And sunflower life

If you can, I would like to have the same life of sunflowers, stick to the ideal, commitment and can be a simple and happy person.    - Inscription Some people want to be romantic and sentimental rose, mouthwatering; some people want to be proud of the United States noble lily, white Dicui; some people want to be valued pure white lotus, the quiet beauty of holiness; I just want to be a sunflower like sunflower alive, he has been chasing the footsteps of the sun, stick to their ideals and commitment, simple and happy.    The well-known “Sunflowers” Van Gogh’s most famous works, but I do not know the painting was his perception of life, he said this: that fiery round like sunflower, a symbol of his great desire and tenacity of life of pursuit; which horizontal hot yellow, into his life forever and enjoy the experience of emotion.In fact, our lives are not the end of the journey, carrying only tough mind, indomitable fighting spirit, the eternal faith, to go on and beyond, before reaching the pinnacle of success.    Anything in life can not be achieved, it is only “it is a short step, a thousand miles; not small streams into a mighty torrent” argument.If only the dream on the depletion of the text, then doomed to fail, only the fantasy into reality, into a force to adhere to before they can open the door to success: the eternal goal, tireless efforts to uphold.    Just as sunflowers, choose the sun, life just for him.To keep this promise, she put aside everything and do everything we can do to embrace with open arms like his smile, his own most beautiful Love left him, only for his solo life.This dedication, this faithful, all touching, soundly cried.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) sunflower love so, life is no different.She was born, destined to choose the sun, her goal in life is the sun, simple and focused.I could not help but think of a word: the reason why many of us do not succeed is because on the road to success, and we did not do plain-Jane, do not focus on their choice.Indeed, life seems complicated, in fact, is so simple, stick to the stick, give up their change to give up, be a simple and happy person.    The meaning of life should be used to measure the value, rather than go the length of time of use metering.Life is so short, why should its eternal, it is by how you look at life.So like sunflower pursue purposeful life, life will become full and meaningful.    When the sunflower facing the sun, as our splendid youth, breathtaking.    Youth is the will of the drops of blood sweat and hard work led to the nectar, enduring incense; youth is not eternal withered hope and yearning woven rainbow, brilliant brilliant; youth is built with timeless dedication and indomitable tenacity played an impregnable fortress, impregnable; youth is quiet and pleasant tea and hassle-free rendering of poetry, dripping earned.    Because they have, enrichment of life and rich; because of the pursuit, life becomes splendid; because he insisted, life becomes brilliant and splendid.    This is the same as the sunflower life, always full of passion and fighting spirit, pure and simple happiness, which is the true meaning and value of life lies.I hope that more friends can read what the philosophy of life of sunflowers, in order to make unremitting pursuit of the ideal, in order to succeed and to go on.

And smell cicada Ming

The arrival of summer, cicadas and the smell, the sound of cicadas, cicadas catch brought back childhood memories.I lived under the Huaihe River shore, dams, planting trees to adapt, Liu Wei is appropriate.Liu fear flooded, if they take place, lush foliage.Willow children, that’s the ideal habitat of the cicada.    Cicada, different male and female body.Cicada male body width and large, its belly, there are two leaf cover case, the frequency of the sound is emitted from the vibration in the cover case.Poor female cicada Ming, slender body.After mating the female cicadas on the tree twigs, ovipositor branch bark needle-like, crunchy punctured, after the eggs in the tender twigs, branches were stabbed, not because the nutrient supply, wither dead, dead branches by the power of wind and rain, fall under the tree, gradually being buried in the soil.    After the eggs hatch into larvae continue to feed on the sap.After a few years, growth of the larvae mature.After the summer solstice, to a few downpour, drenched real hard land, the land of soft, young cicadas were in the ground, after years of recharge your batteries, satiate, when the body is healthy flesh, they will be scrambling, from soil layer stuck his little head, drilled the ground.Cicada larvae, Huaibei area is called soil: cicada Gouzi, rested monkeys.Nightlife net this time, the night silence, we can hold the flashlight next to the tree one by one to find the inventory.First look at the ground there is no snake, the snake is a snake I said,.After the rain, hot weather, low air pressure, although snakes are cold-blooded, but nocturnal snake, out of the body cool, Cougerenao, and must not effect.Once, when I touched cicadas dog, he would face danger.Going forward, a flashlight photo, boy, under a willow root to see a few meters away, entrenched a one meter long snake of blue and white, two blue eyes flashed, scared me was alarmed.At this point, do not disturb the snake, you do not provoke it, it will not attack you, you can simply aloof.Then, continue with a flashlight to see the trees, there are cicadas climbing Gouzi to hand in a pinch, put in a prepared bag.And then holding a small shovel, around the willow root, dig, wet and muddy soil, at the moment, and perhaps unexpected gains.    Had just climbed out of the soil cicada dog, tender tender, yellowish-white, curly wings atrophy, neither fly nor called, she went home, collected the cicadas dog, use a brush brush, rushing water, fine salt Mama, marinated for several hours, the next morning, a fragrance of the original eco-fried or fried cicadas dog, on the debut.Cicadas dog, but it is the most abundant protein content of fine game dishes that taste wonderful, as snacks, in time for the most mouth.    Dogs catch cicadas are endless, after they molt, after a very short period of time, transformed into a cicada, that is, we usually use the classic phrase: withdraw its role.By sucking sap still cicada trees for food, in the hot summer, it sends a very loud cry in the trees, the hundred meters, which no body has been heard and.At that time, we started to play cat and mouse game.    The first find a long bamboo, and then coarse flour, gluten wash out of a group, the group is fixed in the pole Shaotou gluten with a cloth bag filled cicadas, which is heavily sticky cicadas belongings.When captured, moved quietly under a tree, raised his bamboo pole, align the top of the gluten of some cicadas, light touch, cicadas at this time, know that you are in danger, artful, not wanted, lightweight transparent gauze wings , it was firmly stuck, cicadas issue several whine, to be my trophy.Sometimes, there are cicadas self-defense weapons, it would not be trampled upon without a fight, their rage, volley shed a large pulls, because it is looking up, just sprinkled on the face, which gained nothing in the anti-corrosion one meter things that have occurred, only to catch cicadas who have experience.    Throughout the ages, the number of poets, painters, poets and mystics chant of cicadas, cicada painting, Tang Dynasty poet LUO have first of cicadas Wing: West land cicadas sing, South crown off Sishen.Hyun coming from unbearable to for Bai Touyin.Lu go-around is hard, wind and more loud Shen Yi.No noble letter, heart Who TABLE I?Visible ancient and modern people are happy cicada cicada love, joy listening to the cicadas.Cicada is the world’s most adorable elves, regardless of the passage of time, except the sweet sound of cicadas, always floating in the vagaries of nature.

