second son, Shi right-class Dianzhi.Son Ren Yu, Shi Wei Dynasty generals.Shuren have three sons.Eldest son Peter vibration, migration, including (now Lishui), Shi Zhongsandafu a woman is charged Ren Wei, General Instrument gifts right collar for kuocang send ancestor.Yu Cheng arch has three sons.Eldest son Ren Yi, Shi Wu Yue Qian satisfied from the country, is satisfied that the soil return to the Song.Second son Ren sound, the official accounting south.Son YEN YIN, Mita official ambassador for Wuzhou (now Jinhua area) faction ancestor.  Seven ancestor, Bin Yu Guohua word line VII is the seventh world surnamed Yu.  Born Tang Dazhong thirteen years JiMao (859) August third day.Zhang married, two children Cheng Tong, Cheng Mei.Tangxi Zong Shi Kaifeng Fushi time.Died Later Tang Dynasty with light years Guiwei (923) early February day, at the age of sixty-five.Bian tomb.Habitat Kaifeng (now Kaifeng), sent to Kaifeng ancestor.  Seven ancestor, Yu TRANSACTIONS word line with the country’s nine surname as Yu seventh World.  Tang Xian Tong Ren Wu was born three years (862 years) in March second day.Han married, four children bearing capital, bearing the appropriate (moved Xiangshan), Cheng Yi, Cheng Teng.Zhaozong when Shiming State (now Ningbo) compound sentence.Later Tang Dynasty should shun died in the first year of Sino-Japanese War (934) March 11, at the age of 72 years old.In large dark tomb.Ju Ming’s big night, as the ancestor of Minnesota School.  Eight generation, Yu Cheng Yuan off the line following the word Saint, surnamed Yu, as the eighth world.  Boxer was born in Tang Guangming first year (1880) is the beginning of the day.Song married, a son generosity.Shi Chang observation to make the pilgrimage Silver Green Guanglu doctor.Zhou Xiande Dimba died four years (957 years) May 18, at the age of seventy-eight.Mao tomb twenty pull all high soil name plate, and brother Chengzhi Gong takes away the show box Bristol.  Eight generation, Fang Yu Chengzhi word following the line of the Holy Trinity, for the eighth World surname Yu.  Born in Middle and mao and three years (883 years) October 15.Married Han, a son Ren Yu.Shi Shi made Longtuge.Guichou Zhou Dynasty, died three years (953 years) beginning October 9, at the age of seventy-one.Mao tomb twenty pull all high soil name plate, and brother Hugh commitment to take the show on the 31st o Department of Public Li word box Bristol.  Nine ancestor, Yu generosity word Atsuo party line VIII surname as Yu ninth World.  Yi Chou was born in Tang Tianyou two years (905 years) August 12.Zhang married, a son Boyuan.Shi Deng Wen Drum hospital when sentenced to five generations, moved Ningchuan (now Ninghai) Ma’ao.Song Kai Bao GuiYou died six years (973 years) five days early in February, at the age of sixty and nine years.Xinchang Wufeng burial tomb and hold back from brother Ren Yu deciliter trillion peach Son to take the show.Ma’ao faction of the ancestors.  Nine ancestor, Shuren Yu word line square 9 wide-husband, surnamed Yu, as the ninth World.  Born Tang Tianyou Dingmao four years (907 years) in March Niansan.Qiu’s married, three children Yuan Bo, Bo deep, unspoken Peter.Five Dynasties Shi Chang Wei State.Rat Song Kai Bao died nine years (976 years) November 11, at the age of seventy years.Tomb Wufeng generosity and cousin deciliter trillion peach people take the show Brussels.  Ten ancestor, the word Yu Boyuan Chong Hing three static line for the tenth World surname Yu.  Born in Changxing three years after the Imjin (932) 25 August.Chen married, four children.Wen Xing, Wang Wen, elegant, text should.C Shu Yong Xi died in three years (1986) May 19, at the age of fifty-five.Resettlement Yan Xishan, the tomb Yan.  Bo Yuan descendants, the county Yuan Sheng Qiao has six paper describes: “Sheng Yu’s County, Cangyan school, Zu Yu Yuan (ie Bo Yuan), is the great-grandson Yu Xun, Yan moved west from Wufeng.Northern Song Yu Zheng (1154-1220), the wide flat from Yao Fang La uprising, to work in addition to matter for Lang, Du Li river Xiling, Shao Xi the first year (1191) Retirements, love Cangyan water Cui Wei, buy open space because the building living room Yan, Yu Shi is Cangyan ancestors began to move.” ‘Xinchang Yu Shi’ since the six-generation ancestor Yu thick, have four sons, namely Yu Xun, Yu Chong, Yu Bin, Yu TRANSACTIONS divided into four tribes, in addition to Yu Bin officer Kaifeng, Henan faction ancestor, the remaining three are in the south this tribe Yu Xun, descendants moved Xinchang urban and rural, prosperous descendants, known as mayor.  There flounder migrate to Shengzhou, first Yubai Guan, Song City (now Song Ha), etc..When the Ming Dynasty, Song Yu-jen a city XXII, migration to the Shaoxing Doumen (now the town of Doumen District).It later became a Han.Xu Yu V when twenty two, hundred officials from Quang Ninh to move Shaoxing bridge (now Shaoxing) is a small family.  Shangyu Yushi total of three pie is divided into two branches, in addition to the above mentioned the “Yu Shi Baiguan”, “City Song Yu’s” source of an attitude, there is a “Yu Yu Shi East,” Yu Xun passed on III, born three sons: Peter deep, unspoken Bo, Bo Yuan.Second son Peter latent, hidden word quarter, the line Xing nine Wufeng moved from the East Gate on Yufeng Hui, Yu Shi Dong Yu Bo as potential ancestor.Bo Yuan for the hundred officials, Song Ha Yu Shi ancestor.Yu Kui moved songxia a son Yu large crowd, Yu large crowd two sons, Shuyun, Shi Song for the Evans School of sentence, Yu Yuan, Song Jinshi Tang end Ming Temple bachelor, so future generations minute “hospital sentence faction” and “bachelor school” two major the tribe, the second derivative has sent out more than twenty small tribe!  Yu Xun (853-933), at the age of 81 years.The late Tang, namely Yan and his father lived in the East, after the death of his father, Yu thick and are buried in Wufeng Heights riding a dragon cut off.To send Yan ancestor.  Yu Chong, (856-923), the word country, a Xizong when either Xi provincial governor,.His four-generation descendant of that ancestor Yu Boying moved back eleven owned Zhejiang,.So Yu Hang Chong is (emblem) faction ancestor, Yu Bin, (859-924) word Guohua, deputy Xizong when any of Kaifeng, gave birth to two sons, Cheng Cheng Road and the United States, is the ancestor of the Beijing School.Descendants settled in Kaifeng, Henan area.  