place with money, two years ground harvest was okay, but they will also be able brigade even harvest work points against the eight-piece wool.

  Pei Jiancheng nod, just look at his shoes, his sandals mother myself, except the sole and general hand-satisfied people in the village, it is specially bought from the supply and marketing cooperatives that plastic substrates, good to go, lightweight, just to spend money.
  ”Built, you have a job that you can read normal school?”Pei Naochun suddenly opening, in the mastery of the original body memory, his kn广州桑拿网owledge of this era more and more profound, reason for higher than normal school college status, it is because at this age, the wages of workers is higher than the teacher , factory yard there are many benefits, and even self-help housing, the school can be far smaller than.
  Pei Jiancheng not considered normal school, he was honest: “normal school out, you may want to go to the village primary school.”Village primary school level, the environment is not very good, it touches do not use the relationship to go,” wages are not high, probably ten pieces.”
  ”It is also pricey.”Li Xiuzhi immediately say:” But workers than almost.”She knows the county of several workers, people garment factory, but also from time to time to take a few pieces of cloth to go home, I heard a discount to buy the goods but also the end of the factory, they are北京夜网 outsiders, holding a cloth fail to get tickets.
  ”let me see.”Pei Naochun in the memory of the original body and development of future generations of tangled, factory workers, after many years, are iron rice bowl, good treatment, but hard point, but when middle age, will meet national policy change , forced off; teachers do it, it touches a long time, treatment can be really poor compared to workers was a bit far to go places if remote point, conditions still tough, “that you own it?”
  ”I want to make more money.”Pei Jiancheng idea quite simple,” I would like to stay in the county.”But these d

teach a meal?Told you to eat slowly, you could just give me to eat tomorrow is not?eat quickly!”

  Pei to build wronged Baba, but did not say anything, okay, why did not he have a mind changing mother do?He decisively p广州桑拿icked up the bowl, wore her mother’s ferocious eyes, drained.
  At night, it was getting late, Li Xiuzhi just his coat back of the room.
  ”You do Shane?”Pei Naochun asked, although he knew without asking, Li Xiuzhi certainly is going to do Pei building services.
  ”I go to the building that sent him lamps.”Li Xiuzhi put heartache, but to light the lamps of oil,” the night he was afraid to read it, then find a quilt for him, this child grow so quickly, and before that quilts were a little short.”
  These Pei Naochun no opinion, though not eccentric, treatment can be sure some deviation, does not say anything else between these kid, after all is said, this construction a year before we came back a few times, usually not received his wife’s care, rare at home, more attention is normal.
  Li Xiuzhi still talking: “You said when we play it how you want to play a new home?To afford a littl南宁夜网e, it wants plus room.”
  ”You ah.”Pei Naochun helpless,” What can I Province this, you think, a good marriage and other house up to two or three years, grandchildren coming, we have this old house, we had to repair each year, or slightly bad weather, it is necessary to take the air of Lu Yu, you might as well play a new home.”
  The couple is talking, the door appeared personally, could see shadows across the curtain.
  Home to three children, but only recognizable figure people: “Dad, Mom, I’m built, I come trip it?”
  ”come on in.”Li Xiuzhi immediately greeted his son came in thinking things seem Pei Jiancheng, he looked a little cramped, pulled a chair sitting on the bed.
  Li Xiuzhi restless, are shoes, she could not bear it most every day lighting, lights out so far have to do: “how?”
  Pei Jiancheng somewhat haltingly, his brother sa都市体验网id today heard at the dinner table, going


  Obviously上海夜网 this should be your own bowl, can Pei Jiancheng suddenly felt no match for my brother hit his bowl spoonful of this, he could not help some sour eyes, shame too want to give yourself a slap in the face –
  He went to school is clearly for themselves, how can there be nothing to be thankful?Not at home or farm reared by his brothers do?
  Pei Jiancheng hit a spoon, back to the Pei building: “I do not work hard, farming is hard brothers at home.”He did not know, who the family who occupy it cheaper?He did not return to read, full of expenses, the village has long been the rule, no less than the land, have a smaller share of public grain, grain that point, even his reading of his money alone is not enough points.
  This time, only Pei built to empty the bowl, and he did not get angry, asleep lifted the bowl should drink, others have, he would not have such a thing, he had long been accustomed to.
  Li Xiuzhi stand most immediately that the rest of the egg bowl water pick-up, all will fall down into the bowl Pei to build, awkward to praise: “too hard to build, and recently to help every day, even at a busy work.”
  Pei Jian Li Xiuzhi to holding a 广州桑拿网bowl of red laugh: “No hard.”He drank a mouthful of fragrant, this is the mother praised him then head back!
  Li Xiuzhi see sour, can not customary to talk about things, wanted to call him not to drink so anxious, blurted time and became: “Sigui reincarnation ah?Eat slowly, choke it had to go to the doctor!”She often boast is completed, the other two children, always only too scolded her this.
  ”Yes, Mom!”Pei built to very obedient, then began to follow their own mom, drink slowly – he was not drinking, he was a sip of.
  Pei Naochun the amount of help the helpless, silent stagger vision, just keep starting to enjoy the rare fed up, he sometimes suddenly found their own eldest son and second son, indeed, a bit less lesson.
  Sure enough, behind Li Xiuzhi time came the voice, “How old are you the person who?I also