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Part one: indifferent to enjoy a quiet life gently bent over sniffing cup of warm jasmine tea, suddenly the body every inch of skin is like a touch of floral stained.Water flowers, was very heroic, but the flowers have been useless, color has been disabled.A delicate flowers in the warm water ruined aryl Yan, desolately poor.  Fingertip touch softly paralysis in the cup of the flower body, like a careless stoop to straighten the back, like a naughty teenager, I do not know cherish their youth.But, a flower of frustration, how many people are untold, they are also unclear.Flowers and tears, tears melt in water, blurred.Drinking a cup of tea, eat drink one kind of tears.Flowers residual shallow tears, the tear floral remain among the throat, the fragrance will last in the world to stay for life, he composed the last Chuge.  Holding the hands of tea, long time standing in the window, watching the steady stream of traffic in front.This feels so familiar and so strange, a lot of dreams happen here, a lot of dreams and end here.There haze flowers, the flowers fade, but a trace, winter depression so prosperous will freeze.Occasional gust of wind, blowing last night withered flowers, dry the tears of countless mottled.Cold at the scene, do not want to see a long time, always lean on a railing and asked how long this mess!  Often lamented time goes by, inexplicably lost for the nameless emotion.Let the hearts of grief quietly spread, breeding can not refuse pain.Once upon a time, queue window with poetic inspiration, Ya Yin Jie spectrum, so quiet and secure life.Today, this is still a window, but not goodbye former Masaoki.Whether people have changed always dejected as good as yesterday, not shrunk even better!That “I want to be together, longevity no absolute decline.Mountains have been worn, the rivers have dried.Thunderstorms, snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare!”These unscrupulous pursuit of lofty sentiments and aspirations of happiness in love today where?Whether, when Hua Zhi Hua Xie also mourning?Nightlife network cup of tea, in the cold winter wind getting cold.To make sense of palm bursts of cool sense of impunity rampant in mind, rather, “Yuk cold frozen together from millet” in.People come out, the water has been known to spend as Ice, cold body no pity how sad?Flowers sad, I do not know who is going to protect a tender and beautiful!  Youth season flowers quietly open, a sudden summer rain, not just playing to the valuable youth, as well as the beauty of the season.Stronghold, no direction to flow with the rain floating in the horizon today, tomorrow whether to Cape.Whispering, heartbroken but no tears to spend, do all the emotion flow quietly away in the silent water.Difficult to return to the past, the only waved goodbye to yesterday.  With thoughts of endless wind and rewind in front of traffic, thoughts come a long way, Huihun it was in front of the window.”Life is a dream, Jiang also sprinkle a bottle of month”.Yes ah, one’s life is like a dream, why should they care about the success or failure in, or look to the river, give it the full moon wine.Between reverie, a drop of crystal teardrop falls cup of jasmine tea, the tea that’s more of a yellowish-clear and recollections.Silent flowers, the flowers also silent.The life is so lightly, not swagger.When idle, quiet cup of tea, writing a paper insular paradise, concentrate on and enjoy the rest of his life, is enough.    Part Two: rest in waiting for the wind is very light, brushed a feather light yellow once juvenile and behind.How many melancholy, how much feeling, with the breeze blowing away quietly in the season.  Walked the edge, there is a man of the world.  Listen, ears, it seems to be floating “Castle in the Sky” on the Vatican Carole.  I think, before, little boy stories and poetry Hsi Mu-jung.  Open the door, and quietly cater.I am not a teenager, but why they think that time simply stubborn memories; I am not a story, but fell in the Red tangle secular; I am not a fool people, but since only the eyes locked on you.  In early summer, the breeze blowing, turquoise water, ripples Dangqi.When the wind falling in front of Yanghwajin drag drift, at your fingertips, but you can not capture the scattered flowers in season.  Years, walked away not only youth; years, walked, leaving not only memories.  Morning, waking from a dream, tears from his eyes there is a trace of temperature.Finger across the cheek, the last night of tenderness to ask, and then went on to put in a busy day.  The edge of dreams, singing or spectator any natural or intense soothing songs.Sipped, the taste, how are sad taste of love.I have memories of their own circle, carefully combing through every journey, the desire in the crowd there will be a legend.So, I’m waiting for.I like spring Muyu gradually clear in the hazy smoke; I’ll wait for the summer sun slowly fade inflammation in the majestic showers in; I waited, quietly disappeared in the autumn and Towers in golden leaves; I waited, still in Wait.I waited, Plum in winter white snowflakes lightly fragrant Scots.Buddha said: Past five hundred times Looking back in exchange for a life pass before.  I count those classic love story, watching the people one by one passed me, quietly looking forward to.  But, people have been happy with my pass.Save moving among the crowd, I’m just a passer.  I think it will not come again missed.  Legends and Legends will only Faye Wong’s soothing in the.  I have only obediently accept fate, in the world, and loneliness as partners.  Today the wind is still very light.Yesterday the people and things, each one is like a live dialogue.  Just yesterday, Yang Hua has long been falling, people fairy tales still live a happy life.  Just as all of yesterday, everything is gone, people have to grow up, when the eyes are no longer eager for more of the scenery, when in front of a tree has been bundled with all of the scenery.  I can remember the past, but there is no way back.  White life only in the past, how can life.  Quietly waiting, simple life, no matter what color yesterday’s dream.  No sadness, no lonely, I can be very serious life.

