1-2 month baby bath precautions

1-2 month baby bath precautions

Bathing becomes a parent-child activity. When you try to take a bath in the bathroom, your baby will turn its head up. The spine is much harder. It is no longer difficult to take a bath. You can go to the bathroom to wash and become a parent-child activity.

There are a few things to note.

● Prepare everything before bathing: bathroom temperature, bathtub cleaning, baby tub, shampoo, baby soap, bath towel, towel (a dry towel, a wet towel for bathing), a small cloth cap, water thermometer (experienced) Mom can also adjust the appropriate water temperature with her hands).

● Do not take too long a bath, even if your baby is happy, do not exceed 15 minutes.

It is not necessary to use shampoo and baby soap every day, just once a week.

● Water temperature at 33?
Around 35 ° C, if you try to test the temperature, it is best to use the back of your hand or the front of your wrist (the part where the skin test needle is made). These two parts are more sensitive, you can feel warm and not hot.

● The water is deep, the baby’s pubic bone is just sitting (just before the genitals), and the belly button is barely exposed when lying down (you must not put your head down and rest your head on the mother’s upper arm).

● When washing your hair, do not get water in your ears, or shampoo or baby soap in your eyes.

● It is best to rinse the pee with running water after washing the baby girl.

● Wrap up with a towel immediately after washing. Put on a small cloth hat, take it out of the bathroom, and play with your baby for a while. After the skin is dry, dress your baby and milk.

Clothing quilt bed toys This month’s babies continue to use their previous quilt beds and do not need to be replaced.

Babies of this month may sometimes turn over, so do not place objects around the baby, especially plastic film, which will cause the baby to suffocate.

Start using baby pillows, non-pillow pillows are suitable for babies who feel uncomfortable.

Special Note: Two types of baby pillows cannot be bought!

Do not use too soft, because such a large baby will already turn his head, if you turn your head to the side, the pillow is too soft, it will block the baby’s nose and nose, which is very dangerous.

It is no longer suitable for using a saddle-shaped pillow with a recess.

Such a baby will not only turn his head, babies who have lactation, although the frequency of ejaculation is reduced, the amount of spitting may increase. If it is a concave pillow, spitting milk may block the baby’s nose and nose.

The baby is already able to hold the toy with the handle and shake it in front of it. It may hit the upper floors. Pay attention to the size and hardness of the toy.

Your baby may put the toy in his mouth. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the toy.