Have in mind, only this time, he could not be objective.

  Su Yuan with Gujiu An understanding of the performance too, and every look every action is show, I do not see this is the first time the two to cooperate.
  Fu is poor and know what they are jealous.
  How could it not be jealous?
  To be on the right, Gujiu An undoubtedly better suited than he Su Yuan, they are actors, Gujiu An give Su Yuan provides a lot of help, but Su Yuan to Gujiu An extremely trust, Fu raw cold sometimes think, if he had not first emptive, if his first step with Gujiu an Su Yuan confession, so now people together with Su Yuan, is not that the Gujiu an.
  This idea, like a little bit like ants gnawed his heart.
  Want, I want to completely let Su Yuan belong to him.
  Call it a day back to the hotel at night, Lai Fu raw cold in her room and refused to go out, but this time there was something different with the past, seem to wipe.Gun go.fire?
  Author has to say: Not surprisingly, it ended tomorrow?muah?

Chapter Four in 98
  Dark, we saw Su Yuan Fu Yan Liang needy pair of amazing, like a devouring take her as.
  Wei Chuan her breath, hard to reach for a hand elongated light switches, hand just touch switch, a pair of hot hand covering

The son of a family of three plus Dong Xiaofeng, there’s no anything, so how could ordinary people?

  See the white leaf into the classroom, Dong Xiaofeng face unparalleled.
  Before the son of assassinated along with three leaves and white, although the intention was not to kill Dong Xiaofeng Ye white, just wanted to teach him a lesson.
  But anyway, he involved the.
  Leaf white fly that filled the murder scene, but he saw it, you want to Qutaxingming, is a snap.
  But I do not know why, to the last moment, leaves white would actually put him on a horse.
  Perhaps because Jiuxuan Tianshan?
  Dong Xiaofeng that several family is not the kind of brain-dead son, grew up in the Tianshan Mountains of ancient weapons, stronger than a lot of other people he cognition influence Budokan.
  Expert shot a glance there, which means he leaves the White see very clearly, simply and Jiuxuan elders par Tianshan.
  This level of character, with this it is not possible to Rede Qi Dong Xiaofeng.
  And leaves white or seemingly casual repair, repair loose once this was discovered Tianshan ancient weapons, will immediately do everything possible to move into, to mention just a few family time, and even the ancient Wu family behind them, too

Yu Yu Ze face have to give a written child, media see Yu Chak and Donna have to bite the bullet and later also consciously not to mention.

  Between the announcement and the announcement, Donna originally thought to take a break on Christmas Day, Ze Yu did not think he was told that there is a need to take MV.
  A MV only, fast, then two days finished, and Donna took the trouble, but some curious, out of the three albums have not filmed a few of MV Yu Ze, how will whim, I want to give the new album’s bonus track beat MV?
  In the studio rushed to the car, Donna asked that question.
  ”Fans want to see.”He says.
  Donna do not believe it, and now the fans want to see, I do not want to see it from the front?
  ”You are lying.”She said:” You look into my eyes answer me.”
  ”I am driving.”He without even looking her.
  ”Red it.”Donna lie in the past, hanging on his right arm holding the steering wheel:” Is it because I said I was looking to shoot MV Bai Yalin?”
  ”Not.”Yu Ze decisive say.
  His answers were too decisive, did not hesitate even one second, just ahead of the exercise is as good an answer.
  ”Do you really believe that I will find shot MV Bai Yalin?!”Donna stared at him.
  He actually put her casually say

cool.He took care to take arms propped himself guarding XIA away, quietly practice his long-suffering fantasy.

  Unfortunately, XIA away in his pocket, the phone rang ton of bricks, endlessly singing.She insisted Cheng Dong’s chest to push him, to touch the phone.
  Cheng Dong head down, kissed away at XIA lips, finally willing to let go of her little number, let her answer the phone, very depressed and asked: “Who?”
  ”Well Alarm Clock!”XIA away off the alarm press.This alarm clock five minutes a repeat, do not press would have been called has been called off.
  Drooping eyes when her cell phone, meaning tears stained thick Alice eyelashes like a small fan, what about the heart of winter to drive fan.Shut up when the alarm lift eye, dark and pupil amidst glittering, she spoke with a heavy nasal Shihai, with the end of audio and video is a spoiled child tick, tick away too want to kiss her soft winter bright red lips.
  Unfortunately, XIA away do not match, and the head wind of what her side, and give way to winter pro on her cheek.
  ”I want to go home!”XIA away legs are not numb, gently lift the small kicking away the winter, let him up.After all, winter is not up Cheng, XIA away and he is not up.
  Unfortunately, Cheng Dong

Development, there is one last story missions need to be completed, even if the system is not, she has to do so.

  She has appeared on the original system again held out little hope, but when she heard a familiar voice system again, still a little uncomfortable cry.
  ”Host, I come back.”
  ”Devil, you die where to go??”
  When the system appears, she seems to have a sense, this feeling is wonderful, can not be described in words.Because she could feel the system has been in and bind her with, so always comfort myself will come back, but no amount of comfort, there is no real system appear reassuring.
  System: “host, I’m sorry, I was in the artifact, I have a very strong fluctuations in the data, and you did not have time to say goodbye had been forced to cut off contact.The repair data took a long time, I detected during your stay in the artifact, so I can not tell you.”
  Xin micro long it would have to ask: “What is there Artifact?”
  System paused, simple explanation: “I was not very clear, very likely because it was inconsistent with my field, I can not be too close to there.”
  Micro Sim did not care how long it pauses only when the system is lying