And orchids together

Part One: If you could do one with orchids and rareness, drove leisurely, quietly exudes the fragrance of their own, to complete their mission, always an eternal pursuit of free land, to seek a kind eternal filling like the breath of life, so that the inherent charm beyond the external vanity, who say such as orchid-like beauty of quiet deep wishy-washy?Who can say that beauty can not be chasing clouds and mountains and rivers and month by month and Qi?  I have many times said to himself, in a way that soul from the shell of their own so make inquiries, Yanni distant in time and space shuttle mysterious music (withanorchid) against the background sound, the inquiry even more serious and deep!Just muddle, confusion fans frustrated, anxious Huang imitation, I do not know since when to give his own life and firm made a wise choice, the choice is again ringing in my ear that song Yanni name of music “and orchids together.”!  Orchid is in my books, and nurtured and nourished the rareness of the library is my love!  Every walked into this valley, my heart is with immense joy and excitement, but also slightly due to wasted time and missed the incense in front of the orchids of guilt for their lives!View of front of numerous books, scholarly Wen four Durian, the book in front of the always neat gesture quietly Xiaoying every reader, it is really dazzling overwhelmed!  I have no one else to shuttle in the vast river of ancient wisdom, the curious and surprised a fan of heavy knocking the door to history, an overview of the rise and fall with the change of dynasty in the memory of the ancient river, the numerous sigh hero and beauty, wit and but tragically pathetic soul-stirring beauty of legend!When a hop Smart text Kenshi my body a little bit, a little bit penetrate my soul, my mind will become more of clarity in reading over and over again; when there is a more objective person not easily be known the truth or when philosophy from the author’s pen suddenly burst out, I would have introspective, suddenly epiphany shock; when the bright gorgeous or innocuous words reveal heavy, when a deep, long-standing traditional Chinese culture, I will be rising up to a feeling of pride and proud descendants, but also just float and see for yourself above such rich cultural heritage and ashamed; when I saw a text from behind once after suffering, devastation, and now unbearable Review thriving, flowers, and lush stands of a great country, the progress and development of the historical era of the eternal theme of projection gave me a can not shirk the responsibility and mission, in order that, if in a cosmic dust-like life on the pros and cons it appears to be negligible, how preoccupied worth?  Today the ancient sages and wise written numerous immortal philosophy as easily fooled though I still live on earth flashy keep vigilant, so that a young heart clenched at the cusp of the rudder life countless times!The charm of the book is to me like a clear spring in the dry desert trekkers, it’s not nourish my body, but I often inexplicable sky lonely, lonely or even pale soul!Each with close to heart will be surprisingly calm, the moment I can forget the hustle and bustle of the city, plagued by fame and fortune, suffering desire, trivia wound, as if between the moment the world has become an instant silent, only with the author’s point of view soul and the soul of the collision sound generated by resonance!A sense, returning to the fun will be like a waterfall pouring down, everything that I anticipated!  The appetite for books contain himself no less fanatical inner feelings favorite subject, quietly approached a young girl when love him, touch him gently, gently stare and look at him, hard feelings quietly share hidden under the appearance of strong and courageous, and his sinking banging the young at heart!At that moment, all the recurring nightmare as impetuous and all life unbearable burden will be gone!Text heart is occupied with thinking poet holiness without contamination noble secular resonance, indescribable relief relieved and so I suddenly wake up: Where to go and look at Happy Life?Simple, since the natural course, Sasa Tuotuo, speechless with silence cast steeply Chihiro moral article is perhaps happiness lies!So perhaps there is too extreme and absolute suspicion, but this text this article morality of this book is to me!  And orchids together, and that is the book together!Book, most likely to make a person’s life get in the autumn kindly, open-minded space repair!Reading is a mind trip, so forget the bustling mortal troubles, the sound of gurgling brook ears only the United States Mandarin chapter, which stream across the sky time, scour the chaos of the mind, enhance wisdom superficial.And orchids together, and that is the book together!Scholars, such as flowers overflowing I was not spacious inner space!When the space finally have a ripple, with vivid, with attentive, thorough soul even more moisture during the Ching Ming, the life in gorgeous lovely looking tumult in.At this moment, there is always sorrowful miserable, I can not cooling lofty; this moment, there is always the temptation of fame and fortune, I can not devoid calmly indifferent; this moment, there is always the dark clouds, he could not withstand the Fairview rushing to greet me, poetry abundant spring.  