The most persistent thing in twelve constellation

Persistence is probably the spirit of never giving up, the pursuit as always, the precious persistence. Persistence is not stubbornness, because stubbornness is only unreasonable for a while. Perseverance is not obsession either, because obsession makes people lose their way.. Therefore, in this lifetime, one must always have one’s own perseverance. Only in this way can one have good prospects in life.. So what is the most persistent thing about twelve constellation? follow Xiao bian to have a look.   The most persistent thing of Aries in honest and frank is to pursue freedom.. They are almost paranoid in their pursuit of freedom, and they do not like restraint at any time.. Emotionally, they don’t like each other’s restriction of their freedom, and will choose a person who won’t make themselves feel bound or controlled.. In terms of work, they will choose a freer occupation..   Taurus Taurus, a practical Taurus, is probably the most persistent thing. Taurus, who loves inside, is very cowardly. Facing the person he loves very much, even if he is constantly rejected, he will pay silently and endure silently until the other person likes him.. In fact, we all know that wronged oneself will not be happy, but will only make oneself trapped in it and suffer all the time, but the stubborn Taurus will wait all the time..   Gemini Funny Fellows Gemini’s most persistent thing is to find interesting things. In their world of inside, life is to be exposed to all kinds of new things and must be interesting.. Once in love, they want their other half to be an interesting person.. If they think that lovers are not as interesting as they think, they may leave each other and try to fall in love with different people..   Cancer Cancer People are very emotional. In their world, inside family is the most important. No matter what they do or decide, family will always be the first place.. They will give up a lot of their own things in order to maintain the family.. No matter how small the matter, as long as it affects the family, they will be nervous and deal with it seriously..   The most persistent thing of Leo’s domineering Leo is the pursuit of power. They all like to master sovereignty and control others in both their feelings and career.. In fact, the ultimate purpose of doing many things is for their own benefit.. Leo’s pursuit of power will never stop.. Emotionally, I would like my other half to fully listen to my own opinions..   Virgo pays attention to details. Virgo’s most persistent thing must be to pursue perfection.! As we all know, Virgo has a very serious obsessive-compulsive disorder.. They often go too far in pursuit of perfection and finally let themselves lose something.. But they like details, like perfection, the finer the perfection, the more perfect they are, the more interested they are.. Perhaps only Virgo knows that imperfect things are not pure, and things that are not pure are not worth having..   Libra is gentle and elegant. The most persistent thing of Libra is absolute fairness. In Libra’s heart there is a balanced scale, which symbolizes fairness and harmony. As long as they find that the atmosphere they get along with others becomes less harmonious, they will find ways to adjust it.. Adjust your state of mind, everyone get along with the atmosphere, or seriously communicate with you, must let the atmosphere harmonious.   Scorpio’s strong-willed Scorpio’s most persistent thing is strong possessiveness.. In love, Scorpio’s possessiveness will be displayed without reservation.. They don’t like their lovers standing with the opposite sex.. Only want each other firmly tied to his side. The same is true for friends, Scorpio’s possessiveness is really strong to abnormal.   Sagittarius is a lively and cheerful Sagittarius. The most persistent thing is to pursue happiness.. For Sagittarius, happiness is the meaning of their life.. No matter what happens to anyone, as long as it makes them feel happy, it is good.. If they feel unhappy, they will not need it.. Sagittarius is so casual, everything is based on happiness..   Capricorn calm and steady Capricorn’s most persistent thing is work.. Capricorn is a well-known job, Delirium. In their world of inside, nothing is more important than work. In the field of work, they will find a sense of belonging. Even if they sacrifice their personal time and love, they will still be meticulous in their career and cannot be ignored..   Aquarius Aquarius with active thinking is the most persistent thing in pursuit of being different from others.. This sentence is really suitable for Aquarius. Because they are really strange and changeable, and often do some incredible things.. In fact, to put it bluntly, the bottle does not want to spend its life in the ordinary, they want more wonderful, more different..   The most persistent thing of Pisces, who loves fantasy, is to pursue romance.. Romance is an essential part of life for Pisces.. Pisces is a typical Paiyaa. Pisces in love likes to give Mobbed to his lover.. Because they think that if life is to have a sense of ceremony, it must be romantic. They can always imagine everything around them very well, and they will feel that everything is very good.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What kind of people do twelve want to be with most??

