A case study center Mo

[Editor’s note: a case study carried thousand years of culture, not only has beautiful scenery, but also a spiritual habitat.Mysterious, beautiful, Mo, which we all aspire, Nanjing Blessed are those in sorrow, you can walk to the edge of a case study.We are also blessed, thinking the author of this article, Mo Mo carry on!Word gorgeous color, style tune Toshihaya.Brush graceful, lyrical such as mercury discharge, good text, purple very kindly asked Thai body rather, look forward to more of your excellent work!  A scenic tour of Nanjing water outside the West is a case study, a case study on water and land area of seven hundred acres, the lake about five hundred acres, a circumference of about ten li.A case study is not large, but small and quiet, environment.This lake why the name “Mo”?The original is because the ancient woman named Mo.    Go to Nanjing, there is no reason not to look at a case study.As long as you’ve heard it, there will be a mysterious beauty, near or far attracted you – not only attract your eyes looking for, you attract more restless heart.It was a sense of beauty witnessed before you will be deeply infected, even if only heard, can not afford to forget.    A case study is undoubtedly beautiful, but the scenery is more beautiful than its name.Lakes in the whole of China, who’s name is more comfort than its role?More humane child?If only on physical beauty, the case study is over, but the kind of West Lake.Its surface is not very broad, a case study of lucky in that: it has the name of a finishing touch.This warm name suddenly come alive, and remain permanently youthful.This seems bright lake, so simple, kind-hearted, naive, not contaminated with a trace of dust-like, by nature do not seem to be, it will not be contaminated from the reality.Speaking of West Lake, will inevitably think of beauty as the first of the four ancient beauties.Speaking about the case study, we can not avoid legend Mo woman.Mo is not only the name of a lake, or a woman’s first name.It is said that Mo is not a native of Nanjing, “the river of the water to the east, Luoyang daughter name Mo.Mo can weave silk thirteen, fourteen mining Sangnan streets.”Because she married out of love Nanjing, married to Lou did a wife, from a close relationship with the city of Nanjing.Nanjing suddenly seemed genuinely fond on the small daughter from marrying, and like thousands of years.I think, first of all thanks to her good name.With such an auspicious name of the woman, who would not like it?As the lake has such a name, who would not like it?    Mo woman lived in Nanjing, then the water outside the West Lake, her own charm to a lake named.Now, Although she is gone, but her name was stayed, her sincere wishes for future generations, “Mo, Mo” also stayed.She lived in his own name, the more alive in the lake reflection.Of course, Mo woman who is more beautiful than her appearance and, more importantly, more memorable, or the United States to her heart, the beauty of human nature, it is a catastrophe can be any tolerance, and secure from time to spend United States.Moreover, Mo woman must also worthy of his name.Mo, Mo, not without trouble, but overcame trouble.This is reflected in the face of strong destiny in a weak woman who is especially valuable, especially rare.    I think Mo woman, look at a case study, “Mo, Mo.”But only this one, is enough.Look at the lakeside willows, made him look like a thick eyelids, constantly blinking, blinking.With thick makeup wiped total affordable compared to West Lake, a case study seem to never learn make-up, also never used to whitewash.Like beauty of West Lake, and a case study is imagined Mo woman, not play, not flirtatious, Natural beauty carving.I like a case study.I read a blessing from across time and space it clear in waves, and a spotless mind.    Nanjing Blessed is the man.In sorrow, you can walk to the edge of a case study.Lake wind as a persuasive voice, in persuade you, soothe you: Do not worry, do not worry.I walked on, you really have no sorrow, or say forget the sorrow.The ancients said: “Why grief, only Dukang.”Nanjing people you do not need heavy drinker, because they have a case study, there are more mellow than wine, more efficacious lake, and, additionally have the blessing of an ancient beauty.I’m afraid because there is a case study of the company, Nanjing has always been optimistic, open-minded, strong.Nanjing, is a lot of after the catastrophe but still maintained an optimistic city.    Today we are in front of Yu Jintang hall side flowers lotus pond (though not open lotus), enough to be able to show the charm of this white marble statue of Mo respect to Tingtingyuli.I hang around a long time in the statue around, capricious: Mo, although not speak, but she looked exhausted rise and fall of this world, Chiaki power offense of.    There pavilion lake, Shanghe kiosk, kiosk to be crossing, the light Huating, six to booths promenade.I especially like to win on the bare floor chess lake.Wins chess five-bay two-story building, was built during the early years of Hongwu, re-built in the Qing Tongzhi years.According to the Qing Dynasty scholar Mei Kai handwritten “wins chess House” plaque.Upstairs in the middle of this wall hung a portrait of the Ming Dynasty Zhongshan Wang Xu Da, but may be destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, I do not like to see Da countenance.There is a chess tables between the main entrance and hall, surrounded stood Fangdeng.According to legend, the founding hero Xu Da Ming Zhu Yuanzhang in this game of chess, the emperor lost, he gave a case study given to Xu Da, because “the wins chess floor”.This standing upstairs, overlooking the lake scenery, is indeed very poetic sense: Mo Lake real worry-free, single-minded Dayton cool good work.    Yuli Tingting like ages, silk clothing and tour the world rejoice.  [Editor: Purple pole]

