ing day rush toward the pigpen, a hoarse voice cry, “广州桑拿网relatives ah, I did not teach Bao Qin, let her do the wrong thing ah , when all my dad’s fault, that she had never condone that dead bastard she and Zhao Wubin dealings, Zhao Wubin where expressly Well, expressly always call me after the pre-uncle uncle, rain or shine came to help me dry live, my heart when he was his son, Baulkham wholeheartedly to marry him, who knows, be Zhaowu Bin rhetoric cheated, deceived Zhaowu Bin Oh I’m so bitter, I cheated my family Bao Qin, lied to my family food, but also sow discord between me and my son, ah.”

  Lu Dewen a little back, but God, blinked, slow to read a book on the veranda Lu Hongying, whispered: “He ye?”They do not say blackmail, look look, like ah, where there is blackmail people behave so humble?
  Lu Hongying look pale, “our mother was frightened chant.”Sun Yongchang front foot step杭州桑拿ped into the production team of land, Xue Huahua rear foot to receive the news, her mother what is not dry, it took a bamboo pole standing outside the pigpen, from time to time to shoot a few pole, looks crackle, Sunbao Qin to the post, stuck to his children’s standing in the corner behind not say anything, it is estimated the pig pen fight, her mother scolded a few words, homeopathy and took a few bamboo poles, Sun Yongchang to the post, his legs felt weak, direct cries up sitting on the floor.
  Lu Dewen Sidongfeidong nod, pull off the West and the East, “you stay here, be careful the bad guys you arrested.”Sun Yongchang nothing to lose, in case crazy and hurt the children how to do, he advised Lu Hongying,” You be careful, barefoot shoes are not afraid, Sun Yongchang very terror.”
  Lu Hongying him blankly Ni eyes, opened his mouth to say something, then to the mouth and swallowed it, and realized it said, “You read books swallowed go yet?”Sun Yongchang really have that Daner, Zhao Wubin his rule has long been the wearer, where rampant dare to divorce, argumentative, or Sun Yongchang too t

d me loses his temper, and had who said take me to town to enjoy life ah, for you, I put them out of your brother home, you now with me singing a different tune up?”Sun Yongchang feel that they fell to the point where today are Sunbao Qin and Zhao Wubin victims, but for the couple of their own as to what has become the laughing stock of the production team.

  Grew more and more gas, Sun南宁夜网 Yongchang break ground next to go out into the corn stalks Sunbao Qin who played a go, “I dare rushed yelling, I have not told afterwards How about you, even men are uncontrollable, deserve Zhaowu Bin with you divorce.”
  Corn stalks fell kids, prompting the child crying, Sunbao Qin Batui go out into the front running, Sun Yongchang is to air, foul-mouthed chase behind, Union Village production team who know Sun Yongchang, see the father and daughter small way to catch up, could not help but cry impulse Sun Yongchang, “Sun Yongchang yo, you do not hit our daughter hit production team ah, if killing people, we shall not be your production team also hurt, oh.”
  Chia had heard things people guess the purpose of the two men come, mercilessly ridiculed Sun Yongchang dead pig afraid of water hot, “Sun Yongchang, you grandson who do not know,南宁桑拿 are you hanging when my grandfather, ah, you really can not tell, the baby over her like who we gave you a look.”
  ”Yes ah yes ah, hold over us look.”
  Everyone heard the voice of ridicule, Sun Yongchang face was blue, combined with his lack of stomach often hungry physically, ran after the section of roa深圳桑拿网d dizzy and had to stop, paths on both sides of the corn, leaving only bare corn stalks to the ground inside, exudes thick heat, he rubbed his temples, sat down on the floor panting scalding rest, cheekily replied, “I was kind of plain text grandson of former Baulkham and expressly divorce pregnant, and Do not believe it ask you to commune hospital, doctors record.”
  Oh, enough shameless, who do not know Sunbao Qin to Luming Wen cuckold, ah, Sun Yongchan

neeling keyboar深圳桑拿网d, or kneel to show the keyboard ah?!

