Twelve constellation month of birth

How is the birth month of twelve divided? I think many people want to know. Then, let’s take a look at the month of birth and the corresponding personality characteristics of the 12 constellations with Xiaobian..   Aries: March 21-April 19 Aries, also known as Aries. Aries belongs to the constellation of fire, and Mars is the guardian star. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is located between Pisces and Taurus. It represents a brand new beginning. Moreover, Aries, born in inside in spring in Everything Grows, has infinite vitality, full of vitality, full of vigor and strong energy..   Taurus: April 20-May 20 Taurus is a constellation of earth elements, with Venus as the guardian star and Venus as the goddess of love and beauty as the patron saint.. As the name implies, Taurus has a strong desire for material things and also a strong desire for possession.. Taurus is a stubborn, conservative, honest teacher, sincere and kind, at the same time some introverted, not good at communication, strong family values, relatives and friends are very important to them..   Gemini: May 21-June 20 Gemini people are smart, articulate, talented, and like to pursue excitement and novelty. They are very curious about some new and interesting things. They are fickle and hot in three minutes. Once they lose interest in something, they will abandon it immediately. This is also true in their feelings. Therefore, they always give people the influence of a playboy who is promiscuous. Moreover, they are eloquent, eloquent and persuasive. They can capture the hearts of others and get along well with others..   Cancer: June 21 to July 21 Cancer people are very gentle, sincere and kind, kind and kind. However, the disadvantages are that they are sensitive and vulnerable, easy to switch to a different angle, lack security, have a lot of negative energy, and often bring this energy to the people around them.. They have a strong sense of self-protection and will not believe the kindness of others..   Leo: July 22-August 22 Leo is a hero. They are optimistic, helpful and like to help vulnerable groups.. Born this Lumenis One, absolute leader, has the mass charm, speaks and works very convincingly.. Disadvantages are high-spirited, unable to accept criticism and criticism, blind and arrogant, and pursuing material, a bit hypocritical, too care about face in dealing with interpersonal relationships, easy to fall into awkward situation.   Virgo: August 23-September 22 Virgos are too perfectionist, meticulous and picky, and even find fault.. However, Virgos are kind and sincere, modest and prudent. They like to be strict with themselves. They can take care of themselves in good order in both life and work. They like to follow the plan and have strong ability to handle things.. Moreover, they have a firm will and will not give in. They will not give up halfway in doing things..   Libra: September 23 to October 22 Librans are gentle and elegant, personable, like peace, pursue fairness and justice, and yearn for a happy and comfortable life.. Libra attaches great importance to its own image, natural and graceful, supercilious, unique temperament is always very attractive eyes, raise your hand is cast sufficient in sending out the unique gentleness, words and deeds are very stable.   Scorpio: oct 23-nov 21 Scorpio is thoughtful and loyal. be careful as their friends. they are very good at digging secrets. although they won’t tell them, they are still daunting.. But fortunately, they also don’t like making friends very much..   Sagittarius: November 22-December 21 recognized as the most florid constellation, people have nothing to say, abandoned had to consider themselves unlucky. But they did just because they didn’t find the only one they believed.. I hope they can finally be blessed with love..   Capricorn: Born in winter in inside from December 22 to January 19, Capricorn is a very stable and diligent constellation. They are mature, steady, down-to-earth, very planned, patient, with great perseverance and determination. They will do everything they can to accomplish it.. They are very enterprising, strong in organization and work ability, and are very good leaders..   Aquarius: January 20-February 18 Aquarius has a cold heart but treats people sincerely. I don’t like being restrained, I like being free.. Sometimes it’s a little Funny Fellows.. A clever and fanciful constellation..   Pisces: February 19 to March 20 Pisces people are gentle and kind, considerate, sincere, frank, helpful, soft-hearted, compassionate, and fearless in their dedication.. Pisces is full of affection, romance, fantasy, and dreams. Love is an indispensable thing in their life, and sometimes they indulge in their dreams and become divorced from reality.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What does twelve do without hesitation? It’s amazing!

Sometimes we hesitate about one thing, but it is nothing more than whether it is worth doing or not, is it right to finish it?. However, everyone is different. There is a point that is easy to trigger “timely action”. In an instant, it will be FREAK OUT without hesitation.. Today, let’s take a look at what twelve will do without hesitation ~ Aries the following content: people who say that the explosion explodes Aries are very simple and simple, they like to go straight to everything, but Aries people are very impulsive, they say that the explosion explodes, their mood easily fluctuates, one point at a time, when it comes to this, they have to say that Aries is really willful.. However, when the Aries calmed down, they had no idea why they were angry..   Taurus: Taurus people who say they are hungry when hungry are notoriously big eaters. No matter when and where they say they are hungry, they will never miss a good meal. They are satisfied with what they eat one second, and when they meet a good meal the next, they feel like the stock is cleared, and they are hungry again immediately.. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that Taurus babies are not hungry, but their mouths are too lonely..   The following contents of Gemini: people who are Gemini themselves are very precise and their thinking is super-jumping. most of the time, when everyone starts talking about the first step here, their thinking has already leapt to the eighth step and they are immersed in their own world. outsiders can hardly understand Gemini’s thinking, but Gemini doesn’t care about other people’s eyes, saying crazy is crazy, and it is good to be happy..   Cancer’s following content: People who insist on sticking to Cancer are relatively calm and paranoid. Their willpower, like Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust’s, belongs to those who can stick to it slowly. They like to treat things they want with soft power, and they can stick to them well and will not give up.. Cancer people, once they say they will stick to it, will never waver and let the wind blow and rain fall..   Leo: Emotionally speaking, Leo people are very strong in appearance and always give people a sense of Make It Happen.. In fact, Leo is a “paper tiger”, super sensitive, glass heart. Most of the time, if you say something casually, they will feel sad for a long time, and their emotions will come. No matter how domineering they are outside, they will become a little The Sick Kitten when they return home..   Virgo’s following content: Virgo’s fault-finder loves to spit. The most difficult thing for them to control is their broken mouth, which can’t stop at all.. Virgos pursue perfection and attach great importance to details, so they always look at things that are not pleasing to the eye and those that are not pleasing to the eye. Obviously people have done well, but there are problems in Virgos’ eyes. They will definitely point out your imperfection without hesitation and begin to gossip..   The following contents of Libra: Seriously speaking, Libra has a symbol of balance in its heart. Libra people yearn for fairness in everything, but there is no such thing as fairness in life. Therefore, Libra people are labeled as “serious”. In order to pursue fairness, they are serious and will definitely fight each other to the end with Crux..   Scorpio’s following content: Scorpio people who bear grudges have a high emotional quotient, and many things they don’t talk about, but there are too many things they don’t like. It happened that Scorpio people don’t like to express themselves and like to keep everything in their hearts. However, if anyone annoys them, Scorpio will severely write down a memo in their hearts, and there will always be a chance for “revenge” in the future..   Sagittarius: Sagittarius’ pursuit of freedom is like a kite without strings. It likes to float freely in the air. For Sagittarius, nothing is more attractive than freedom and distance. Once you think about it, you start to walk. Only when you wave outside can you release your true self. This is the life Sagittarius wants..   Capricorn’s following content: when you say you are left out, you are left out. for unpredictable Capricorn, the maintenance of the relationship is light and introverted. they like to think about everything they encounter. for their uncertain relationship, they will definitely treat it cold. in other people’s eyes, this is a super unbearable process..   Aquarius: People who disappear from Aquarius are very casual and no one really understands them, because whatever Aquarius does is based on their own mood.. Therefore, Aquarius said that the disappearance of Aquarius is closely related to their casual personality.. They are not willing to cater to others or expose themselves too much, so they are immersed in their own small world of inside most of the time..   Pisces: People who cry when they say they cry are very vulnerable and sensitive in their hearts. On weekdays, inside’s mood fluctuates greatly. Obviously, there is nothing going on, and ripples can also be felt in their hearts.. One wrong word may affect their mood, and inexplicably can poke Pisces’ fragile point and make them become “Sister Lin” in seconds.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The color represented by twelve constellation