A car salute

Listen to the old fellow said, in the early 1980s, Tanzania Creek Elementary School students invented a polite behavior salute to the car, all areas where it opened a spot, then extended to all primary Daba Mountains.Students walking down the street or road, passing vehicles, will have to stand by the roadside, in the face of the vehicle, the Young Pioneers team at the line: stand at attention, raise his right hand to the forehead, palms outward, politely smiling.On the mountain road, to see children walking the street, wearing a red scarf, suddenly stopped, a third five of or all the way, salute to the vehicle, it has become a beautiful landscape of mountains deep.It has been reported when newspapers, radio, TV.That was mud broken pavement, sunny dust, rain wheels grind up the mud toward the pedestrian street.Those vehicles have red scarf to salute you, and you will unconsciously slow down, less dust, no mud.More importantly, if you want to cross the road, those vehicles in all likelihood have to get out of your way and let the children first by reducing the number of traffic accidents, how many little life protection.Salute to the vehicle, to the children hold up the umbrella, has also become the children of polite habit, then I have to admire the wisdom of educators.    At the beginning of the new century, came a new party secretary, attaches great importance to security, through research, to establish a primary school in the saddle civilized school traffic safety demonstration, the city’s schools to learn.School students can be when traffic control, large playground in the collective performance of the traffic police have to do a thing, action is very standard, refreshing.All the students to the vehicle salute is already old habits, but also added a lot of traffic-related content, melting into the students’ growth during compulsory, with little to drive the overall graduation eugenics rate substantial increase in traffic safety culture, achievements a very distinctive taste of the culture of the school.The city schools and the rise of a great boom to the vehicle salute, and walk in the mountains, can be seen everywhere salute scarf who.My local school children school is mine, deep ditch at the end of the road, will not encounter the basic vehicle, but also told the students to salute the car, we carefully organize students to exercise, the implementation of the eight children is very.School along Highway after another hung “civilized traffic safety school” brand, our school did not get a sense of great loss.    Later vehicles on the road began to rise, the student from school to school, take the salute at the side of the road constantly, King was tired of many students, some simply disrespectful, the meeting said it would only give the car salute.Heard cars pulling coal cars, see the students so polite, passing the second time, specifically to buy a few bags, give it to the small village of student.Another driver, see the students give him a salute, to immediately stop the child 200 dollars and told him to buy new clothes, who replaced the dirty rotten clothes.30 years, to salute the car has been handed a continuation of the interpretation of a lot of stories.There are also some ironic story.One student, urinating in the street, see a car coming, hastily put his pants, penis sticking out, twisted her standing on hands went up, that is how funny scene.There is also a student, went to the mountains, look up the road vehicle, the tiger rushed down the hill, went on the road, not brake, standing in the middle of the road on the hand salute.It scared the driver a Jicha, head out the window and shouted: “You get wisdom?”” Uncle, the teacher said he wanted the car to salute.”And there’s a rainy day, not to hide the edge, raised his hand salute, stop the car, roaring, splashing mud covered his face, his eyes also into the sediment, parents find the school, the teacher scolding meal, “respect his mother a gift of wisdom Well, wanderers suffers yo!”In recent years the vehicle is everywhere, all the way was the way all the way to the village, let alone national, provincial, and to salute the car too late, there is no longer red scarf car to salute the landscape, and in the big mountains , and occasionally still see.    Salute to the car, we often think of those things.Chatted with a few colleagues, concluded, moral education in schools but also with the progress, the world of social changes and the times, society is forcing us to adapt to the new situation, exploring new moral education.

A car accident than a tiger (outside a)

Pedestrians increasing in number, people have to shake their heads in “This car is pressed into a sheet of paper, and the people inside it seems the odds.”The scene is a mess, broken glass, leaked gasoline car slag scattered around, truck rollover was like, cars were completely buried in the slag and trucks, could barely see the body, really terrible.  September 1 this morning, the mother took three years old son is coming to the market to buy food nearby, did not think this trip has become the end of life, just a few seconds, this young life painting on period.Who heard the woman’s mother to see their instant lost daughter and grandson who just turned three years old, crying.  Crossroads became yellow green jump, a large truck loaded with ore from north to south in front of the red light by rob, roaring all the way, the speed fast staggering, ranging from car can be time, when when the red light intersection to open up, a large truck brakes, rollover occurs can be chosen to have her son then take a car from west to east is also just open to this junction, the tragedy just happened.Just listen to “boom” a loud noise, a large truck hit the car, the car full of ore scattered around, completely buried cars.  Fire brigade rushed to the scene, the rapid removal of slag buried car, then the car dangling lift.Time is life, the fire brigade immediately crushed car ripper with hydraulic expansion tool, hoping to save the life of mother and child.Sedan was cut broken, it was discovered that his mother tightly cover your children with their bodies, perhaps this is the maternal instinct, she struck in danger, as a mother first thought was to keep the child’s life.First child was holding out, and the mother’s body was tightly against the steering wheel, firefighters find ways to keep the person’s life, really made much effort, finally the mother hold out.Seriously injured plus suffocation death of mother and child are both buried.  Life is so fragile, two live life at that moment is gone.Lamented the accident put the idea of ah!If this was the truck driver did not steal a red light and drove slowly quietly in a red light that how can there be such a car accident it?There is no available if no regret.The lesson of blood also travel to people, especially the driver sounded the alarm: respect for life, Ning-third do not grab a second!  Luchi [] “the vehicle is started, pull the handrails, the next stop terminal train station.”I heard surprised a moment, would not it, still do not believe my ears, and then head out to look out the window, street vaguely, that’s right is to go to the train station, but I kept, and obviously to go home Yeah, how take direction reversed, I could not help but laugh, “What a Luchi!”August 24 that day, his son came back to pick him up to the end of military training, can those people who like broken, heavy rain every day, on the 24th day of a big rain, no rain from morning till night stopped before.Morning ride in the rain I get there the son’s school, take the B12 station BRT stations came back out with their feelings led his son to go north to find the platform ready to change trains at the station for a long time finally see fine a car coming, are very, very excited, because of the rain just want to hurry home, got up to the speaker, the next stop is the terminus of newspaper to know the direction of the anti-ride.Do not understand is how to engage opposite direction, I felt I was obviously out of the BRT stations north of how.Oh, right on when a sightseeing!  I remember one time is also a rainy day with his son ride home from South Street, take the 219 bus interchange think the train station, I did not realize how the car has been less than the train station, I looked at how the street is also the way not familiar with, then I heard the horn newspaper “the next stop in the pavilion,” “Oh well, ride backwards.”My son has been anxious and asked,” Mom how we do it?”I said:” What is the hurry, just when tourism chant, do not ride so ah do not know when we will play to this place of.”Get off the station quickly take back the opposite direction again.  Oh, I’m not the slightest bit of Luchi.I remember going to school when they start working in the city to what training materials, out of school are afraid to go blind in the metropolis of skyscrapers, I’m not quite sure truck, lost the fear of their own can not go home.That is, I will certainly go out with good colleagues are afraid to have a little distracted.Gradually big son, took his son to the city, two of them walked along the road in the city, found that no matter how take those roads are interlinked, so there is a saying, “All roads lead to Rome.”That’s because also found a lot of places in town have left our footprint, with the experience that it is not afraid to go ride the wrong bus.  Now or Luchi, how many times walked the streets at night told me to sit in the car, I was disoriented position, call me at night to drive away the way I really do not know the way home.But I’m not afraid to go the wrong way, but every time it’s wrong when sightseeing along the landscape, so that his thoughts are also pleased: because of this mistake and let me know the new road.  Life on the road who would it be easy, but every mistake is a lesson, it will pick back up as long as learn new things, and every time with an optimistic attitude to face but will think it is all the way rare beauty.