In my life, I will encounter all kinds of problems every day. Everyone hopes to meet a person who can share happiness and complain about sadness.. So what kind of people do twelve want to be with most?? Next, Xiaobian will take you to have a look..   Aries: People who know how to take care of people Aries is a typical King of the Children, in fact, they are not very good at taking care of themselves, so they hope their lovers can complement each other, otherwise it will be difficult for them to survive together..   Taurus: Taurus is famous for its big meals. As long as the partner in the teaching assistant’s mind can cook delicious meals, it is ok, so Taurus will jump at the opposite sex who cooks delicious meals immediately..   Gemini’s following content: Gemini, a person who can keep up with thanks, is very Funny Fellows and has a big leap in thinking. In order to communicate happily, the teaching assistant certainly hopes to play happily with a person who can keep up with thanks at any time..   Cancer’s following contents: Caring and considerate person Cancer is a person who often falls apart and feels insecure.. They hope to find a thoughtful and considerate person to save their carelessness and give thanks for their enough security.. After all, for cancer, everything is safe first..   Leo’s following content: Leo’s domineering attitude towards people who thank you for being obedient is well known. They like to protect others from a little bit of harm. They also hope their partners can be obedient to thank you for everything..   Virgo’s following content: clean and honest people Virgo’s cleanliness is obvious to all, most can’t stand others being sloppy in front of thank you.. Virgos are also insightful and can always see through your honesty at a glance.. So if you want to be with Virgo, you must be a clean and honest person.   Libra’s following content: good-looking people who can make up their mind for thank you Libra is always entangled in everything and can’t make up their mind for anything, so they most hope their other half is a person who can make up his mind for thank you, and the most important thing is to look good..   Scorpio’s following content: people who are not scheming scorpio people are always ruthless and give people a sense of distance.. But their heart is very simple, don’t want to be played don’t want others routine.   Sagittarius The Sagittarius believes in freedom. For them, being restricted is like cutting off their wings. Freedom is the pursuit of their whole life. Therefore, they hope their lovers can give themselves enough freedom and say and go with thanks..   Capricorn’s following content: People who are quietly with thank you Capricorn wears masks most of the time to hide their most real thoughts. They all like to observe quietly, so they hope their lovers will be the same, even if they have no words, just stay with them..   Aquarius: Aquarius people who can know each other with tacit understanding, brain hole is very big and has very strange ideas. They need their lovers to have the same interests and tacit understanding with themselves, so that they can chat and talk with each other in their slow life..   Pisces’ following content: Pisces people who can give thanks for their care and sincerity live in a small public act. They are fond of disorderly thinking and are afraid of hurting others. They need a positive answer from each other and can keep their promise.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The object that twelve constellation wants to crack most is actually..