  Shen Yu glanced at him, but still trotting down the second floor to pick up the keyboard, and so take up the keyboard, the floor and cried put the two side by side, she smiled at him defiantly and said: “Now it.”
  Shen Xiao Tut is heard, it would not never again nonsense, the face of Shen Yu, snapped stiffly knees up, knees hit the keyboard sound, heard Shen Yu could not help but frown, it should hurt.
  Shen Xiao kneeling not the kind of minced kneeling, his back straight, legs splayed, hands behind head high, looking at Shen Yu, an expansive look.
  Shen Yu originally wanted him more aware of his mistake, and he was kneeling on his knees, and in fact she was ashamed and afraid to look directly at him.
  Shen Xiao look up to her for a while, he said: “Honey, I was wrong, forgive me, OK?”
  Shen Yu looked away not to look at him and said: “Then you talk about what went wrong?”
  Shen Xiao then said: “I should not deceive you, you should not calculating, I said to change, but do not backtracking.”
  Actually very aware of their wrong in what, and mistaken attitude is also very correct, Shen Yu do not know how to get hi广州桑拿m to do.
  ”Baby, you give me another chance, this time.”
  He would not finish, Shen Yu then half squatted with him face to face, then covered his mouth and said: “I figured, I actually wrong, should not blindly ask you to change, so it is not you. but you have to promise me, the future no matter what happens, you do not lie to me, OK?”
  Shen Xiao nodded solemnly, “I will never lie to you, I swear.”
  Shen Yu squat posture too tired, schooling his face kneeling on the floor, face to face with him, Shen Xiao smiled one of her my arms, said: “It is not not angry?”
  Shen Yu said: “As long as you meant it, I believe you again for the time being a return, next time such a thing happens, I will not forgive you.!”
  Shen Xiao down and kissed her mouth, she said: “I mean it.”
  Shen Yu This hand around his neck, take

a teacher, I will discuss the matter at home.”Pei Jiancheng standing on top of the desk, constantly nodding, and then look at the little things, then go Wang Menwai.

  Pei Jiancheng read this year, will graduate junior hig杭州桑拿h school, his grades where the students regarded as good, you can go to secondary school, you can go to normal school, or else can read high school, 上海夜网in these days, only college is the best choice, university this matter, and they are such a long way the village children!But in recent years there are lingering storm, according honest attached to a three-year graduation assignments have shut down the.
  To continue reading up a year’s tuition thirteen four yuan, the family although very difficult, but it can afford, he knew my mother saved a sum of a lot of money, but after graduation can not continue to stay in the county, that is the problem.
  Can this problem, not his own decisions, even though he knew that his mother has always been toward, may in the future if you want to stay involved in the work of the county, then you may have to spend a small fortune.
  Today is the weekly rest, Pei Jiancheng has always been not to go back, back to the village usually walk or ride, ride to spend money, walk labor-intensive, one to one to have most of the day time, he would rather stay in the dorm room to read more books Moreover, compared back to the village, he prefers to stay in the county, but now do not want to go back and have to go back.
  Pei Jiancheng quickly packed up parcels, only stood inside a book, a canteen to buy bread, due to the cold, somewhat stiff, he stood on the road going to eat, he carries the package left the school, the county does not prosperity, he looked around, the impact is much greater than the turmoil of the county to the village, then either troops involved in their school almost closed, but, even so, still had to be the day or down, to this day, everything like recovery the usual, supply and marketing cooperatives that coming an

You see, you bad mood these days, they do more than tense!”

  ”The first one, it is not said what some people would sew it?But I comparable.”Li Xiuzhi knocked over like a barrel of vinegar.
  ”That’s what I coax!You see, your craft more powerful Yeah, this house is not what you do you, sons of the things you have to manage it!”
  ”I would say a good word.”Li Xiuzhi hearts very beautiful, and explain it,” and tomorrow phase seen, given time, and you go on a brigade said other end said, to call people to help the captain, order some brick, house repair available Woke up.”
  Pei Naochun keen on the idea: “Of course, I went out stature say it, time to fi杭州夜网论坛nd a carpenter to give you a big cupboard and let you live in a new house.”
  ”What a waste of money to do this?Home is not never cupboard.”Li Xiuzhi lips to say, my heart does not think so.
  ”I will not have to build a house but not just to maybe mixed kid, we both hole hard all these years, they have always honorably bar?Time to keep a few rooms here, altered later if there grandchildren can live a!”The village housing repair all pay attention to long-term vision, not to mention the future will not split, get married and have children say that maybe has a kid, her children always have room,” Your cabinet with a number of years, and I can not hack it, can not earn any money, make a new cabinet okay.”
  Obviously money out of her pocket, can be listened to Li Xiuzhi was quite happy, although her husband recently was not much, and she said the truth may be more and more, although they are still two children.Always clumsy, can this be considered when the mother Taoxintaofei her, well, their own students, but also take it for not?Heart trying to be difficult!
  Pei Naochun just smiled, there was a man that appears, should these two days, going to 深圳桑拿网the bar?
  ”Built, anyway, you think hard.”Middle-aged man sitting at the desk closed the book, there appears to be directed at the front of 13 or 14 teenagers say they.
  ”Well, I know