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple, each color gives a different feeling. The colors represented by the twelve constellations show some of their characteristics to a certain extent. Let’s take a look at the following contents of Aries: red is a warm color, full of vitality and tenacious strength, just like the fiery and impetuous Aries, it always gives a feeling of vigorous and upward, like a feeling of burning fire, like The apparent phenomena after the small universe of Aries broke out. Bold Aries will always keep this momentum and live happily. Taurus has the following contents: sky blue gives people a feeling of quiet and gentleness, looking up at blue gives people a feeling of being surrounded by peace, Taurus also often gives people a feeling of gentleness and delicacy, just like blue and sea, while Taurus people are pragmatic, blue gives people a feeling of calmness, and they are as trustworthy as big Taurus..   Gemini’s following content: Orange orange is a typical warm colors. Orange gives people a sense of positive sunshine, just like Gemini’s impression of the people around him, it always brings laughter to everyone. Orange is a mixed color of red and yellow, which has the characteristics of two colors but is different from them. This is Big Gemini and they are doomed to be unwilling to be insipid..   Some people say that white looks like a pure color, but white can be a mixed color of all colors. Cancer is a constellation with high emotional intelligence. It is naive or naive to see through many things without breaking them. In the eyes of outsiders, Cancer is best expressed in white..   The following is the content of Leo: yellow yellow is the color of the sun, is the representative color of the king and the color of the lion itself, born with leadership style of Leo, no matter where you go is domineering side leakage appearance, dazzling yellow let a person cannot move, Leo can definitely become a yellow constellation with salt.   Virgo’s following content: Green and green have always been a very beneficial color. Just like Virgo, Virgo is a good teacher and friend in everyone’s life. Although sometimes there are some faults and faults of its own, it is beneficial to everyone’s health. Like vegetables that you don’t like to eat, Virgo’s green also illustrates this trait well..   The following contents of Libra: cyan is a very ambiguous color, which seems to favor blue and green. Libra, who is often troubled with stars, is very suitable to be the representative of cyan and always appears in the middle position, because they are all good constellations. choosing too many is a vexing thing for Libra..   The following contents of Scorpio: purple purple is the representative color of Scorpio. the mystery of purple and the mystery of Scorpio have the same feeling. the color of purple is also like a bottomless hole and will be involuntarily attracted to the past. people who like purple will like it very much, and people who don’t like it will think it is a strange color..   Sagittarius: Rose red in Rose red belongs to the red family, but it is different from pink and bright red. Sagittarius people yearn for a free life and do not like to be restrained. However, the reality sometimes makes Sagittarius unable to achieve his ideal life state, so it is not as bold and unrestrained as red or as dreamy as pink..   Capricorn has the following contents: Gray Capricorn is the most serious constellation of the twelve constellations, and it is also relatively boring. In most cases, their sense of presence is not strong, but they always stand up at critical times, just like gray is always silently present, but sometimes people cannot ignore it..   Aquarius The following contents of Aquarius: Jujube red is always an Aquarius that doesn’t play according to common sense. Jujube red can represent the characteristics of Aquarius very well. This color seems that everyone has different definitions of Aquarius, much like other constellations’ evaluation of Aquarius, which is multifarious..   Pisces: Pink, romantic and dreamy Pisces is the most suitable color for such pink, tender and tender colors. Even male students have girlish feelings when immersed in their own small world, inside, all day long (this society has developed into a society in which both male and female gender barriers can be surmounted. What else can stop human beings! ) Pink is the exclusive color of Pisces. Any comments? Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Monsters Represented by twelve Constellation

I believe Altman is the memory of many people’s childhood. There are many strange monsters in it. They are all very fierce, and their appearance is also very terrible, but their skills are really very fierce.. So what monsters do twelve constellations represent? let’s take a look at them together..   Aries Aries is a constellation that advocates freedom, does not like to follow others, has a pioneering spirit, and is often brave and unique in flour.. So the monster Aries represents is the cow god Super beast Cowra.   Taurus Taurus is very practical and has a pursuit for the beauty of the material world such as money and food.. But they are born with depression and stress, and hoarders of emotional stress, so the power of an eruption is like a volcanic eruption.. Taurus is the most diligent and tenacious of the twelve constellations.. The monster Taurus represents is Oxster.   Gemini Gemini people’s biggest characteristic is fickle, they are always changing, always chasing new things, give a person a kind of very unstable feeling, when doing things absent-minded, often play cleverness, work is not specific, low sustainability, it is difficult to do a thing perfectly. Gemini represents the monster Katie Ledecky Ras.   Cancer Cancer People are very gentle, sincere, kind and kind. However, the disadvantages are that they are sensitive and vulnerable, easy to switch to a different angle, lack security, have a lot of negative energy, and often bring this energy to the people around them.. They have a strong sense of self-protection and will not believe the kindness of others.. The monster represented by Cancer is the big crab Super beast King Crab..   Leo Leo is a hero. They are optimistic, helpful and like to help vulnerable groups.. Born this Lumenis One, absolute leader, has the mass charm, speaks and works very convincingly.. The disadvantage is that the heart is proud, can’t accept criticism and criticism, blind arrogance. The monster represented by Leo is Lion Super beast Lion Grant.   Virgo Virgos are intellectually stable, mature and courageous, perfect and meticulous, and strive for perfection. They maintain a high standard in everything they do, and strive to become a highly cultured and successful person.. Virgo’s monster is the heavenly daughter Super beast Aprasall..   Libra Libra is a constellation with very high emotional intelligence and a social type. No matter what you do, you are deeply loved by others.. They are tactful, eight flour ling rong, get along very well with people.. The monster represented by Libra is Palatan, Chaosroid Palatan.   Scorpio Scorpio belongs to the type that Dare to Love dares to hate, but it is not a sign with careless and low emotional intelligence. On the contrary, they are deep in mind, thoughtful and have strong perception ability. Their appearance is very cold, giving people a feeling of being inaccessible and as cold as ice.. Scorpio represents a monster that is the cosmic sea beast Rexhepas..   Sagittarius Sagittarius is warm, friendly, outgoing and straightforward, likes to make friends with others, and likes to talk with Kan Kan at will.. Sagittarius is versatile, has a detached imagination, and is full of infinite curiosity about unknown fields.. Sagittarius represents the monster Zombaiyu.   Capricorn Capricorn is very enterprising, has strong organizational and working abilities, and is a good leader.. Like other earth signs, Capricorn people are introverted, conservative, stubborn, not good at change, and not romantic.. Capricorn represents the sphinx of ancient Super beast.   Aquarius Aquarius people are very smart and have a unique personality. They like freedom, pursue freedom, like innovation and pursue the unity of the spiritual world.. They like to make friends. Friends are very important to them. As long as Aquarius really regards you as his friend, he is absolutely willing to stick his neck out for you.. The monster represented by Aquarius is the third planet.   Pisces is a constellation that combines all the advantages and disadvantages of the twelve constellations. Pisces has a complex and diverse personality.. Pisces people are very romantic, and their head inside is full of fantasy and romantic feelings.. Pisces represents monsters such as giant Strange Fish Anglas and Angolas Jr. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Countries Represented by twelve Constellation