graduate this year junior high bar?”Pei Jian-come, first said the words, her eyes full of respect, he then did two years of elementary school obediently home, for him, something on the books is simply heavenly!

  ”Ah, brother.”
  ”You are too much.”Pei to build and are truly proud, than a thumb,” you than our team it was even more severe accounting!”
  If the former, Pei Jiancheng might be silent for a moment, because the village accountant had read a junior high school half a year, dropped out back, but now he had a great patiently expla天津夜网ined: “We went to junior high school team accounting year on the back read, I’ve read more than two years, such as the end of next year have a diploma.”
  Pei built to probably understand: “Anyway, my brother badly.”He silly Hehedixiao twice,” the village on a number of you will read later when a high official quasi.”
  This is a fallacy, and although big impact sports, can be a lot of college students in recent years, college graduates are better, want to rely on that high official assignment, if the junior high school wanted to enter the government, who did not know the basic game , anyway, and nothing to do with them!
  ”Brother, is not the case, junior high school graduates can also read up there, and wants to have the government work.”He said half saw the brother confused eyes, he knew it was the more right, more chances b北京夜网rother did not understand, he only said,” is we want to go to junior high school, people do not do!I have read up.”
  ”That’s up to read, my brother most powerful, the most powerful mom said you.”Pei built to nod certainly did not forget his arm looking stabbed Pei has been under construction next to daze, recently sent the other day wearing a peach in the head,” Brother, you say it.”
  ”Yes, for sure you build the line, you see, we have not even graduated from elementary school it!”Just listen to Pei building had a tail, nodding seriously.
  Pei Jiancheng heart is both warm and helpless, brother high hopes for him, b

now, eggs, water is more delicious.

  ”Dad, Mom, brother, sorry, I should not eat so I took it.”He will push the water to the middle of the egg,” You drink.”
  That he apologized to Pei Pei and built to construction was kept busy waved them, pushing the bowl, his face full of simple and honest: “Never mind, you study hard to build, we will next places, have a habit, just eat the.”Just stay at the dinner table tonight some time longer, belly Pei building of the first to sing the empty city, gurgling sound of the voice to a table of people have heard.
  Pei building scurried to his stomach: “No, I’m really full, and so he went.”Sleep tooNot hungry, they are like this, the family is eating pretty good, in the village of poor households, called on the breadline yet.
  ”Never mind, brother, just the way I eat bread, you eat l苏州夜网ike.”From the county school cafeteria commune man who had received subsidies, although no dishes, they still barely tube fed, Pei Jiancheng listened to the words of his brother, and think of more, reading how hard it come down to earth!
  ”what happened?”Li Xiuzhi being in a daze, her husband suddenly shouted.
  ”Tonight built back, we will get fed one, I’ll go with you, tonight we eat according to component prepares a bowl of eggs, water, ah, we drink together.”
  ”Dad, do not have the!I’m full of.”Pei Jiancheng where they dare to refuse.
  Pei Naochun looked at his wife’s eyes quite firm, but also coincides with Li Xiuzhi heart sour complexity, from the other side also nodded obediently and followed her husband into the kitchen, did not forget to take away the bowl of eggs, water, or will be how to do cool?One can imagine tha都市体验网t when she came back a little sober, but also for the food tonight rattling angry stomping up.
  Pei Jiancheng was left in the court room, and the brothers had 大眼瞪小眼, blood affection between brothers is in, and Ge Jige feeling pretty good, but Pei Jiancheng’ve been reading at home is also very less time.
  ”C北京养生会所ompleted, you will