Yu TRANSACTIONS (862-934), Shiming State (now Ningbo) compound sentence, ranking the large dark (Yin today), with Han, have four sons, Chengzhi, Cheng Shi, Cheng Yi, Cheng Teng.Ming faction ancestor.  More than four factions, and then evolved into Ma Ao, Jing’an, Ming Lun, Xuedong, black pit, the King, Song City and other school.And acting and for the Huizhou, Wu camp, including Chang, Zhenjiang, and other factions.Daughter multiply.Spread.Therefore Yu Yue (gift Scholars origin, was the official Academy editing, Henan political science) as “Yu Song Yu’s home by the city” when there is a preface to the twenty-five years Guangxu (1899) teaching: “goes south Yu “.”Yu goes south,” saying, though not comprehensive, but it also shows the six southern Yu’s most respected ancestor Yu thick as the ancestor.  The tribe Xun Yu seven ancestor, descendant moved Xinchang urban and rural, prosperous descendants, known as mayor.There flounder migrate to Shengzhou, first Yubai Guan, Song City (now Song Ha), etc..To the Song Dynasty, the ancestor of fifteen people Qiantang Yu Liang (1067-1148), the word wing Chen, No. cloud Um, moved to the beginning of Shaoxing City, south of Jishan Zhu Shi settlers.Yu Liang Fu for three years in the Northern Song Yuan in the Scholars, served as Yu Shi Zhongcheng, the house of Shi Shi and other staff.He lived very long, at the age of 82 years old at the time should be the birthday of.Wen buried ditch (now Shaoxing County Huashe).Yuliang Sheng three sons: Hang Qu, Hang Zong, Hang Road.  Zong Yu Hang, Song Longxing first year of Scholars, the official Secretary of the Court Xiuzhuan, straight Xianmo Court, migration from the city Jishan temperature ditch Harmony Bridge (Zhou Bridge), after the death of posthumous text was buried Mu Li Mao bridge Northwest drizzle.Shang Yu old tomb.Alive author of “ancient recorded Lynn Hill”, “Xuan down draft”, “the word macro industry practice” and other works.To the descendants of the Ming Dynasty Yu Hang cases of sub-migration at Shaoxing, Shangyu Tao, the type pond, Doumen, Yung Shan, Wayao, high-taek, cross river, Tandi more than 10, later known as the “ten tribes Yu”, a total of Feng Yu Hang Zong is an ancestor.When the Ming Dynasty, Yu Song Yu-jen a city XXII, migration to the Shaoxing Doumen (now more urban doumenzhen).It later became a Han.Zhao Gong Ren Yu Yu’s one for Doumen ancestor ancestors Shangyu Shangyu Yu’s divided into two faction three branches, “Yu Shi Baiguan”, “City Song Yu’s” source of an attitude, there is a “Yu Dong Yu Shi” another faction into.III Shuren Yu Yu Xun passed on, gave birth to three sons: Peter deep, unspoken Bo, Bo Yuan.The second son of Peter the potential of Xinchang on Yufeng Hui Wufeng moved outside the east gate, Yu Dong Yu Shi became the ancestor.Yuan was the third son of Peter hundred officials, Song Ha Yu Shi ancestor.  Ten ancestor, the word Yu Boyuan Chong Hing three static line for the tenth World surname Yu.  Born in Changxing three years after the Imjin (932) 25 August.Chen married, four children.Wen Xing, Wang Wen, elegant, text should.C Shu Yong Xi died in three years (1986) May 19, at the age of fifty-five.Resettlement Yan Xishan, the tomb Yan.  Ten ancestor, Peter Yu Ji hidden unspoken word, line Xing nine tenth surname as Yu Shi.  Eleven ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Wen shall XI.(Son of Yu Boyuan) (from Wufengshan moved Shengzhou black pit) thirteen ancestor, Sun Yu Shi characters, enjoy the line ten, for the thirteenth World surname Yu.(Yu Shi Baiguan moved from Lake Township, Wu Xie Sheng County travel pit under) (as baiguan Yu’s ancestors began to move) Fourteen ancestor, Yuting Gui Yu is the 14 th surname.(Yuting Gui as Minnesota governor made the command to) two children Yu Kui (Ming Masanori two years (1517) Scholars), Yu millet (millet Yu Jiajing two years (1523) Scholars).  Fourteen ancestor, Yuting Yu Yu is the 14 th surname.(Yuting Yu three children, sea Yu, Yu through the source, through Yu Yuan.) And his son are four famous Ming Dynasty, established Qixun, merit Monkey.Yuting Yu dragon and tiger on the general officer southern protect the country and the sub-prefect Privy Council, Dynasty is leaning left and right, positive eighteen years can not attack Anqing died in front, thanks to funeral Anqing gossip door, between November Tzu bestowed River County fair , Shi wulie.  The founding hero, this pond full of people Hao Zhou, Yuan for four years (1338), migration nest County Road Luzhou people.Positive twelve years, soldiers from the JAC, Zhao Peng to confuse the demon, the Jianghuai people should.Ting Yu Yi set its subordinate brigades Jinhua sister, knot Village Lipu Sheng and other coalition forces.Fourteen years into the Laoshan Island Chaohu group tie kiosk, knot the Revision brothers and other contact with Yu Kou chaos.When the demon left the party with whom the king Bute, according to Luzhou gap, Ting Yu and several war in Luyang unfavorable, it was trapped.Fifteen years spring, in the division Dynasty and Yang, seeking to cross the river without boats.  Ting Yu in said books; “and all will be Sons Yushi boat division ratio normalized, distant enemy not obstruct the way, to send soldiers DAC Cheng begging.”Too Zuda Yue, Li Shan Mubin that long, saying:” I should be good machine.”In May, Chaohu Dynasty pro Dubing to pull it out.Suitable Yuan Zhong Cheng Manzi Hague squad estuary barrier, pole Zhaopu Sheng Tun his troops in the female accumulator Huangdun different ambitions.Dynasty visit the Li Wenzhong, Yu’s father and son slain rate that is attracted to conspiracy to commit wing guard, soldiers fight back Manzi.Both arrived and Yang, then submitted Yuxikou, anchovy, etc. all words Chau million meritorious award.Paternity drive across the river, pulling quarry, take the peace, the military pull out mains pipe.And burning the defeat Zhongcheng kiosk, boat building, only a few boat fled Manzi Hague.Shuai Chen Huai Zaibai first while two hundred thousand of the public land on the side of the mountain village, set policy to take Nanking, whereby Dynasty open base Esa.  