Blue sky, white clouds floating in a

Under dense blue sky, white clouds waft a lonely.  I asked her where to go?  She smiled at me, and did not answer.  I asked again, she smiled at me, still no answer I asked her if she was not going the distance?  She says she belongs to the whole sky!  I waved at her, do not head in that summer under the shade of dancing.  .I asked myself, what is whirling?  This reminds me of – “asked the Buddha” (Lama poems Famous): I asked the Buddha: Why does the world have so many regrets?  Buddha said: This is a whirling world, whirling regret, no regrets, give you more happiness will not experience the joy of!  .I was wondering, what is the joy clouds?  That tour is sky unaffected, or that under the clear sky blue sky?  Perhaps my guess is wrong, only the white clouds will know, what is your own happiness!  And my happiness, or that all beings be happy, always only experience the joy of the people will understand.  .Vast sea of humanity, spread upward riverbank Mo.  Tu Hugh Barry, Heaven vicissitudes.  A thousand words, the hardest break.  Real world situation, what is clear?  .Clouds gone, belonging to pursue her patch of blue sky, leaving only a shadow prime in my heart.  perhaps.One day I did that far from home, to pursue their own patch of blue sky dream!  .The sky is far, for most people, the sky is so far away!  Swaying in the blue sky back, awakened forget how much wear fleeting?  How much end his life in old age, lost in the gentle countryside rich in!  .The sky is pure, at least for me, the sky is so clear and bright!  Wind Snow spent months alone, the number of intoxicated happy sadness?  How many years of endless sorrow, written in gratitude, good and bad!  .Clouds gone, gone under the azure sky, looking for their dream of paradise!  Mingled with sadness and happy mood, with the vast sky and far away.  Good-bye, that piece of the cloud, I hope we meet again, both sides hopes of finding a patch of blue sky of your heart!