Countries Represented by Twelve Constellations. Each country has its own unique flavor and soul, which is fascinating.. Do you want to know which countries twelve constellation represents?? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.!   Aries: Basibasy is a samba country full of enthusiasm. People here love beaches, football and carnival. There are hot beauties everywhere. Heaven and hell are interwoven here. This hot country is perfect for Aries in Some Like It Hot..   Taurus: Switzerland Switzerland is a relatively independent country extending in all directions, with low profile and economic strength. Switzerland has the most developed financial, tourism and watch industries.. Taurus’s character is perfectly matched with the soul of Switzerland.!   Gemini: Britain’s weather is changeable, Britain’s politics are changeable, there is a very old European history and culture, and there is also a modern military atmosphere. The fog and mist in inside always make people unable to see through and guess. So is Gemini, who is so fickle in character..   Cancer’s following contents: China’s transparent north and south, a multi-cultural gathering place, classical and fashionable, history and modern culture of thousands of years are fully developed.. China is the soul of a nation in a warm and atmospheric country.. The warm-hearted Cancer can best represent her country..   Leo: America is both heaven and hell. It is extremely prosperous and above money. This is the paradise of the rich, this is the hell of the poor, there are breathtaking scenery and extremely avant-garde art.. Hegemonic America’s position in the world is unshakable, and this domineering is Leo’s philosophy of life..   Virgo: Singapore Singapore is a garden island country in Southeast Asia. It has strict laws and has achieved remarkable results in city cleaning. Therefore, Singapore is also known as a “garden city.”. Virgo’s cleanliness and preciseness just blend with the spirit of the country..   Libra’s following content: Italy is walking on the streets of Italy. You will often see handsome men and women walking past you in their own way as if they were coming out of fashion magazine inside. The pace of inside is full of confidence and pride, as if it were an elegant picture scroll.. The dream of beauty and leisure must be hidden in Libra’s heart..   Scorpio: Russian beauties and vodka become Russia’s national symbol. This fighting nation has beautiful women for which men all over the world are crazy. Their tall figure and delicate face exude infinite temptation and are extremely sensual and mysterious, which is exactly the characteristic of Scorpio..   Sagittarius: Holland Holland in people’s impression inside is a country of windmills and flowers. Beneath its beautiful appearance, the Dutch have a heart that longs for freedom. They hold an open attitude to all bold things and no traditional thought represents Sagittarius’s nature..   Capricorn has the following contents: Germany is a big industrial country that pays attention to industry. Germany is not a “be fond of the new and tired of the old” nation. The country likes things with experience, historical memory and cultural memory.. Strive to create your own “Made in Germany” in a down-to-earth way. This spirit is perfectly integrated with Capricorn.   Aquarius The following content: Venezuela is famous for its oil-rich and world-famous beauty pageant country. Venezuelans have a crazy passion for beauty pageants. Women’s greatest dream here is to change their lives by winning a beauty pageant champion.. This unusual state of life is exactly what alien Aquarius yearns for..   Pisces the following content: French walking along the Seine River, wandering under the Champs Elysé es, slow drinking in the bar inside, whispering in the cafe inside. French romance is their pursuit of elegance, refinement and comfort without exception. Pisces stands for French romance.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Animals Represented by twelve Constellation

Do you want to know what animal twelve stands for? Animals, like human beings, also have special habits and personality characteristics, each with its own differences.. Today, let’s see if this animal is in line with your constellation characteristics.!   The animal represented by Aries-cheetah is actually the animal represented by cheetah for Aries. cheetah can show the strong impulse and explosive force of big Aries, which also reflects the lack of stamina..   The animal Taurus represents-Niu Niu’s hard-working cow has the same character as the honest Taurus, only the cow is as honest and steady as Taurus, with down-to-earth feet.. , give a person a great sense of security.   Gemini stands for animals-parrots. parrots that are extremely intelligent can best represent Gemini. intelligent Gemini also pursues freedom and longs to soar like birds..   Cancer represents an animal, crab cancer, which gives people the feeling of being very docile and not bullying like crabs, but crab pliers are very important to cancer and can protect themselves well..   Leo represents the animal-Xiao Mao, although the lion is domineering and outspoken, in fact there is a big cat in his heart. When he is gentle, he is just like a cat and needs people’s love very much..   Virgo’s representative animal, raccoon, raccoon and virgo are naturally clean. they always like to make their places spotless before they are happy. they always ask for more..   Libra’s representative animal, dove Libra, always has a fair weight in dealing with things and brings good news to people just like dove, which symbolizes peace.. White pigeons are just as beautiful and generous as Libra..   Scorpio’s representative animal, Mustang Scorpio, is a wild horse in his heart. He wants to find a grassland. He likes to meditate when quiet, but he is always ready to help other people’s The Big Blue..   Sagittarius’ representative animal, the wolf, the wolf, has always given people the impression that he is cunning and crafty, and the clever Sagittarius has always had the idea to pursue what he wants, but others can’t stop him..   The animal that Capricorn represents, the black bear, is large in size and stable in character. The most important thing in his heart is his family. He can do his duty for the family without complaint..   Aquarius represents an animal, otter aquarius, who likes to live a free life. just like otters, this animal likes freedom and practical jokes at the same time. life is full of fun..   Pisces, the animal Pisces stands for, is like a fish living in water. It cannot live without the care of boiled water. It is most suitable to stay in a carefree environment, inside, and has a naive and romantic dream.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Another star in the sky

Life will encounter many different people in my life, there will always be one or two people, to bring their own warmth, school life has been gone for three years, but I always forget who classmates, because she gave me a very memorable experience.    I remember it was summer primary school, our class that has been separated, waiting for the junior high school admission notice.Since a long time to wait, so I tried to get back home, after a lot of days later, my father returned home to tell me that I did not go to junior high school, junior high school to continue that in the original school.    Soon after, my father suddenly called me at night, I had to ask the teacher phone number, I told him in a language book.I first thought what is it?But then, the next day, my father told me that I was admitted to the junior high school, because of reduced scores.I was surprised, not the beginning it has not admitted?I asked my father, my father only a few hastily answered, I will not ask anything more of what.    Then, to the time of junior high school soon, my sister told me that one student after that reduce the score to tell I was accepted.So I asked who, she told me, is a chubby girl with glasses, so I know who it is.Then my sister told me the specific process, she told me that she was very moved, I said that I, too.    By junior high, I have a similar one with her classmates.The students in junior high school, we always go home together after school, primary school students who, like me, and, because of this, so I’m sure the students in junior high school, junior high school, even if separated, we are good friends.As a song sung by “friends life go together, those days are no longer there, in a word, life, love life, a glass of wine.”.    You and your classmates in a class, that is a fate, I believe everyone will encounter their own good classmates, friends, classmates brought me a lot, brought me a lot of friends, and of course I have great feelings, the elementary school students has become my friend, after that I have not seen her, and she hopes to meet again, I hope many years later still remember each other.