It is said that men are animals with lower body thinking. In their minds, inside has an X-fantasy object.. So, who does the 12 constellation man want to bang most?? Let’s take a look at it quickly..   The following is the content of Aries men: Scorpio women and Aries men have always been Spirits to pa, so they like girls who can’t stop pa and have no sense of that kind of high cold and pure nature.. The sexy and charming Scorpio woman is exactly the dish of the Aries man..   Taurus male: Cancer female Taurus male is not only lustful, but also prefers girls with female brilliance. Cancer is a typical maternal sign in the zodiac, so how can Taurus not covet it?.   The following are the contents of Gemini men: Sagittarius women and Gemini men like to play, but they don’t want to be responsible for it after snapping. Generally, constellation women can’t stand it.. Sagittarius women are not the same. They can open their minds freely. Everyone is an adult. You can play with me as well.. This idea is in keeping with the appetite of Gemini men..   Cancer Male The following contents: Libra Female Cancer Male is ashamed to admit that he has fantasies, but men all have desires. Their desires are for Libra Female. They do not make public their weak character and are suitable for cancer male’s light taste..   The lion men’s following content: Pisces women male chauvinism is very heavy lion men in bed, so gentle Pisces women had better control, let the lion men, typical shake m..   The following are the contents of virgin men: Capricorn, female, virgin and male are conservative and can’t bear too wild waves, so they like pure girls.. The traditional conservative Capricorn woman is the best choice..   The following contents for libra men: it must be the woman he admires very much from his heart and the person who has a high sense of identity in his soul that a virgin woman can become the fantasy object of libra men.. And this person is mostly a perfect star virgin.   Scorpio Male The following: Aries female Scorpio male Desire is very strong, the average girl is overwhelming, Scorpio male will not fantasize about them. Only the passionate Aries woman is the accelerant of Scorpio man’s desire..   Sagittarius male the following content: lion female Sagittarius male likes to challenge in x this matter, but in the twelve constellations they think the most challenging constellation is the recalcitrant lion female, the more unable to conquer, the more they want to conquer..   Capricorn Male The following contents: Taurus Female Capricorn Male Man show, and then smart, they also see Taurus Female is the essence of Man show, is an absolute potential stock. Therefore, it is very normal to often fantasize about things together..   Aquarius Man The following contents: The two-child Aquarius man is very selective in his sexual fantasies. He must have resonance in his thoughts and be a person with interest in life. Therefore, the twelve constellations must have two children..   The following is a list of Pisces men: Libra women are good at dreaming. Pisces men actually have a lot of fantasy objects. They have thought about all the twelve constellations, but Libra women are the ones who love most and have the most appetite. After all, Pisces men are very strict with their looks.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Twelve Constellation Rank of Easiest Online Love

Talking about Love in the Virtual World The difference between talking about love in Mixed Signals and talking about Love Julinsee,Love at 4 size is that 12 constellations fall into the online love list, which constellation is the most prone to fall into online love? Number 12: Capricorn Capricorn, who is immersed in work all day, where does she have time to chat with strangers online?? Not to mention online love, and online love is too empty for Capricorn, love still needs to be talked about really to taste.. Taurus Taurus people know how to protect themselves very well. It is true that the risk of online love is much greater than that of real love. Taurus is afraid of falling into the trap of online love and therefore refuses online love.. Number 10: Cancer Cancer is a very traditional and conservative constellation. They still want to get to know and fall in love with people they like through traditional ways, rather than through the Internet.. Number 9: Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo is very rational. For them, netizens are netizens. It is too difficult to develop into lovers.. Even if virgins start to feel for netizens, they will suppress their feelings in their hearts. They think that online love has no future.. Number 8: Libra usually only chooses online love if it is difficult to get off the list in reality. People like Libra, who see people love the blooming flowers in Hanami, have never considered online love when they catch a handful of people who like themselves around them.. Seventh place: Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius doesn’t like online love so much, but they won’t resist if they meet someone they like online.. For archers, online love is not as interesting as real love. After all, it is invisible and