ll became an accomplice, dare and mother confessed.

  ”From what I take the box?”
  Pei Naochun calm: “ah.”
  ”.Is that right?When did I have so a cloth?”Li Xiuzhi thought her husband would lie to myself, but thought it was his mistaken, this argument nod.”Since your dad help you sew, this time wearing good clothes, not allowed 杭州桑拿to be broke!”
  ”Well, you know, thank you mom!”
  ”Xie Xie what it, not my joints, your father, manual dexterity was not, but also bring you sew clothes!”Li Xiuzhi could not help but looked to her husband’s hand, which was used to double dry farm hand, really did not expect to be able to pick up the needle, sew even better than a lot of people.
  ”Well, Xiuzhi, we are now back to the house!”The brain overheated state faded, Pei Naochun thought I just sew clothes that dedicated, somehow, the brain drifting across the two scenarios, one phrase poem, ‘Mother hands line, wandering clothing’, and second, prior to his world, with their children watched television show of martial arts figures, the desire to practice this power, we must first from the palace’s unassailable.
  And so on, come to a halt!Pei Naochun recovered terrible idea, wh广州桑拿at he is not mother, nor is what martial arts training for something lingering fear, he forced himself to forget these.
  ”Ming stature early on, to know when to own the whole point.”Li Xiuzhi another account, though, and so also with rice, I’m afraid she may forget myself,” You do not get the point of mushrooms back?And brother to dry in the sun, that time wrap, a piece to get past Su.”
  ”it is good!”Pei building very excited, loud answer, the faint echo in the room.
  Li Xiuzhi rubbed his ear: “Why so loud?I did not deaf!”And then one after the husband went out, not to the house, not consciously say the truth,” you have so much fun?Do not have time to forget your mother wife!”
  ”Will not.”Promptly received signals Pei Naochun immediately open coax” in building and construction to heart, you are the mother, was the first!

o matter how poor, but also stronger than the two sons.

  Pei Naochun soon the clothes are ready, he just ran Pei Jiancheng specially the room, touched the smaller pieces of clothes, removed from above the strip of gray cloth, of course, can not let Li Xiuzhi know, scattered to sew Pei building to the top of the clothes, not to mention really, it seems rather high set point later style appearance, very stylish – of course, which is sort of boast, it is not known.
  ”Come on, try building your clothes to wear, take a look at dad’s craft.”Pei Naochun shook clothes, especially satisfaction, continue to rise boast, ‘Dad is not bragging, I sew clothes this way, than your mother.’
  He looked up is the opposite of t苏州夜网he position of the door, he saw that stunned a woman, forced Niuguo bragging words simmer in the throats: “But compared to your mother, it would be far less than the!Your mother sew clothes, and what a good-looking, but unfortunately today she was not happy heart, only when my dad barely sew a seam up.”He pretended not to see the people side of the door, down to close the sewing kit.
  Pei building face surprise stood up, the clothes will turn a few laps, did not find uneven needle mouth, Mangjiang clothes cover head on the bed: “to build, you gave me a look, this dress is not very good!”
  Pei Jian looked at some up and down, nodded his head, but he always tell the truth: “Dad is better than mother sew it!”He then landed a foot immediately ruthless father gave him a kick, eyes dazed recoiled point, my father received a hint,” far more than a little better, just a day a the ground!”Although to tell the truth, he may have to be since my father talk about things, then he would talk about it, so my father fun of it?He obviously shun the father’s mind, but my father was a kick, as he wronged, only to pull back points to the place where my fa深圳桑拿网ther out of reach.
  Son, dad can help you pour it up!Pei Naochun very helpless, he clearly has hinted, and can be built to Who Pei

She looked at me up.”

