A bowl of mung bean porridge love

He would porridge, will boil very sweet mung bean porridge.She will not porridge, porridge every time that did not boil boil paste.Her stomach is not good, and the body is easy to get angry, often drink green bean soup can warm stomach can reduce anger.When the porridge when she knew he would, he can not help but take an interest.When in love, he was a mouth to feed her porridge, she felt he was creamy and delicious boil porridge, porridge also contains sweetly, she thinks the world is no more palatable than his porridge boil the food.Later, they married.She’s just an insurance salesman, income is not stable.He is just a high school teacher, is a fixed number of monthly wages.A month to the head, he put the entire salary to her, she would give him some money as a petty.She knew he really loved her, every day she comes home, he will put the rice well, sometimes boil her favorite drink mung bean porridge.Although they earn much money, but life is sweet sweet honey.Her work has been less smooth, sometimes for months dragged less than a sum of the insurance, only a few will be pulled when one or two customers, received meager commission, to make her happy for a long time.He did not forget to send her a bowl of bean soup, plus an intimate: you poor health, do not be too tired!Until she met the child right before she turned the corner.Child rights is the general manager of a public company, she was in search of the Yellow Pages to find a phone of this child rights, fight over and over again, and finally he agreed to look at her to sell insurance, about to meet in a cafe.Weighted extraordinary conversation to her left a deep impression, and she’s beautiful, like a beautiful painting to remain in the minds of child rights.Weighted promised her to buy insurance, but the condition is to accompany him at night to attend a business reception.Clothes, her son did not participate in the reception of the right to buy her a.She does not come with the jewelry, the right to give her son borrowed.Even Weighted also gave her a bottle of perfume roses that night, she became the focus of the cocktail party, beautiful, generous, self-confident nature she won a lot of successful men of all ages.She took the opportunity to sell them insurance, they do not know is impressed by her charm, or for the care of the child the right to face, in short, she signed several pen list, she knows she will be able to pick this month to that face small sales red flag.She gave the child the right clothes and jewelry, to thank him.Weighted can say is to thank her because he found one of the best business partners, he admired her confidence and calm, I want her to become assistant general manager, to help him take care of business.To show good faith, the right to ask her son to eat, place set in a large hotel.This is her first time to eat bird’s nest rock candy, soft feel lubrication cool, sweet and pure sweet.Weighted that the role of the bird’s nest in addition to beauty, there Qushu down as.Checkout, she was taken aback bill, and the child was smartly pulled out a credit card right.She did not go to child rights of the company, but learned abilities of the child and the right to a man’s charm made her love has shifted.Although she did not know their results, because the child is the right man at home, but she fell in love with him, maybe the taste of the bird’s nest more than mung bean porridge appetite.She decided to divorce him.That night, a few words into her mouth and swallow.He saw her hesitation, wanted to give her a bowl of mung bean porridge, he did not know she was listening to the grounds for divorce under what kind of mood, so he tears his eyes oozing, mung bean porridge has Aohao!His side to do for her last bowl of bean soup, drink in her mouth even a salty taste.They finally divorced, she was a bit relaxed at the same time, there is a touch of heart pain.Because she thought she was sensible enough to choose the part of love, but to give up the marriage, she thought to find true love, bear the responsibility for their own feelings, but because she did not get the love and feel the happiness and joy.She would like to have more of a mouthful of his drink mung bean porridge to feed her situation, I often think about here, her heart would feel more suffering.Since they separated, she never eaten mung bean porridge.She could not help but start with a mung bean porridge, while she was in tears, while he learned to wash rice, soak, stirring, a little oil, but porridge is too long, she lost patience waiting, finally did not master the heat, the paste or porridge boil.It turned out that a bowl of porridge, a permanent need patience, and turn off the heat at the appropriate time, to proudly scented taste.She finally understood his share of truth, but also know what she wants to get in marriage, but could never get the.