Sixteen years in March, given Taiwan City, Zhenjiang grams, granted Marshal.And it took Danyang, broken Ningguo military rifles, complex Chizhou, Zongyang.Positive eighteen years in April, and the river camp gate grams, won the yuan to Zhao cattle, pseudo-equality of Chizhou Marshal flood boat people, into the south of the Privy Council Qian, Dynasty leaning brachial shares.When Dynasty in Chizhou, pole Zhaopu Sheng led his troops indisputable, as Dynasty defeated.Soon after, Pu-port complex scrambling sand, Zhujiang are lost.September, Dynasty contingent Ting Yu Lu Dajun territorial waters the attack, the S & P wins from Anqing Zongyang ambush, hidden horizontal cable in water.19, 1999, to Ting Yu Governor boat division, the cable can not ship in line, as Pu-defeated, gem from the official, both died in front guards, etc..General presented the dragon, on protecting the country, the southern sub-prefect Privy Council, and was buried Anqing gossip door.Wu first year in November, bestowed Hejian county fair, Shi wulie.Huang’s wife, son trio, sea, through the source, through deep.  Fifteen ancestor, Tong Yu Hai (1329–1366), the word Biquan, for the fifteenth World surname Yu.An Feng Yuan JAC province Luan County (now Shou County, Anhui Anfeng) people, the eldest son of Hejian County fair Yuting Yu.After Yuan four years (1338), a refuge father Xi Ju County Luyang nest.  No government of the late Yuan, from the Pirates of Ru Ying.Ting Yu and his son and Zhaopu Sheng, such as the Revision knot Walled lake, there are one thousand navy.Luzhou number of Bute left embarrassed by the king, sent sea bypass roads owned Dynasty.Dynasty side in the division and yang, seeking to cross the river without boats.Tonghai, overjoyed, saying: “I have days like this!”Personally ask its military.The Zhaopu Sheng to rebel.Yuan soldiers to choke House Boat Racecourse River mouth.The only may pass near Lake Harbor, also a long dry.Will be days of heavy rain, the water depth Zhang Yu, Nai Yin Zhou Chujiang to and yang.Sea man Shen Yi, Yan army and grace, for the use of Rexroth.Chaohu Zhujiang are longer than the water war, and the sea is the most.From various kiosk broken Hague, delegate million.From crossing, quarrying g, take peace, many have suggested the genus various counties.The Hague complex warships to cut quarrying, and before Mr Justice Huai Fang Shan Tuen two hundred thousand soldiers, with horns.The sea and the Revision of the strike, etc., defeated their congregation, lodged in The Hague.Trillion into the first break, take the set Hing Road.From soup and pull Zhenjiang moved Qinhuai wing Marshal.Kai Zhujiang take Danyang, Jintan, Changzhou.Privy Council moved the line judge.From Knin country, Yang water, due to the little boat division of Taihu Lake, Zhang Shicheng drop will keep Majishan, outfitting boat xukou.Lu Zhen soldiers to violence, to retreat Zhujiang.  Tonghai said: “no, Discrimination of a Sentence widowed, back then love to see.Better to hit the.”First is the body fight disease, vector under the rain, in the right eye, not war.Shi is the charge of life supervise hexyl methyl.Enemy thought through the sea, not force, Xu solution to the.Then the head is a subtle.Already, such as Wing-kai grams Pai garrison, and also won the horse pack sand.Pu-owned by both rebel Youliang, depression Chizhou, sent will not keep, and since according to Zongyang kiosk.  Fang Zheng Dynasty eastern Zhejiang to Zongyang to worry.Sea to attack big break.Lu Pu-go, do obtain their boat, then re Chizhou.Qian moved to the Privy Council.Youliang guilty Bay, kai all will take the hit, chasing burn the boat to Chihu, Capture of seven handsome, to the north by quarrying.Kung, into the sub-prefect Privy Council.From the attack Youliang, under Tongling, g Jiujiang, swept Qi, yellow.Rebel wish strike from Da Zong, Kangtai, complex Nanchang.An abundance of aid from, defeated soldiers Shicheng.Also attack Luzhou.Youliang aggressively around Nanchang.From Dynasty hit the.In the case of Kang Lang Shan, Zhou Yang Gong is not small, almost a moral force Battle.The sea wind burning the boat that more than twenty enemy small setback.Zhou Dynasty glue, Youliang Xiao Qiang Zhang given edge straight ahead, Zhou Dynasty guilty.Regular book deckle shot, to aid Ge flying sea, water quench Chung boat, boat Detuo Dynasty.  The Haizhou complex through an enemy ship in the press, the soldiers begin with the first ship arrived, pocket iron pot to make crack, only free.Tomorrow complex war, kai Liao Yongzhong and other boat with seven home gunpowder, burning hundreds of enemy boat.More than the 2nd, the complex of six boat depth.Even the big enemy ship resisting.Too Suden poop hope, long time no see, Italy has not.There are six enemy ships out around the boat, floating Yao If You Long.Sergeant Huan noise, courage hundredfold, war Yakult.Youliang soldiers defeated.Division once left calabash, into the sea, saying: “there is a shallow lake, boat difficult to maneuver.Morrow into the river, according to the enemy’s upper class.He Funairi, i.e. carry Chengqin.”Then moved out of the lake, water and land Junction Gate.Youliang not out.Habitat Lake in mid-January, the best food, led his troops suddenly go, actually defeated death.It is the service also, most sea power.The Division also, thanks to fertile land Jinbo.  Next year from the level Wuchang.Thanks to the Central Secretariat manager of governmental affairs.Bing Liu Hong Kong slightly, advancing Tongzhou, defeated Shicheng soldiers, whose capture would Zhu Qiong, Chen Sheng.JAC executive secretariat into the camera thing, the town of Luzhou.From Xu Daping anfeng.And from Huzhou grams, slightly Taicang.Do not make taking anything away, the community at large Yue.Wai Ping Jiang, fighting off Bridge.Taohuawu pound, the flow vector, creating even, owned Jinling.Fortunately, its first Dynasty, asked: “Pingzhang know I almost asked illness?”The sea is not language.Dynasty play tears out.Wing on death, thirty eight.Dynasty Pro crying very sad, feeling tears from all official guardian.Yu bestowed national companies, Yoo enjoy the Imperial Ancestral Temple, portrait hero temple.Hongwu three years (1370), changed Guo Feng Gong, posthumous Valiant.Mrs. Guo Feng’s wife in, no children, only one woman was left of the adoption Dynasty, Feng “Golden Princess”, all thanks to Tianfu Jiangning County should be buried in the original jubaoshan.  