  ”me.I did not expect.”Pei Jiancheng some e苏州桑拿mbarrassment, he read most at home, have been treated or, faint always felt like family and not a road, even.There are even a bit high two brothers first class, he would ask the teacher to say hello at school, the students also know that, if in the cafeteria Dafan, let the teacher to make a truth, but each time to go home, he always felt as it should be – he has been enjoying such a special treatment, in the village live out the treatment of a young master.
  ”Husband, do not say, have a family, what what to Tuiju.”Li Xiuzhi help his son explained.
  Pei Naochun suddenly pulled her: “You look at your mother, today hard for everyone to cook, you know that every day of her two brothers are hard, going helped fetch water, firewood, you came back, she was run the kitchen, light a fire to boil water, you and she said no thank you?He does not, say hard, and told her to sit quickly, you do it?”
  ”No, no, and I say, a family member, what is it polite?”Li Xiuzhi was right husband fretting busy explanation, but had to admit, she was born from the waves, between family members, do not care, saying it always such years, you may not really care about it?
  When杭州桑拿网 she was new wife, also complained in his heart, what she was up early cooking and taking care of household chores, but also a little late to be preaching from her mother, but year after year, she was accustomed to, he will not even feel hard, not tired, is a labor life!
  Building and construction, the vanguard naive when getting off work every day to come back, you know, etc. food, she swore it not be said with anger?She also wants people to know she was hard, but also want someone to help her work, you can turn to when three sons, she was like forget-like, no sense.
  Pei Jiancheng Some lift their heads, he still can smell the aroma of eggs, water, can be just the hungry is already gone, he looked at the egg bowl full of water, look Look at a few empty bowl, do not ask him too k

n and second son obediently sitting there, looking carefully at it and he built it round and round, a loss; Li Xiuzhi it, his face with a bit angry with gas can not be made; and Pei Jiancheng eyes dazed, thought to understand.

  He sighed heavily, can only say that this house from top to bottom, have been accustomed to this eccentric:杭州夜网论坛 “built, you see, what we eat tonight?”He asked this question, the eyes of several people simultaneously spinning on the table.
  More than just empty plate empty bowl on the table, and this year is no wasteful ha广州桑拿bits, and even a grain of rice will pick up and eat clean, I can only see that the short side is eating a bowl of corn cob was clean.
  Pei built the most real eye, covered her mouth with one hand busy, doing mouth hinted to his brother.
  ”corn.”Pei Jiancheng looked at her brother’s mouth,” cucumber porridge.”
  Li Xiuzhi first one to react, she is busy for the son explained: “Usually built to study hard in school, a rare back, eat good how the?”
  In fact, long-term out of school children, each time when the home, the family does not normally serve to prepare some of the dishes, that nothing can really be accused, can Kurtis, such behavior continued for too long, Pei Naochun First, seized on the issue, and second, also want to try the third son of a temper bend and twist.
  ”Yes Yes.”Pei Naochun nodded,” but he can do so suffering?We went to the homes of locals eat, cook much, have to say thank you, said no, he does?”
  Li Xiuzhi Samsam: “This is his home, as you can?”
  Pei Pei Jiancheng Naochun only looked at: “completed, you are not at home, every day, my parents and two brothers are so you eat, no water point, no point Hunxing, even eat is immune, even so, we We have to work every day, just to earn a full credits at the end to make more money.”He sounds very heavy,” give you a bowl of eggs burn water, dad no opinion, but you can not just suffering, how can you not ask either drink a brother, your mother or else drink a little tire

end on the table.

  Pei Jiancheng face with some young innocent breath, he sat in his place, Pei Naochun with a smile: “Dad, I’m back yet!”
  Pei Naochun just nod, which he used to practice a.
  ”Built, you lost!”Pei Jian backing and a younger brother in a word, he is jealous over his brother, also envy, be more, or had been brainwashed in Li Xiuzhi long-term publicity and education, he also felt that his brother is a rare breath, reading can be difficult he attended primary school do not come, my broth南宁桑拿论坛er can read for so long, for sure the future is the ability of people!
  ”Do not lean, thin clothes may be worn recently.”Pei Jiancheng shy smile, look to the Pei building,” Brother, you are not tall friends?”
  ”No high!”Pei construction embarrassed scratched his head, laughed aloud silly.
  Pei Jiancheng puzzled look to t杭州桑拿he brother, how he felt strange own brother?
  There is no shy heart of Pei built to quickly put things to be happy to share with his brother: “Mom, help me with your brother and looked at the girl, and you have not had time to say, and so on to get married next year!Big Brother give us to find the sister, Tanya is the village of Bi!”
  Pei building quickly played down his brother, his face flushed: “What nonsense sister’s sister is not!To the people hear well, anyway, it is such a thing.”
  Pei Jiancheng also laughed: “That would be great, then I can have it two sister-in-law!”
  ”And then, from the home to a new house!Mom and Dad read disturb you, you did not go and say, wait for you to come back next time, like a house!”
  Listening to the words of his brother, Pei Jiancheng suddenly face a stiff, he placed a hand under the table都市兔兔 tightened, he was a bit hesitant, do not know their requirements are not out of date?My heart like someone in a fight, I usually hit you die.
  He did not want to stay in the city, you can play home to a new house.
  Before he could continue to trouble, quick action to Li Xiuzhi has come out from the kitchen, carrying her egg smell t