Imagination has been a realm: and orchids together, hand pot liquor, travels Guo Qing green water, listen to the sounds of nature, the soul wandering around in this deep boundless universe.Part Two: Orchid and old together recently without it, indifferent to the quiet heart, such as orchids quiet and distant, or even a supposedly dormant also still body of people I Cuyi?Perhaps sparse ordinary life, is I was finally safely without itching (unharmed) way of life, not to speculate on things change, do their own or perhaps is to care about my faithful friends of an answer.A “and orchids together,” Let me listen to what your heart needs, my beloved friends of friends, get together again to Japan!  When Qiaoxia above those remarks when we come to feel, eyes spicy, some moist eyes, the heart abruptly pain.  And then deep feelings, gratitude, and then concentrated friends, distant horizon, brotherhood, and finally slowly Shudan, feelings, and finally shelved slowly, not to say each other’s heart has changed, does not mean that when the other is no longer friends, but, far in the horizon, emotions can not be shared, the original, we are far away leaving only the greetings – greetings or good, at least we never to forget each other.  Maybe, I can only use these words to emphasize again and again myself, to myself, to comfort myself: All good things come to an end, not so much life to death so I Ganchangcunduan, perhaps, I am your far away look away but the Prime Minister tis not gather the clouds, there you have me, they are not sufficient to lead to a flurry of accidents, not to mention almost a surprise?  I know, you come, as you come quietly, inadvertently, they quietly away.At least, you used to be in the flow of the landscape of my life, a bustling passing of.  Perhaps walking in a big crowd, everyone is in constant pursuit of something inexplicable in my mind, this kind of thing though is to make our lives because of it change the meaning of substantial, but still real come, into our lives , such as a walk into the forest explorers lost, living in vast woodlands, and danger around, in front of a thorny, behind the cold wind, such as Langhu eager, but the head of a silver lining, has long been shrouded in dense with white clouds, although within reach, but with no real feeling.  Trust, perhaps the screen and the body of a foot away, Guadan such as a glass of water, but the feeling is passing the buck to escape excuse.As the reach of a rose with thorns itch, lasting less than pleasant fragrance of orchids, so, after the passion, not as good as it was found to orchids calm and serene, elegant but not pretentious.  Should you, should I, in the trees and the snow is still in full bloom, whether that passing children who are still waiting?  Should innocence, I would like, such as blue, should the long-term, I hope there are accompanied by blue!Nightlife net Perhaps this is the truth and parallelism of the network, such as a pot of roses and pot of orchids on the front, quiet, no matter how you choose, when you hesitated, choose one or two decisive, but Looking back there at the moment.Perhaps you will ask “regret it?”At the moment, just understand, I also have time to repent: Rose has its charming fragrance, but own their own elegant orchid looks to conquer its flower lovers of all ages in person, but you did not find, maybe he / she is going through.  At the moment, just wake up, just how long is a pot of orchids to have their own, let her into his world of fresh and elegant, her dignity and not to render my pro-secular boring life.  ”Orchid Glen Health, not to no not aromatic, religious gentleman in Germany, but not poor change section.”No wonder the ancient and modern patriots describe a man to be a gentleman, such as blue for the women to Lan Xin Hui quality, I think, probably so right?  Boundless, mortal beings, Red clinics and office, all the hustle and bustle everywhere, indifferent to those who clean abstinence, mercenary shunned, ancients had a saying: “Come gas Ruolan long do not change, unwavering heart Georland Come final.”Dating a man so, why not?  Is a full moon on the occasion, flowering period is very short, after several hardships of orchids, such as whether our friendship-like flash in the pan, leaving a trace of traces of years of vicissitudes?  Life it is not a blossom?Several people in the world can do, such as blue fragrant tranquil, alone shabby homes, but not stained Qian Chen?    Part III: orchids and basin in the room with green flowers grow well.A day every day, she is so green, so mellow.I go or not, she is very bright, I care not the slightest blame sedentary meaning.She was at ease, well-behaved clouded growth in the years to come.  However, I was worried she was very lonely.I’m away, that empty room, white walls, casement closed, it will make her feel depressed?  Fortunately, now she and orchids together.  Not long ago, a friend said, like orchids us here.I promised to send him several strains.A few days later on Sunday, my lovely children, a constant stream of sent me a dozen orchids, they come from deep in the mountains, the valley wet body elegant fragrance.Fix a day after a friend sent a number, an office table and left several strains.A few days later, my colleagues have also selected some gone, only the last one standing quietly in the corner of orchids.Since that time also exceptionally busy, he did not take proper to seek rest.  