15, Bai Yu Chuan Tong source word for the fifteenth World surname Yu.Yuan Yuan JAC province, An Feng Luan County (now Shou County, Anhui Anfeng) people, the second son of Hejian County fair Yuting Yu.After Yuan four years (1338), a refuge resettlement family nest.Water came from extraordinary, superior martial arts.Its folklore in combat, and the line can be riding a wave in the water.Wu first year, from flat Suzhou active, heir brother officer for the Central Secretariat sea manager of governmental affairs, statistics and fathers keep the old unit Luzhou.From major general Zheng Zhongyuan, deputy general Feng Sheng-kai, Taiyuan and other soldiers will be, given the river.Cross the river, g Lutai, take Fengxiang, Gong Chang, Jing states, keep Kaesong.According to Zhang Liangchen Qingyang will rebel again, the great general of the Organization ordered all will divide our forces.Jiqu to pass from Lintao Jing, its slightly west, slightly to the north when Gu, Fu Youde slightly the east, the south Chen slightly.Great generals forced the city to make food aid must Yoshiomi, defeated and killed.Then g Qingyang.Zheng Dingxi, Junction yuan, are the first board.Hongwu three years Nanan Feng Hou, one thousand five hundred stone-year-old Paul, to the hereditary iron coupons, which says: “I have a view of the ancient parent and child, brother and brother, who are all Yoshiomi Zuo Yun, the heart of Shen Jia and then the world is rare.I Huai starting from the right, garrison and yang, Seoul sea brother to his troops attached to the division, east river, Rulvpingdi, is the grams of quarrying, given Jinling.Followed by two flat enemy, Yan exploit the.It will set a great merit, the first sudden death?I pity their labor, bestowed Henan country fair.Seoul through real source of its younger brother, the world due to its officer to manager of the town of JAC.Central Plains from the levy, multi-service force.Today has been set down, reward, no I reported to Seoul, with Gal Peerage, inherited the sub-Sun Shishi.Seoul and hereby swear: if the plotters do not forgive, I committed a capital offense, Seoul free two dead, child avoid death, to report Er Gong.To play!Hard-working to set up things, Gong Jian to Paul bit, it is still Shen, one day, the world carry rich Wing extension.”Hongwu four years, from cutting Shu Liao Yongzhong, and from Da all along, ask Gansu, there are power.One hundred and forty thousand people fill resettlement Jiangnan Hao are Fengyang.And ordered observe Yunnan, Guangnan levy brute, cut tens of thousands of prisoners.August twenty-one years to the Lady of Guo (sea Yu’s wife to) death and back to Beijing Chao division.Twenty-two years in spring, Chao return home, give money fifty thousand, placed first in the nest.No lines, on 27 February to the patients pass away in Jinling home, the age of forty four, thanks to funeral jubaoshan the original Jiangning County.Wu’s wife Mrs. Monkey, three sons and a daughter, said male ancestors, the disease can not be heir.More than one year, Hu chase on the party to pass the source die, do not ask, in addition to Jazz.  Fifteen ancestor, Tong Yu Yuan word toward science, and the word Mirror Lake, named for the fifteenth World Yu.An Feng Yuan Yuan Road Safety JAC province County (now Shou County, Anhui Anfeng) who also Hejian county fair Hideko.  Yuan Mo, Parent Ting Yu a refuge resettlement nest County Road Luzhou.Positive twelve years, soldiers from the JAC, through deep sense recruiting trip with his father and brothers to defend the rural music.Fourteen years into the Chaohu knot kiosk, next year in May and yang allegiance Dynasty emperor, and his son from the crossing, the capture Yuan Zhao cattle, is the grams of quarrying, will take Jinling policy.After it is charged to the reference fathers paternity Scheeren, the integrated power military captaincy Qian, granted General hussars.HE Fu-kai captaincy North levy rancid Kazakhstan to bend the law and even the river, many gains.Jiangxi seeking transfer rates, the Governor shipped army forage Yongxin down to pick candidates of the division Anfu.The handsome, his troops of Army (Mongolia allegiance Army) levy Long field, Duyun brute holes are flat of.  Hongwu twenty-five years in May, Dynasty to read the work of its campaign work and rest and fathers left strong, thanks to the founding No. auxiliary transport minister push Xuanli Wu Cheng-order Dr. Rong Lu Xun Zhu Guo, Feng Yue Xi Hou, Paul two thousand five hundred years old one hundred stone, confer hereditary, awarded affidavit iron coupons “, except plotters do not forgive, Seoul free two dead, child avoid death.”In June, handsome Dada, Azov, Wu Tang, turn Roth allegiance to the military and other national companies with cool turquoise discuss Jianchang (now Sichuan Xichang) the rebel command post fungus month Lu, Lu and his son captured May primary fat capital Fuzhu.Dynasty evil that the random number, and never far away in the capital, is the aid Yunnan example, the town of Wu Chen Wang severe, life Shou Yu Shi Shi Jiannan, then build Yue Xi Hou Wei (now Sichuan Yuexi county).  Next year to sit turquoise case, in addition to Beijing Jazz called up, read the east block west Dynasty kill ten workers nine-hoon, the encyclical said: “Yu set the house of the house has become, thanks to Yu and his family return home to lead their lives go.”Jianwen year re Jazz, have sent Ai aims to put that in the busy Hou Yue Xi to Beijing.Edict, saying: “veteran also, leopard collar Tao Wei Yu Jing Nan pro-military soldiers.”White ditch war, all soldiers are general collapse, then died in the array through deep.Court Zhendao, Shi Xiang strong, gifts Gui national companies, thanks to the Tianfu funeral should keep the original Jiangning County jubaoshan Guo Cemetery next to the old military policy encyclical God bangs, etc., Mrs. Liu’s wife Feng Gui country.After Jing Nan, family Juhuo, not words for the passage of things, in addition to Jazz.  Fifteen ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Kui for the fifteenth World.A son Yu large crowd (Shi Yu of the Sun) (from baiguan moved songxia) (Yu Kui, Yu Tinggui son.Ming Masanori two years (1517) Scholars; brother Yu Ji Jiajing two years (1523) Scholars.  