A call to conscience

This year Chinese New Year on 72-year-old father, the body moved very tough, can be worse since the October big brother in a car accident the body, especially sleep almost every aspect of sleep a day for up to now been more than two months, the mother already there are cerebral thrombosis, after hearing the news can not eat something every day, by infusion to maintain, to see their parents increasingly gaunt face, as the daughter of my heart I do not know how distressed, distressed may have nothing to do, I know where my father’s heart disease in my big brother in a car accident are more than two months before the accident his brother at home, his son Li Xiaofeng Uncle brother house looking for my big brother to let him help him stick with the car, it was brought back to help Hillsborough stuck car out of the way a car accident, it is only recently learned the truth, after the accident my sister did not dare to tell the truth to my nephew, he was afraid Li Xiaofeng, so this matter was concealed down, I always thought to myself as my sister brother stick out of the car with a car accident, has been kept in the dark, many never to think, to distant day I call my parents, my father mentioned the matter with me, my heart Questions, little brother said the family had no car for a long time used, but also stick with what kind of car, this sentence reminds me, I hurried to the nephew called and asked him that you know who your dad is to work a car accident, nephew said I asked them, they said the accident stick out of the car, I say to you as a son, you know the truth, otherwise you will not rest in peace dad, so my nephew gave his mother called to ask what through in the end is how, this is my sister said to his uncle brought back home stick out of the car accident, the nephew told me that my heart can not be calm, I could not stop the tears streaming down my heart Why did I want to be able to find a big brother to work after the accident but did not dare to take responsibility, but that his pro-brother ah, how can this comfort the souls of the departed, but also how to deal with the living, his sister and nephew.    Accident has been more than two months, these days they never gave my parents far away in the field make a phone call to comfort, and to conceal the truth, it makes my big brother, how can rest in peace?46-year-old flourishing age, the 70-year-old parents, under the son still in school, widows and orphans in the future will be how to live, my parents experienced such pain, physical and psychological trauma is always irreparable, No matter how persuaded they are opened and closed all their eldest son, that’s their future pension nail in the coffin to the people, ah, unfortunately they walk in their front, so that white-haired people who sent hair, this is a pain anyone with any language can not express the face of such a family, a son still in school, 40-year-old daughter, a pair of 70-year-old parents, so long after the accident, my big brother Uncle brother, is my big brother to help people who work but said nothing, my parents do not have an account, which in every respect are justified it?Hey instant family a pillar did not, the face of his sister and nephew widows and orphans, the children go to school in the field, I have a sister who is not top up the house, they face Can you not conscience, stand up and take you bear the responsibility for it?They silence the silence, my father made a telephone call two weeks ago to ask them to go through their things, but they still waited more than two months of silence, my father could no longer remain calm, and over 70 years of age all the way with a sick body back, they sit down and talk about it, Uncle my brother’s brother said, I would not know can hurt the show to find Wei, my father said, who do not want trouble, we can do a to face, so long as you did not give me a call explain this matter, but also to conceal the truth, whether it stands to reason that anyone would go through, they say these days cynical insider language so that they feel the pressure great, some said: they look like nothing, like eat, drink, people at home are gone, to hear the case they can not stand, outsiders could not stand, but why should you remain silent?Why not brave enough to take on the responsibility borne?Why not look for opportunities to know guilt and my parents and your sister, please say this thing open it?This works worthy of your sister and nephew do?Can be worthy of my septuagenarian parents do?    Whenever the matter and think my heart is aching, my sister-brother for the first time also called her and told his sister said: Would you like a thousand dollars I had to lift, you go tell me, court sentenced me how much even 300,000, 400,000 and I must get to hear these contradictory words what you feel about it?My brothers and sisters when I say brother will not sue you, do not worry, he let him sue my father, my father said I could not tell you, we are relatives, there is nothing bad hair have to discuss downtown to court to prevent outsiders joke you, that you bear much responsibility know are a few, he said he will give up to 5, 006 million, or listening to these words my father said: listen, you and your sister, your home is not very difficult to do we do not have a penny, you think about it yourself.    What they want to do?To others to evaluate how they still think they finally can not spend a penny?I’m not interested, I think the relationship between today’s society people, in the face of money and affection, money seemed so important, conscience, family has become so humble!So cold!He faced his brother, an innocent life, but it is so, how will he do to strangers?Our society by the family, but he – my big brother Uncle Brother has set the expense of family public opinion, which in turn will give him what kind of role models of future generations to leave it?As a sister party, I feel sad, one passed away as my younger brother and heartache moment, is another heartache for his Uncle Brother’s indifference, if this society are like him in the face so cold a fresh life, that this society can exist how long?    Admittedly this is only one ten-millionth example, but I appeal to our society a little more attention to the family, do not just put money above all else, even if money can buy a lot of things, but no matter how much money can not be exchanged a person’s life, not replace family back..