  In order to let him get the trust of drug dealer as soon as possible, to help him do the country innings, got him into trouble, put him into a court-martial and sentenced him to ten years to spread the message of long imprisonment!
  He then fled to escape the Kingdom of Siam Northern Territory Jinshan angle region, followed by the addition under the command of drug lords.
  Chakun this natural talent will soon be appreciated, but the clever drug lords also his identity was particularly rigorous review, he checked everything get to the bottom.
  In order to determine his loyalty, drug lords repeatedly tempted him.
  Once let alone his ship, the other party refused to direct acceptance, forcing him to smoking, drug lords to let him get his confidence as soon as possible, the ship must be completed, after some hesitation on taking the high purity of the drug.
  Later, he learned that this is a bureau of drug lords do, is to test him, and let him drug addiction.
  Although the drug lords very high regard and appreciation of him, but he is, after all, different from those who only make his identity forever dubious drug lords, drug lords will not let you really trust men to touch drugs, but the use of drugs to control his.
  Since then, he completely controlled.
  However, each time after he smoked, I will tell myself that it is for the task, trying to keep the faith in this way.
  The final event can be a siege, but failed as he should also immediately inside was found

Chase, he needs for affection, in fact, more than she came.So in the case of the Song and Ming was arrested, he was hard not to be touched, even if the man he always does and.

  Yang Wei thought, she gingerly, holding his hand.
  Song Zhe, a little strange, he turned, looked at her surprised.
  Yang Wei heads bowed, gently said: “I’m here.”
  Her opening.
  This time, she did not, as usual, with tenacity and calm tone and he said these words.
  This time, her soft tone, with some spoiled taste, she is not his pillars, and even, she was dependent on him, or rather, to accompany him in.
  The first time he felt himself in front of Yang Wei, finally, like a husband, a man.He listened to her and said: “In the future we will have a new home, there will be baby, Song Zhe,” Yang Wei raised his head and looked at the eyes of Song Zhe, seriously said, “I can promise you, to love him, Okay?”
  Song Zhe not know why, at that moment, Yang Wei to say, he suddenly eye evil.
  He felt a pair Yang Wei, able to see through people’s eyes, see through people’s minds all the shortcomings and regret.He looked at Yang Wei, hoarse loud: “Good.”
  He softly spoke up: “I will surely be good for him, good for him particularly special.”

And I stare, you stare, and I did not do, and I do not bother you stare.”

  Spoke on the go, Yu Miaozai catching her, “You are eccentric eye!!!You obviously see those people crowding the company with me, otherwise how would one of my own dressing room ah?They deliberately want the audience to get me!!!You know when you can not see, no matter I!!!I have been bullied into this, you do not pipe, you are not in this draft is not favoritism Well?You are now favoritism others bully me!!!”
  【So this is ah]
  [Me this is not a direct means a close look at a small entertainment ah?]
  [This means not too small, although the operation is easy but it works, people know the truth really think it is transitory man Gouzhangrenshi]
  [Do not we all just thought fairies favoritism Miao Miao yet?Super work anymore]
  [This move is really good loss ah, it seems that these artists really are warm fight it, do not care the personal image]
  [Liu Liu and a parasol is innocent one is aloof from the world, maybe the person set up, this is it collapse?]
  [Beep good cow, ah, good to see!!!】
  [I hope all variety show could be so beat]
  [Looking forward to the warm air of artists with a little fairy, flying self]
  [True or false fly flying, which some say]
  [Fake flying is also very good ah, just interesting to me to see]
  [Fake flying more nausea, insult the fairies]
  Directed a little anxious,

The crowd, laugh loudly, interrupting their words: “Do not have played, I see sad, lady, you lend him your Taomu Jian, he and I play a game.”

  Xu Qin Bo Hong is naturally aware of the identity, but Qin Bo did not offend him, he did not let the other party interested in this exposure.
  A living, if people know he is a device spirit, he rest of my life, not even think about a good living.
  He is not Dongchang those who are not interested in the people Qiandaowangua.
  In case of Zhou Yu actually quite like to refute him, but she knew that he did not think so unimportant, the vast majority of Fearless really think so.
  What happens when there.He took a step back, he could not split his station at this time.
  Like the news that he will not choose to give up the child as strangers, Qin Bo impossible in the case of unknown situation to play out of their wits Xu Hong.
  But he did not choose, no one forced him not selected.
  ”This determines the?”Ghost never expected this case also not afford to pick their contradictions,” Mr. Xu, until you see decisive rage, I thought you had changed, and not for the people that died in any of the prefect on, but did not think.”
  ”I did not expect anything?”Xu Hong once again interrupted her words.He does not like

Huan a man does, if even limbs are immersed in love.

  A long while, Horch suddenly let go of her, she was buried in the necks, dull voice: “Good, go back to the room.”
  She opened his eyes, eyes misty: “Horch?”
  He pulled her up and pressed the desire of my heart, touch her head, “first past, I’ll come looking for you.”
  She stumbled at him, he smiled and gently kissed her forehead, “Now is not possible.”
  Sheng Joe sober moment, even the neck are flush, and hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran.

Chapter 117
  Come later time, holding the computer came Horch.Sheng Joe play phone on the bed, he sat next to typing, Ding Jane feel so superfluous.
  A long while, I had to ask: “Otherwise, I used to sleep?”
  Horch looked up and smiled: “No, I went back with her for a while.”
  Ding Jane: “.”
  Sheng Joe cell phone lying in bed poke, poke a long time suddenly said: “Horch, yesterday you did not help me, then sign it over?!”
  Horch “?”
  She sat up and stand about, “Yesterday’s anti-triad did not punch, forces standings did not help, did not send flowers Scoreboard!”She very wronged,” I said to myself, you do not let non, obviously he promised me continuously highest charting, now broken!”
  Horch: “.Change the paper yesterday, forget