Blue sky, obsessed Castle

“Mountains, blue sea, red, green trees.”This is to give Kang depicting this coastal city Qingdao, every traveler, often with a heart dream mood in the hot summer, came to Qingdao This romantic seaside city, put aside all fetters, so thrilled at the cool sea breeze.    ———– Inscription life need to say a trip to stay away, so often the oath for those who day immersed in trivia and heavy work, as a kind of self-comforting, really, whether a person really tired, anxious mind whether, once such a trip is required, however, can really stay away of free and easy, it really is one of the few, the reason mostly because of work, career, fame, etc. excuses, comforted herself sinking heart fit.    Zibo work is finally over, two days of free time, thought to want to, or feel the urge to put a fake it, blue sky, green trees red tiles, this is my heart Qingdao, cool ocean breezes, romantic Qingdao summer night, my heart really is, then, also to stay away a trip, a man dragging a box, buy a high-speed rail ticket, went straight to Qingdao.    June weather has been a bit hot, but, the train, the cool sea breeze as well as the smell of the salty air, and instantly wake up just a little bit drowsy heart, and good high-speed rail station near the waterfront, just You do not need to go far, far away you can see the flow of people bathing beach, in order to facilitate travel, to find hotels in the vicinity of the bridge on the line, to be honest, this season, the hotel also can be ground fresh, especially near the trestle place, then it is high cost of land, either too lazy to travel, I really do not want to choose in such a hotel, the saying goes, “good night shop,” we are not home, it can stay on the line.    Put down the bag, back camera, a minute do not want to stay in a hotel, a restaurant to find someone to solve the problem, right stomach, to be honest, as a tourist city of Qingdao, in Shandong cuisine is also by no means inferior, in addition to local seafood feast, in Shandong as well as snacks throughout the country is dazzling, Zaozhuang pancake dish, mutton soup single county, Sichuan noodles, Xian Liang Pi ? look at a row of seafood front of the hotel, will let you calumny dripping, crabs, prawns, abalone, clams, and Oh, the saying goes, life is still alive, food and clothing two things, however, often go through life, what really did not eat, wear is also not to mention, in fact, a life-long struggle work, to food and clothing, then, this way through life.    Seafood dinner on the evening on, first take a snack to fill his stomach, go to the beach, had some hot weather, now in Qingdao beach, it is not a matter, really good blue sky, bright sunshine, although it is not hot, moist sea breeze blowing, but still a bit cold, red walls and green trees, blue sea and sky which is today in Qingdao, although not to the summer season, however, the beach is already full of visitors come to swim, young people in some pictures on the rocks, some playing on the beach, not when came the sound of children’s laughter, sun umbrella next to a smiling father and mother are doing well on some age-old, this peaceful little people shot envy.    Say the sea is inclusive, broad mind is, in fact, went to the beach every person has a different talk, a girl, sitting alone on a rock, looking at the white clouds sail away thoughtfully, maybe she Amid tell their own stories to the sea, both good and bad, or long for, sad? No one understands, so only the sea knows, faltering old man, you open the door stroll on the beach, sometimes sitting on the seat to the distant view of the sea, watching the ebb and flow, perhaps, in the pursuit of their own past, and what once romantic, but, faltering footsteps and join hands with the pull back, in itself seems to confirm, once eachother, yesterday vowed not important today, hand in hand already is a “hold hands, and grow old “the best validation of the aphorism; the young couple, chased each other, let the sea to testify to their love, walking in the chill wind of seawall side, loving his own show, the sea is still quietly listening to them I love romance language; there is aimlessly as I walk along the beach, breathe the fresh sea breeze and see the crowds coming and going to see bits and pieces of white sail and sail freighter whistle, enjoying themselves the hearts of the scenery, gull Xiangji, watching the waves kept annexation own footprints on the beach in front of the sea, emptied himself, knows only the sea, I Share thoughts.    Qingdao beautiful, beautiful trees in the red walls, blue sky in the United States, especially such a clear day, the shore of Western Europe is different building, next to modern skyscrapers, reflect each other, both historical precipitation, there modern romance, beach visitors, as well as the long trestle that extends into the sea, under the blue sky, like a romantic and sentimental, sophisticated and elegant young woman, young city share of less restless, more of a quiet and peaceful, much less share tender young city, more elegance and beauty of a combination of classical and modern, long trestle, like the deep sea into a mentality of walking on it, to the sea, whether it is to talk to the sea, or immersed the embrace of meditation in the sea, there is a sense in which people drunk, either cool sea breeze blowing, the birds fly freely around, sail across from the side, everyone indulge in their own world, it is , facing the sea, a thousand people believe there will be one thousand mood.    Qingdao beauty, beauty in the distant long coastline, good sightseeing open road, coastal construction, tourist road along the beach, you can go very far, far away, years ago, I had several times been to Qingdao, sometimes because of work, there is also to travel, but how many will feel that there is no such calm now, so stay away, do wander the world, Oh, really, it can only be a dream, an anxious heart, which in the mood to enjoy the sea?To understand the sea?For a living, people coming in to find its way, how the mood to listen to the sound of the sea? See the crowds, there is far to the tourists, there is a happy students, there are many making a living of workers and in order to survive beggars kneeling on the ground, like the sea, not the same world, but, whether you are what kind of mood , what capacity, facing the sea, the same can ingratiate themselves with the sea, and the sea whisper, enjoy the sea to bring tranquility and peaceful night coastal city of Qingdao, who do not have a landscape, a long coastline, shore of white walls and red tile, as well as the beach, in the light shining, a charming romantic summer picture, visitors to the shore is not the hustle and bustle of the day, only the sound of waves lapping the shore, the beautiful island city At the moment it is showing his noble qualities and elegant, stars in the sky, far out at sea fishing boat, as well as shore walks rest of pedestrians, constitute a harmonious picture, there is no sea sigh, big seafood shore already bustling food stalls, pour a glass of Tsingtao beer, admitted a few strings of squid, plus a little seafood, facing the cool sea breeze, facing the open sea drink, I really have some wine does not intoxicate people from drunk Feel, with tipsy nice, back to the hotel.    Mid-sea tours, times and different, from our youth to old age, often lamenting, in regret and regret, and finally through life, short life is to enjoy, not to chase, always need a life the same kinds of sea mind, at the moment, with the Castle wonderful summer night dream, with sea Kikunami, sleep.