A cabinet of old shoes, two fatherly

A Late that night, I had a terrible nightmare.The dream, I saw two men glared at each other eyes that can not wait to swallow.  The two men, one is my father, my stepfather was a.Father suit, well-dressed; stepfather is a fixture on bits and pieces of pants covered with mud.As the enemy like a moment of confrontation, the father spoke coldly: Zhang lame, say, how much money you can make disappear two days?Stepfather work on construction sites, steel and concrete all day and dealing, though legs a little lame, but his pair of calloused hand by no means a vegetarian.He grinned and answered very simply: Do not think money is great, it is that you should disappear.  That being the case, then blame me polite!Father rather abruptly crashed stepfather.This way, I was dismayed to find that the two men standing on tall scaffolding!  Seeing stepfather staggered back, kick Ta, I woke up and shouted: Dad dream, thanks to a dream.I’m scared cold sweat oozes strong pressing fluttered hearts, scramble called the boyfriend’s phone Xu Bin: Bin son, I’m afraid my father and my stepfather would beat up.  Where?Not hurt people hurt?Phone, Xu Bin Hire.  When you heard in a dream fight when, Xu Bin this grow breath, do not comfort me cranky.I bulkhead smile, alas, can not want it, early next month I’ll be the bride Xu Bin.This is a big happy event.Unexpectedly, the trouble comes.A few days ago, my stepfather called to let him leave with the foreman came back to the wedding prayer Diocese.Stepfather cheerfully said: Do not worry, girl, and so I went home opened wages.Just hang up the phone here, my father excitedly ran into the door: a small quiet hotel I booked.Dad also need to do, despite the orders.  Obvious, as a father, we must accept this worship of the couple.At that time, a mother, father, two, sitting on a bench, spread out not people laugh?I Choude big head, wondering over and over again for several days, but also thought a good way best of both worlds.  B put bright sky, Xu Bin Hastening.See, he is also anxious for this thing: a small quiet, you see that okay, let’s do two back one day?  They are married, but not a concert.Xu Bin I immediately rejected the idea of rancid, even if it can be done two back, Backwards?Who Major Minor?  From the kinship, should give priority to the biological father.Child, my father loved me very much, and treat the apple, but in my 7 years old, has been doing business very smoothly father was a friend of the pit, heavily in debt.Fraternizing buddies once a month fell faster than the open book, Gesanchawu door to collect debts and no money yet?Then move the TV, Chai Fangzi.Life is getting more difficult, the father and mother divorced, and her daughter disappeared cruel to us, huh.Until 10 years later, his father was Fengfengguangguang back to the city: a small quiet, dad re-energized, and plenty of money.Dad owe you, doubling the repayment!  After listening to his father tell, I finally understand, then, why the father filed for divorce, her daughter is worried creditors to bully us.In the 10 years his father left, my mother took me and humble, simple and honest upright stepfather came together.Have to admit, stepfather is hard to find a world of good.At first, I never look down on him, not only scolded him and bite him.Stepfather gap on the left is my ear bite.I remember clearly, I had 8-year-old birthday, stepfather bought me a new pair of shoes, hehe smile tease me: girl, called my father, my father called me give you wear.I Chou Chou shoes, with open arms so that the stepfather hold.Stepfather happy enraptured, did not envisage that I would die at the mouth, the shoes will be thrown to his face: You’re not my father, I hate you!  Positive thinking, Xu Bin seems to see through my mind, he said: small quiet, or else, do not let your stepfather showed up.You embarrassed, I said to him.  No, I can not hurt stepfather’s heart.I repeatedly shook his head.After that bloodshed, stepfather and nothing to make me call him Dad, can I care for no less Bansi too.During that time, there are still creditors importune: Father son also debt, debt husband wife also, do not pay back the money, put your daughter to sell stolen!Hear intimidation creditors, stepfather anxious, took a kitchen knife to cut: roll, I Shuigan Dong girl a finger, I cut him!Creditors immediately scared the crap, never ever no one would dare prank.  Father stepfather, both father; born ex raise grace, than the heavy mountain.This is how to do?Xu Bin and I completely gone rut.  ?Upset in the past week.That afternoon, I received a phone bank sent a text message to inform me on the account and transferred 10,000 yuan.Needless to say, is stepfather to get the wages.  Lengzheng a little, I called the stepfather Tel: Dad, I got your money.When will you come back?  Girl, I, I could not go back why?Is there anything you?  All right all right, all right Dad.Stepfather hesitated for a few seconds, said the rain yesterday, I accidentally stepped on a springboard turning point skin rubbed raw, but did not cause illness.Listen, I can run and jump it.  You can run, jump, why do not you come back?You wait, I’ll pick you up and Xu Bin.I am anxious Yeung.End of the line, stepfather repeatedly stop: you do not come.I, I do in the hospital.The doctor said to be resting a few days, workers have to take care of me, you worry.  Hang up the phone, I feel so badly, and gave a good friend stepfather, Qinshu with work at the site of playing to the phone.Qinshu said: You do stepfather slightly injured, you want to get married, he was lame lame Shui Po affect the atmosphere of fear.  So that.Stepfather’s legs should not neat, it does not toss him run back and forth.Anyway Results married to honeymoon, and I go visit Xu Bin, give him knock a few heads.Just made up his mind to his father: a small quiet, you also want what dowry?Dad holding money does not go out, my heart Jia.  Dad, the others have, nothing missing.By the way, Dad, do not forget the dowry when I would only pull wooden cabinet.I said, pointing to the bird stand in the corner of an old wooden cabinet.  I’ll buy you a combination of all imported cabinets, air yet, why should it break cabinet?Father grumbling, to the lockers.Opened the door, my father froze.  Cabinet, neatly decorated with dozens of pairs of shoes, shoes.Each double spread the goods are cheap, put it more bluntly point, throw a pack rat pack, people are not willing to.  These shoes are stepfather bought me a gift.New Year birthday, school test out the good results, he will give me a pair of shoes.I picked up a pair, we knew it wet eyes, this is my 8-year-old birthday to buy, I not only bite him and beat him with shoes.  The Zhang old women, the fight!Do not buy a birthday cake, buy so many shoes do?Father mouth still hard.  I have asked my mother, stepfather Why always give me a pair of shoes?I wiped his tears.Xu Bin and his father’s eyes, filled with the same puzzled: Why?  Dad, when you go in winter, people smashed home.Mom afraid of hurting me, pulled me to run out, did not care to give me the shoes.When the stepfather met in the street, he said nothing, took off his jacket wrap my feet.Mom, he was working outside, saw a shoe stalls, I did not think of shoes look like, it will not control me buy.She spoke, tears I laughed, but he did not know, he has a color-blind.Stall total fool him, poor color, treatment can not sell to him.But he bought me sawed, I wear what type of listening to my explanation, my father suddenly took a few forehead, his face guilt to work out a cell phone: Zhang lame, I’m a little quiet her dad.  Yo?Small static accident?  A major event, it was to grab her bride!Listen, I take back what I said, you also stop installed lame, I quickly come back, you go sit Theme!  It turned out that thanks to his father secretly scare stepfather: Well, I do not have anything else, money.You have to dare to come back and fight me, I put a small quiet couple out of the country, so you’ll never see her again, you want to die

