Do It With Me: Yoga Slimming Basics

Do It With Me: Yoga Slimming Basics

Posture 1: Triangular feet are separated (more than one meter), slowly extend your hands to align with your shoulders, palms to the ground, and the circumference parallel to the ground; control breathing!

Bend your body to the right, try pressing your right palm to the ground or right instep of your side, your right leg succumbing at a right angle, and your left leg straight.

Adjust your breathing and hold for 8 to 10 seconds.

  Efficacy: Relieves the soreness of the waist and complications that are common in working women.

  Posture 2: Cat-type kneeling on both knees, with the knees and hips the same length, the calf and the instep of the foot tightly against the floor, the footboard turned out-trying to turn out.

  When inhaling, slowly raise the pelvic bone, and lower the waist slightly, forming an arc; when exhaling, slowly arch the hips upwards, driving the face downwards, until you feel a stepped twist.

  With breathing, repeat the above 6 to 10 times.

  Efficacy: Shape perfect hips and prevent dysmenorrhea.

  Posture 3: The lotus meditation needless to say, if the legs cannot sit cross-legged like a teacher, you can lower the requirements.

The whole body is relaxed, the eyes are slightly closed, the tip of the nose is controlled, and the breathing is controlled and stabilized.

  Keep this state for 20 minutes at a time.

  Efficacy: calms and controls the whole nervous system, and concentrates.

British scientists have found that many experiments have been performed with people who are accustomed to sitting postures, and they have found that they do not even need to practice meditation. Using this sitting posture alone can calm their brain waves almost immediately.

  Posture 4: Lie on the bridge, lay the tailbone forward, lower the waist, exhale.

  Pull your heels toward your body and lay your feet flat.

Attention is focused on the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, abdomen, tighten the hips at the back, and aim at the same time, the thighs are pressed hard, except for the head, shoulders, buttocks and legs off the ground.

  Efficacy: Promote digestion, enhance abdominal organ function, strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

  (Friendly reminder: This action has a certain degree of difficulty. Pay attention to your ability and warm up in advance.

) Pose 5: The supine position is lying flat on the mat. This is Malik’s most admired feminine action. It seems to be simple but it is the essence of yoga.

When lying down, your body should be completely immobile and completely relaxed, but your consciousness should remain awake and feel the whole body and the existence of the whole person. The process takes about 20 minutes.

  Friendly reminder: Do n’t think it ‘s just lying down and sleeping!

Usually when beginners practice, either the insomnia attack or a sudden pain in a certain muscle starts to itch somewhere, and the mood is restless, thinking about everything, tempting you to move your body and distract.