, a person for a large bowl of corn so南宁夜网up and rinse the rice, along with a cucumber salad – just add cucumber the salt that is really cold up to his face.

  Pei Pei and built ever since the construction phase to see the end, Li Xiuzhi began deducted from the own diet, she put it well-founded, after only said housing spend money, get married have to buy meat, they have to spend a sum of Chinese New Year.Anyway, the total reason, two sons accepted very quickly, so long may Pei Naochun to eat half full status really not used to.
  May end, or because these days the poor.
  He was hungry powerful, but also obediently started eating rice, could not help but looked Li Xiuzhi, his old suspect, this person’s own body detector, can accurately prepare the dignitaries eating hungry components, or the intensity of work so big, I should have fainted.
  Li Xiuzhi continued to ann杭州夜网论坛ounce her policy: “Recently you have to empty, how many more go to the mountains to get some fruit or something, from the house after the family, can be used to entertain, as well, do not torn clothes, torn clothes and then to , your dad will give you sew!”
  Pei Naochun almost did not choke, he did not resist it, I heard the door came the movement that –
  ”Dad, Mom, brother, brother, I’m home.”Appears in the door that is Pei Jiancheng, he dressed in neat clothes, although inevitably there are a few signs of mending, it may have been the least is one of the.
  ”Yeah built back.”I saw three sons back, Li Xiuzhi heart is at once soft, she even forgot her husband a few days ago and said those words,” how do you not to cry and mom, you see, I did not prepare you meals to hungry, right?”
  Pei Jiancheng smile: “Nothing yet Mom, I’深圳桑拿网m on the road eat bread.”
  ”It is cold it?Come, first take you, mom to give you something to eat.”Li Xiuzhi immediately ran to his room and touched the eggs from the closet and then went into the kitchen, intended to make his son a bowl of eggs in water, she juggle the field, who can not att

imid and afraid of death’s sake, do not believe her, Sun Yongchang out desperately posture fight with Zhaowu Bin, Zhao Wubin really dare to kill him.

  Lu Dewen eyes look down flat stomach, smiled, “it is not a book where it was swallowed up inside?”
  Lu Hongying language choke, sitting on a stool West also thrown a silent eyes to Lu Dewen, Lu Dewen深圳桑拿网 know why, “loud noise, and what I am wrong?”
  ”You’re not wrong, you are right to say.”She odd strange, month examination Lu Dewen they are very good results, extracurricular books also read a bit, why not grow a little brain grow achievement, really like her dad’s sake?Think of this, Lu Hongying very glad that the point to be like Xue flower, not so foolish as hopeless.
  Lude Wen Lu Hongying ponder the meaning of words, modestly said, “our mother said is right.”
  Lu Hongying did not speak, eyes flat as the front, and do not want to say Lu Dewen.
  Yuanba, Sun Yongchang still crying, “relatives ah, my family Baulkham she knew was wrong ah, she said, was expressly nice to her, or do you have a human face.”
  Heard this from Luming Wen and Lu Jianxun are scared to Sun Yongchang parade, a few old people, sitting on the ground but als苏州夜网o a hammer to is bowed, tears nose paste the whole face, than dead father and mother also heartbroken, Lu Jianxun arrived in the Luming Wen arrived, “you are old do not like him this gentile, look at the nose flow more, noon meal to eat fast spit it out.”
  ”I do not cry.”Luming Wen Lu Jianxun do not understand the logic, good men do not cry easily, where he will be like Sun Yongchang, but he wondered Sun Yong.
  Pei Jiancheng Since the reading to show their talent in the brothers, they almost did not then been to be a child, he was not able to work every age, who helped send a few backwater, he still clearly remember, summer sun is always burning too much, according to the human body, such as the burning, he just went home from that field, we can out of a sweat, can labor in the family, did not feel