A bowl of hot soup

Father suddenly received a phone call over the phone a month ago, he said dubiously: Anliang your mother think of you there, and put a food vendor stalls, you do not fancy the?The family is nothing job, hold up fast enough miles anxious you are not free to look in, look empty, if not in his father’s phone is the reason.When the school winter break, back home in Henan countryside, the rural poor father comes to money earned, I casually said, we have a lot of people from the school gate put food stalls, business is good, down to earn several day which ten.Listening to parents was to the spirit, he said that in the old way, the day was also able to drop two thirty in stronger than at home ah.We do not lavish meals, but your mother will cook a hot soup, the students did not eat, Paul not allowed to eat miles, say, but we will not pit people!I say it is old suffer, put a share on the road, from dawn to dusk, eat and drink cold wind, there are so many cars coming and going.Parents hasten to say that What kind of bitter Yeah, your mother Anliang so many years have come ye!Then, they asked a lot of details.Finally agreed to strike over the Spring Festival at home and then spend some parents, if it did, then went to the job.At that time I did not put these words seriously.I read from his hometown university cities separated by thousands of miles, say, parents are more than fifty years of age, sick dad leg, also motion sickness, Mom was not any too far out the door, at home there is a big stall things, sister in elementary school Unexpectedly, the father or the phone call came.I really do not want them to, watching their parents suffer in their own eyes, heartless ah!Therefore, to hear his father’s words, I hesitate not know how to answer.Father’s voice on the other end sounded again: If you do not see at home is really, really is not a place where scratching money, and if not, I know my father really hard to live, and I wish him and the mother can take the opportunity to rest break Yeah, but, my sister and I are similar in their eyes astronomical tuition, where they join in ah!How bored they can live it!I eventually other end into the phone’s father, said: Why do not the ah, you come, careful on the road a few days later, the parents together to the city, then I do not know yet how effortlessly carrying the bag touched our lonely University.Father called me at the gate, your mother and I say to.I dumped the phone, go crazy dashed toward the door, stood awkwardly at first glance to the door of them, that tired look, the familiar wrinkles, thinking they are such a great age for the children, but also come all the way to the city seeking a man living two students, my tears can not help but fall a Pilipala.Father nervously rubbed his two big hands full of calluses, kept saying, cry Han miles, cry Han miles.For a long time, I stopped the tears, one hand on the ground Dianqi old canvas bag in one hand and Chanzhu mother’s arm and said, Mom, Dad, go, first I dormitory and rest your feet!Dad quickly step across hold down the package says, is that I discuss with your mother, the first stall quiet live, and then you look at the house, your mother has long wanted to see what place you live kind of!I know they are afraid to go to the first line of this pair of shame for me, and my heart sour, but they barely know of no use.He said, then let’s go, I told you to go to a room rented house near it!Mom and dad will not let me go, too much of my class.I talk to them to explain the following classes is not so important, review after review on the line.They still do not listen, very stubborn way, in any case want me to go back.I have no choice but to go.Mom suddenly shouted to me, untie canvas bag next to a large bag and pulled out something from inside into my hands.Dad said in the next, your mother know that you love to eat popcorn playing small.Mom looked at me, kind face with Han Han smile.Up my nose and sour.Night father called me and said are settling in.I drive past, it was near the school a low cottage, there is only a bed, a lamp, Tide wet.Parents have been very satisfied, says it all, these are the.The next day, the parents of the snack spread sheets.A plastic sheeting ride shed, a simple stove, and mixed with other food stalls.Shed doorway stood a rectangular piece of wood, above the crooked hand side that says Henan, handmade, large benefits, the words fair price.From the outset, parents do not want me to help, said the two of them handle it.I do not want to be all right during the day, more books critical.Eat a meal in school, after school at night over then told your mom do something.The first day I could not help but go, secretly hiding in the side of parents looking food stalls.In order to meet the first day of opening, parents are surrounded on the white apron, with sleeves, respectfully standing in the doorway of the shed, his face filled with laughing hard.Once a student approached, they quickly leaned over, leaning forward slightly, what little testimony was talking to the student.Some students just went inside, did not really go in, greeting parents also pay any attention, just a glance away.Leaving the parents out there, still leaning the body, face piled ingratiating smile, just a touch of disappointment has unwittingly float.Subsequently, etc..Students really came, parents flattered a look, and quickly let them in, pick up a piece of cloth to wipe the table stool and scrub to the son as big as their God.Then, the mother went to the fire, rolling surface, with a cautious smile dad standing next to that customer, and asked what to put seasoning, do not put what I look at all of this, again nose sour, really want to find a place big cry.I’m always late at night when it is their parents to patronize food stalls.Finally, parents always left me a bowl of noodles.I sat at the table, my parents quietly busy at the stove side.Dad add water, vegetables, vegetable, mother group was removed from the bowl and a good surface on the board, a rolling pin to pick up a large roll to and fro, the well surface, a steaming bowl placed in front of me, next to mom looked at me kindly eat; dad still squatting on the side as I did as a child, but his throat hurt, can no longer smoke.Bowl of noodles to eat here every night, is my greatest enjoyment.I even forgot to parents hard during the day, I really hope this day can continue forever.One night, I found my father always secretive not face to face with me, mom seemed a bit uneasy look.I was very surprised, to pay special attention to his father and found him swollen cheek while aloft, he quickly asked Editor’s Note.Father hesitated to say nothing, do nothing.Mother next to a little sob.I ask, mom is left temporary stalls that little young to play.He said we stall delayed his business, we called the roll, your dad smiled and told him a few theories, he suddenly punched it over my head hum to look hot, and thought nothing, a Dianqi stool washed out.Mom quickly thrown around me, dad Jinjinzuanzhu my arm, wins the stool down.I said nothing, he kept struggling, mother started to cry, saying we unfamiliar, eat a small loss eat a small loss of it, can not dare to stir up trouble, you can not dare to delay.My heart is confused mess mom crying, I wanted to shout toward heaven: God, you are so unfair!Why my parents so much older had earned out of these hard-earned money, why have bullied?why?why?Parents finally leave, the school and the district government where the surrounding environment governance, requiring all stalls must be withdrawn immediately, or confiscated, but also fine.Parents of food stalls there is less than a month to disappear, and accompany parents eat hot soup in the dim light of history will be gone.Happiness is always short too cruel.This is the last night.Finally, a bowl of hot soup since Mom still silently Ganmian article, do these days for her son as well as her last customer.I sit on the stool, and asked Dad, can not go here, go back and do it?Dad was silent for a long time, a low voice said, you do not worry for the home, the road is traveled, I would not really put people suffocated it!He endured all with patience.I no longer silent, turned away.Under the dim light, the pot of water toot braved mist in the air and wind around through the misty fog, I saw the familiar figure mom shaking before chopping board, thin shoulder of a Shrug.Surface well, or a full bowl, steaming, sprinkle some white middle green green onion, parsley surface before, the mother is still as before, looked at me kindly to eat, dad exception deliberately moved stools over, a family of three tightly endure.Ma said a lot that night, then asked me to pay attention to the body, I am willing to spend money to.I heard what went in, and nothing seems to listen, only buried her face in steaming hot inside, any tears wanton cross-flow in the cheeks.A few days later, the father wrote that they got home, everything is fine, do not worry.Mom told me that this time out also met with major aspects of society, and not a loss, but in the end did not go where I live to see, always a pity.