Another Spring

[Part One: Another Spring blossom] Binbian see gray hair, his face wrinkles.Said even the cause of fame?US Shaohua early to make mistake.Five Pecks of Rice Zhesha of back pain, the three Jian Wu tired blue eyes.Raised the children off the resentment anger, I did not just whisper gold and silver – who owe disarray.I was too smart colleagues jealous, I do not flatter your boss hate, blame my people affiliated solid,.The end is unhappy husband get up early, starting late mother, then ugly, anyway difficult people.  Smile hand over red mud India, Yongtui feel a whole body light.Hill can swim, can play the King, but also to enjoy to enjoy Tianlun.Chrysanthemums planted several strains of bluegrass, planted two plum Apricot.Hsing to listen to the piano, in bits and pieces of static.Looking through the book when bored, take a look at this ancient text now children dug out what’s new?Do not spend money to buy a beautiful night, effortlessly able to get water Xiushan out, drop a free Happy, Be Ye Lonely.  Hundred years of life from wrong light, and finally escape the mundane world Sunian.Sigh just a sigh, like a romantic white Shuangbin, Difficult to cool Masaoki.Chivalric bitter weakness, the weak and save the world hate lean body.Only this throat of tea, obsessed with wine, Zhi Jiaoren ecstasy.  Thinking enemy, chasing the past, looking for old friends.Spring Lake Gaoyou lieu de Man, the Dabie Mountains akishimo stained maple, Huaihe Nowata Vision sunset, the Yangtze River a few boarding.Also pointing country, also played ridge planting.Pro hundred flowers turn Rouchang, pregnant Jiandanqinxin to Autumn.  Countless days and nights, yeah, all burned out.To throw down the cause of fame, do not throw basic necessities of life; come to realize Zen Buddhism, enlightenment is not open world state human.Boundless, still, something different, bittersweet uneven.Poor blessing in the day, Sishengyouming.  The letter I hum a ditty, pour three cups of watery liquor alone.Regardless of winter Xiaqiu Chun, do not ask wanes confront, within half awake, fasting, drunk seeing this life.  [Part II: Another Spring Orioles snow dance] enlightenment is born with our rights, all the pain stems from our refusal to accept this treasure.  Another Spring snow dance Orioles.  Spring, when is a good word.Just set up the spring, they encounter the chilly weather.A dormant winter, wanted to drop everything hands, embrace a ray of spring, Wu Wuwu dance on the strings of spring.Few have the seeds of heart, because of the snow, then curled back.As the saying goes: Do not hit the spring of joy, in forty cold weather.”Spring chill” is very cold, but also osteoclasts.Nightlife net cold, not a bad word.Although, sometimes run into “unprovoked storm reluctant to do more than close cold” and “late spring” weather, body skin will feel cold osteoclasts, as the saying goes: “Anti-spring, frozen broken ribs.”.However, a cold word, not enough to sink the dream, heart, or was under Sheng.Some say the heart likened to a “basket”, not “cold”, “cold” to look inside “loaded”, that is “warm”, “hot” can also look inside ‘put’, if it is really a bone erosion, brought to its knees, also really hard to say.It’s no wonder some people broke the voice shout shouting: “How much heart, the world is as big.”Spring is undoubtedly a full word.Unlike the “deflated” the letter box of a sick word class, highlighting the negative, people look, sound, read all a feeling, heart failure.It was cold and bone erosion of people, and then a big heart, the body could not do, everything is emptiness.Thus, I used to stand, copybooks writing, to choose the right word; for people to do things, do not use bad words.Selected a word, good word to say for life, there are miraculous.  Another Spring snow dance Orioles.To fight this problem, but also the mental state of consuming.Life needs vivid.Yingge than birds are flying, snow than snow dance, only one word, very different mood.I remember once, in the original write stories, to the veterans there, just change a word, making the entire article to appropriate more.And captures it to a poem, to savor: “Grassroots immortal grass, grass on the fly long grass herbicides, Huakaihuaxie often red flower, saffron flower Shabana drunk at.”I miss the students the choice of words in sentences, just the right word into a sentence, will make people feel more comfortable.If a sentence was intended to go beyond the word itself or from the conception of the original sentence, fill in, make the sentence vivid flowers, and often have to “take the lead butterfly, Butterflies” superimposed charm, lead to imagine how a “good” Zile?  Long course of years, there are numerous “good” inn, good pain, a good hurt, run away palm memory.Just as: lead butterfly flower, Butterflies, day and night, endless emotions; love heart, love for a long time.Mid-month, this love rain.  A dormant winter, wanted to drop everything in the hands of his hands touch the spring, in the spring, strings, dance Wu Wuwu.However, into the late spring, but also dance it up?So, somehow too good to Amoy to a few words, a lot of fear and trepidation grounds brick, quite vivid, very absurd, as well as delays in the timing, the slow awakening.  Enlightenment is born with our rights, all the pain stems from our refusal to accept this treasure.  Each human heart, are equipped with many tears, but, it took some words can not tell, can only be placed at the unmanned, to tell their own.In fact, a lot of good words, needless to say, for everyone, it is a memory of when, occasionally sad and very beautiful.  Each human heart, are equipped with a spring, just, dream of spring, not depicted.It can only be stored in a quiet place with your fingertips copy.In fact, without a lot of illusion to tell everyone to listen to it as a rare specimen, occasionally bloom very exciting.  Had a great ambition, confidence, a turn, he was playing bad habits to swallow.Had very bright eyes, bent on crossing the Buddha, Amoy Lek, only an empty basket filled with vanity, is so vulnerable.In an ideal rose garden, a flower repeat itself small.In real life the basket, who is fit and well-being?Chase past time, and who is in the taste slowly, quietly tears?In the sleepless nights, the Who, the perfunctory solitude, dark however sad?  Tear off yesterday’s calendar, lonely trip.Ushered in the dawn today, thoughts spread.In this “late spring” season, let the dream, say goodbye vagrant depression!Let the youth, into a gust of wind, rolled into a vivid part of my trip that.  ”New Year have failed to youth, Alarmed by the grass shoots in early February.Spring snow but too late to make it fly through the tree court.”Quiet learn, learn to be independent, to be strong yourself.Mao Zedong’s “Prelude heavy on Jinggangshan” word, saying: “joy of spring everywhere, more gurgling water, the high road into the clouds.”[Part Three: Another Spring magnolia flowers] Recently my eyes out of the question, always the wrong person, and as the older of me almost more than me, younger than me as older than me.Wild guess someone’s age is not a fun game, I often had to be called brother brother, sister sometimes called sister again, the result is always an advantage person, when one day know the real age, friends at the side proud grin, I always blush.Later, I will not just call someone, for fear of confusing the age wrong road, and ask someone’s age just inconvenient, embarrassing everyone.Later familiar with, I always rejected the previous judge, for example, I thought it high teacher was a big sister, little later learned several years older than me.No wonder ah, high-heeled northerner like me, is a very forthright personality easygoing easy-going personality, do not like to dress up and never whitewash, always haircut.And her masculine name, as never a black or gray clothes wrapped in a simple, thin skeleton accompanied by a pony tail, not modified facial features and skin overall impression that the accumulation of years of vicissitudes.Today, when she spoke little I was three, she seemed embarrassed than I am, I once again peeping other people’s privacy like some little uneasy.Fortunately, I have a few high-heeled and from work, and are two decades of wandering in a foreign land with a city, though only one year of acquaintance, there is the same friendship as an old friend.  Unlike previous years, this year’s weather, I live in a small town Lingnan always shrouded in rain wet environment, a friend asked me, “the South is not no winter it?”But I’m Down, heavily, like a lot of winter wear in the body.Even wet winter day in the South also had a moldy, in fact, already in the first month of early spring, the rainy season has lasted almost two months, no wonder my mood has been in the doldrums.Chinese New Year holiday is not over, my laziness has increased layer, not get more than nine is ten o’clock daily, the benefits do not work without any pressure regardless of what.For some reason canceled plans to travel, spend most of their time buried in books, and in too deep, and the characters in the story with ups and downs, and even shed a few tears silent night.Reading people crazy stupid, can not distinguish between reality and fantasy, author of God is brought into the magic pen scene of the story, a cry for a laugh.  Spring Festival did not like my friends where to travel, lively place too noisy I do not love to go, just go where few nearby, only plum impressed.In addition to several flower white flowers sparse, although the Western Hills Plum did not see the Hornsey sea I thought, I do not want to Huayu swirling.However, due to the remote location that quiet deliberate without human development, the quiet of the mountains, the valley gurgling clean, tree-shaded village Yanlan gray walls and black tiles under, people roof?Lingering thumb metacarpal  shaped stack tread  Tau Σ luminance Suwa Ju  take Feixiyanqiao Zhaoshunlindui