Blue sky, I swing a boat across the wave of your heart

Blue sky, I swing a boat across the wave of your heart sing Fine listen, slow to reach out, won won that dream sunset, there are endless clouds I know, I’m like a child in the rotation prairie there are endless wildflowers exudes the smell, I am obsessed lost in your arms, as if a hand gently close your eyes, you can touch your face, this is what it feels like, so far from the mysterious banner, galloping horse with , before roaring past stately statues, rows of devout bow down to knock the head voice, as a general strike Huangzhongdalv cries, just a second beating heart crisp birds, always before dawn call me up like a faint sounds, with the arrival of the night when I sleep – “light music of the snow-capped mountains of Tibet love”

Blue sky singing

Looking white clouds Yi Mei fluttering, cloudless blue sky, whose prime hand picture depicted in heart.    The glow of burning embers, wind blurred in the eye anymore, the water swept over the distant sun wistful, birds laden with sediment dream, far behind the ripples, the immense sail the coast.River aloe flying snow, whether crooning shallow sing, wave ripples through the heart, turned into a jump in the blue sky notes.Distant sounds of nature, floating above the earth, to break up the head of the fog.Let swan song of life, covering loss of sorrow.    Although, the other side of the scenery, flashing a brilliant spark in every helpless watching the fog, although the river wind caressed the dream just whisper gurgling water, regardless of the time of changing the old face, I just have to pick up the broken pieces Falling Yu, I still watch singing blue sky, let River landscape in my eyes under dignified woven into a boat, overlooking the joys and sorrows of this world, perhaps in the marshes is still highly fixed in our heads.    Perhaps, I would choose silence.Silence is a tribute to volcanic blue sky.Perhaps, I would choose the moon, the moon confront is the dress of blue sky.Stars silent, as long as the wind and rain picked up the window, just pick up the moon and stars, bit by bit, shred, you will see birds bright shadow across the sky.