A bowl of egg noodles

Granny Zhang village ebb due to illness paralyzed in bed for many years, in order to give her medical treatment, the family owed a bunch of money.To this end, she nearly seven years late John Wu’s wife wanted to go to the mountain town’s construction team to work.  Zhang Lao Tai his wife had a son, called Hu Cong.Hu Cong bringing up the old married couple with great difficulty, for he also went to college, married a daughter.Who knows, Hu Cong couple is not good for the old couple, very few home throughout the year, especially after Zhanglao paralysis, Hu Cong couple suspected her incontinence dirty, but very few of the parents’ home boarding gate.  That day, Hu Chen-chung mountain to the town to work, and Granny Zhang lying on the kang, think of the filial son and daughter, while he did not feel beat his legs, while weeping said: I deserve all this, it was retribution!  Then, suddenly someone knocked on the door, Granny Zhang put away thoughts, with the skirt to wipe the tears and said: Who?come in!  The door was open, came in a twenty-year-old girl, tall, handsome, dressed very stylish.Granny Zhang Q: girl, you lookin ‘?  The girl said: aunt, I catch tens of miles of road, thirsty, drink in your saliva can discuss it here?  Granny Zhang watching the girl, suddenly had a strange feeling, very kind, but could not say why, difficult to say: girl, you see, I was a paralytic, you go to the kitchen Health fire water bar!  A girl twisting into the kitchen, and soon, her side to a bowl of steaming water, gently blowing.And other cold water almost, she Granny Zhang help up, give her a mouthful of feed.  To be honest, Granny Zhang is really thirsty.Because the old man working in the town, no one at home during the day, in order to reduce excretion, every morning she ate very little food, only water is run Lip.  Granny Zhang eyes moist, I just feel that this girl feed the water very sweet, a saliva sinks, then the whole body fresh.  The last girl to feed a saliva Granny Zhang mouth, and said: Seeing to the point of the meal, your mobility, I went to the kitchen for a bowl of egg noodles you make it?Then, the girl went to the kitchen.  Granny Zhang egg noodles hear three words, I can not help the tears streaming down.  In fact, Granny Zhang also had a daughter, Hu Hui, and his son Hu Cong twins.Available at the age of six, and Hu Hui Hu Cong fell ill at the same time, high fever, the village barefoot doctors can not cure, that they rush to the hospital.  The hospital needs a lot of money, HU Zhen Shan poor family, had to borrow money.  After the village by a circle, HU Zhen Shan Hu Cong sent to the hospital, Hu Hui to stay at home, then went to the next village hired a witch to exorcise home the god of dance.Such a delay a toss, Hu Hui less than three days to die, die very miserable, too uncomfortable, her breasts are small grasping their rotten.  Watching the children of horrors, Granny Zhang pains, holding Hu Hui’s body burst into tears, literally from her arms HU Zhen Shan Hu Hui’s body to rush over, in the ditch outside the village dug a shallow pit, with soil to cover up a little left.  Before Hu Huisheng also like to eat noodles.At that time, the family was poor, eat a few times a year flour, only on holidays, Granny Zhang will scoop out a bowl of flour from the surface of the bag deflated deflated, cook a meal egg noodles.  After the surface well, Hu Hui was delighted dancing feet, clapping hands, face and asked your mother to eat, however, each roll face and eggs and more into her father John Wu and Hu Cong mountain bowl, the mother with her only a small amount of the bowl surface and soups.  Hu Hui young and naive, Hu Cong clamor for a bowl, but it will always be a beating HU Zhen Shan.  Now think of it, Granny Zhang’s heart is still the same pain as the needle.  After some busy, the girls end up a bowl of egg noodles, Granny Zhang eat a mouthful, he started to cry, she was too familiar with this taste.  The year when Hu Hui died, tilted a dry dry, no trace of color little face, and said: Mother, I, I want to eat you do, egg noodles!  Granny Zhang feeling heart would break, she went to the kitchen to make a bowl of tears, ended up in front of Hu Hui.Hu Hui struggling to eat a mouthful, said: Mother, this face, this face so delicious!Then, Hu Hui closed his eyes, tears glistening bunches that flow into the bowl in.  Since then, Zhang Granny saw egg noodles think of Hu Hui, could not help but be sad tears.Therefore, since the death of Hu Hui, Hu Hui anniversary of the death of her only in the day, a bowl of egg noodles, Hu Hui to pay homage to the memory of the crossroads, normally never do.  Granny Zhang wiped tears, said: girl, can ask you something?  The girl said: aunt, although there is anything that you say!  Granny Zhang said: Today is the ninth day of the lunar calendar in July, I was also the anniversary of poor daughter Keiji.Since Anzhe legs and feet had been ill, but also to Xia Buqu.Can I ask you to help Sheng a bowl of noodles, I went to the crossroads that Keiji memorial memorial?  At this point, Hu Chen-chung mountain carrying a bag from the outside back, saw the girl, he at first hesitated, then asked: you are?  The girl said coldly: a passer, thirsty, come to discuss a glass of water!  John Wu Shan Oh sigh, sit Kangbian, Granny Zhang said: Today I’ve invited half a day off, I went papyrus shop, buy some good stuff!Then he opened the bag, took out a few pieces of clothing from the inside made of paper.  Granny Zhang said: Why do you buy this?  John Wu Shan eyes red, said: I go through papyrus shop, to see inside a dead clothes, I think of that year Keiji when he died, and even pieces of decent clothes are not.Today Keiji’s death, I bought two, to burn Keiji go over there so she can share our joy!  John Wu Shan turned over the clothes, goes on to say: Look, colorful, really good-looking!  Granny Zhang had broke down in tears, said: This is your old man dead, patriarchal, and only then to harm her, I hate you said, Mrs Zhang punch to punch hit HU Zhen Shan.  John Wu three hung his head just stood there, his wife’s mood to be more calm, he said: I also hate her, and now if not for you, buy a bottle of pesticide Anjiu drink, to accompany the following daughter gave her cow horses do sin, redemption of I!  Has been standing by, did not speak the girl suddenly burst into tears, Mrs Zhang asked her: the girl, you loud noise?  The girl’s blouse hole slowly unravel, Granny Zhang see uneven scratches on his chest, loss of mouth and shouted: Keiji, you are my Bitter Keiji?!  Girl nodded and said: you do not ask how, I was already dead, how twenty years later returned?  It turned out that year Hu Hui did not die, but only a deep coma.She was thrown into the ditch HU Zhen Dao Cunkou mountain, under the rain, she was a pouring rain, even woke up.  She makes every effort to poke in the face of that thin cover of soil, issued a groan of pain.At this time, there is an ebb village to visit relatives in the old man found her and took her back home, find a doctor for her medical treatment.She slowly better, but amnesia, things in the past that can not remember.  The old man was a bachelor, just like with the same pro daughter of Hu Hui, a year ago, sick old man died.  Because amnesia sake, Hu Hui has not remember everything about the biological parents.Until the other day, she went to a friend’s house guest, a friend’s mother did a bowl of egg noodles, the noodles are Shougan.  She looked at the bowl, sniffing the taste of deja vu, actually all of a sudden remembered the past, I think of her home, her parents, and a child of everything Then, she would find from memory home.  After listening to John Wu Shan Hu Hui, then splash knees, he said: Keiji, father wrong, father kneel to you, I do not beg your pardon, my heart so I can feel better!  Originally, restore memory after Hu Hui, HU Zhen Shan hated to, she could not understand are his flesh and blood, why only save my brother, do not save yourself why a pot of egg noodles, father and brother to eat dry, only yourself and your mother soup However, looking at a full head of white hair HU Zhen Shan, thin body, looked at him to choose their own clothes, Hu Hui heart suddenly soft, tears streaming down does not live up to expectations.  Hu Hui Hu Chen-chung mountain to help them, the family hug together, cried.