another me

Part one: to another under the stars themselves, 2012 October 4, looking back today, the fourth day of the holiday, the Health and unpredictable night, dormitory gradually quiet down in the light, while listening to pure music while pounding the keyboard, I wrote vulgar log.  The state of my day, still life, still I.Why do I say, of course, I could find a convincing reason.Day in the Life of debris gathered them together, piece together a yesterday.To be sure, I can very clearly tell the difference between today and yesterday.Unfortunately, a bit whimsical, and even punctured leather.  Take care of their own lives, take care of yourself.Multitude of distractions, put them tidy.Cup of gifted musicians United States, to their own drink.Paved bed, you need a clean and comfortable sleep environment.I want to take care of yourself, invisible indifferent, can not find too decadent day to day.I make a wish under the stars, give it another own.  Eat outside explosion sent hot meals, meals have been accustomed to the light, like the light of life, like love.In short, I suddenly hot suddenly pale, mind confused, contradictory.When I saw those like myself, so I do not know who.I know that still can not escape the materialism of the body, not a change of God, not Buddha repair.  Under the sky, above the earth, shall we be able disillusioned and become a monk, which is present in the film and television drama scenes.This life is not possible anymore, look at the afterlife, not sure whether there is an afterlife.However, if these things, I guess past life I was given a brave, indomitable hero.Naked, nothing came to life.I have nothing further to do next?This is an impossible event.  Read the news, seems to have 18 pupils were buried, but also a sad ah.Disaster the world are too much, I still live in my peaceful world, a disaster from the far corners.Universal love for all human beings and called Mercy Corps, called sad lonely widowed mercy scoop.If so Dharma cloud compassion.Determined to compassion, but unable to change.  There are man-made world, but also natural disasters.No way to do things is wonderful, there are flaws.The world is not a paradise, of course, is not hell.In 2012, Mayan prophecies, non-existent, a negative read like; optimistic thought, end of the world, still far far away.I can only guarding their own world, doing their own little tricks.Even if the sky is falling, some people go to the top.Obviously unfounded.  A man’s world, a person’s log, a man quietly.No one likes solitude, no one wants to be a man.Loneliness is that, after sleep, things can be concealed.Well, take a bath, sleep.  Outside, the dark one, like a lonely.    Part II: The Other Side of clouds, summer looking after another vanished own, under the irradiation of the southern sun, hot and then predictable, like a lazy cat, house bed in the bedroom, swaying with the complicated state of mind, warm, moist air seems to be strangling, dry throat, mouth welled up in spite of herbal tea flavor, but in the end could not swallow this refreshing pleasure.  Helpless, I turned the few books borrowed from the library a few days ago, Russell’s philosophical, almost to be reformed my view, what is the nature of the substance, what is idealistic materialistic doctrine, numerous atomistic statement from time to time the collision inherent cognitive.Strike count, close the books, looking at the clouds in the sun, can not help, think of the summer of that year, under the same sun, clouds end of the line, that year is still there, I can not deny, you old time I face, tender years, have been turned into unrepeatable once, it is like a lonely standing balcony, looking out at the rain, the envy of raindrops dripping down the freedom to fly, but could not bear heavy fall to the ground in pain, you can do It can only be a helpless sigh.This Raindrops Is not this like the passing of time, the face once, we can do, in addition to memories, what else?  Perhaps you will say, is a tribute to the memories of time, at least that we do not ever forget the gifts and giving, joy, or sadness, separation, or a reunion, all in all, never flinched escape, dare look once recalled, is the real warriors.This, I do not do too much to explain, I agree with this understanding.Under the cloud of the sky, with the air flow surging slowly drift from your eyes, I just want to pursue that year I, if still cloud the other side, is still there today, I silently watching.  I’m grateful for the generous gift of time, but I disdain time to escape the merciless.  Twenty years ago the summer, a pair of bright eyes still curiously watching the blue sky, crying ridiculous, childish naughty, tied to the feeling, the cloud of the other side, someone shouting at.Fifteen years ago the summer, kindergarten toys, let the clouds in the sky lost its charm attracted me, no longer accustomed to rise, play all day, but still feeling that someone somewhere watching.Summer decade ago, the building blocks no longer appropriate toys, books began to occupy the retinal nerves, what cloud in the sky, full of water vapor, but the feeling was, still patiently watching.Nightlife Network five years ago in the summer, so I first met to you, and since then, slowly the attention, however, was still looking.Today, I finally know who it is, it is not others, but my other self, that is my eternal, unchanging me, I have been in the best state, in heaven, in the other side of the clouds, I and he has agreed.Gift of time, so he was there, with enough opportunities, with carefully recorded once in the past; the merciless time, let me in here, step by step closer to him until the last moment gone, just let me meet with him.  Cloud the other side, the other side of the cloud of silent agreement, tacit waiting for the other side of the cloud, the cloud of time to arrange the other side, the other side of the clouds youth no regrets, my thanks to another own time, even if the old face, even burning passion, even erase the younger, however, I gradually approached another of my own, let me a deep understanding of, and expectations, is a vision, recall, is a pleasure, thanks to a gift of time, for some reason goes without saying that the same, thanks to relentless time, With infinite reverence for Our time, forward, toward the other side of the cloud.  Night has gradually replaced the light of day, cloud has been quietly leave, do not worry, I’m still there, I’m also here.How about you, the other side of the cloud, you are not looking for another.    Part three: the years of his other self Volume Choi Sau hospitality offering of jade bell, the year when the fight was Drunk red looked up, a childlike face, not off; Dimei at an instant face the vicissitudes of life.Perhaps, time will eventually grow old, it is too late to wait until the frost bully on the temples, and even too late to wait until the memory of the warmth slowly Tuisan – yes, I finally have to grow old, even though time would not in my face, leaving twenty seven marks, but I finally had to grow old.When I stand here, feeling dazed once, looking at past scenes reappear in front, I know that, regardless of my body is still in what age, I finally have to grow old.  