Week later, he still leafy and so on in that corner.But there is no good-looking pots in our small town, I would not like others of his grievances in an ordinary wash basin.Just, timely aunt gave me a big ceramic pots, I will gladly moved to this big pot, the last of a species of orchid in it.Every morning, I come marching dawn, under the vague light, he seemed a graceful ink, often makes me praise.I went back and forth humming “I come from the mountains, bringing orchids, planted on campus, hoping to bloom early,” Sweet spring, I light footsteps, are like the breeze of the Koran.  Now, he was in my room.My green flowers with him.  So, I will be nestled in the green flower orchid under.Small porcelain pots, pottery big pots, exquisite flower green, narrow leaves blue.Since then, they accompanied day and night, day and night relative, in my absence, they must whisper whisper with the language of flowers, the way quietly exchange with flowers.  It is a little moist leaves, flower gentle and quiet face; is a straight narrow Greenwood, proudly and steady temperament poem.Like most of the men and women of the world.  I always see them.I sat in a cloth mat, turn his face looked at me orchids and green flowers, the house gently waft Yanni “and orchids together,” All of a sudden, the day so long, quiet time precipitation, the pain already faded, always happy fragments emerge in front.Bright sunshine outside the window, peach flap opposite the old house were numerous in the wind, as if a static picture of eternal.  My green flowers and orchids together, I never quiet room, smelled a ray of lively silence invisible breath everywhere, as if there is wind, like a bird’s wings, like white the clouds.My green flowers, orchids and being together.  And orchids together, I know Yanni.  I think there is a man, like orchids, they are among the gentleman.Perhaps not look outstanding, but they are personable, perhaps unknown, but their souls pure.And with them, so long years of quiet, all the Red rolling, then cut off in the cool deep valley, the river of time, he is only willing enchanting charming, and he quietly waiting at your side.If you encounter such a man, and that is Sanshengyouxing.  My green flowers, and orchids together at this time is.And me, with my papers with him four: and orchids together “and orchids together” is another song “Bandari” band, this song is different from the other song, close your eyes and mind Dunsheng out of a large orchid, is a feeling of orchids surrounded by hills turn in the band, wrote this song.  ”And orchids together.” This song is the fifth of a total of nine seconds, the song is beginning to ease, slowly, gradually, the feeling is a small stream, streams pouring down from the mountains, through the jungle He washed the rocks came all the way under the foot.With the music, which continued for about ten seconds after two suddenly into the climax stage, followed by several instruments play in unison, if this time you close your eyes will feel surrounded by a large cluster of orchid, and you’re sitting or lying orchid slope, quietly aromatic smell orchids.This is the feeling you were the last person in the world, or that you are the whole world.  I feel very sorry that I did not come out in the end this song is one of several musical instruments made, or that I do not understand, “Bandari” the band.  When “and orchids together.” This song is for you lonely and boring to listen to, especially at night, “Bandari” music seems to be only at night listening to the kind of taste, it is very wonderful ah.A person sitting quietly in front desk, open the computer, turn off all the lights in the room, close my eyes on this song point, quietly waiting for the arrival of melody, this time my heart not to have any distractions, is quiet and silently wait, wait, wait, I believe it will give you a beautiful song.If the summer is better, how hot Whether you feel, you feel when listening to a clear stream pouring from my mind to your heart, if you are thinking to open a little difference, will play a shivering, feeling came Handonglayue.This is probably the “Bandari” mystery musical bar.  ”And orchids together” this song, the feeling is like calling a person, but do not know if this is part of love, respect, affection or friendship aspects of the area, I can not say, it probably is “Bandari” the mystery of the orchestra of it, but also, and “Bandari” orchestra writing style will be different when ah “Bandari” orchestra of music hidden in the mountain forests, free from any outside interference, only birds from the forest, landscape sound.So it music a lot are derived from nature, is pure natural wind ah, ah this world should not be emotional, but this is why?Do not know, ah, why do you pursue those too?Be able to enjoy the sounds of nature it brings can not yet?It does not yet meet?  Yes ah, Ye Xianglun father said good, “Young people want to listen to music will not cranky ah”!I’m cranky yet?I do not know, this is probably the 90 descendants of the idea of it, do not know anything, but they all know what it feels.But young people to listen to music right.Because we need this period of time, we need this time to raise his own heart, because everyone has their own place belongs to Yang Xin!  ”And orchids together,” I overheard a song, Bandari really heard a lot of music, but this song is never never heard of.Ha ha!  Love gift is shy, orchids and refused to give his name; it briskly passing dark, scattered along the next burst of joy tremor.Catch it catch it, otherwise it will be lost forever.However, it is possible grip in the hands of the gift of love, it was a delicate orchid, or first-line flame flickering lights.Unfortunately, only then just a few pages, to be turned over my youth, has become out of print.