A cabbage fly

She is a beautiful and talented girl.Her 15-year-old admitted to the university; 19 years old to become a university teacher: 22-year-old was admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences postgraduate courses; 24-year-old graduate student at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to teach.Then, she was in love, get married, have children.Everything is smooth sailing, always covered with flowers and applause.However, in her 29 years old, God suddenly closed the door to a piece of happiness, suddenly pushed her into the dark abyss.Her optic nerve lesions occurred, blind.And light with the loss, as well as her husband and children.She is like a martial arts master was suddenly abolished martial arts, all the power is gone in an instant without a trace.In her parents’ help, start school dress, school meals, learning to walk.These seemingly ordinary thing, and now for her, even more difficult than simply impossible.Her most oppressed can not read, can not write, can not acquire knowledge and information.This is a university professor who, how cruel is a terrible way!She wants to learn Braille, she wanted to go back to their areas of knowledge.However, this year, she was already 30 years old.30-year-old woman, of course you can not be on the School for the Blind.Therefore, she had to self.She began to read Braille.Of course, she is with your fingers to see.She can touch with your finger instead of eyes.The first English words she touched Chinese cabbage, cabbage letters, seven letters, she touched a hand full for an hour, but, in the end she did not understand this word is Chinese cabbage.When the father told her the answer, she cried.She shed tears for his clumsiness.She’s an English professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese cabbage actually do not know the English word.Before that, she was Yimushihang ah!She did not believe himself to be a cabbage so stumbled.She wants to live, she wanted to stand up, she was able to do a flying cabbage, again flying in the sky of knowledge.She began her struggle.She put a man locked himself in the room, practicing over and over again, over and over again touch the word, over and over again memorization.Then, reciting what she then learned to listen to his father.Once, my father listening to her recite, they found the blind character pieces full of bright red blood.Back when she finished, her father Yibalaguo hand, discovered that her fingers have been torn.Father put her hands clutched in their hands, could not help but burst into tears.My father said: daughter Yeah, we do not learn.Dad wage, and my father can feed you forever.She did not cry.Instead, she smiled and comforted the father said: Dad, you have to believe your daughter, I can do it!One night, a man she secretly ran out of the house.His father was in a hurry, looking for.Finally, the father found her in the classroom where she worked.Students have school.Classroom lighting has been extinguished.She was left standing on the podium, his hand repeatedly measuring the blackboard.Father stood in the classroom, silently watching the darkness daughter, my heart bursts of sorrow and grief to.Father knows that her daughter is ready to return to the podium ah.Until she was ready to leave when his father was stepped forward, holding her hand.She was glad, she said: Dad, I did it, I have found a method of writing on the blackboard!My father said: You are a cabbage can fly, you will be successful in!She finally returned to the podium.Her writing on the blackboard is still so normative, elegant; her pronunciation is still so accurate, clear: she multimedia use is still so rich, brilliant; her image is still so handsome, smiling.Everything is not any different with the previous illness that on two weeks of classes, the students do not know their teachers have the blind.Finally, some students found her leaning on a cane to walk on campus, the students knew of her misfortune, she knew the pain and effort pay for each lesson Shanghao.Students moved to tears, and she laughed.She laughs about the struggle of a cabbage, encouraged the students to cherish every moment.Her name is Patrick.After Patrick learn Braille, Braille computer software use, embarked on a career in the fast lane.She was admitted to Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Public Administration as a blind person, and received a MPA degree from Harvard.Now, Patrick vice chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, China Eleventh CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of China Association for Blind.This is Patrick, a successful blind, a flying cabbage!Her success as she said in a speech that: a person can not see, but not without insight; can no vision, but not without a vision; you can not see the road, but can not stop the pace of progress!