Previous years county West (now sg-square) has a brother Jinshi Square.Yu Kui after the Scholars, known Anfu County (Anfu), up Changsha government sub-prefect.Because of military medals moved to Sichuan Azechi Qian, Sichuan vice surveillance Commissioner liter.Garrison Jianchang (Xichang, Sichuan Province), deep ethnic minority areas, correctly handle the relationship between the various ethnic groups.Promoted Jiangxi provincial judge, lieutenant-governor about.His care village, it is recommended to rebuild the north and south peaks tower, donated large sums of money to take the lead, raising presided over by the prefect village Wang Chun in Jiajing twenty-six years (1547) reconstruction of North Peak Tower, followed by the prefect of the heel into the South Korean anti-tert-peak tower.) Anfu Confucius Temple, built in the south end of Shaoxing eleven years (AD 1142), destroyed by Bing Huo Yuan, Ming Masanori sixteen years (AD 1521) county magistrate Yu Kui repair Dacheng Hall, veranda twenty-four, Ji door, after Minglun, Ling Xing gate, Nisshin when learning two vegetarian, warehouse, dishes hall, kitchen god, sacrifice room, Rulin door, before the house Panchi stone bridge are re-repair, the didactic hall in the hall, Zou Shouyi have in mind this is a large-scale renovation.  Jiajingnianjian, county magistrate Yu Kui Fook transferred to the magistrate, after taking office the first thing is to re-build pontoon, see “Zou Shouyi mind”.  Plum City Twin Towers prestigious.Republic of China “Jiande county” “Twin Peaks towering show, quiet forest, is a county spectacle,” the record.Twin towers across the confrontation, the North Shore Mountain Oolong offshoot North Summit mountain peaks tower Mao Tower (also known as North Peak Tower), to the south bank of the Sunda peak tower (also known as South Peak Tower).Mao tower built by the peak of the long history, Lu’s “Jin Chao raw stuff, rain up and down the dark tower” ( “Pan from east to Tianjin Tong River”), Yuan scholar Jin Lvxiang of “Baita cool community, oolong Bozhong Feng” ( “Gordon Yanzhou North Summit rhyme”) of the sentence, witnessed the history of the tower.Jiajing twenty-five years (1546), retired officials Kui Yu initiated the reconstruction, which lasted three years only built, has four hundred fifty years of history.Seven hexahedral exterior column, about 25 meters high, the brick tower central post, has a hexahedral shape.Column column and the interior wall of the central aisle configuration, in the clockwise direction and the upper spiral staircase.A plethora of overlooking, rivers scenery, panoramic view, boats up and down, Fan Ying little bit, floating glorious gold.Feng Mao Tower because of disrepair, and the top of the tower partially damaged, precarious.Rebuilt in mid-1984.  ”Six Chao Ji Wen” on-two volumes (ministers Wang Jihua home Kuramoto) volume survey said Yi will love record, it is Jiajing fourteen years Jianchang Road soldiers preparing deputy Yu Kui disposal of Salt Well in Sichuan Nan Li Yong two guards and one thousand House fight soil Scotia public sector business referral slips.Minamiarai Zhenyu said lower volume, is the mediums Xian Fang Hai, Ho Kui live and sing poetry, etc..Nanjing officials Sections Officials Pengru Jia together moment passed, the people Li Ying-yuan worth Kuimen order.Volumes I and II remember a border, a fantasy talk, his ill-lun, Scots on to categorize, regardless scribe miscellaneous series, with its head store.Kui, Jiande people, Landmarks Masanori Scholars, Yu Jia, Jiading people of the state, Masanori Scholars Government House.    Yu Kui Yuanfeng five years later (1082) Scholars final Jiande slaughter, after his son Yu can view Shaoxing twelve years (1142) in the examination, Professor Professor Jiang Yinjun, Sun Mao Yu Teng roads department for two years (1166) Scholars, the final state pass sentence.  Song Yu’s most important city of the door, between the Song and Yuan Fu years, Yu Kui Song moved to the city by the hundred officials.Chuanzhi III in song, Chunnian, three brothers and Deng Ding-year degree, so after known as the “triple name were” on behalf of a famous person.  Fifteen ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Ji for the fifteenth World.Jiajing two years (1523) Scholars.(Jiande examination, pull censor go) sixteen ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu large crowd for the sixteenth World.Yu large crowd two children, Shuyun Shi Song was sentenced Evans hospital, Yuyuan Shi Song Jinshi Tang Ming Temple bachelor end.  Sixteen ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Hang Zong is the sixteenth World.(Southern Song Shiguan secretary supervisor) Song Longxing first year of Scholars, the official Secretary of the Court Xiuzhuan, straight Xianmo Court, migration from the city Jishan temperature ditch Harmony Bridge (Zhou Bridge), after the death of posthumous text was buried Mu Li Mao bridge Northwest drizzle.Shang Yu old tomb.Alive author of “ancient recorded Lynn Hill”, “Xuan down draft”, “the word macro industry practice” and other works.  To the descendants of the Ming Dynasty Yu Hang cases of sub-migration at Shaoxing, Shangyu Tao, the type pond, Doumen, Yung Shan, Wayao, high-taek, cross river, Tandi more than 10, later known as the “ten tribes Yu”, a total of Feng Yu Hang Zong is an ancestor.(One thousand one hundred thirty-four ~~ one thousand two hundred twenty-two), the word Kim Shin, Sanin (now Zhejiang Shaoxing) people.Xiao Zhong Longxing two years (one thousand one hundred sixty-four) Scholars.Know Yixing County, moved to Imperial College Registrars.After know Zhangzhou.Ning Zongjia first year (one two ○ h), for the transport Koto judge, two years, change Fujian Tixing ( “King Build Yasushi” Volume VI).Resignation to Mishushaojian.Fifteen years died, eighty-nine.There are twenty volumes, “Xuan down draft”, etc., has been lost.Do see “Baoqing Hueiji continued Zhi” Volume.  According to the “Shaoxing County” contains, Song Yu’s ancestors Yu Liang (1067-1148), the word wing Chen, No. cloud Um, a former Yu Shi Zhongcheng, the house of Shi Shi and other staff, followed by Song Gao Nandu moved by the Qiantang Shaoxing City, south of Jishan Zhu Shi settlers.Shaoxing eighteen years died the fourth day of May, at the age of 82 years, was buried in temperature ditch.Yu Liang second son Yu Hang Zong (1134-1222) Song Longxing Jinshi two years, he served as Secretary of the Court Xiuzhuan, straight Xianmo Court, since the city home temperature ditch somewhere person (after here as “Yu family drizzle”, about east of this Zhou Bridge 25 meters).  