I can not remember the last time as pure and simple as it is today, maybe five years, maybe ten years, maybe ten years, I only remember that day, perhaps not in the playing jigsaw puzzle game, however, we have really no such efforts as the movement today too, perhaps, in the years to come, we have to own vague love the girl to show off, try to be brave, looking forward, even with fear.No purpose, just to the most simple victory; no tricks, just poorly significant arrayed his love; even no results, because this is the most left in the depths of our hearts the most beautiful results.  ”Choi Sau hospitality offering of jade bell, when the fight was Drunk Red” and “left the silver Gang shine tonight, I still fear Encounter is a dream”, when presented one by one in front of those in the past, when those dim slowly clear in my mind, I can only stroking the forehead and gazed at each fresh face, perhaps, we are not far from those of past innocence never waiting around us.But, even so, we will eventually have to grow old, so it has a deep feel nostalgic, just with a touch of melancholy, however, all this already is not important, because this moment is eternal, we will eventually know, we used to have been, and will always have, and that is that our souls have been wandering in the deepest, most have already began to smile!  Volume II Qi said no clothes?And sub-colleague had a touch of haze hidden in your heart, there is a shake to touch your soul, then this is the fear.When I stood a mere nine meters in the air, it suddenly hit nothing to rely on, so I really felt the fear.I thought, even when 14 typhoons swept Shenzhen, and I have never been back from the 18th floor, then the mere fear of heights and the height of nine meters, it is not enough to become any obstacle.Then when I actually stood there, I fear, and back, and even thought of giving up, however, at this time, I heard the voice of workers, have seen their shadow, I feel more courage!At that moment, I think I finally beyond the self, even though in most people’s eyes, but that is just a mere step!I can not remember how long have not had the courage to get from others, like me, bones reveals a proud man, even bothered to work with others, but do not need to pray for anyone’s help, however, when I finally face the fear, the original , but also so fragile that even a trace of relying on distant, eventually, became overcome their unique weight!  Warriors, not fearless, but can go beyond fear.I finally understand that the original so-called powerful, but because we work together, never betray; the original so-called brave, but because we go hand in hand, through thick and thin!”Qi said no clothes?And sub-colleague “in this collective appeal, I finally regained the ability to cooperate.A lonely man, even though he can ignore the pain, but only the power of a group of people together, to make everyone Beyond Fear!  ”Qi said no clothes?The child with Ze “,” Qi said no clothes?The child with skirts, “we are finally together, we will be able to surmount all obstacles, because, had nine meters in the air, we have been at each other strength and courage from!  Work together, never betray.    Part Four: This is another own text put space for several days, sometimes a mood for taste alone.Not to think about because the text is born of love from when, accompanied by the text in the front line of the road can go long, warm days of each other for how long?Do not want retroactive, can not be measured, not calculated.Along the way much touched in the heart, speechless, silent joy, only put into words.- Inscription I have long been accustomed front row with a silent gesture, in the living room to text, nobody alone; I like a man of solitude, loneliness a little lonely state of mind, nothing to brothels.Sometimes, because a gust of wind, or rain coming, he reminds me of some things; so, those beautiful feelings of sadness and sorrow arose spontaneously, as falling petals lightly in front.Sometimes, I just want to quietly watching, not to capture; just gently spread out palm, so that the petals through the fingers, through the fleeting, through years of wind, every now and then, gone, disappeared.Sometimes, will feel lonely, lonely is not because of missing anyone, but only like this because the text and rendered blurred cold atmosphere.Sometimes, I just want to sit still, what do not want, do not write, do not look, open the computer, only for the songs; a song, a past, a mood, answered gently interpretation of the mind, again, twice , three times.At this point, any words are superfluous, the text is silent child, phonology is the best lover; mood along with ups and downs, indulge them, lingering love, voiceless curls, just like fishes continuously filled between floral heart.Almost midnight after midnight, accompanied by the window Yuet breeze, listening ear voiceless curls, think of some things; time Enron quiet beauty, leisurely heart lotus in full bloom, one, two, three.Those years have not caught the fog began to write, when confusion and confusion, I can only search in reading and confirmation; With wise idea to give yourself a glorious beacon forward, to find the light where.And, when I began to learn the text by means of dredging heart hardship and emotional confusion, but often words do not convey; often, the heart has Wanyu, pen weakness, usually a very small number, it is difficult to express inner millionth.In these online writing slowly become a habit, these words coherence of my life and emotion, presented in a privately or publicly candidly reveal the hidden form.Fingertips fleeting long, eat only a little mind, I have a cynical.So hearty, I have enjoyed!  Text, let me find life an outlet, I am eager to find another means of writing their own; the written word of this to me, real, natural, straightforward, poetic sad, lonely or aloof meaning, or are gratifying warm me, but I!You questioned Ye Hao, no matter whether you believe in, no one can change my slightest.I have a very tough battle in the text, weeping with joy in the text, bloodiest in the text; peaceful coexistence in the text, focused portrait in the text, so privacy is so blatantly.  You disappear in my life those long years, I can only use these covered with tears the heart of the word, say something to yourself.Ear wind, the clouds drifting across the head, and the rain wet your memory, except between the lines, your shadow never clear; and you Admittedly, I was the background of your life, this life stubborn pride occupy your memory, I bound your memories never fade.I, the other is your own, you have to admit, our souls have merged!  ”Ultimately, I want to stay in their own words, see their lives have had swagger.”- words seen elsewhere, coincident with my own heart, borrowed on here.”The carnival and love on the written word is the most sensible, since they have no residence.”- like this sentence, but also borrowed signature.These two “another self”, always in my mind downturn appears.I was able to escape to open “another self” you can do?I ask myself over and over again.No, never!  I admit, I also have fragile helpless.Fragile, I would suspect, I will back down, I began to use another way autistic isolated himself.So, I found – I lose.I began autistic, will dive into the deep sea themselves, isolated, do not communicate, do not talk, cleanup alone, to reflect retrieval and discovery.I try to make myself another surfaced, found that those beautiful souls stuck it in the dark, with their noble gesture facing the wind and rain, shine in the sun.Quiet beauty of the day, our cozy calm one; when the storm struck, did not forget the warmth hands, low life as see the most beautiful values – truth and trust!  This morning, in the space of a diary to see someone give me a message, a sentence of heart-warming words are a gentle attack from the silent, quietly, like a long-lasting.Touched thousands, I am speechless, only put into words.Human life, in each of the different stages to like something, appreciate someone is not difficult, just try to find its glittering, dazzling whom you can make a little while; but last for years, like silent quietly concerned about a person is not easy.  This world is too noisy noisy, too many temptations, people tend to mind uncertain, wavering, emotional flooding; who else would anyone fond of, infatuation does not regret, forever?Difficult, difficult, difficult!!Fell in love with the text, write the text fall in love with a woman, from a discovery, find yourself another.And, this love between woman and woman, the more valuable rare.Therefore, I have reason to indulge themselves again and again in the text, addiction.This life, we are always looking for, the poor and blue sky, past lives, this quest.  You, in fact, another looking for their own!