A butterfly

Now I recall previous bit by bit, understand that when you are a child, in fact no one wrong.In order to adapt to the environment but, alienation of the child must change.I chose to change, from that moment, all the bitterness and tears, but in order to become a butterfly, then struggling to strike. I remember when I was a simplistic and sensitive people.When the second grade lively, active learning effort, no thought, no friends.Later transfer, due too to show their people are excluded.In fact, this has been my source of pain, and when I could not realize the harm is too bright, nor considered too aggressive to others.I just simply show their good, hard to arouse people’s attention, forget to consider the feelings of others.So, maybe that’s more than I really should eat bitterness, let me awakening, growth, change. Later, transfer, or difficult to integrate into the collective.We Tiaopi Jin, I can not dance; we chatted, I edgeways.Probably because I was living in their own world, so worldly, sometimes stupid ridiculous.Plus transfer shadows pressure in the heart, so I have some self-esteem.So I became more sensitive to other people hate or fear of being looked down on, little things will be very concerned.My head is full of a friend and why not my hand, I would not sit sat on a chair; the teacher why not praise me, I do not question things like.Never before considered these and suffered a lot, I began frantically care about the opinions of others.I maintain a strong self-esteem had been a good student at, but did not mind learning.When I was out of the competition, I realized that I should put more focus on learning. That year I was in sixth grade, when they graduate, did not even buy Classmates.I never thought this would separate them and.But the real time apart, there is nothing anyone dismay.I would have thought he would be very sad, but I am very calm.Perhaps in a time of transfer, I have long been accustomed farewell.I went to high school in town, the new class, we all do not know each other, so I quickly adapted to the environment.Through this opportunity I am determined to change yourself from the inside out. At first I hard to do.I still like a child so unworldly.I often say that even some students swearing do not know, so often tease some strange classmates.I can do only silence, and then I wait for time to answer. I silently endured all the trials and the process of change and suffering.I remember I walked a long detour.I have been very foolish because they despise myself; I have doubts about the future, extreme emotions and deep; I hate myself unstable personality, temperament become irritable.I have repeatedly tried to do different people: cold, warm, quiet, simple, smart.I put the pieces together a wide variety of personalities, like my character, like mending socks Lei Feng was a colorful character and lost. During that bad road, my mother has not given up.No matter how busy I am, she eventually calmed me.Looking back now, it was her drop a tear, I heard a cough, a sentence advice, like a pair of big hands will lift me up, like, let me see the light again and hope.I already owe her too much, how much sweat and tears can not be repaid. I Yibubuxiang success forward, throwing heavy ideological burden, with full of love to meet new life.I can feel the sun shines into my heart from all directions.When I stroll arm in arm and new friends in the playground, I feel I have all the mad pursuit, it has been easy to grasp in my hand. I understand a little bit, for friends, attention and honor, I do not have to catch too tight.Because these like water, can only be holding, can not hold.My mind more and more clear, before those complicated things occupy my mind, a little bit disappear without a trace.Everything becomes clear and simple, I feel the smile from someone else, I have everything handled so well.I was full of confidence, we have begun to learn Jing Xiaxin. So, when my mother asked me, for the former things have left me no shadow, I replied, no.Because I have breakthrough.I put all the aches and pains, they are left in the broken shell in.And after I changed, with hope and confidence, his left hand holding a friend, right hand holding the future, with the wings of love fly into the sky.

A bunch of short poems

Virus computer virus human brain does not have the virus ah!    Good computer virus trouble clearing the virus of the human brain ah!    Objective The objective is to reach in front ah ah anxious light worry is useless to kick all the difficulties Forward!  Time to get up from the target is getting closer insomnia sleep of poetry this is the best way to overcome insomnia ah!    Drink plenty of water to drink the water of the lit is best to go to Turin are a lot of gunpowder than anything to drink better than what the body smoking cigarette after a meal is better than life only smoking a smoking a multi-ah ah no gods state of mind feeling a prose poem on the difficult adjustment to make it poetic state of mind multiply good cold winter cold winter ah chasing ginger syrup to hide are not immune to the cold every day, drink a few bowls to their insurance decoration decoration man of the house is better to put a good decoration to decorate his own good and the pursuit of high quality of life life life there are so many things to do when there is no total rest and want to rest and do?  Just go to Babaoshan, when the poet is a poet writing poetry in his life in the poet to write poetry is to open their minds to the world ah Time You’re always pressing others can not tolerate people gasp when I breathe you did not ease you do not wait for me and went on her forward