Blue sky Pingnan line

—— Yuanyangxi trip July 6, we have twenty-five years of reunions scheduled to report in Pingnan Tianwaitian Hotel.July 7th time when Slight solar terms, for the time being I treat it as a “July” Magpie Bridge day, because the first stop of the day to go to Yuanyangxi Range Rover gathering activities, from men and women Zeixin Zeidan born, vowed to play back a mandarin duck.    After breakfast, we rush after the debate, five car after another left the hotel, the Mandarin Duck scenic slowly slowly away.Pingnan July, though hot, but compared to many low-lying areas seem cool.The car had a twin town not far into the scenic mountain road, the road on both sides of the green grass, flowers Yingying.That side of the road seemed like a wild chrysanthemum flowering, but there are still many flowers bloom golden, golden in the sun is particularly eye-catching.Has started to become distant peaks towering up, sitting in the passenger seat of the girls Chen students unable to bear the excitement, I picked up a camera viewfinder quickly capture.Travel approximately thirty minutes we arrived at the entrance area.    Just go buy tickets and other guided tours that time, our haphazard shaking baked scheme, boys and girls separately numbered, divided into two groups followed by the drawing of lots, the same number on the allocation of become a pair of mandarin ducks, but fortunately this time to the men and women the number of students roughly the match more than a dozen pair of mandarin ducks.My luck seems good, seizing love others, to the class one pair of longtime couples to break up, proudly holding their own “mandarin duck”, began two and a half hours of Mandarin Duck mandarin duck scenic tour.    Into the area, the vegetation really lush ravines.Guided tours around the center, first of all give us the plant is “mandarin duck tree”, because this tree bear fruit with a cake made out called “mandarin duck cake”.We slow on Yuanyang covered tree along the tree-lined trail, less than 200 meters to go to reach the “Lingyun plank”.This “Lingyun plank” can be considered a highlight of the entire area.According to the guide, this plank road repair is to allow visitors to enjoy the scenic cliff scenery, cliff high cost, wide at the two people in parallel, narrow only one person at the bow through.On the boardwalk, looking up, climbed the cliff straight towering sky, stormy dangerous rock seemed to be at the very start spending; down overlooking deep cliffs towering, rugged rock formations, verdant green forests on the mountain; overlooking the valley, gurgling streams, streams side trail has red and green propped umbrellas “Love” in moving, glowing bright silver streams from time to time in the sun exposure, winding away like a python south.    Lingyun plank on to the finish “on cloud plank road”, perhaps to highlight Wonderful scenic steep cliff of it, along the cliff’s name actually get so close.From time to time the suspension has introduced traits scenic rock sign on this plank, so that we understand a little rough rock geographical knowledge.After the plank down on the cloud, there is a slightly straight steps, one person at a proposed class level, then with open arms to a “Thousand-hand Bodhisattva” style with pictures, we feel quite creative, deft movements pleased molding.    Due to time constraints, scenic attractions are unable to get involved, the more we choose some representative spots to watch.Here I have to say Baizhangji Falls.Baizhangji Falls is a single waterfall, a vertical drop of 157 meters, according to the tour guide, which is the value of similar vertical drop of the falls most and I are difficult to trace their words correctly or not, if there is an exaggeration for the time being as eager to see her love Township, because she is the locals, but the landscape is really humbling.Under the hot sun, the water out of the river bed from falling hundred meters altitude, like the Galaxy fracture, spread out like a broken pearl crystal clear water droplets, have cast a cloud from the sky, huge pools of water hit the bottom of the issue full steam ahead like the roar of a waterfall spread of water vapor in the mountain breeze coerced, to climb all the way sweating tourists sent bursts of cool, he stood and looked out in the Water curtain Cave, a huge curtain hanging in front Although the sun in the sky, but inside the cave, very cool, and rising through the water curtain of mist, trying to change the angle of refraction of light capture, you can see a rainbow shining uncertain, mesmerizing.Shuiliandong shocked to read a sign on the side: 120000 negative oxygen ions / cm.This number of unit negative oxygen ions not to be sneezed.    Since the tourist season, many visitors into the area, in addition to our team at the beginning of mandarin duck a little outside the formation, soon repeated impact on the formation, almost defeated, little girls more than students in disarray blatant foreign interference, and asked me to grasp the difference between its bag package, disturbed my dream Yuanyang.Buddha: five hundred times Looking back only in exchange for this life pass by, said: hundred years of cultivation the same boat.It seems that I can not blame interfere with the students, they did not devote themselves to blame Xiufo, even immortal hard into it.    July 8, 2012