intangible. What if the other person is ugly? Number six: Gemini and Gemini are talkers, and people in real life may not like their constant chatter all day long.. However, the conversation between Gemini and Kan Kan on the Internet will turn into a conversation with a high probability of attracting netizens.. The following is the fifth place: Leo inside lions are very strong and domineering on weekdays, and it is difficult to get along well with others.. On the contrary, the lion in the network can be less powerful and be a kind and peaceful person, so there is a great chance of online love.. The fourth place is as follows: Aquarius sometimes we in the network are the more real self. For Aquarius, what they pursue all their lives is a partner who is compatible with their soul. People in the network can often be themselves. If Aquarius really meets people who are compatible with themselves, they will not refuse each other because of online love.. Third place: Aries: Generally speaking, people who refuse online love are just afraid of being cheated.. However, Aries people are naturally impulsive. If they are really in love online, they will not consider any problems. If they like it, they will be together. It’s not a big deal.. Second place: Scorpio in reality has a very cold attitude and is difficult to communicate with others, let alone fall in love.. Scorpio can remove the disguise and communicate with others with the most comfortable attitude in the network, so it is easy to have feelings with netizens.. First place is the following: Pisces is the most vulnerable sign to fall in love on the net in twelve, because Pisces pursues fantasy love too much and it is difficult for Pisces to find an ideal object in reality. the layers of veils on the internet will make Pisces fall in love on the net, but with all due respect, Pisces is also the least suitable for love on the net, because they will confuse reality with the internet.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The constellation twelve likes verbally complain of one’s poverty’s most

Why are girls generally poor, because they want to buy all kinds of clothes, all kinds of skirts, all kinds of bags, all kinds of shoes, etc. Some girls don’t necessarily have money if they are well dressed. A girl who doesn’t like to dress up and often looks straight up is not necessarily very poor.. And which of the twelve constellations do girls love verbally complain of one’s poverty even though they have plenty of cash?   Capricorn women have the following contents: hard work, but people who don’t want others to know that they have money are workaholics. the person they trust most in this world is themselves. if they want to live a good life, they must work hard to achieve it.. Capricorn women belong to a relatively low-key type. They work silently and hard. They can stay up all night for their own performance. They work so hard to ensure their material life. They are afraid to let others know that they have money, so they never show off their wealth and want to play the poor well..   Scorpio Woman: A Scorpio with an insatiable heart Apart from strong possessiveness and control over feelings, Scorpio people feel the same way about money.. At the same time, Scorpio people are very Saving Face. They want to buy luxury goods, brand-name bags, high-end cosmetics, etc. They want to enjoy the best service when traveling.. They want a lot, want to make themselves look good, while verbally complain of one’s poverty. Scorpio’s typical characteristics are duplicity, saying that he is poor, but actually he is rich..   Cancer Woman: All deposits are real estate. Cancer Woman is gentle and kind in nature, sensitive and affectionate.. Cancer women really feel very poor because they have to plan for the future, and their existing assets or the money they have not earned will be included in their future plans. In order to realize their interlocking plans, Cancer women will not do any extravagance and waste. In front of their friends, verbally complain of one’s poverty’s women actually have a huge savings, but they are all Cancer women’s real estate.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Twelve Constellation Rich Potential Ranking

Twelve constellation rich potential list, don’t want to fall in love, just want to get rich now people want to get rich crazy, so who has the most potential to get rich overnight, quickly look at the list, hurriedly embrace the first thigh.   The enthusiasm of the fourth Aries Aries is a good thing. The deeper the money Desire gets, the better luck he will have. However, if he is too enthusiastic, he will become blind and will not be able to recruit money..   Gemini always can’t concentrate because Gemini receives too many information points every day. It’s easy for Gemini to get rich overnight because of the heat of three minutes..   Sagittarius said that archers are lazy in nature, and even if the opportunity to become rich is in front of them, they will still feel a little tired of reaching for it. Let’s just forget it and miss it for nothing…   Aquarius Aquarius is a constellation that does not have any Desire for money itself. They are more concerned with the spiritual world of themselves, and look very little at real-world money, fame and fortune..   