A bullet token of love

In 2000, I, a girl, graduated from the military academy, assigned to a Frontier Corps south.Border guards work of high tension, because we have to deal with drug-trafficking gangs, prevent prohibited items.Zhu Wei is our reconnaissance battalion vice captain.  One day, we were eating lunch, suddenly received an emergency set of command.He said the captain, according to reliable intelligence, there is a drug gangs to smuggle drugs immigrants today, except when the value of foreign troops continue to No. 1 on duty, other officers rushed to the No. 2 and No. 3 reinforcements lie in ambush.  My task is to No. 3, away from the border ambush in a range of.I lie motionless in the bushes, three hours past, only saw the shadow side of the border there are individuals in the rock.After 1 hour, he finally crossed the border, came to my side, took a few steps, he suddenly pulled out a gun and fired a shot toward us, followed by a second shot, the third gun.I immediately raised a gun to fight back, that person like a rabbit ran across the border to the other side.  Then someone whispered to me, but dissatisfaction cried: who fired the gun?Quickly change places!I have not heard, is still Ju Zhaoqiang search target, a figure rushed over, I will overwhelm the earth, then, he heard whizzing bullets flying around.I pushed the man, only to find that he is Zhu Wei, his arm has been shot and bloody.  The other had long been an ambush a man, the man shot toward me only tentative, waiting for my gun sounds, other people together to ambush me shoot.Zhu Wei saved my life.Since then, I fell in love with him.  Zhu Wei to the hospital the day, I know that if we do not tell the truth to him, the future is difficult to have a chance, so I head down stammered: Zhu Wei, me, this is my first time I called his name before I always call him deputy brigade.Zhu Wei, handing me a bag and said: You want to help me put the bag right, then, holding.  I took the bag, opened his mouth, I just say a word, Zhu Wei said: Do not say, let’s go.I know, out of the ward, I will not have a chance.I have the courage to say: I love you.Sound is very light, but very firm.That said, I almost could not see his face.  Zhu Wei, obviously stunned for a moment, but he immediately said: Yaqin, this is not possible.Finish the sentence, he went straight away.  Zhu Wei was so straightforward refusal, it hurts me, but my heart is still unwilling to.  I began to write Zhu Wei, one every two weeks.In front of the letters have been fruitless, no reply.Until the fifth letter sent Zhu Wei initiative to come to me, and he brought me to the shade next to the road to talk.Namely that occasion, he told me that the reason he broke up with former girlfriend.His girlfriend did not want him when Frontier Corps scouts say that is too dangerous, and his girlfriend’s father was a military directorate level, through the relationship between his girlfriend’s father to transfer him to the rear of the work, he did not go this way, two people break up.  He said that the thing he would like to see the girls want to have a stable life, and his work too dangerous, and if he who is married, one day he had the honor, he would harm others.So he decided, did not back down from the reconnaissance battalion, he talk about personal problems, please do not waste my feelings on him wasted youth.  He more so, the more I bent to love him, I think he is a very responsible person, such a person, any girl worth pursuing.I always write to him.  This went on for more than a year, until one day in March 2002, my comrades Xiaohong birthday, I went to her dorm to send a birthday present, only to discover that she wrote in giving, I have only one aim at the beginning, I found myself while tightening.It began the first sentence is: Zhu Wei, hello!I see, Xiaohong some confusion, soon folded the letter ends up in the trouser pockets.  I discovered that not only I fell in love with Zhu Wei.In those days I was in pain, I did not give a letter Zhu Wei.  May 4, 2002, I received a phone call from Zhu Wei, he said: Wait a minute, you can not stand more prominent position?I did not understand the meaning of his words, he hung up the phone.I played in the past, the other side of the phone actually closed.  I’ve been pondering his sentence did not end what I meant, after two hours, we suddenly set the emergency, but also personally speak to us by the Corps officer, I suddenly realized, there will be an extraordinary task.Heads, we want to grab two drug dealers being traded, but he also sternly warned everyone, really can not catch them, let them escape.There is no command who can not shoot, get shot in order not play in the two men, to go in the fight bias.  We arrived at ten kilometers from the border checkpoint in a car repair station, where the ambush up an hour later, there have been two drug traffickers.I was surprised to find that one was actually Zhu Wei.I suddenly realized that the head of the Corps repeatedly warned not to hit their intentions.Zhu Wei is doing undercover!  They just started trading, we head out from the wall outside, shouting: Freeze!Zhu Wei took out his pistol, but I found him Ju Zhaoqiang some hesitation, what have been looking for.I do not know what he was hesitant, but then I remembered that phone call, he let me stand more prominent position!I straightened up, exposing the upper body, shouted to him: put down the gun!Zhu Wei Soon aimed at me, no hesitation, shot, and I just feel numb right arm, my gun fell to the ground, blood flowing out of my arm.  At that moment a shot, I suddenly understood the purpose of that phone call Zhu Wei.  I was admitted to the hospital, doctors took out a bullet from my arm where it was given to me by Zhu Wei.The head of the Corps are to the hospital to see me, they told me, in order to make a successful undercover Zhu Wei, who issued the command to Zhu Wei, asking him to shoot his comrades, wounding a comrade in arms, in order to obtain the full confidence of drug traffickers.I will rocket warheads with their own blood clutched in his hand, and my heart is never warm, I understand why he shoot me, but not to Xiaohong, not to others.  On the third day, Zhu Wei came to the hospital to see me, he told me, because I am fit, they managed to take away a large drug gangs three years we have not been able to take away the.He held my hand and asked me if I hurt when injured, said that because I was injured before the scheme is successful, I intend to give merit Corps.  I do not remember and do not care to merit, when there will be a bloody border guards, and even sacrifice.I rhetorical: Why did you choose to shoot me, but not to others?He gently stroked my wound, said: Because, I can sacrifice my family.I laughed and asked: I am your loved ones do?Am I your sister?He shook his head, eyes looking straight at me and said: It is not.You are my love.  At that moment, my tears down raging.

