Fund Performance in the First Three Quarters: 20 Tables

Fund Performance in the First Three Quarters: 20 Tables

Wind Wind statistics show that as of September 30, the average return of various types of funds rose across the board, and the average return of stock funds was the highest at 28.

37%, followed by hybrid funds at 22.


Although the performance of the A-share market in the third quarter was average, some industry sectors such as information technology and the food and medical industry performed better. In addition, the opening of the science and technology board, benefited from partial equity funds.

  In terms of single funds, the fund with the best performance since this year is China Merchants China Securities Baijiu (index stock fund), which generates income.


In terms of classification, the champion of active stock funds is GF Healthcare, 72.

95%; Mixed Fund Champion is Boshi Healthcare Industry A, 80.

87%; The winner of the bond fund is the Southern Greek Yuan convertible bond, 25.

12%; The winner of QDII stock fund is E Fund S & P Information Technology, 31.


  Fund Performance Paper 01 Average Return of Various Funds Since the beginning of this year, China’s fund index has increased by 15%.

62%; of all types of funds, the average return on equity funds is the highest, at 28.

37%, followed by hybrid funds at 22.


Mainly due to the good performance of A shares, the performance of partial equity funds rose.

  02 In the TOP20 active stock fund performance list of active stock funds, GF Healthcare ranked 72.

The yield of 59% won the championship, and the Agricultural Bank of China Health Care theme was 70.

The 15% yield is close behind, followed by Penghua Pension Industry 68.


In nominal terms, the average return on active equity funds is 34.

23%, outperforming the CSI 300 (26.


  03 TOP20 Hybrid Fund Performance List Among the TOP20 hybrid funds, Boshi Healthcare Industry A has the highest yield of 80.

87%, followed by Bank of Communications’ growth of 30 and revenue of 79.

13%, ranked third is the 77% upgrade of GF Shuangqing.

  Note: The latest net worth date of Penghua Industry Selection is 2019-09-26 04 index stock fund performance list TOP20 China Merchants Liquor to 81.

The yield of 58% is ahead of other index funds. It also ranked first in similar categories in 2016 and 2017.

  05 bond fund performance list TOP20 stock market is proud of the spring breeze, the convertible bond market is also good, most of the debt-based TOP20 are convertible bond funds, the South Greek yuan convertible bonds performed the best, the income increased by 25.


  Note: Chang’an 南京桑拿论坛 Hongfeng’s short and medium-term debt is converted from Changan Xinxuan themed mixed fund 2019-05-10, so it does not participate in the ranking of the 06 stock long and short fund performance list TOP10 stock long and short fund usually uses the combination of stock index futures and stock spotHedging between roads, controlling the risk of retracement, and striving to obtain excess and stable returns for investors.

There are few such funds (expected to open), and the best performer this year is GF Hedge Arbitrage Fund, with a yield of 12.


Obviously, GF Hedging Arbitrage benefited from the innovation of science and technology board, which rose 6 on July 26.


  07 QDII stock fund performance list TOP20 This year’s QDII fund performance is not bad. E Fund S & P’s RMB exchange rate is 31.

The 36% yield has become the most profitable QDII stock fund this year.

Relatively speaking, QDII funds help diversify the risk of single market investment.  Note: The date of the latest net growth of Renminbi in China is 2019-09-26 The TOP20 of the QDII Bond Fund Performance List is TEDA Manulife Asia A with 14.

The 44% yield has become the most profitable QDII bond fund this year.

  Compared with the performance of this year’s equity funds, the TOP10 of the short-term and medium-term debt theme fund performance in 2009 appears to be inferior to the short- and medium-term debt base of the “enhanced currency fund”.

SDIC UBS Hengze short-term debt A ranked first with a yield of 4%.

  Note: The medium and short-term interest rate A of China Kovatowaan was converted from mixed debts on March 18, 2019, so it does not participate in the ranking of Top 10 China-Hong Kong Stock Connect Fund Performance List TOP20 among all 284 funds of Wonderland-Hong Kong Stock Connect Concept Fund.The overall performance is relatively good compared to last year. Among them, Qianhai’s Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Advantage Select Funds performed best, with a return of 57.