The third Pisces Pisces does not have the good fortune to become rich. Instead of expecting to become rich overnight, it is better to expect your lover or friend to become rich and then lead a good life on your own..   Taurus Taurus has no control over money, but Taurus does not belong to the type of being rich. Taurus’ money is accumulated bit by bit by them..   If Leo says that one day the lion really becomes rich overnight, it must be the day when they finally succeed after a long time of persistence..   For Capricorn, getting rich overnight seems to be a joke, that is, getting rich one day is also one’s hard work and harvest, not one’s good luck..   The second Virgo virgin is still highly likely to become rich. After all, she has a delicate mind and is sensitive to every opportunity to make a fortune.. As long as there is an opportunity, virgins will never let go..   Libra Libra spends money lavishly, but the fortune is very prosperous and has never been short of money. This constitution with money will definitely bring fortune as long as the time is right..   Scorpio Scorpio has always been strong in the aspect of financial fortune. To outsiders, this kind of thing is an instant thing, but Scorpio may have been quietly laying out for a long time for this moment..   The first cancer is obviously very humble, why cancer is the most likely to become rich, precisely because of their low profile. The more low-key and inconspicuous, the more potential you have to become rich. Go grab Cancer’s thigh.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What is the irreplaceable twelve constellation and what is the most important in the life of 12 constellations

Some people pursue perfect love in their lives, some people pursue endless wealth, and some people pursue absolutely loyal friendship . so what is the most important thing in the minds of the twelve constellations??   Aries Aries is a very childlike constellation. The most indispensable thing in the life of sheep and goats is sunshine. Of course, the sunshine here not only refers to the sun, but also includes the sunshine’s attitude towards life.. For friends and partners, Aries hopes that they are as happy as themselves and that they are as warm as sunshine..   Taurus although Taurus silly, they can actually smart. For Taurus, there is nothing more important than money.. Taurus believes that money can solve 80% of the world’s troubles, and if you have money, you can eat, eat, sleep, and sleep, forgetting all unhappiness..   Gemini Gemini is extremely from My Constellation. They think the whole world should revolve around them.. And Gemini’s performance desire is extremely strong, so the most important thing in their mind is the stage. For them, the stage is life..   Cancer people are very sensitive, most of them are very homesick, so family and family are definitely the first in their mind.. In addition to home, one of the most important things in Cancer’s mind is security. They believe that security is the basis for maintaining all feelings..   Leo Leo people have a strong sense of enterprise, and this desire makes their life very regular, so the most important and indispensable thing in their life is the rule. For them, the smooth implementation of everything cannot be done without the rule, without which there is no surrounding area..   The most important two words in Virgo’s life are perfect, perfect and perfect. Virgo demands perfection in everything, no matter what, no matter how flawed it is..   Libra Libra is a constellation rich in the god Goddess, ranking first among the twelve constellations in terms of average beauty value.. Yan is the most important thing for them with extremely high Yan value. whether they are making friends or looking for someone, they all regard high Yan value as a necessary condition..   Scorpio Scorpio is also a constellation that believes in Yan, that is, justice. For people with low Yan value, they don’t even want to look at it more than Libra. Please refer to Libra for details..   Sagittarius Sagittarius loves freedom all his life. For them, no freedom is worse than death.. And Sagittarius not only pursues freedom, they also pursue happiness, which is their nature..   Capricorn Capricorn and Leo have the same strong dedication to work, so the most beautiful word in their life is work.. Because Capricorn has a high pursuit of quality of life, it must be realized through hard work..   Aquarius is a constellation that believes in predestination. They believe that everything in the world cannot be forced. When you are with someone, you must first feel for the other person. Therefore, Aquarius strongly opposes arranged marriage..   Pisces Pisces lives in beautiful fantasy all his life. inside, the constellation head that loves fantasy extremely, is full of fairy tales of princes and princesses. The most important thing for them is romance. No matter what you do, you must be romantic and dreamy. How romantic can you be. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What do you fear most when you are in love?