A building on the good hearts

He was a benefactor.The sun, he stood in front of the building just built a number of.Perhaps his mind was not originally these buildings, however, in November 2010, there are eight buildings standing in front of him.Standing in front of the building, recalling the past eight years time, let him feel the most gratifying to learn that his behavior always resonate in people’s minds in the world.His goodness is also associated with the germination of a building.In 2002, he was 21 years old.This year in May, as a five-star hotel chef cooks, considerable income, he has been invited to a luxury hotel in Switzerland, which was an income of more lucrative work.Before going to Switzerland, he returned home to say goodbye to their parents for something, he will have to go to the temple shrine, pray to the gods bless his grand exhibition.May next to the tall temple of a scene to let his mind be a huge shock, as if his soul was divine guidance.The original temple not far away from the curb, an unkempt man, picking up trash, do not make any deal, his mouth will gobble up anything he had time to think, immediately rushed into a nearby restaurant, buy of a rice cake, handed the hands of the man.Blink of an eye, the man will not be left a little to eat rice cakes.He thought the man and others like him will say thank you, I did not expect, the man’s face more chaos as a needle to his chest to laugh is a smile that failed to spread out, it touches the eyes turbid tears rolling down his thought, if unfamiliar to Switzerland to cook the rich men of this expression would stab his soul lifelong pain, it is better to stay and help these people by picking up junk food to survive.It is said that charity is often just one person to take the lead to do, let alone as a handful of change into a handful of soil aggregation of brick, with the advance of time, these bricks will be built by piling up a seat charity building.In June 2002, he became such a handful of soil every day free of charge for the supply of 30 disabled people two meals a day.He was originally purchased from the hotel, the restaurant meals because both expensive and unpalatable, he played expertise to do it themselves.But make their own meals, but seriously affected the work to make money, not long before he worked so hard to accumulate up to nearly $ 2,500 spent.At the time he did not know how to do, there are some people offered him the hand of charity.He said: There are female cleaners, whenever I pass by the street when she was responsible for cleaning, she would give me some money.There are those small trading business of fruit and vegetables suppliers, we will continue to donate some money to me.A year later, many of these volunteers began to join the ranks of my.People donated money and more every day, and those who need help are also increasingly multiply.They soon grew from the initial 30 people to 400 people, the monthly contributions can only support a maximum of 22 days.Later, he had to move out from his grandfather left his house, the parents’ home to live in, rent a house in exchange for rent to meet their immediate needs.Yes, his life is not too relaxed.4:00 every day, he starts to get busy, and he volunteers ready meals, and then drove a car donated by a well-meaning people, to hide under the bridge, street corners and other places people with disabilities meal.For those suffering from the disease of the elderly, he often gave them a spoon a spoon to feed.Those who see the long hair and beard and no money to manage, so he learned the barber, he bought a barber tools, taking the time for those services that allow them a new look.Day soon the winter, when he saw the men shivering in the cold, he sprouted a desire: to cover some of the buildings nice for these poor people with disabilities!So they will not be cold.Besides, you would not have to run around to give them meal and a haircut, have more time to do some more important things.November 2010, he was finally all wishes come true, one after another, the building was completed.It turned out that initially he wanted to help the poor, parents stonewalled.Later, both because his son was widely praised, but also for his son’s good deeds touched two old began to help his son.With the support of parents and the help of some well-meaning people, in 2003, he founded the Foundation named Ake Shaya.This time, he can realize their dream of building a cover for homeless people.Now, he has covered eight houses are named for the poor house.Someone asked him, why you were taken to the Foundation 名阿克沙亚?He said Ake Shaya is Sanskrit, which contains a story: a fairy Akbar Shah had a bowl, the bowl can always provide will never be exhausted for the hungry, a steady stream of food.In addition, the name also symbolizes the good feelings will never decay or perish.Although this is an aspiration, but encouraging people to keep more action.From 2002 to now, they have accumulated more than 1.5 million poor and the weak meal times.He said that the poor of their home cover only a beginning, but keeps the lid down, hoping to shelter the scholars of the world more delighted.To the hungry, homeless people provide a warm meal for them to build a shelter house, both the poor and the weak to those who sent a dignity, but also make them self-reliance, self-confidence.Has more than 100 people bid farewell to let us help career, began a self-reliant life.Having said that, he laughed and said that I do not sacrifice anything, do not say how much I worked hard, played from the beginning to do good, I feel, no matter how tired no matter how busy to do such a thing is worth.He was born in 1981 in Madurai, India’s Nare Narayanan · Kelishinan.He was named cnn2010年十大英雄提名.Maybe his good deeds very ordinary, very simple, kind-hearted but never refused fine, as long as everyone did not forget to contribute on a good base, there will be the building blocks of where they stand.They not only material, and can send a man warm; they are more spiritual seat is a building, looking for people, let us continue to enhance the realm of life and sublimation