A bowl of beef powder

Before 24-year-old Zhang Tianyi decided to open a Changde Noodles in Beijing, have already had a book, or a columnist, had the lecture tour in the country, a group of loyal fans.That year’s college entrance essay, he wrote the classical Chinese as a negative on the news.When he was a sophomore student council give up the opportunity to positive, the founder of a bowl of sky restaurant, opened two stores.Graduated from the outer north, he gave up the security research exchange opportunities abroad in order to obtain a total score of the first graduate of Peking University, climbing Wu teacher is executive vice president, director of the Financial Law Research Center of Peking University.In June 2014, is about to graduate, he has brought together three partners, the World Financial Center in the CBD underground layer of Beijing high cost of land, opened a barberry Church Changde, Hunan beef noodle shop, and declared that we are ” after 90 ‘, with the conscience of intellectuals for their work, in their homes, reducing taste of home.37 square meters of space in the dining outlets in the same layer is very cramped.To ensure quality, they are only a limited supply of 120 bowls of rice a day, want to eat a reservation a day in advance.15:00, well you can see hanging at the entrance of the rice has been sold, welcomed the appointment of the next period of notice boards.Store layout vaguely Japanese-style ramen shop style.Zhang Tianyi very respected Japanese documentary “Sushi God”.Each to a media interview, he repeated once, said he also thought the film sold a lifetime Sushi Jiro Ono as a lifestyle business.Many native Hunan come here, but most unlikely to be delicious with mental.One night, one settled for many years in Beijing, 66-year-old aunt Changde come here, she did not know the reservation, the final arrived, rice has been sold.Aunt left in a hurry, not a moment back, hands, carrying a bowl plane bought from the house next door is not soup, and she let her pour Zhang Tianyi barberry Church soup.She ate, while excited to say that a full 16 years did not eat this hometown flavor.To this taste, Zhang Tianyi and comprehensive cousin almost tasted the rice Changde.Then just past, home of the snow has not melted, cold and wet weather.Brothers street, I want to study with a teacher.Changde Rice Noodles was the largest one being a lack of people, they want into the mix.Recruitment aunt glanced: I’m afraid you did not come to work it?They change strategy: directly to the shop and began to eat, eat and then explained what he wanted.Bosses respond more directly, most of them waved his hand: walk walk, not to not give.Until a little famous noodle shop owner is willing to more experienced, but opening to 600,000 yuan.Two brothers had to continue eating meal a day.After more than one week, and finally there is a noodle shop owner willing to cheap Shoutu.Brothers rejoicing, and soon, “barberry Collection” was born.Now, Mr. Liu Xiao Tong barberry accountant, Song Master is responsible for branding, comprehensive and became responsible for product CPO (chief process officer), is recruited by Zhang Tianyi.Comprehensive had never been to the kitchen, chopping action so far is still very stiff, close to the big band-aid on the wrist.Well, often the.Zhang Tianyi say they earn are really hard-earned money.After barberry hall fire, many investors take the initiative to call to find over, unimaginable to many astronomical.Zhang Tianyi but declined eleven.He wanted very clear, almost take on it, which was almost.He felt that with a religious devotion to the bowl of beef noodles to the extreme is a very idealistic thing is the law.Profit, making money is a byproduct of the law, if a target is set to start off making money, then the result can only ask where obtaining lower.