What do you fear most when you are in love? Some people say that life is black and white without love. Some people also say that love can make life a mess, falling in love with someone is asking for trouble.. Although love brings not only sweetness but also fear, the pursuit of love is still one’s basic right. However, while pursuing love, everyone needs to face the troubles of love. What are the 12 constellations most afraid of when facing love??   Aries Sings One-man Play. Aries is not afraid of any trouble brought about by love. In order to get a happy love, Aries is willing to overcome all kinds of difficulties.. Aries is afraid that the other party’s love determination is not firm enough, and all efforts must be done unilaterally by themselves..   Taurus Reality Problem Taurus is afraid of all the real problems in love.. Therefore, Taurus will not accept In the Bedroom, not even refuse older?woman?and?younger?man?relationship, nor will it choose a lover who is not right with its own family and overcome the problems existing in reality. Only then will Taurus seriously fall in love..   Gemini is unchangeable Gemini is not afraid of setbacks on the road of love, but is afraid that two people must get along with each other in a unchangeable mode. Gemini hopes that love is full of freshness and can find attractive characteristics in each other every day.. Lack of freshness will make Gemini lose interest in a relationship, which is the reason why Gemini has a flower heart..   Cancer is not safe enough to fall in love. For Cancer, the most important thing is to have a sense of security. If Cancer cannot find a sense of security in a relationship, she will feel very depressed and even lose her determination to love..   Leo loves humbly, but for his extreme love for one person, Leo can’t put down his proud attitude.. For the lion, face is more important than love. The lion is very afraid that he will meet someone who loves him so much that he does not have self-respect.. Because lions are especially afraid of their humble love..   Virgo is not perfect enough to be sure to fall in love with someone. Virgo will carefully manage love from the very beginning.. In this process, Virgo is most worried that some things are not handled well enough, resulting in flaws in love. Therefore, in the face of love, Virgo is most afraid of imperfection..   Libra’s relationship is indifferent. Libra hopes to maintain a very close relationship with the other half. If the relationship between the two is found to be indifferent or even discordant, Libra will be filled with a sense of crisis..   Scorpio is especially suspicious of cheating. In the face of love, the most feared natural thing is cheating. Although everyone is afraid of being betrayed by his other half, Scorpio is more afraid of this than anyone else..   Sagittarius Loses Freedom Even in love, Sagittarius hopes to retain freedom. If a love makes Sagittarius lose freedom, Sagittarius will feel uncomfortable. In the face of love, Sagittarius is most afraid of being deprived of freedom..   Capricorn is too turbulent. Capricorn is too rigid to cope with emotional stories and love.. So what Capricorn fears most is too much emotional process..   Aquarius has no topic Aquarius needs a soul mate, not a gorgeous love process, and a decent partner. For Aquarius, the most terrible thing is that in love, both parties have no common topic at all.   Pisces is not romantic enough Pisces especially enjoys the love process that he loves to death, but is especially afraid of blandness and Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust’s feelings. Therefore, in the face of love, Pisces is most afraid of not being romantic enough.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What is the difference between before and after love??

The state of people who are in love and those who are not in love is actually different. What do you think is the difference between the twelve constellations before and after love?? Let’s have a look.   Aries, who is full of joys and sorrows, is very easy to understand. Everything is written directly on her face. Being single is like a pair of single dog. When she is in love, she looks like peach blossom. The joy comes from her eyes in inside. It is obvious at a glance..   Taurus Taurus and Taurus were like serious work before they fell in love. Overtime was frequent. When they fell in love, they would have to rush off work early every day to make an appointment and keep a distance from other members of the opposite sex for the first time..   Before Gemini and Gemini fell in love, their friends sent pictures of themselves and where they went to play. After falling in love, all kinds of photos of showing their love and affection were changed to couples head photo. The space must be made for lovers..   Cancer Cancer was very sensitive before falling in love with big emotional ups and downs. After falling in love, your mood will suddenly go up and down. If you look at Cancer with a dark face, you are probably quarrelling with your lover. If you suddenly feel high and excited, you are probably fed by your lover..   Leo lions are full of appearance before they fall in love. When they fall in love and their lovers shuffle when couples spend together, they blind universal souls like hundreds of watts of incandescent light, not to mention the dog food that has been fed one mouthful..   Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo’s love was a cold one before she fell in love. When she fell in love, she was like evergreen blooming. She was full of love atmosphere. Her cleanliness was gone. It was normal to share straws and drinks with her lover and dinnerware..   Libra is usually careless with a pair of tough woman-like Libra. If you find that your voice becomes especially gentle and the voice of girls becomes especially whiny after you answer the phone, then you are probably in love.!   Scorpio Scorpio will be surrounded by many people of the opposite sex before they fall in love. When they fall in love, they will all be cut off. They will concentrate on falling in love. Who dares to quarrel with Minutes to death?.   Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius basically goes to all kinds of dinners and dinners before falling in love, and basically refuses to accept them. After falling in love, it is not so good to make an appointment. I want to make an appointment with Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius? Well, we’ll have to see if his family has a reservation first..   Capricorn Capricorn cannot fall behind in love and work. After love, more short messages and more phone calls are sent to lovers. Capricorn still pays close attention to his lovers and will not put aside them..   Aquarius Aquarius is basically the same before and after falling in love, what to do or what to do as usual, there is no change, do not leave early and do not send space state, you simply can’t see Aquarius talked about love, love like a single.   Before falling in love, Pisces may be ambiguous with others. Others think that Pisces is not in love. It is difficult to distinguish whether Pisces is in love or not, because others think that Pisces is in love all day long.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What does it feel like to be loved by twelve?