  11 Active quantitative fund performance list TOP20 Among all 176 funds in Wonder’s active quantitative fund classification, the better performers are Caitong Multi-Strategy Fuxin, China Shipping Quantitative Strategy and Yinhua Food and Beverage A, the returns are 61.

97%, 54.

79% and 49.


  12 TOP20 medical theme fund performance list Among the 77 funds in the Wonder Medical theme fund classification, the better performing ones are Boshi Healthcare Industry A, GF Healthcare and Agricultural Bank of China Huili Healthcare Theme, with a revenue of 80.

87%, 72.

95% and 70.


“Drink alcohol and medicine, treat all kinds of dissatisfaction” Note: The latest net worth of ICBC Credit Suisse Medicine A is 2019-09-26. The consumption theme fund performance list TOP20 consumption is an eternal investment theme. Clothing, food, housing and transportation are the most basic needs of human society.A very long life cycle, coupled with the general trend of consumption upgrades, good investment opportunities will continue to emerge in the industry in the future.

Caitong Asset Management Consumer Choice featured 69.

A 59% yield led other funds.

  14Science and Technology Fund Performance List TOP10 On September 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Quality of Manufacturing Products and Services.”

It was mentioned that the information technology industry is moving towards the mid-to-high end, and as a result, market sentiment is rising, and the technology stock market is “infinite.”

  Fund Company Article 15 Partial Stock Active Fund Company Performance List TOP20 We have selected the three funds with the best performance of their respective partial stock active funds. This year, the average returns have been averaged. The Bosera Fund has the best performance in the partial stock active funds.The average income growth rate is 73.

7%, followed by GF Fund, 73.


  16 Active Bond Fund Company Performance Charts TOP 20 We have selected the three funds with the best performance of the active bond funds of their respective affiliates. This year, the average yield of the fund seeks average returns.16.

47%, followed by Huaxia Fund, 16.


  Funds with long-term performance papers that can consistently achieve positive returns are the most concerned by investors.

  17 TOP20 performance index of partial stock active funds in the past 3 years We use the performance chart of partial stock active funds in the past 3 years. E Fund’s consumer industry performed the best, and its earnings increased by 111 in the past 3 years.

43%, followed by the emerging growth of Invesco Great Wall, 104.


  18 Outperforms the CSI 300 Fund Performance List TOP 20 A few often say that there are very few funds that outperform the CSI 300 Fund (fact), so we have selected partial stock active funds. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 performance outperformed CSIWith a fund of 300, E Fund’s consumer industry performed the best, and the return from the 16-year-to-date return was 118.

97%, followed by Yi Fang small and medium-sized market, 115.


  19 TOP20 performance of partial stock active funds in the past 5 years. From the perspective of the performance of partial stock active funds in the past 5 years, the Bank of Communications theme has the best performance, with a return of 243 in the past 5 years.

58%, followed by Yi Fang medium and small-cap, 238.


  TOP 20 partial stock active fund manager performance list TOP 20 is to choose a fund manager. In order to exclude fund managers from changing during the operation of the fund, we select partial fund active funds that have been managed by fund managers for more than 5 years for performance ranking.The fund managers are Zhang Kun, Lin Peng, and Xiao Nan.

  Funds with abnormal rises and losses TEDA Manulife Profit A, CICC Ruixiang A, Xinjiang Qianhai United Tim He A, Cinda Australia Yinanhe Pure Bond, Penghua Fengying, Xinjiang Qianhai United Swimming Yi Pure Debt, Dongfang Zhenbao PureDebt, Penghua Fenghua, Jiangxin Tianfu, Dongfang Zhenbao Pure Debt, Changxin Lifa, Qianhai Kaiyuan Dingxin, Furong Value Selection, 13 fund annual abnormal single-day net value increases, which caused fund rankingsFrom the perspective of the actual investment and research capabilities of the fund, Wonder has optimized the algorithm of this type of fund. By adjusting the compounding factor, the single-day abnormal increase of the fund has been erased, so that the ranking has more reference value. Welcome to come and exchange.