A bowl head one pair of chopsticks

Wenzhou King Sized collect wok stove cave decorated with a small bowl of old and dirty, dark and tired sized cross with a pair of chopsticks.”Your aging mother has been dead lift you, which dishes should also throw a rotten plot pond!”And she said.  ”Yup.”Men should.  ”No, I want to!”They grab-year-old son in his hand.  ”Oh, my baby, do not take.Hand dirty na.Quickly let go!”” No, not!”” Obedient children!”” No, I want to keep using!”” Oh, baby want to play, some new bowl cupboard.Listen to mom, then quickly take it to the big throw away!””OK.To large!”” Great, I’ll give you also want to keep using!””what?””OK!”

A bouquet of red roses

25 men to do a minor surgery.25 women came to visit, I found there are a bunch of red roses on the nightstand.Woman was surprised and asked the man: there are people to give you flowers 25 bed man smiled and nodded, pride written on the brow.  What woman does not ask.She also asked to know what to ask out.She even a little happy: someone to give flowers, to explain their man there is a bit taste.  She wanted to know which man to send roses to a woman.  In fact, this is not a bunch of red roses belong to 25, 24 red roses belong to the big boys.The deal was simple gifts 24 is filled with bedside cabinet, there is a girl holding red roses condolence 24, 24 that careless boy, easily put red roses placed in the 25’s nightstand.  This leaves 25 men feel a sense of excitement.Wait until the girl had gone, 25 of 24 men said to the boy: You see, you people send you red roses on my territory, my wife will not come paranoid Yeah 24 bed the boy on the issue while laughing: you are a man a real man, not a man tofu 25 bed man laughed happily.  Women do not know the secret.Woman ever saw the red rose after the child was on the dark Yaoya Gen.Women made up his mind, to figure out who gave the men sent red roses.A man improper officials, and two do not make big money, but how many faces belong to, a loss of drift nothing, how there will be another woman favor  This really makes a woman can not figure out, which really makes effeminate fast enough.  Women want perspicacious, would speed up the frequency to the hospital to visit.Every time a woman, always look for a moment that eloquently bright brilliant bunch of red roses, and then pretend nothing had happened, continued on the new vase water.  24 This time it aside hey laughing.  A woman go, 25 men said to the boy 24: watching my wife silly not stupid, give your roses watered, really dedicated ah.You will find such wives, voluntary labor of love.  24 smiled and said: you do not blow a few times to see you sister-in-law one day, you just want to grab a woman to send roses.  25 The man said: in front of the beautiful lie, women love being silly, silly woman only, only look cute.  So the days went by.  24 The boy recovered and left the hospital.Boy to send red roses girl appeared, at the time of her things, grabbed the girl that bunch of red roses, easily thrown into the trash basket in the doorway.24 boys want to stop the girl, but did not have time.25 man Zhang Zhang mouth, want to cry, oh, oh did not come out.  The two men smiled helplessly.  Women come to visit a man of 25, he found no red roses, asked the men how it  man put the story is very romantic, like a playful child.She listens to a woman, they burst out laughing, tears glistening in the eyes of his mouth.  25 men have recovered and left the hospital.Back home, he first saw the purple bedroom has a bunch of purple roses, roses reflect the man’s face was red.  Man very happy smile.  Men boast silly woman, spend hundreds of dollars to buy a bunch of red roses.One day, the boy saw the man in the street 24, was delighted to take it to a boy.The man said: Hey, my wife, my wife improve the quality of the.  The boy did not get the spirit.He told the man, sending red roses girl had broke up with him.