Love is a very puzzling thing, how do you feel when you love someone? Everyone has different ideas, if it is twelve constellations, how will they answer? Let’s take a look.   Aries: Becoming afraid of death, because I want to be with you. Aries in Fear Neither Heaven Nor Earth has always been fearless, but when she loves someone very much, she suddenly becomes less brave. She is not afraid of death, but she can’t see you when she thinks of death..   Taurus: If I can stay with you and live in poverty, I would also like to live in a real Taurus. Taurus has always attached great importance to material things. Material things bring a sense of security, but when I really fall in love with someone, as long as the person is you, I want everything, because you are a sense of security..   The following is what Gemini said: I have recited your words many times. Gemini, who has changed from talkative to taciturn glib, talks in front of outsiders in Kan Kan, but when I meet you, I will shut up because I remember that you said you don’t like pompous people.. I am not pompous, can you like me?   Cancer’s following content: You always bring your own light and background music to every appearance. Cancer loves you very much, just like installing radar, and can always see you in the crowd at the first time. Perhaps you bring your own light and background music to appear in my life, inside..   Leo: When I think of you, my tail wags ~ The proud Leo never gives in. He once wanted to be the lonely king who conquered the world. After meeting you, he only wanted to be a Xiao Mao who wags his tail..   Virgo’s following contents: principles are suddenly eaten by dogs. virgo has many, many principles. everything you can and can’t do must be done according to the rules. but after meeting you, the principles are eaten by dogs all of a sudden. what you said is right. you are the principle..   Libra will care about everything and forgive everything. Libra, who never puts things at ease, loves you very much and suddenly cares about everything and becomes stingy and jealous. But when I think of you, I can forgive everything..   Scorpio’s following content: From now on, I think everyone is like you Scorpio. People will only love one person in their whole life. When they see you, they will know it’s you. That’s right. When I can’t see you, everyone looks like you..   Sagittarius has the following contents: Becoming Worry about personal gains and losses is not cool at all. Sagittarius is so cool, like a wind of freedom to go wherever you want, but Sagittarius, who loves you very much, is not cool at all. Think of a mental derangement in Worry about personal gains and losses.   Capricorn’s following content: in an instant, Capricorn, who has both armor and soft rib, is seldom attacked by people. they seem to have no weakness, because they don’t know you. you are their soft rib and also their strong armor..   Aquarius The following content: Clearly met for a short time, but seems to have known Aquarius for a lifetime. It is very difficult for them to move, and they only need a moment to move. They love you very much, just like they have known you for a lifetime and want to live with you again for a lifetime..   Pisces has the following contents: emotions will enlarge, illusion will increase, memory will get better ~ I love you very much, you care about everything, so unconsciously enlarge emotions, and illusion will often occur, but people who were confused in inside remember your things clearly.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.