Blue sky Pingnan line

— a Bing Yu Hu back to the hotel wash sieve and ready meals.Out of the room and saw the boys clothing has always been simple, nothing changes; the girls is different, one dressed in bright shiny, slim, though all over Lent, the youth can still thrive, want to let Pingnan Sannomiya Prostitute no color.    Dinner was held in due course, after a day’s trek, we slightly tired.In contrast, the first night we drank wine heroic spirit, between Tuibeihuanzhan Jiujin up, increase range of motion, blowing, drink wedlock, capture freehand shots, crazy unlimited.Tonight obviously a lot of quiet, although satisfied with the old, and then “the mountains not cover the river from flowing eastward,” the laws of nature are insurmountable Hom, we are in a variety of ways to express health first and declined wines.    Three drinks, food flavors, the end of the dinner.So we go to a singing KTV hall, a large box, can hold twenty or thirty people, the front plane has two broadband television, various fruit drinks stacked well in colorful blurred lights in, we start by slightly revelry “Pingnan sing”.Perhaps dictates age, we sing the songs are mostly old-fashioned.I play on a song at the Rongzhongerjia “Gaoyuanhong” one, it seems to be good results, after a round of applause courtesy, beauty Peng students because they can not drink took two watermelons up to respect my wine Guadai watermelon, so winning the first time I get.In the following we have come up with their singing good songs to sing, students and lovers of beauty Pan chorus of “Winter Love”, “wind from the summit late autumn frost has passed, an instant cold Yunfei took my heart away..”Really brings us back to that period of twenty-five years ago Sentimental ignorant youth to.With that high-pitched singing, dancing light dance enriched atmosphere, how much love Melancholy surging in Qinggemanwu, how many passionate desire undercurrent in the flashing lights in it, probably only knew that their God will a.But tonight is really a dance dancing no sleep tonight, the end of the round to sing the love of heaven and earth in the night, singing in the profound meaning of “memorable Tonight” and “Tomorrow will be better in” two songs in.    Another round sun gushing out from the east.After breakfast, after discussion twitter, it was agreed?Meet years later.Thinking about the parting, everyone’s mood seems to have become heavy, yes ah, when you meet difficult Bie.In parting sound, a surge of melancholy in my heart, I am moved by the occasion of the ear ringing think of “my sorrow for themselves,” that song.”.My sorrow for themselves, let you take your beauty,.I think I can hold back the sadness and pretend that life without you, I have not since then, happy reason.”Do not love Yiyi, at the sound of goodbye in the car left the hotel after another, it seems a bit tearful eyes blurred.This is not intended to contain the situation from the pure fraternity among students, male and female admirers, lovers lingering.In fact, I did not find love in this class, but I have a montage of emotion class girls, have the perfect partner in my mind a combination of various girls from the advantages, which can not effectively partner with the reality of a particular girl butt, what a ridiculous I was infatuated Emotion, even alone and contrite degree in vain for four years the Mood for Love.    Both good and bad dead complicated, and now want to come, only the students love pure and true.Youthful fame it has no impurities, no turbidity materialism, and only come together for some clarity.Looking back on the past twenty-five years smoke, human well-being, inconstancy of human relationships, and the bureaucratic strife, business ups and downs, only the students love is a pure land, is a harbor, is a clear spring, people feel fresh and at ease, hard to break away, lingering glycol, If you ask the students at Sweet Home, a Bing Yu Hu!(End) as in 2012.7.13

Blue sky Pingnan line (b)