A book Friends<错过的时间错过的遗憾>

Really, as people age, some past memories, no, maybe not recall, but only a flash in an instant taste of children, will be deeper and deeper preserved forever linger in my heart.  There are many things in life, we can not choose, missed the time to regret missed.  We always look forward to the arrival of young love, hope bloom of love.Everyone knows love comes too fast, go too fast.Memory is always beautiful moment, unfortunately, the world’s world too much, perhaps with regret, it will be so unforgettable.Only hard feelings, and slowly heal the pain between heart, sky tomorrow will be accompanied by clear blue skies regret this.  I love how **, there is more trouble.There will always be in everyone’s minds this idea: not pick the stars are the brightest; mining is not the most colorful flowers; losing is always the best, is the most beautiful miss.Is this right?I think it would be a blessing, since missed, why not let this sorry retain the most beautiful reflection?  Down every day the sun rises in the west, and over every day life in a hurry, we have to pursue what you want in a limited life, including love.Speaking of love, naturally think of the phrase very classic: the right time, met the right people, a lifetime of happiness.The right time, met the wrong people, is a heart-breaking.Wrong time, met the wrong people, is a ridiculous.Wrong time, met the right people, a lifetime sigh. To be at the right time, met the right people to fate, it is the life of blessing. In fact, we live in a lot of people are wrong time met the right people.Perhaps, you Xiangyutaizao, do not know how to cherish each other.Perhaps, you met too late, his side have another person.Maybe you go back too late, the other has disappeared in the vast sea.Perhaps, various reasons so that you can not be together. Too much love will happen the same story.When you come, I wander in another place; I come through, you’re into the next intersection.So, between this stop and go, a lot of people miss each other’s fate.When it comes to love, only to find really too late, so there is a lot of missed love. Love missed the most beautiful, because to miss, so beautiful. Make the United States does not seek perfection, but for life without regret.Because missed, there is regret, and regret always able to produce beautiful.As the saying goes, you never get lost it or something is always beautiful.People, things are not always regarded as the most precious.Long time, wear out iron heel pursued, refuse to give up until all hope is gone.Once you have, but I feel much better than this. Proust in “Remembrance of Lost Time”, said that the happiest years are lost years.I think people have this perception must have such a sigh: once surplus hand can hold happiness drift in fine, clear time, and then look back, is vast mountains.Acacia can not meet, fall in love but can not spend, unfortunately sometimes can really move people. In fact, unfortunately, is itself a kind of beauty.Many died that spread the love story, most of all to bring this regrettable color.Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lan, Lu You and Tang Wan, they have entered marital love, but missed and soon in the hands of feudal parents.They love to make the world how much tragedy lovestruck men and women Wang Zi upset, leaving empty grudge.Jia Lin and a monk, a red scent off.Their love story is so heartbroken people of the world, marvel.Butterfly Butterfly, Xu Xian and Bai tower across the river, Rose lost Jack, eat only a little off the riffraff Tsai.The tragedy of the beauty of love, unfortunately, the United States always impress people long, long time people keyed. Because missed, there is a miss, and the miss is good.Thoughts are always capable of precipitating all unpleasant, leaving the best memories. Some people say: the true meaning of love, there are two, one is isolated, and the other is waiting.Whether isolated or wait, it is marked by miss.It is not the thoughts, the feelings of people tend to get the purification and distillation.And when a person feels lonely, lonely in real life, he will get some kind of unspeakable consolation and joy from some of the sweet memories.The life of regret and pain, once become memories, it often will feel a touch of sweet, gentle beauty, this is a sweet melancholy recollection of events we produced, or is the sweet melancholy miss is a happy sadness, is a sweet melancholy, is a warm pain. Miss left us with a much more sincere words, in these words, we can often get a kind of spiritual joy.”Sea rising moon, 天涯共此时, Valentine’s resentment shake the night, actually from Acacia evening.Ying hand bear gifts, but also sleep dream wedding day “, we can not meet a lover from such melancholy feelings, to get some kind of feeling of beauty.”Pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people to languish” “Where sober tonight, willow shore Xiaofeng moon”, the text is always missing person can cause emotional resonance.The “Reproduction” That lingering affection, love that missed the pain, always touch our heart the softest part, has prolonged shocking.Missing is a constant topic of text, is a lonely time in thoughts of fortune.Years Gone like leaves as he can, but this wealth forever, in the span of your life journey, it will always be with you and give you endless warmth and inexhaustible power. Miss love, often not in marriage.Even into the marriage, and often short-lived.Once in marriage and love, in the face of day and night relative, in the face of daily necessities, love will be eclipsed.Some people say that marriage is a devil, he can tear a lot of good things, masticate.Some people say that marriage is a sword that enables men and women in marriage hurt each other, even scarred.Say that marriage is the tomb of love, though a bit alarmist, but from a certain point of view is not unreasonable.Because the love of life comes from mutual attraction, once considerable period of time, to attract it would cease to exist once the bright lights of love has become insipid life diary.That is, a happy marriage, love is turned into profound feelings of affection.Thus, in the absence of love, marriage, love, just like those that miss the most beautiful and brightest star, always hanging on that side of the day, sparkling, Jiyu dim light our souls. I remember Mr. Shen Wen once said, I have gone through many landscapes, seen a lot of scenery, but only met the most beautiful people in the most appropriate time.I think this is a kind of intricate when time and emotional ties between the most beautiful interpretation.So we do not have to upset God’s injustice, but missed and why they love.Human life will certainly miss a lot of things, leaving many regrets, including love.And their love for the miss upset worry long, painful, might as well cherish the feelings hands have, do not let it be the next one regret. Person’s life can fall in love with many people.Etc. When you finally get your own happiness, you will understand the previous sadness is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherish the people you love.After that has lost countless regret embellishment our dull day, heart lake ripples Yang Qi, leaving little more lingering aftertaste, as our journey through life the most beautiful highlights. Unfortunately, we cherish life, more kind to yourself and the people around, it became one kind of life existed witness. In fact, unfortunately, is itself a part of life.Unfortunately, our life becomes heavy, but also to make our life become rich.Unfortunately, because there is life is so charming, and so annoying.Unfortunately, it means that there have regret, there is regret, regret after the heart has been gaunt, but it is strengthened the soul.Unfortunately, there are also means there is vision, there is search, then we regret to find a more suitable way of life.It is because of these life with regret, we can lament the fate, while the perception of life understand the true meaning of life! Maybe everyone’s life course, there will be as fleeting as a passing but left the event in person, it will become your life’s most beautiful scenery.Yes, let it become the most beautiful scenery it, just let it stay in your mind long it. Tagore said: “If you miss the sun when you shed tears, then you have to miss the stars.”You give up nothing in the hands of fantasy spend it, but it points to make your eyes spring.Cherish what you have, “the old will come, take pity front of people.” .!