Yu Hang treat relatives and neighbors were very friendly, good-neighborly village, so life residence west of the bridge as a “bridge Mu”.Hang Cheng Zong-American in a Motosada (1295-1297) caught Zhuji week Australia (1263-1323) was the son-enter after Yu’s points resettlement country, surnamed Zhou reproduction, Mu bridge was then renamed “Zhou Bridge”.Australia is the common ancestor of Lu Xun Zhou and Zhou Enlai, there are still scholars, tourists come to pay tribute to nostalgia.By the Ming Dynasty, Hang Americans were divided migration Tao, the type pond, Doumen, Wayao, Yung Shan, high-taek, Tandi, Cross River (near linpu, called “Hengjiang Yu”), etc., the Bank said, “ten tribes Yu “.The 1940s ten tribes still send representatives to Yu Zhang Yu Heng Lou Lou Li Mao Zong cemetery.Serbs said: Tao is in the ward, the ward only to open only after offering to ship the bow must have a load of Tim Wong on graves.Hang tomb were about the size of a sub-field, the tomb of a little stone flagpole.  Seventeen ancestor, surnamed Yu Shu Yun is the seventeenth World.  Seventeen ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Yuan for the seventeenth World.Yuyuan Sheng Yu Song in third son, Yu Chun years, Yu Ding years.  Eighteen ancestor, surname Yu Yu Song the eighteenth year.(Yu Kui’s grandson) eighteen ancestor, surname Yu Yu Chun the eighteenth year.(Yu Kui’s grandson) eighteen ancestor, Ding Yu Yu surname the eighteenth year.(Yu Kui’s grandson) Since Yu Kui moved songxia its Sun Shuyun, Yu Yuan board examination, and Yu Yuan Zi “Song years, Chun years, Ding Year” and board examination, Yu’s “a second-generation five Scholars” for the world as a dilute , pine year Jixian Hall, Chun-year bachelor Academy, Ding years 资政殿学士, later called “triple name were”.Bachelor of Jixian temple with official Song Yu Yuan and his son, Yuyuan Guan Ming Temple bachelor end, his son Yu Song-year officer, Pine years younger brother Chunnian official bachelor Academy.Li Ming and Qing, on behalf of a famous person, became the first family in Song Ha.  Twenty-two ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu-jen is a twenty-II.(Ming Dynasty) moved from the city of Shaoxing, Doumen Song (genus Doumen Yushi) twenty-three ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Yu-shan to Article III.Shaoxing Doumen open start-yl.  Twenty-four ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Shang sacrifice for the twenty-fourth World.  Twenty-five ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Xu two for twenty-V.Hundred officials from Quang Ninh to move Shaoxing bridge thirty ancestor, surnamed Yu Yu Fengming for the thirty-World.  Thirty-one ancestor, Yu Lei was eighteen years Junji Boxer (1661) was the thirty surname Yu Shi.  Thirty-two ancestor, Yulan Sheng Kangxi forty-three years of Monkey (1704) for the thirty-second World surname Yu.Yu was the eldest son is carp, he granted by the state to test students sentenced to prison, because the old mother Bushi, painstaking repair spectrum to Chi stepfather.  Thirty-six ancestor, forty-six years of Qianlong Yu Yichun Boxer (1781) for the thirty-sixth World surname Yu.  Thirty-six ancestor, Chi Yu Wen dynasty two decades Boxer (1840) for the thirty-sixth World surname Yu.  Thirty-eight ancestor, Yu Yanbin Guangxu twenty-nine years mao (1903) for the thirty-eighth surnamed Shi Yu.  ”Tin Yong Tong” is Fenghui Yushi of Church Road, the King Yu’s Church Road “thinking into the Church,” Song Ha Yu’s Church Road “Xiao Si Tong”.  Yu Xun (853-933), at the age of 81 years.The late Tang, namely Yan and his father lived in the East, after the death of his father, Yu thick and are buried in Wufeng Heights riding a dragon cut off.To send Yan ancestor.  Yu Chong, (856-923), the word country, a Xizong when either Xi provincial governor,.His four-generation descendant of that ancestor Yu Boying moved back eleven owned Zhejiang,.So Yu Hang Chong is (emblem) faction ancestor, Yu Bin, (859-924) word Guohua, deputy Xizong when any of Kaifeng, gave birth to two sons, Cheng Cheng Road and the United States, is the ancestor of the Beijing School.Descendants settled in Kaifeng, Henan area.  Yu TRANSACTIONS (862-934), Shiming State (now Ningbo) compound sentence, ranking the large dark (Yin today), with Han, have four sons, Chengzhi, Cheng Shi, Cheng Yi, Cheng Teng.Ming faction ancestor.  More than four factions, and then evolved into Ma Ao, Jing’an, Ming Lun, Xuedong, black pit, the King, Song City and other school.And acting and for the Huizhou, Wu camp, including Chang, Zhenjiang, and other factions.Daughter multiply.Spread.Therefore Yu Yue (gift Scholars origin, was the official Academy editing, Henan political science) as “Yu Song Yu’s home by the city” when there is a preface to the twenty-five years Guangxu (1899) teaching: “goes south Yu “.”Yu goes south,” saying, though not comprehensive, but it also shows the six southern Yu’s most respected ancestor Yu thick as the ancestor.  The tribe Xun Yu seven ancestor, descendant moved Xinchang urban and rural, prosperous descendants, known as mayor.There flounder migrate to Shengzhou, first Yubai Guan, Song City (now Song Ha), etc..To the Song Dynasty, the ancestor of fifteen people Qiantang Yu Liang (1067-1148), the word wing Chen, No. cloud Um, moved to the beginning of Shaoxing City, south of Jishan Zhu Shi settlers.Yu Liang Fu for three years in the Northern Song Yuan in the Scholars, served as Yu Shi Zhongcheng, the house of Shi Shi and other staff.He lived very long, at the age of 82 years old at the time should be the birthday of.Wen buried ditch (now Shaoxing County Huashe).Yuliang Sheng three sons: Hang Qu, Hang Zong, Hang Road.  Zong Yu Hang, Song Longxing first year of Scholars, the official Secretary of the Court Xiuzhuan, straight Xianmo Court, migration from the city Jishan temperature ditch Harmony Bridge (Zhou Bridge), after the death of posthumous text was buried Mu Li Mao bridge Northwest drizzle.Shang Yu old tomb.Alive author of “ancient recorded Lynn Hill”, “Xuan down draft”, “the word macro industry practice” and other works.  To the descendants of the Ming Dynasty Yu Hang cases of sub-migration at Shaoxing, Shangyu Tao, the type pond, Doumen, Yung Shan, Wayao, high-taek, cross river, Tandi more than 10, later known as the “ten tribes Yu”, a total of Feng Yu Hang Zong is an ancestor.  When the Ming Dynasty, Yu Song Yu-jen a city XXII, migration to the Shaoxing Doumen (now the town of Doumen District), which later became a Han, Zhao Gong Ren Yu Yu Shi ancestor one for Doumen.  I can only collect these data surnamed Yu, in a foreign country can not see and want to see the historical genealogy, hoping to supplement Yu’s tribe, so perfect adjustment.This is my hope!