And natural counterparts

Sleep is not practical day up more gradually, perhaps factors such as age, easily troubled little by unknown things and woke up, woke up to no longer sleep.Dark, eyes closed and eyes open is the same reason, so carry light reading lamp until robins car Ming..    Tonight is a mosquito infestation, wake up you can never get into the dream, eyes closed several times the number of flocks, have a clear and did not lose, it seems that at night I’m the most responsible shepherd.    Natural biodiversity and human survival the same breath, both beneficial insect pests, and all human beings to enjoy the same blue sky, or rolling of the rainy season.When it comes to mosquitoes, was undoubtedly a product of nature, due to humid climate, where mosquitoes breed naturally rich, as long as it does not carefully on a pro is difficult by extreme itching and annoying to the terrible pain.If the face is a face, a red dot to muster a half months will naturally subside, any foundation makeup can not hide.From here, it has been a long protracted war with the mosquitoes name.I remember the first time come here to play, and that was the end of November 1997 period, the home has already conform to the season into late autumn, while still summer sun is shining here, living in a hotel at night, he wanted to talk about was the mosquito unbridled attack.After the family moved to lift the consequent, but forged a bond with mosquitoes.    Mosquitoes here to three hundred forty-five month after the Spring Festival majority.The more the summer, the higher the temperature the less mosquitoes, seven hundred eighty-nine October belong to a minimum of mosquito season.Presumably humid climate of seasons mosquitoes also soaring, and high temperatures for months because of dry climate and less of a breeding ground for mosquitoes.To combat mosquitoes from attack after another we used various ways to kill mosquitoes mall sold: mosquito coils mosquito water mosquito insecticide tablets, as well as the most advanced and more environmentally-friendly mosquito swatter, in fact, the most effective thing nets.Night to put a mosquito net, as if to hide in a secluded paradise, whether it be thousands of mosquitoes, and I shall sleep peacefully.The mall here has brought together a variety of mosquito nets styles: what luxury style palace concise style, there is also a switch on the bedside from a circular nets hoisted above the middle of the bed one click to open the automatic nets is now the most popular is a three-door type landing legs.Color is colorful, light purple sky blue light yellow light green price from a few thousand to tens of dollars.    I thought the story a dozen layers can be removed from the problems of mosquitoes, it also has a shrewd mind who knows the nature of biological.Every time the elevator opened, the mosquitoes came in just like homeopathy, even thirty layers of high-rise buildings are not immune.Xu is close to the sea’s sake, plus garden of lush vegetation, is rampant mosquitoes rampant, although the district’s anti-mosquito operations several times a week, or difficult to remove this natural pest.    Husband this trip to Taiwan, brought back two drugs, are all good medicine against mosquitoes.Is a white cream, the other is white oil mosquito horrifying, equivalent to the domestic water repellent and wind spirits, who knows the effect is surprisingly good, it is said Taiwan medicines more famous, it seems quite true.    Stop writing this article, the big bright sky, think there is a friend invitation today, stop here.Lack of sleep, and perhaps the addition of a less shiny surface wrinkles, think completed a text, a little comfort.

And my heart there is a sense of moving

Sometimes, always I felt wherever a person is struggling.A person to see the flowers bloom, the seasons go.    Sometimes, it has been that lonely, helpless suffering with me.A person face all sorts of ups and downs in life, I think this is one of the world.    However, when I go out of their humble and self-esteem, see the flower garden, fruit of their labor.The outside world is so beautiful.    For the first time into the world of the novel, only to find that they are so ignorant, so behind in today’s society.I have not heard the words’ve seen, have appeared in the novel’s world.There only can be described as a large pool of people, a chapter outstanding works stand out so.And my heart there is a strange move, but also a sense of awe.    I have taken the very first house in the heart of the world, to be infected with a new kind of literature, also learned a lot of things have been lacking.One outstanding small authors, literary accomplishment in its own right, wrote one good work, regardless of the language or the plot coinage, we have shown a writer of literary skills, my strange enough, stumped no words to express the feeling.    A person’s spiritual world is so colorful, learned to write with his own inner world, to share with people who love literature, it is a pleasure, but also a perception, but also a deeply appreciate.No matter what type of subject matter which one, can be seen between the lines and read the author’s inner world.From the real world to find the missing, to make up for gaps, so life will be enriched, gradually tend to perfection.    Although the novel is mostly fictional world, but also from life.Although the novel has adverse involved, but there are some amazing works of outstanding.Those are spliced with one of the minor characters up, and there are some segments did not have to speak, and finally slowly accumulate into thousands of words, it is required how much perseverance and determination.All the hard work and sweat to flow into between the lines, also remain in the computer keyboard, waiting for the intentions of taste and experience of the reader.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) This is a move that I began to write the novel from the beginning.Before looking at the cold text, no feelings, just a rough and blunt over from the front.When I tried desperately name of the computer keyboard, to know how hard it is.Every word come with labor, is also the author of effort.At that moment, I was really touched.    Perseverance, determination, ideas, sending the writers desperately trying to write a work; fans, recommendations, clicks, and promoter of writers continue to do well, it will not disappoint readers of heart.With power, has also been pressure.    Readers will read works in every part of the author’s emotions, there is always a role is the author, there are always a character belonging to the reader.    With the heart, slowly realize, life is just like writing the same text, is always a word game, see see how you arrange, organize, to spell out the perfect life.