All kinds of valuable lotus, is the first time I saw, I wish you a touch of fragrant summer wind

All kinds of valuable lotus, are the first to see, smell and touch of style you wish Cheyenne!  - Reply Poetry, send your poetry writing tips – green label above the point you can listen to music ◆◆◆ Bihe Health Quan, Asahi brilliant and fresh, beautiful masterpiece toner, fragrance who will pass?  Lotus, another name lotus, lotus, water Chi, Chi Ze, blooms, Handan, water once, hibiscus and other water.  In China, the lotus is to worship a gentleman.  ”Kwan Fong spectrum”, said all things first and then the real China, China alone this real life together.One hundred dredge, Wan awakened exquisite, Kingston Hua, lightness finds, of flowers gentleman.  There after Zhou’s “Reminiscence” to independent Eleonora of lightness finds, Qing Lian without demon, straight in the pass, not spread without branches, Hong Yuan Yi Qing, Tingting net plant, can be a distance but not fondle Yan.Far-reaching.  Unbearably hot in summer, it is better to enjoy together with poems Jun stunning lotus, you would like: Summer safe, healthy summer!Happy Summer!a cool summer!  Indian goddess red lotus table ▼ ▼ ▼ Star peony Wenjun whisk ▼ Thai white skunk cabbage ▼ ▼ Kam tournament game Sunrise Buddha seat ▼ ▼ ▼ lanceolate love without hate pink water lily ▼ Mexico ▼ Ma Huang Shan girl ▼ ▼ Blue Jays flower Alocasia ▼ Colorado ▼ having color lilies ▼ yellow Joey ▼ yellow floral water lily ▼ yellow perfume lotus ▼ Huang master Niangniang ▼ flower YE lilies ▼ red lilies ▼ red crab claw lilies ▼ red edge lotus ▼ Florida ▼ powder River station ▼ powder layer Torr Tsui ▼ ▼ France Crow Mattila Orange Peel HL Doberman ▼ ▼ ▼ independent investigation Lanna Si Chong ▼ lily Lueang off ▼ Nympaea DirectorGorge?.Moore ▼ Nympaea.Yonglarp ▼ Nympaea DirectorGorge?.▼ Moore spotted spider lily blue crab claw ▼ spot YE perfume lily white lotus ▼ ▼ ▼ Australia Australia blue water lily red lily pink water lily ▼ ▼ Australia Egyptian blue water lily water lily Albert ▼ ▼ Natural beauty carving This is gentleman flower – lotus!  Click here for more exciting content: ◎ is owned by his side, used to love to take long ◎ 5 words wrong 3!Nanshan leisurely to see the correct pronunciation is.  ◎ Why do people want to read, this beautiful answer ◎ picked up a brush, to life with your favorite color ◎ Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion backstage dialog reply Good morning, Jun poetry have something to say to you ▼ click on “read the original” find more exciting content

After determining why the relationship had changed man?