— Baishuiyang of Yuanyang Xi line the entrance area of the restaurant After lunch, the hour hand pointing to 13 o’clock.Satiated men and women began a new journey, to kill the mighty baishuiyang.    Baishuiyang come with me?Times, nothing fresh, as is the gathering of students, the delegation had the line.Effective domestic tourism and the rise of local tourism development measures in recent years, white water ocean has been renowned the world over the.    The car traveling about twenty minutes to reach the entrance area baishuiyang.Goodfellas!Each scenic parking lot full of parked buses, large and small, Pakistan and cars, the less there are more than a thousand cars.Because we buy the ticket, so parking is completed it is passed wicket.The growing awareness of environmental protection, transport tourists are basically used car batteries in the area, we had the wicket got on the car battery to start the car to listen to the voice of commentary, but what impressed me most was sung by the end of Rongzhongerjia “mysterious white water ocean”.    Baishuiyang resort peculiar in that the water is a huge large stone laid out flat to form.According to the guide, the water 182 meters at its widest point, with due regard to the length of the extension stream you love to say how long there is a long.Former Vice Premier Wu Yi to the scenic inscription: “strange landscape” is the inscription at the door boulder, adding scenic humanities weight.Today visitors to Baishuiyang crowds, huge crowds of people.Diarrhea summer sun burning its might light irradiation in the “foreign” surface wave jumping, colorful reflection of bright light, the entire float JinYue Baishuiyang silver, spectacular, those wearing a swimsuit white skin “chest” on Bi now the woman into pieces in groups, under the blazing sun irradiation is a beautiful landscape, a veritable called “white water ocean,” the.Whitewater ocean depths generally not seen the ankle, so men and women will be paddling stampede, like a child playing with water gun fight, spray the water column over the sky, shining silver; young men and women like a water fight, was set aside splash, screaming; Caicai water only in the elderly, look at the excitement of it, and dodged as much as possible not to “Wet” in later years left to ensure the.    Also I have been to Whitewater ocean, more to avoid the “wet body” in order to maintain later years, only a brief stopover in the water went ashore.Sun vocational students working in Lao Ganju high sensitivity, strong vigilance, withdraw troops early in the view of the water shore Pro Yuan.I saw him after the counsel to ring Baishuiyang lap swim, he readily agreed.Let’s go south bank of the bypass, in Wulaofeng to slow on foot, in front of white water upstream overlooking the ocean, do not have a view in front.White water ocean under the sunset, such as the cover plate, spray prosthetic colorful, VERIS scene, flashing silver, like Jin Man pools, do people lamented the Seven Wonders of nature, magical good luck.We watch the gorgeous unusual beauty, heart pulsing with unparalleled excitement and impulse, deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery of the front of this white water ocean, Tan sway Baishuiyang, spotless white water ocean.    After we passed through a small tunnel under the Wulaofeng hundred meters before the line to see a diffuse water bridge, carefully stepping on the little piers shaped like battlements to the other side.Then along the coast line, close watch hordes of beach-goers struggling to drift, the noise, screams one after another, resounded through the canyon.After a long journey after drifting some areas, we arrived bridges upstream, in fact, more than four meters corridor is also a good attraction hundred meters long, wide, many covered bridges in the rest of the tourists, astute traders on the bridge swing-up stalls do business, play the most of the afternoon was really hungry.We ordered a bowl of potato fans, thought it was a dry powder, physically and mentally exhausted we would have a good appetite.We pick a south-facing seat to sit down, while savoring delicious local specialties snacks, while overlooking the distant Fanglangxinghai visitors on the white water ocean, heart exceedingly pleasant.A bowl of snacks you’ll feel motivated and covered up, in time for the pre-agreed time and place of collection.Also gives me the word “drink” new awareness “eat” is indeed to be in the first place, with the “eat” to “happy” to get up, is not it?    Troop build-up is completed, I listened to arrange leisurely walk in the front ranks of return, did not go far, grab Chen Li two beautiful women in front of the pavilion actually, they saw I could not even ogle, luminous eyes, I thought today Baishuiyang a visit white become handsome, favored by the beauty, but did not think they carried away a bag full of gifts to give me a plug, Wow!Full of heavy wet towels, swimsuits..Full a few pounds ah, the girls said that it was the most intimate things entrusted to me, for me is how trust and so on, I’ve got to appreciate the.    Sunset, something more to say, we drove back to the hotel.Looking out at the mountains and a sky full of clouds, we waved, not take a cloud!    As in 2012.7.10

Blue sky and white clouds

Feeling deep blue sky blue sky blue soaked my eyes and look up to look up to the stars pure blue flooded at the moment I have a bee happiness and a shell was sounded the call of the waves all seemed so mature all seemed too mature pure blue sky blue as clear among a group of mountain dance Yi Mei fluttering not dye trace of dust so that narrow bluestone birth Chiyu attitude flying into the distant nothingness only I fragrance slim shadow of a tree hanging flowers soaked in clear water and blue sky autumn shower blue can breathe loudly speak a little broken blue is my pleasure and joy in the heart of Baiyun Jie dust-free white clouds let falling autumn sky blue feather ambiguous and somewhat tipsy make by hand on the casement and falling Xiang butterfly can not tell what a pleasure it is unclear which one blazing a touch of sadness ah Gone Gone without a wisp of wind own style without flowers also Yilianyoumeng tired Zuiwo flowers falling paved warmth make night drizzling rain to say balderdash do not disturb sleeping alone banana knocking crack makeup reclining couch dream of golden clouds boating lengthy shallow water fish helpless and travel support boat go deep sea of clouds Still dream of the perfect couple sweet love still bathed October 26, 2010 [Editor: children] can fall flowers fall of pain