A brass bell

Lin Fei special naughty child, but fortunately move, an inattentive will be able to run without a trace, every time my mother scared half to death, because the village surrounding reservoirs and more, afraid hit the traffickers, said also he said, fight also hit, but he is powerless to change this unruly problems.It can not with a rope leash?Lin Fei Ma brains, and finally came up with a way: She Trustee bought a small brass bell with a nylon rope tied to the ankles Lin Fei, so that, as long as a run on Lin Fei jingle bells to ringing, Now will no longer afraid son can not find it!That day, Lin Fei Ma came back from the fields of labor, how could not find Lin Fei, neighbors also said that for a long time did not hear the sound of the bells.Lin Fei Ma village full of anxious to find, or can not see people, then there is a neighbor, he said: previously the village came a strange man, always talk to you speak at home Lin Fei, also dig sugar for him to eat, when we did not care , thought it was your family relatives miles, it seems no later the sound of the bell, so to speak Lin Fei Ma listened started up, pale and cried: the man where to go?The neighbor said: mart.Lin Fei mother immediately ran over there to the market, follow the trend ran as fast as everybody also closely followed.Crowded bazaar, everybody everywhere carefully to find, may have cried hoarse throat, the answer is to hear the sound of Lin Fei Lin Fei mom frantic.Suddenly, she was a show of hands, indicating Everybody quiet down.Everybody does not call out, and loud voices can be in addition to, or can not hear.At this point, Lin Fei mother wailing is heard called, straight roadside stall in a man sprang.It was a tall man, lying at his feet wearing a burlap bag big mouth.Man looking around, a nothing, look, Mom rushed in to see Lin Fei, his face suddenly changed, and was about to reach out and stop, where can got to stop, Lin Fei Ma crazy to unlock pocket, man furious, fierce land a punch in her head, Ma Lin Fei suddenly Manlianshixue to play, but she just does not let go.Men and spanking a few times, then everybody has rushed over, and with great perspicacity to fall upon him.This moment, Lin Fei Ma shaking hands untied pocket, God, Lin Fei being sound asleep with his eyes closed, she called out my children would faint.This guy is really traffickers!Everybody without any explanation to Tongzou up, and then handed over to police who heard.After a long time, Lin Fei mother woke up, and everybody hurriedly asked how she found Lin Fei, I saw her whole body shaking with excitement, hugged desperately waking too soon sons, and said: I heard a sound of the bell , boats, boats afraid, my mother had drugs in this original Lin Fei eat sugar, and soon there will be no perception, the traffickers slipped finest car market, it is mounted on linen pocket Lin Fei did not know touched by others, or your own unconscious move a little, slightly bell rang a moment, what is this, is mom heard Lin Fei!Everybody say incredible, perhaps this is the mother and even the heart of a lot of years later, Lin Fei has been in the city married a wife, and he and his wife often talk about it, talk about it every time, they still think that’s incredible.One day, Lin Fei found her mother’s memory do not know what time began to decline sharply from the.He began as a not recognize others, and later even did not know Lin Fei, and then the road or even touched, and finally life is difficult to take care of themselves.Lin Fei and his wife with her mother to the hospital for examination, the doctor said Lin Fei mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but also from brain examination results, Lin Fei Ma brain lumps, this may be past her brain He has been subjected to violent impact force of about.Lin Fei know after froze a moment, he thought of that year in the market, my mother was hit head that traffickers are swollen, and afterwards lay at home for several days after Lin Fei sick mother, the couple’s life becomes a mess they are wage earners, the income is not high also too busy at home and a child, my mother in addition to the mess at home, get lost is commonplace.Sometimes a person can not find at night, no way, they had to contact written on paper, stuffed into the pockets of her mother.On one occasion, his wife finally collapsed, she said Lin Fei: altogether we go to work after her mother in the house bar?Lin Fei also collapse, but still refused: so naughty I was a kid, my mother did not put me in the house, not the old affect the activity of the body will be, I can not do this to Mom.Wife struggling and said: it would send her nursing home, Lin Fei, go on like this, this day really could not have Lin Fei very tangled, he inserted his fingers in unkempt hair, motionless, waited a long time sighed, absence and said: will have to do, mom, I really do not, the two quickly picked out a nursing home, that day, Lin Fei and his wife to her mother’s room to bring her things, her mother has been like wood, like sitting, eyes dull matt, Lin Fei looked at pains, probably how to do it?At this time, the accident happened: when his wife turned out the drawers, accidentally hit the inside of the bell, uttered Qing Xiang bite, hear the sound of the bell, Lin Fei Ma eyes suddenly flashed, then a cry blurred boats.Lin Fei surprised to know that mother did not speak for several days, ah!Lin Fei immediately picked up the bell slowly to the front of my mother, gently shake, jingle bell, a series of clear and melodious voice sounded.Look Ma Lin Fei, her eyes lit up again, take a look at Lin Fei, opened his mouth, said: boats, boats afraid, mother that Lin Fei could not wait any longer, burst into tears: Mom, Mom afraid, after which these boats, Lin Fei and his wife decided unanimously not to send her to a nursing home.Because the doctor said, if we continue to stimulate it, Lin Fei mother’s condition will improve a little bit, and maybe there will be a miracle.Later, the district’s neighbors often see Lin Fei and his wife take turns walking with my mother.If the couple is too busy working, they do not lock the door, her mother a man out for a walk in the sun.They no longer afraid of her mother wandered off, because the mother’s ankle firmly tied up the little bell, the neighbors heard the sound of the bell will take care of her mother.They even went to the cell door security is good to discuss, as long as one to hear the sound of the bell, do not let my mother out of the cell.In case really ran out of the district is not afraid, mother’s pocket in addition to Information, also installed a locator.Time off work when they open the door, just to hear the sound of the bell at home, or find a circle, the final out to hear the sound of the bell, the family is the happiest time, because the sound of the bell, mom in.

A bowl

I hold a hint of nostalgia-style care of Nara, because here only stay for a day rush.Visit the Horyuji Temple in heavy rain in the majestic.After the rain in the afternoon, linger in its plain and old secluded alley, often felt as if back to his childhood in a small town in eastern Zhejiang.Bluestone Road, messy interleaved poles, the corner edge Chrysanthemum flower pot.Throughout late autumn afternoon, the air was cool and what sounds almost none.So similar.In a long narrow alley, restaurants and tranquility through hidden temples apart from time to time, and see a little thick between a shop between small handicraft workshop.Linen, porcelain, cloth, paper, all kinds of.Inadvertently walked into a pottery workshop, the owner is not, perhaps inside the workplace.Put on a plain wooden works, all kinds of cups, cup holders, dishes, color and texture looks a delicate and moist, hidden among the innocent simplicity of attention to detail, is extremely stable convergence of style.A large pan white clay, painted with an elegant Zhuopu chrysanthemum, foliage lines spilled.The edge of a small price tag, the price extremely expensive.Clearly, owner manual work, knowing where its weight.Such a big tub if moved back home, this is for them, or use them?According to the usual practice, I could have kept it as much as possible integrated into daily life.Relative day and night, and always touch the intersection, so that it does not live Vicki.Maybe it will be filled with rice or water containers.After I measure it had decided to give up weight and volume, which are still floating in my heart always, never forget.From then on, I realized that, if a person objects to touch the hearts of love, may wish to revel, as far as possible with its attribution to each other, is so complete each other.I went to Jingdezhen a visit.I do not see the so-called masterpieces, just have to hang out in the streets and markets.Many shops, crowded, big wide market.Reach everywhere, most of which are keen to sell things and make money.Colored large Buddha statue, Mixed contemporary Western art concept design has become neither fish nor fowl, frivolous and rough, so do not mind insensitive articles full of evil companies.Fallen beauty and dignity of labor is really like a flood tide of depravity, irresistible.I remember a trip, eat in remote rural farm, the owner used to see blue and white bowl of soup is very archaic, Lichtung lines, put pen to paper and easy, you can not tell the chic beauty.And she used to hold rice bowl Sheng Cai also all good-looking, long-term use, some slight gap, completely inadvertently placed.This year there are bowls, and now the city had no blessing to enjoy human.Montagnards naturally frugal, reluctant and often unable to replace the grass is always greener, so keep these old bowl has.Heart with emotion, then it is not a thing of the past era.A soup bowl once ordinary people of the mountains, the scenery are so.My favorite items, the United States, you can use it unusual, and people living close to the actual and thick, not beautiful sight to behold, but the United States was clothed, calm.Daily habits gather around porcelain cups and saucers simple lamp bowls, one by one dressing properly, hand carrying large bags, carefully carry on board, back home.Japanese friends to Beijing guest, incidentally gift is often handmade family.With old cloth or silk sewn dolls, bags, sleeves, beddings, stitch, thick and indeed,.Such a mind full of gifts, from where you can feel other people’s emotions, heat and heart focus.Imagine these things sometimes do manual labor in the master is how the scene and mood inside: the golden afternoon sun through the curtains falling on display needlework and fabric pieces wooden table, a cup of hot tea faint smoke, cat nap next to a small garden flowers bloom being prosperous, but that would be wisteria or iris therefore feel that these alone this one little thing, the mind is so elegant and dignified and filling the hearts of others.