After determining why the relationship had changed man?The purpose of this section is designed to help you uncover the truth emotions, so that you have a happy sweet love, to build a harmonious and happy family, at the same time, it can be self-improvement.  — — here is to say in front of emotional Q & A section, here are Binbin rational emotional coaches to help you interpret the emotional problems in and save the crisis of emotion.Though not a cure, but it can make you strong.Two-dimensional code sweep the bottom of the article, you can enter the service area of emotional coaches.A free consultation, not only to you, but the answer is definitely your personal and exclusive.Poke holes in the trees to the right, you can make your problem publicly resolvable?I am a tree hole, straining to poke my 01 Keywords: boyfriend does not warm me to accompany him on leave two days did not how to contact me Word Count: 1251 words long reading: 4 minutes Advisory girlfriends basic situation: Female, 29 years old, the monthly income of 3000 -8000, prefecture-level city.He was 28 years old, more than 3,000 police, monthly income.  Q: The two of us is a good mutual friend introduced know, we both love at first sight, is to talk to.4.No. 7 together, now more than two months, May to travel, has been rolling across the sheets, my 87 years of his 89 years in January.I am a teacher, he was the police.He has no emotional experience.I was his first real girlfriend.I talked to two boyfriend.And I ran to go get married.He is Aquarius.I’m Aries.He usually did not contact me, sometimes a day no message, vacation time may twelve days no news, do not contact me.I talked to three times the official told him, asked him why so, he did not say, I am very sincere to me, let him say something passion.But every time Moving on, he insisted only about one and a half.Yesterday I completely can not stand, because he was on leave two days did not how to contact me, last night 9.30 I called him, he said in a dinner with friends, I hung up the phone, then he called me back home around ten o’clock, talked for two, hung up.I mention quietly to each other.If he can not change, broke.He did not warm to me, I am very worried.Click on the image to enlarge ◆◆◆◆◆ A: You say you see sincere passion I have to let him to the point I laughed.Enthusiasm can not request something, but he should come from the heart revealed.  I do not know what your passion is standard for men?It is considered a daily telephone or warm it stick together?  You really did not understand this man species, the male desire for communication in general is much lower than women.You may say that you initially met when he was very sticky you ah, but you know the pursuit of a woman when full of hope and joy, is one of the most passionate state, and passion is a very state, it is not possible continue long state.Feelings of two people have peak plains, but the difference between the duration of each person makes a difference, I guess the problem between you is likely that there is misalignment in your state to determine each other’s feelings.For many men, go to bed means that relations have entered another stage, into the relatively stable period.For you, maybe this means to further promote relations, but also have more expectations.Now that you’ve had sex, talk does not make sense to delay gratification.I guess for him, you have entered a stable period, and for you, you still enjoy the taste of passion.You take yourself very state of the state to ask for normal state.If I might be wrong, then for you, you have to manage your expectations, and for him, you let him clearly realizes that he should make an effort with your emotions pace.  Everyone’s comfort zone is not the same, but also demands a huge difference.There is a joke this to say: women prefer silence to punish men, but most men prefer silence.For men, speaking quietly alone is not the most comfortable state, while women like to be called together from time to time Niwai Niwai feelings.  Everyone gets to dull enthusiasm, slowly into their comfort zone, which is bound to experience the other side of the state does not meet our expectations, but you really have to go through a little faster.  You may have entered the beginning signs of a dull, you do not put forward their claims by way of coquetry and the like, but with a questioning tone of the requirements and demands made on him.Do you think you are very sincere, but between men and women solve the problem by not sincere, but to use some small mind, to re-create some of the atmosphere to induce the occurrence of passion.  Give an opinion you mentioned, men are more single-minded animal, you have to be very clear requirements.I asked him for a special passion point is vague statement, let him know what to do.You can try to every day is to leave at least and I spent every night must be called to say he could well understand the details of the night, etc..Do not let him guess, this is not a man of good aspects.  If now I interviewed about your boyfriend, is estimated to fall in love for the first time, he is still in the state forced it to rip off.  02 Key words: I do not want to derail property disputes left his house and the fox Word Count: 750 words long reading: 2.5 minutes Advisory girlfriends basic situation: Female, 28 years old, revenue 3000-8000, county.Ex-boyfriend aged 34, occupational physicians, the question is, for the problem of the house, how do I handle better.  Q: I paid the down payment together with ex-boyfriend to buy a house, real estate license each 50% share of the decoration is a person I have to worry about packing finished clearing.After the feelings of both cracks because they did not know how to communicate and resolve to see each other each other are all kinds of unhappy.There is a female colleague knowing he has a girlfriend situation, chasing him very tight, the two have been micro-channel chat, and finally he spirit of the derailment, after I cold violence, I can not take the initiative to mention breaking out in.Parting verbal negotiation: He gave me some money this year, next year to give the remaining part of the house waiting for him to 6 years after the mortgage has finished, I helped him apply for transfer procedures.At one month after I moved home to pack things, he had found the woman to take home overnight.The moment I can not accept, he would not want to leave his house and the fox, I want to sell the house belonging to my share of the money away.But he did not want to sell, a month after he promised to give me half of the money, in the end of the year to find ways to give me another half.If I forced him to sell me back my money, we will be completely decorum, after all, we were together for six years, I did not entirely put down to him.But I found that he had put the woman back to our home rolled sheets, I can not accept.I feel not sell, my own heart make life difficult for the Hom, do you feel the wedding dress for her people.Sellers Our relationship was stormy at times may even see the court.Especially now tangled, I do not know whether to sell the house?  ◆◆◆◆◆ A: I was renovated people, you say you stare finished independent clean package decoration I especially admire you, it must be very tired, kind of a little bit of his own nest building up experience will let you his house full of feelings, but also full of hope for future life.So why boyfriend made a mistake, you never own the house they moved out to the Teng place?The two of you together to buy a house how can you let him live?Why do not you get rid of him?  You tangled point particularly strange, you are worried about forced him to sell now will make your relationship becomes very stiff, you do a good relationship right now?He betrayed your feelings, he derailed a fact, but also the fact that together with others, to derail the object to the fact that your house is to live.You have come to this point, you are still thinking left a good impression after breaking up?Do you want him to lead you love?  There are a lot of silly girl would like to express their parting still in love, to express their feelings more than anything else heavy.So what are not, compromise on the division of property, let this man think you realize that losing such a good girl go later regret.I mean, you think too much!You have much hatred with their?  You are thrown into the house and put the money in the renovation, a poverty-stricken what means lower capital into a relationship?For women, real estate has always been a very big thing, when your feelings have broken, you want to figure out what the house.Even went to court and how?New Year keep ex-boyfriend?  When you lose love, please do a good job for your money.  — — final say in when you walk into the love of Silent Hill, faced huge emotional problem, do not face alone!Sweep under the Fanger Wei code, tell your emotional problems, Binbin rational emotional coach tour arrived and help you improve your emotional well-being index.  Stamp here △ author emotion coaches Binbin rational emotion coaches, with sharp language, spicy style, to tell you the truth of emotion.At the same time, we committed to help you interpret the emotional problems in and save the crisis of emotion.Love makes you happy harvest, with harmonious family, and get self-improvement — guess you also like these articles — Kyo: Why I chose Song Zhongji, but not others!  For a woman traveling alone means danger, or Aventure?  Song Hye Kyo: Why I chose Song Zhongji, but not others!  20-year-old woman PK30-year-old woman, who you optimistic?  Such a boyfriend and rogue What is the difference?  ↙ stamp reading [the original] Here are your exclusive tree holes