And I saw the snow hometown

Pro, reunion, back here, I see canola flower of spring, summer, lotus, chrysanthemum autumn.But now, I am most looking forward to the winter snow.Look at the flying flower petals, I look forward to for a long time.    Mei Yurong wrote in the poem: “When dovetail cut, bent over the lake / will have nimble footsteps coming.The endlessly birds / canola flower wanton spill / the endlessly / green shoots emerge from the apical / the endlessly.    When the summer rainy season angered moldy clothes, suddenly, such as thunder awakened people’s dreams when I do not know how can snow in recent days and a little.    When the asphalt covered with autumn leaves be booming when a flooding rain followed by a frenzy off the summer, I do not know how cold the winter brought warmth.    I eagerly look forward to the days coming in day after day of disappointment in.It was suddenly under the snow, I have not been happy, too late umbrella, quietly walked into this fantasy world, to look for my dreams.    You see, the footprints along the way, my life is through the traces, you see that fell on his face melted snow, I left a hot spot for these tears; you see, here everything is none other than I am familiar with, is the place where my infatuation.Home snow ah, you’re standing in the doorway to greet my arrival.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) can not forget that a picture of the face, but had forgotten the fall; forget one of a pine, but had forgotten the scars; ever forget the story, nor forget this home snow.    Snow said the southern United States and less snow in the north, which in turn how we prove it?The endless plains in the north, but only one side and then the monotonous white, you see, there are evergreen woods are dotted with shallow snow, even a fall for a bare tree leaves, you will not be monotonous, between these fields, snow melting point Gone with the Wind, water flows into the ditch along a small creek, then kept knocking sound, seems to have Frontier “suddenly, such as spring night, the trees of pear blossoms,” the taste of spring.Come to think of winter, spring has to do with the kind of abundant winter than in the north, but it.    This early in the morning, hold in the arms of a lover who does not know the quiet of this world.At this moment, quiet, leaving only the sound of water and riding in the snow pace sound, knocking accompanied this thump thump sound, it seems that here but the most beautiful.    Stop at the foot of the mountain, to see which contained a white green mountains, even if there is wind, it can not drive the static moment condensate.You listen carefully, listen carefully, thin snow sliding down from a height, hit the low tree, there is always the sound of Chi Chi.Suddenly a group of sparrows over the hill, falling utility poles shout, hey, this realm, is the elf adds a touch of kindness.Lazy people do not know it all.    Exhumation of the road, riding in the new snow, mud does not seem to see this field between a green Mama, I think of Shelley’s poem: Go ahead my bitter dead thoughts over the world / I would like willow as a new birth.Wake up to the sleeping earth!Westerly ah!/ If winter has arrived / spring be far behind.?    Oh yes, the winter came, the snow this one, I bumped into you.In winter, your arms will be warm as springtime?

And Give Up

Spare nothing in the room “philandering” stumbled basin of Clivia actually a clip arrow.Watching want to show up in the attack of leaf buds of the “pain”, I know, and the bird is covered with red berries, bright for six months for my old eyes scape “farewell” of the time.In looking at the “Kaka” sound of scissors in cut flower stalks, and my heart kind of twitch feeling: that continually flowing out of the liquid as the tears.Under a hand to wipe the meaning of that “tears”, my mind turned to emerge very philosophical words: And Give.    In fact, long known that the stems cut, whether it is “blossom” or “Chunhua Qiushi”, the laws of nature are not able to retain the dismay.Because it has been “give up”, so, other flowers have been restless since spring and have brilliant bud when the pots Clivia also as the old woman hanging like a shadow-year-old to fall; because he ” dismay “unrealistic share of nostalgia, so just let that new flowers as” Jour “like a spring against the helpless smile to steal.    In the past, advising people donated to the temple of “willing to be willing There was only homes,” the half-comprehended Chan Yu, always thought it was a monk in disguise temptations.Vicissitudes passage of time, as if to “homes” and “have to” have a little understanding of the meaning: obey your parents if arrangements had graduated from law-abiding comfort to the factory to seek a decent job for themselves, there would be no later was “despised” the world was self-reliant, there will be experienced people in the “comfortable decent” can not go through the “storm” experience, but will not let myself get a lifetime are proud life experiences!This is the “House” and “get” the best experience.    If we had “quit”, with almost no use, “eight-year war” in general for a long time to stick to the mind share of the truth, there would be today work side by side 16 years of marriage, then there would be no today for those who “behaved conformist “now sounded the vicissitudes of life bumpy sisters envy blessing enough but not very relaxed leisurely life, there will be no more of this now self-sufficient happy mood.This is the best experience between ‘homes and have “.    Because dismay, so overwhelmed that belongs only Clivia now helpless in the beautiful “painful”, it is also because dismay, let fruit and beautiful flowers Clivia have become less incomplete and this should be perfect.Also, because it can “homes”, before they get their own copy of today’s life experience is different from the others, with a partner 16 years of wind and rain peers.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) Life is so, sometimes the homes, the future will have to return for more; the contrary, after a moment of sadness, will not cause.    Willing to be willing, there are homes really only have!