A bowl of rice and a study room

Two young people unhappy, and go and pay a visit to Master: Master, we are being bullied in the office, too painful, I beg you to open shows, we are not the quit his job?Ask two people together.  Master eyes closed, every half a day, spit out five words: but a bowl of rice.He is waved, young schematic step down.  Before returning to the company, a person who tendered his resignation, the home farm, the other did not move.  Days really fast, blink of an eye years later.Home to modern methods of farming operations, coupled with improved varieties, actually turned into agricultural experts.Another stay in the company, not bad.He Renzhao Qi, trying to learn, gradually being discouraged, he became manager.  One day two men met.  Strange, but the same Master gave us a bowl of rice these five words, I heard you got it.But a bowl of rice Well, what sad day?Why Pakistan hard in the company?So resignation, agricultural experts and asked another: Why did you heard the words of the master of it?  I heard ah, that manager laughed: Master said, ‘but a bowl of rice’, multi-bullied, and more involved, but I just want to mix a bowl of rice to eat, the boss said what is what, less angry, less care, it becomes Master did not mean it?  Two people went to visit them Master, Master is very old, still eyes closed, every half-day, answered five words, but between an idea and then waved it is not very interesting?A lot of things, really is an idea ah, so when deciding what to think more Oh choice of course is important, but more important is the choice of stick.No matter what you choose to do, you must stick to it, you always accomplished.

A bowl of mung bean porridge love

He would porridge, will boil very sweet mung bean porridge.She will not porridge, porridge every time that did not boil boil paste.Her stomach is not good, and the body is easy to get angry, often drink green bean soup can warm stomach can reduce anger.When the porridge when she knew he would, he can not help but take an interest.When in love, he was a mouth to feed her porridge, she felt he was creamy and delicious boil porridge, porridge also contains sweetly, she thinks the world is no more palatable than his porridge boil the food.Later, they married.She’s just an insurance salesman, income is not stable.He is just a high school teacher, is a fixed number of monthly wages.A month to the head, he put the entire salary to her, she would give him some money as a petty.She knew he really loved her, every day she comes home, he will put the rice well, sometimes boil her favorite drink mung bean porridge.Although they earn much money, but life is sweet sweet honey.Her work has been less smooth, sometimes for months dragged less than a sum of the insurance, only a few will be pulled when one or two customers, received meager commission, to make her happy for a long time.He did not forget to send her a bowl of bean soup, plus an intimate: you poor health, do not be too tired!Until she met the child right before she turned the corner.Child rights is the general manager of a public company, she was in search of the Yellow Pages to find a phone of this child rights, fight over and over again, and finally he agreed to look at her to sell insurance, about to meet in a cafe.Weighted extraordinary conversation to her left a deep impression, and she’s beautiful, like a beautiful painting to remain in the minds of child rights.Weighted promised her to buy insurance, but the condition is to accompany him at night to attend a business reception.Clothes, her son did not participate in the reception of the right to buy her a.She does not come with the jewelry, the right to give her son borrowed.Even Weighted also gave her a bottle of perfume roses that night, she became the focus of the cocktail party, beautiful, generous, self-confident nature she won a lot of successful men of all ages.She took the opportunity to sell them insurance, they do not know is impressed by her charm, or for the care of the child the right to face, in short, she signed several pen list, she knows she will be able to pick this month to that face small sales red flag.She gave the child the right clothes and jewelry, to thank him.Weighted can say is to thank her because he found one of the best business partners, he admired her confidence and calm, I want her to become assistant general manager, to help him take care of business.To show good faith, the right to ask her son to eat, place set in a large hotel.This is her first time to eat bird’s nest rock candy, soft feel lubrication cool, sweet and pure sweet.Weighted that the role of the bird’s nest in addition to beauty, there Qushu down as.Checkout, she was taken aback bill, and the child was smartly pulled out a credit card right.She did not go to child rights of the company, but learned abilities of the child and the right to a man’s charm made her love has shifted.Although she did not know their results, because the child is the right man at home, but she fell in love with him, maybe the taste of the bird’s nest more than mung bean porridge appetite.She decided to divorce him.That night, a few words into her mouth and swallow.He saw her hesitation, wanted to give her a bowl of mung bean porridge, he did not know she was listening to the grounds for divorce under what kind of mood, so he tears his eyes oozing, mung bean porridge has Aohao!His side to do for her last bowl of bean soup, drink in her mouth even a salty taste.They finally divorced, she was a bit relaxed at the same time, there is a touch of heart pain.Because she thought she was sensible enough to choose the part of love, but to give up the marriage, she thought to find true love, bear the responsibility for their own feelings, but because she did not get the love and feel the happiness and joy.She would like to have more of a mouthful of his drink mung bean porridge to feed her situation, I often think about here, her heart would feel more suffering.Since they separated, she never eaten mung bean porridge.She could not help but start with a mung bean porridge, while she was in tears, while he learned to wash rice, soak, stirring, a little oil, but porridge is too long, she lost patience waiting, finally did not master the heat, the paste or porridge boil.It turned out that a bowl of porridge, a permanent need patience, and turn off the heat at the appropriate time, to proudly scented taste.She finally understood his share of truth, but also know what she wants to get in marriage, but could never get the.