  On the back of his red with rage, his face was gloomy.
  Xin long micro from the system, where more detailed information, Chao Yu had a very bad year, he was flawless in order to win the Qin blue eyes, crazy upgrade their magic.But because he had to survive before absorbs magical powers of Yaoxie, the practice of surgery method is far better than in the past pure no time, you want to wash dirty gas in the body, it is difficult.
  Ascetics most taboo is contaminated with filth on evil, demons so horrible, that is terrible in them can confuse people, lead.Shen attractive.Perish, hook.Leads people darkest red heart.For bare.hope.
  Chao Yu and self-righteous is not a person, in order to survive, sometimes he does not stick to the bottom line as a repair person, otherwise he would not seize the power of the Arcane Chu Ling in the story in.
  His ill intent, Chu Ling is not a mess, the two quickly in a war.
  Xin long micro nervous at first also keep an eye Chao Yu, lest he try anything underhand, see the results in the Chu Ling tease teasing him with puppy-like, prompting Chao Yu face waves of black, could not resist the amount of help.
  Her worry is unnecessary, who died, Chu Ling refuses all

inished, the child is not willing to have that kind of a bit less, breathed the fresh, then got ready to go to get clothes Pei building, though the mouth says no matter, can do tomorrow could see the clothes worn son go see it with?When the time is not yet lost her mother to do this face!Probably few garrulous, we must say that behind. Seven Eight, she is a slut compiled some of the nonsense!

  Think of this, Li Xiuzhi not delayed, Congcong Wang pace the room to his son, just want to get mended clothes for him, 广州桑拿网her son opened the curtain room, then froze motionless, rubbed his eyes and thought he was just wrong –
  Room with a wooden windows are supported to the highest, quite bright enough, and Pei Pei building都市夜网 to build, such as goalkeeper, squatting on either side of the bed one meter away from the location, for fear of blocking the light, while sitting in bed middle, cross-legged, bow sewn clothes, turned out to be her husband, Pei Naochun, do not say, the other hand pretty fast, so either side of, without the slightest hesitation, as if he has long been a spectral.
  Pei Naochun squinting, staring down at the break, the original body of the great rough hands, take a needle awkward was not, and even catch less stable, several times he sent did not award pin down, but fortunately he veteran, a sewing needle can not beat him, after overcoming the shame of the heart, is sewn up by divine intervention, also began pondering the pattern.
  He beginning, of course, I was not going to sew their own clothes, the idea of playing his son’s own guidance, which may know, two kid, stupid brain, hand and m南宁桑拿ore stupid, even to get the pin flush can not do, but also wearing two needles, it has been like a caterpillar, left and right crooked twist, such clothes, wear out he does not feel Zeyang, Pei Naochun feel shame!Finally, how can we do?He himself only on, but fortunately, before the world, and in the original documentary, how many have read some, and idly noticed Li Xiuzhi way, n

total.”Li Cheng autumn will look on the body double, and instantly more guilty.

  Although Xu Cheng Luo’s goal is to double right, but the process is to save her twin was injured.
  The nurse carefully cut black sweater, fuzzy flesh release in front of people, Cheng Yao Zhuya double tight pain.
  Li autumn followed by cries loudly.
  Clean up the wound, the doctor looked at the answer: “Fortunately, doing good work to stop bleeding, wound is not too deep.”
  He turned on the computer what to do with, was led away double room in the nurses to stop bleeding, autumn Li stepped forward, sitting in front of the doctor: “Doctor, we always need to be hospitalized right away?”
  ”This is not hospitalized injury.”
  ”No, to stay in hospital.”Li autumn persistent:” The way is no small total received such injuries, in case of wound infection, or what led to complications how to do, or to the hospital for observation for some time better.”
  Hurry to give money to the patient, the doctor is no way, he stopped, looked back room: “The patient is also required to be hospitalized?”
  Li autumn decision without authorization replied: “Requirements.”
  ”That’s OK.”Soon he gave Li a good start list autumn:” to pay it.”
  Li autumn back soon, I heard that dual process has gone to the ward, the ward to find and follow the instructions of nurses.
  Cheng double is on the phone.
  ”Who proposed