Another autumn

Part One: shallow drinking October, another autumn I am a man, go on a long mountain road.  Trees along fairly high, the wind came, they danced with envy dance.  We live in a small town at the foot of the mountain.Stand on the mountain top, all the houses are clear of Lang Lang.Beautiful mountain like a goldfish swam in silence no one’s way through the woods, I have not the slightest feeling of fear, really want to go all the way down, so this picturesque landscape has been uniform tile in my eyes.  Never thought, when I was finally able to get such a quiet time, but mixed with any little how hard I can not escape the first glance at first glance hi sad sad.  At the moment, in my vigil this mountain, bright sun and wind, red Maple Leaf.In late autumn in a variety of organisms are serious, calm temper their own.And me in front of all these beautiful things, actually could not help but produce a feeling of love and affection.  This is how a simple and complex, both sad and uncertain, helpless nor resentment, neither wanted to calm the mood want to struggle?  Oh, falling like autumn another.Years constantly repeating the same changes, but these changes very regularly, I was beginning to understand: my heart that no matter how fleeting the good life and therefore will not change.  It turned out that an evil pregnant, gains and losses, this is the life.So when exposure to a mountain, I feel the side of the evening autumn wind blows, but intoxicated side of the mountains in this quiet silent.  It turned out that the so-called frustration and pain, all our lives must experience.However, dear people Yeah, in my memory warehouse, to find the words you have just crystal clear and because those concerns and beautiful picture.Your concern, like the dark night of lights, my life has thus become stronger, full.  October mountains, filling her feminine elegance in the mix.The mountains in the afternoon always flies!Going down the mountain, I turned Huang Ji, an unknown wild flowers slowly falling in the autumn.I do not know, it is not dying at this time next year for a more brilliant bloom; I only know, Cursive writing strength of character, Autumn Sound dye wash romance, falling interpretation of calm, is a fleeting scenery!    Part II: Another autumn years rush we passed downtown, noisy solitude, we have taken the scenery, the rest of wandering – EDITORIAL night shift for two consecutive weeks is finally over, feel physically tired tired.The road about four or five am commuting some coolness, and sometimes the fog, really see the road, I would have thought that the fog of smoke, but too few pungent taste, original, autumn has really come.Autumn cool late September attached to the face, although cold, but still not as “cold Joseph” to describe, remember this season in the chaotic world slowly calm down, I want it exile, it exiled to the barren island.  Like a long time did not see the bright moon and stars, do not know whether it will be “months to the Mid-Autumn is exceptionally bright.”?Opened the window looking at the deep sky, nothing, just before night falls, there is also over the next big rain.A person be a long time, it will inevitably think of the heart between the mundane annoyance, that a trace of the complex tangle, some people helpless.Falling leaves start it?Guyan you still there?I quietly, blankly, thinking.When a network nightlife people stop looking back, the mood is inevitable that some sad, listening to sad melody, written some trivial text.It is forget the pain, or involuntary nostalgia?Various “no reason”, all the “Left”, who can give me a satisfactory answer yet?  Autumn is the harvest season, I harvested sorrow, regret harvest, the harvest of loneliness.  It is a continuous work makes me tired, so I was stiff face a loss?I do not know, too busy.The breeze coming through the window screen, hair quivering moment, it seems a little heart flutter.If a big crowd had not met, I would not be walking on the road lonely for Love?If there is no feeling lost after the heart, it is not it will not appreciate the taste of tears of melancholy after?Lonely night spread, I can watch a little mind read like?Insists, is not to see the results you want, but want to know their level of dedication; wait, not to turn after you wake up, but to understand just how serious this feeling.I know, some way, there is no turning back possible, only go with the flow.  I, turn the page of the past is ever, look back, think about it, perhaps because of experience, will understand aftertaste of bitter and sweet; perhaps it is because of experience, and will understand the growing worry fun.After the experience, I have to admit that no matter what can not place too much hope, hope that some will only bring more sorrow.  Autumn is a sad season it?Over time, as the distance of alienation, about friendship, about love, about all the emotions, then there will be a feeling of you first meet?Joy, laughing, bland?There may be more ideas, more feelings.Season of autumn, season of my.Once, I said to myself I just got used to it, you get used to the midnight sky, accustomed to a person sitting in front of the computer pounding the keyboard, used to own text.Life is a dream, this is the bar?I have always marching footsteps walking past on the road, when defeated flower leaves, beautiful memories of that spring, summer prosperous.Memory is limited, and memories are a very long way, I also want to delete lonely autumn.  No stars of the night, is the solitude of the night, no moon night, a lonely night.Between the plot of the book fall leaves, there is a little taste of green that year, but now slowly, slowly, I remember it was quickly picked off the scene, leaving only sporadic Memento, leaving only one person I looked at the night, the silence of the sky.Part Three: Another day of autumn always laugh weeping and noisy gone through, this is not the last touch of the sun Xiatian Gang convergence, the fall came.October arrived, the weather will cool.Just after five in the afternoon, the air abruptly with a killing cold, need a bodysuit, and also in this cold surroundings gradually quiet down, people’s mood also seems to be this cold air condensation.Night hanging moment, the sound of pots and pans scoop spoon of people, adults and children home for dinner shouting voice warm this cold air, setting the mood gradually began to live the pan.  The fall of last year and this year is no different in.  Camphor trees bear the fruit of a rich purple-black as last year, with black feathers, gray or mottled feathers bird feathers in the morning light jumping on camphor trees, joyfully peck agate-like fruit, at this moment, all the happiness in the world are these birds linger in the body, such as happiness this brilliant sunshine, but also as sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance pervades this campus open.Last year this fall, the birds also share the joy of the entire fall with the students.  Front office stairs and put on the pot of gold, pure white chrysanthemums, its petals or the slightest twist or his back Sky.Placed side by side there have occupied this corner last year, more than a dozen pots of herbs, plants such as Mahan its child, flowers have five petals, red or pink.Although the flowers as big as a thumb, but may have a very open spirit, as a girl Zhang smile, happiness and sunshine.  A year’s advent of autumn, the sun will be smiling from corner to corner of the west side of the east; broad-brush under several games of autumn, and that dry air is cool, the light of the sun will be softened.Camphor green leaf yellowing in light of the passage of autumn, and some leafless trees are swaying, already lying on the ground a few slices of yellow and green leaves.This is reminiscent of camphor tree this year’s spring the thick, red, yellow leaves, new leaves them for germination, even morally jump.Now, in order that camphor winter, and there will be some leaves floated down, twice as much as a year in camphor leaves the.  This year’s autumn walk in the camphor tree of children who may be different.Another session of the graduates three days away, another crop of freshmen arrived, the teachers here have added a few gray hairs, they go in a certain state of mind that camphor tree is different from last year, it.I seem to feel more and more that camphor heavy silence over the years, it has been standing here, watching many of the teachers and students put their lives vivid interpretation.I also have this same feeling that camphor: see how other people live this agitation, a good catch of fish they want.Then put it in a corner to chew, taste the taste of this life.  In fact, this very pleasant autumn.  