And freshmen want to say something

Hand bags, shoulder bags, marching autumn.Another group of students went into the Youjiang Medical, began their university life.So how do planning their college life?As a junior, I give freshmen a few proposals, hoping for a little more or less the benefits of new students.    Learn to adjust their mentality, new courage to face life.A decade studying hard, and once they pass the examination, the students each receive admission notice of the University, it will be for the upcoming college life is full of expectations.As the saying goes: Hope disappointed in the end.When the real contact with university life, I realized the gap between ideals and reality.Many freshmen complain about small schools, with their high school can not compare.”Small but perfectly formed,” our school is small, but strong teachers, improve infrastructure, complete clinical laboratory equipment and so on conditions, sufficient to train an excellent medical graduates.Do not let the students complain that end, disappointed, lost occupy valuable time.University education is our place in the future we have the kind of development, have to rely on their own efforts to fight, regardless of the school’s appearance.So you have to adjust their mentality, conscientiously study and re-examine their own.    Sociable, pay more friends.University of rehearsal time that we enter society, to successful performance on the big stage in society, we must learn to cherish this valuable university “dress rehearsal” to cooperate with others, and common progress.University is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to learn to behave, to understand the communication, the students correctly handle the relationship between the teacher.In case of conflict, to learn empathy, calmly deal.Days than the sea is wide, wider than the sky is the human mind, so we should have a broad mind.When the fault of their own, to learn to admit mistakes, such people deserve to be respected.Nightlife Network believe that you would have learned that college life is different from the high school closed, tight, constrained life.Therefore, the university is looking forward to life, but also a loss.Develop a learning plan and no reasonable rest at the University of regular, powerless live college days, until graduation do not know in the end what is learned, this is not college life.Students should know how reasonable study plan, to set their own goals.Towards the goal of setting a good step forward.Universities are not the end of the struggle, but the start of another life course.We are in the beginning to wander, or to order the pace of progress towards a new course of it?Please choose carefully!    New school, various associations are seeking publicity for their own advertising, we hope more new students to join.However, you have to be careful, and according to their preferences, I think the election two fit on it.Participate in community lets you develop your own interests, develop expertise, to exercise their own.Moreover, the employer also like those who participated in any clubs or served as graduate student leaders, because these students have accumulated some work experience.If we put a lot of time is spent in community activities, he abandoned the study, the results fall a thousand feet, more harm than good ah.To participate in the community, learning should not be mistaken.    Although the university is romantic love, people heart itch want to try and experience.But do not see others drawing near, kiss me, you could not help myself going challenge, to know their own “fate” The past is not postponed.Not to ruin his life and love.In fact, I love during college, probably not so simple we have to talk about the.After a few years of life is very short, besides bilateral economic come from parents, so blind love will eventually be a mirage, it can only bring endless troubles and melancholy.We do not want to get rid of loneliness and love, not fear of being laughed at and love.Please be assured that love again, no worries in future no bosom friend.

And every now and then leaves under

A gust of wind hit children, sandwiched coolness, the village tree woods edge happens to children dance, shake off the blade body, so the forest is full of fluttering leaves patches, just like a golden butterfly, and like the next is a golden rain.Yo!Really “gangbusters” in the coming season.    Night and fog, the colorful leaves out the window and began.I stood at the window staring at the night, thoughts wind Piaoyuan.I can remember me?We have spent a total of stormy autumn night in a small patch of woods, how many autumn leaves falling!Under the tree, I gently picked up and carefully fiddled with crystal drops of water on leaves.At this point, you smiled and said to me: it was their last laugh with tears in his mouth.    Ah!Good bunch of beautiful tears.My hands around patches of leaves flying on the ground, could not bear to throw it, then you gently patted my shoulder and said; leaves not a heartless thing, why should you do this big sad thing?    Suddenly, my heart is deciduous dial of.I finally Ming Wu, passionate injuries since ancient times, “ruthless”, but leaves turn into soil more quadrangle, why should I go for it sad it?Roots, this is the cycle of life, the honor in this world were born, long dust road, could not taste the cold, wet years?    When I looked at every now and again and again under the leaves, a myriad of thoughts, if your life with me, then just smile to the face of life, say goodbye to the prosperity of the fall, there is not just waiting for us in the spring it?Go to work, to sow, to irrigate, to harvest.Make life a kind of day!In labor re-creation of prosperity and affluence, write a glorious life in the labor movement, so that the main theme of evergreen life resounded world, let the warmth of human dedication, then you go in this world to live up was, for you have every now and then on the front of the leaves should not be sad, but should be a feeling, the thrill, you will be able to target more firmly identified, whom to make unremitting efforts, that your dreams will certainly come true.Friends ah, cheer up, to make every effort to fight it!Saying “without the wind and rain, that can see the rainbow,” not on the points that the hard way.