Blue shadow evil love

Westerly bleak, Manjuan leaves, horse Diandong double Chun Road on Diandong.Three days ago, unscrupulous thieves in this neighborhood green shadow appears, abhorrence of evil double Chun after that, quickly rushed to the place.It is time became exhausted, the road there was a tea stall.Gema rustling a large pull the reins, he stopped: young girl, catch the road for so long, it is better in this little rest?Sister Ma Juqing nod.  Selling tea is an old man, squinting look at them: you both are right rivers and lakes paladin?To see that extraordinary skill, admire!Two humbly said: Grandpa, you flatter me.Grandpa went on to say: you walk on this road, whether heard the name of blue shadow thief?Two surprised, horse rustling and asked: Grandpa, you know this person?The old man smiled: Tomorrow is here, hear some.It is said that thieves can be powerful, to say you would not believe, he dressed as another person, and the other did not know.Ma Juqing do not believe, is the occasion should laugh, horse rustling suddenly shouted: Be careful, he is green shadow thief!  But the old man stature fast as lightning, palm strike to her.Seeing the young girl must drowning each other under the palm, horses whinny rushed over, laid down his life a block, save a life Maju Qing.But it beat Shangdebuqing, horse rustling hand can not even hold a knife.Maju Qing sword out of a desperate slash, finally rescued the horse whinny.Two fled.He fled to safe areas, in shock, after a long Maju Qing brother remembered to treat wounds.At this time, the horse whinny suddenly exclaimed: palm method, poisons and turning, this is not ‘Gone with the Wind Butterfly’ European Xin instrument of three stunt it?  European Xin instrument is renowned lone Woman, superior palm method, and is good at turning poisoning and.That is to say, Maju Qing also nodded in agreement.But how can green shadow thief of Europe and Healing Hearts Woman tied it?Two some deliberation, decided to go to Europe Xin instrument, surrender Thief.By the way also wanted to look up the relationship between Europe and Xin instrument Thief.Xin instrument to the European abode, horse whinny knocked on the door a long time, have a female voice replied: come.On the door was a woman about 34 years old, she saw the two men, said simply: visitor from afar, Come!Brew tea for the two women, asked what he wanted, the horse whinny halfway ambushed thieves do that again, and then said: we’ve come, would like to invite the European Woman helping hand extended to eradicate the scourge of martial arts this green shadow thief.Women’s a silence, he said: Do you know blue shadow thief and what is the relationship I?The woman said: Thief blue shadow, it is my apprentice.Two startled woman made an effort, said: apprentice Lize Qing is a smart man, he took only three years, put all my skills have learned to go, come to tea.  They go to see the tea to drink, the woman’s eyes Yangchu a smile, went on to say: Once he even disguised as I like to go outside a circle, even my sister every time he lied.Horse whinny suddenly stood up, drank loudly: young girl brisk walking, he, he is a blue shadow thief!But it speaks, suddenly fell to the ground, then Maju Qing also fell.I do not know how long, horse rustling woke up and found that two of them were his hands tied behind his back, locked up in a cellar.When he woke up Maju Qing, the cellar door burst open and a woman came in.  Horse whinny sneer: you?Next, we want to continue to torment you?Woman surprised a moment, said: oh?You must think of me as Lize Qing, my instrument is the European Xin.Horse whinny of course do not believe, the woman said: You have been reduced to this land, and I have to lie to you need it?Then, give them a loose tie, then the horse whinny two people believed.Ou Xin-yi says: This Lize Qing, really lawlessness.Horse whinny Q: Why do not you shot, clean house to ourselves?European Xin instrument sighed, looked helpless.  It turned out that the instrument when Lize Qing Xin Ou reverted sects, Lize Qing has grown, both from morning till evening, he had feelings for Master, actually confession directly to Master.But Europe can not Xin instrument across a large anti-ethical, categorically rejected.Since then Lize Qing’s temper is getting worse, even outside fishing a blue shadow of the bandit thief.European Xin instrument began to take measures to avoid, but Lize Qing misdeeds she gradually fed up.  