All this, in fact, very good.Because this fall, I suddenly realized that many of my love for my loved ones!Although I am with you very far apart, living environment unlike you, but because you love heavy, my heart is no longer alone, no longer helpless.I have a lot of love for others can not get, which is enough to make many people love a mixture of envy.    Part IV: harps rustling parting sigh, fireworks autumn should easily made further cold drink, and grow old.  Harmonious in the defense, and everyone still good.  Broken strings, leaning carved at the Lanna song, how can that interpretation inherent tenderness tenderness in Pipa?  Easy cold fireworks, Acacia Who knows, how can a new song engraved guqin little lonely injury?  It does not take falling, recalling old friends Fuqin.Yin after a mountain stream, the earth’s ups and downs, not bloom again from the War, drip recall, but it is soon after the fireworks cleared makeup.  So, fingers down on the strings, dial dash of beauty, but by the wind across the other side of the pear tree.  If, give me a bamboo Xiao time, whether over the height of the Red Cliff, Dankan breeze, listening to the water?  May my song wandering, I Dances messy; Rinpu cross Xiao Xiao sound mildly, with several distant.Any heart like glass, dust and incense and exhausted, like a clear sky near noon day.  Night water, shadow hit a touch of thoughts, carrying thousands of years missing from the traces of cohesion when the fireworks easy to cold, indifferent look back, weak shoulders are not able to record once lost Hedrick, detailed Dianqi toe, only leaving under dismal moonlight deep sigh, Angela thrown aroma, long green drift away slowly came to an end in the autumn of rain washing.  Dance setting sun, walking in the autumn afternoon, Ren Yuhui to drag back a long, long.World of band, I miss you memories of past lives.  Free time, pre-trial Scattered, piebald stone, cement batter, wild moss diameter, the wind had nice, looking up, feel the dripping through the traces of time.Town people, the water also broken bridge, also Xiaofeng moon.Miramar year to accompany youth to the collection this season, this moment, the future of dawn, the first sleepless pillow.Rang a bell rates afternoon, perhaps, a person a long time, get used to indifference, disdain fetters bonds of love, the days of famine?The old?Desolate is young ambition.Only old but also youthful enthusiasm.Handle, go to the beach startled group Honglang Bo; dual recreation, go to Lan Feng, together for sunrise and sunset; on the film, go to church, never betray meditation.These are places of love love, forced to wipe, do not also revert back to the original white.  Fingertips fleeting, whisk dust scattered songs, thinner thoughts, nor what the Chennai.Touch the strings, the wind slim, Xie language strings, harps sound memories, thoughts for whom off?Around the mean sincerity, love of life, the lute and Ming, the interpretation of a song and a rhyme years.  Love to the depths, lonely playing music, sound when the ear whisper like flowers, I fell lonely.Love locks Xiao sound, but to spread into a clear shadow in the twilight.Skim a pool of water, bring all the wind, sway in Hua Jian in the style Wanlv.  Quiet night, there are insects and flowers, scattered flower fragrance, Love War Acacia Nocturne played.Love unfulfilled, a hard heart, You Yang melancholy, open air Cantabile, every night, when to go!Youyuanerjin faint sound of the strings, as if enveloped the entire trail, the silence slowly hit, caught haunting and beautiful sounds of desolation among!An autumn song, lingering filled, the music scene is not the same, not the same feeling chant.  Sigh fireworks goes by, severance never forget once, Qianxiu afterlife you my fate, another autumn.    Part five: love Xiao Yiyi, another autumn blossom sometimes do, love flute Yiyi dream endlessly.  - Inscription One past life, I was in your cold eyes, destroy the illusion incarnation Blue Bird is ready to run out of life, and wandering around in the study on three.  The spread of loneliness, always dip my soul, after the craze, after peeling off the old language of flowers, a bright new species turn on forehead.Who smile, light raised a slight pain to tie him down, who’s footsteps, Tasui ages Rouchang.Those early in the morning, that evening, when you come from my heart, study on three four, footsteps gradually far, a flower alone cover the sadness.  Pecking breaking season, Qiu Lu bring slightly cold, self-breathing little depth.Flowers and know the ups and downs, trees know the vicissitudes of my chirp is not old, still, flying at treetop.September surplus wind head, wings negative Acacia, no place to place, hoarse cry, love flute vaguely sweet dream.  II tree, in my panic wing wind down, we are opening a thin chrysanthemum, smudged bloody passion, the last love, toward the clouds in the sky.  Yi Keke fallen tree, lined up had become, how many years do not go with the wind of the story, scattered escape.  Away from a warm window, I was forced to roll Xiao Yin fly.A long time circling for you, stop it down, about to wandering eyes.Upward rotation of light, followed by a number of crazy language, tears wet wings, Zaibu Dong hate the Red.Flying in the clouds, the walk through, you see me a wing of Lei Yu, whining sound, the end to be all the way out of town Tears of Blood.  Present and future, not about this, that I am willing to lonely outside your heart empty, sings love life.  That night three, I was outside the city, sitting on a huge dark, standing thoughts on wounds, wipe the same mind.  Xiao Yin, is my only warm, warm at heart, though, as my body and the foot of the rock cold.  Messy wings, put up a quiet watch in the wind, covered with sad eyes closed, listening to your dreams gorgeous fireworks.Sad cemented clouds, scattered wind at midnight, when the rain, cover the sky the stars.  The stroke of midnight, sounded the vast loneliness, newborn gentle, still toward the city, slowly flowing.  Drops of rain fell on the stones covered with flowers, still stillness of the night, what in the rain, aroma floating in the air?  After the Stanford rainy night, a ground Fallen flowers.Water, blue sky, sunny again.  Dressed in the sun, expand the wet weight of Chi Yu, a piece of the ailing souls of flowers, danced autumn War in the wind wings.  After the end of each season lonely, lonely and a long season again.A yellow leaves, reluctantly bid farewell to youth, as I wing tips old feathers, once again witnessed the Cang cool.In winter, not far away around, ready once again to challenge my loyalty, life after life Allure of love poison, stand in silent power.  Carrying a bunch of question marks about the past life and the afterlife, those beautiful gap, not Yuan Cheng period.  Not the result of the result, is the only result for birds, complete continuation of the corners, the spouses of past life.  Wu mist and abide by the original read like daily round-trip, just to keep your smile.Flight feathers gradually thin, weak to swim fin dance, always need a forced landing, blue sky, going into autumn, beautiful memories Watch.  Never existed oath.Only penetrate the bones study on three, draw loud air across my hard glide.  Wind shells Acacia, empty mess Qiannian, Phi full rain midnight, my imaginary you, from the shadow of the city, from the flute.You see, I am most pleased moments and sweet memories related, always filed out.  The increasingly cold season, the rain, better in September, lotus flower about to wither in the shadow of the moon repeatedly sad in.  My thoughts, the slightest fluttering float pain, no visual impact.  Past Lu saw a lot of fairy tales, has been looking forward to fade Blue Bird wings, the incarnation of a girl, a girl dial Zheng, quietly wrap your Xiao Yin, Xu a light hang around, a pulse grief.You can finally love me now, with your palms and gentle, sad I stitched millennium, with your gentle eyes water, my heart valves barren millennium Nianqi.  First met, fragrant mind, years later, lingering love flute.Love is very simple, watch, so long.Clouds with wave comes, once again the temptation to spread my wings, carrying heavy verse, efforts circled.Clouds, a peck that is broken, I hear you cry loud heart sounds yet?By way of birds, singing, circled, watch.Sadly repeat past lives, some of the toughness of the gentle enough to penetrate the thick of the city, fall on your tired chest.  Coldest early hung up the sky, the Netherlands shadow howling, tree cold sound.Looking in the eyes dense with rosy imagination, who would hear me whisper long-standing?  Karma, sleepy juniors, that faint sky Xiao Yin, penetrate the canopy, a drop refers to the eternal, also penetrate the heart, stained dusk.I can only stick to this city, you stick, Huakaihuaxie sometimes do, love flute Yiyi dream endlessly.