This time she came back from the outside, I would like to sell clean house, but I did not expect Lize Qing preemptive shot, spent her martial arts.The results of the horse whinny two heart instantly dropped to freezing point.Two-Chun impulse up, to go out and Lize Qing desperately.European Xin instrument sighed and said: martial arts to both of you, it is impossible to beat him.Now the only thing I can do is let you go.They still hesitant horse whinny, a European instrument stomping Hope, said: Hurry up, do not go too late.Horse whinny not yet answered the door came a sneer: it was too late.We arrived just Lize Qing.Diandong double Chun rushed forward, but the horse whinny injured, two swords can not join forces, soon to be knocked to the ground.Lize Qing positive kill a horse whinny, Europe Xin instrument snapped shouted: Enough, stop me.Lize Qing said with a smile: Stop?Row!But you have to promise me one condition.  His condition is actually talk to her to get married.European Xin instrument listened, almost biting her lips were bleeding.Horse whinny shouted: European Woman, do not you promised him.Even if we die, do not let you be insulted beast.But the European Xin instrument finally nodded.Lize Qing laughed heartily, immediately went to the preparations for the wedding, but also let the horse whinny when their two witnesses.Wedding was held in the lobby, two horses whinny as a witness, see Europe and Lize Qing Xin instrument woodenly worship hall, line ceremony, they really do not know how sad.Lize Qing reach for the glass, saying: Come, Xin instrument, drink this cup, we officially became husband and wife.European Xin instrument reach for the glass, hand somehow shocked, the whole people a crooked, almost to fall.Fortunately Lize Qing agile, she will pull a European Xin instrument to catch his breath, he smiled and said: all right, we can drink.Lize Qing by her smile that fans have three souls flying happily exclaimed: drink, we drink.This wine is a drink, but half quarter of an hour, Lize Qing suddenly over his heart, eyes Yuan Deng, pointing to the European Xin instrument: you, you should Europe Xin instrument lightly: Yes, I got “three-step Lethal scattered in your wine “.Murder, sometimes you can not necessarily rely on martial arts.  Lize Qing mouth out of the ray of blood, said the last sentence: I love you so much if not finished, the knockout.European Xin instrument face I do not know sorrow, or relief, she said to the horse whinny two: You go, since then, there will not be ‘Gone with the Wind Butterfly’ on rivers and lakes, there will not be ‘Green Shadow Thief’ the.  They bade farewell with the European Xin instrument, can also fit Maju Qing how the heart, she said: Brother, you just said that Europe Woman say, in the end what is the meaning of it?She would not kill yourself?Maju Qing decided to go back to check it out, return to the European Xin instrument residence, which actually came a man’s voice.She was shocked, and fell in the door and looked inside, the original Lize Qing actually did not die.  European Xin instrument coldly: your martial arts of work has been destroyed and scattered, you take this right retreated into the shadows.Lize Qing but said excitedly: Xin instrument, you love me, we go together.European Xin instrument after a brief pause thought, finally nodded his head.  Maju Qing heard Lize Qing was abolished martial arts, she drew his sword, rushed to want to kill each other.But think for a long time, he finally recovered the sword, perhaps, as the European Instrument Xin said, there will be no blue shadow thief on rivers and lakes, she then why bother to make things difficult for one pair of lovestruck men and women do?

Blue Mountain Coffee

In this cold night, I thought of you personally cook a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.  Acid mellow fragrance, people feel like being surrounded by the Caribbean Sea in the Blue Mountains, that reflected the bright blue sea mountain Guangmang.  Gently stir in a cup of coffee vortex, I saw your smiling face.  So cordial and kind of exciting.    There’s nothing better than a miss, and nothing is more painful than missing.  Miss you taste it is sour, is mellow, just like you personally brewed Blue Mountain coffee.  Turn the hands of the book, you send me a piece of bookmarks, again played a cup filled with coffee flavor.[Editor ‘Tianshao Yu]