About growing, this is the best answer I’ve ever heard

About growing, this is the best I’ve ever heard of to help answer Heart (micro letter: luyuexinli) have co-senior author of the paper Shu Qing Qing heart of the world’s two kinds of people: one is an adult, one is a child.  Happy to do the adults who enjoy powerful, like the show a sense of power; happy to do children who like to relax, always wanted to play carefree.The real mature person, not only do adults, and children do.  Recall: When you’re busy doing adult time, forget that they are children, continue to move forward, never stop, until the body to resist: I was sick, I had to stop the.  When you’re busy doing child, forget that they are an adult, always eager to be taken care of, protected, like a vine plant, forever dependent on others.  If you are an adult child can do, then you can not relax and enjoy the comfort, be happy to take care of fragile; only do if you’re a child of an adult, you will be a lack of confidence, not powerful, life hiding in snail shells , not daring to dare to break the red.  Split it?Split!Because very often, and we have a very strange inner child, do not see there is no acceptance, no healing will not grow.  Heart Club course last week, Lu Yue teacher about the growth path of his inner child: Why do we ignore the inner child, how can we heal the inner child?  What is the inner child?  Why do we often feel inexplicable feelings, fishes continuously, not named?That is because our inner child is touched, it is our nature, I was really, is our original sense of trust.  In many cases, you can not see the TA, or even unaware of the presence of TA because TA hidden in the depths of your heart, wrapped in layers, it is the weakest part of the soft.  Some friends say the heart, since not see, then my inner child in the end is what it?  Lu Yue said the teacher, in fact, is our inner child actually looked like when we came into this world naked, and candor in this world, when we are hungry, eat, cold to cry, so I will not want to cry mother will not be happy, so I can eat my father will not find it too.  In simple terms is that inner child that we have not developed a self-defense mechanism.The defense mechanisms that we meet the challenges of the world, to protect their shell.  Everyone left with a variety of skills needed to cope with the challenges of the world.If you do not protect the defense mechanisms, we are a snail without a shell, soft, vulnerable.  Why would hurt inner child?  In many cases, we do not know the inner child has been injured, because then we are too young, and this process is occurring gradually.  When parents are helpless in front of you fight, you fight a father, a mother threatened you cry I do not want you, when you’re being bullied junior partner, then you also too soft, do not know how to deal with anger of the world, would you really believe my mother is to abandon you, you will feel them because they are so loud quarrel.  Dear children, I want to tell you, it really is not your fault, you let a small to withstand so much pain, it was hard for you.  I heard this, and some heart Friends of tears, then himself was not easy: if then someone can hold on to me when I was curled up in the corner, when I was afraid to tell me do not be afraid, I am in no help when help me digest this bad feeling tells me it’s not my fault.Perhaps, I would not always cautious, always uneasy fear, always feel that they are useless, no one will really love me.  Parents do not help us, forced to digest itself such a bad mood, where a small child can know how to do, they will all fall into place are bitter to swallow, so naive as to think that as long hold on for a while, the next sec will be better.  Lu teacher talked about here, told us that he later learned to give yourself to create a protective layer, that is, give yourself blowing bubbles.  If a boy without parents taught him how to deal with bullying children, and that he will give Zhaobu in other places, such as learning good, like my other grades were not good, I can better language, do a language are the envy of everyone on little wit, so that I would not be bullied inferiority incompetence little boy, I can deal with all the problems myself, I do not need the help of parents, do not need to love.  I give myself two blew bubbles, a poetic bubble, a bubble numb.  This bubble, many injured children to protect their own defense mechanisms.But we can see, this defense mechanism is fragile and illusory, is not enough flexible.  When defense mechanisms fail?  Lu teacher told us that there will be many challenges in life, so we will continue to blow bubbles themselves, and constantly develop new defense mechanisms, until we live to be thirty or forty years, or earlier.  Probably just graduated from school into the community, you begin to find that I had learned at school can be a good carefree, people recognized defensive mode, whether to use it.  You may thirties, I suddenly felt not want to live my life in enterprises and institutions, to change a job, but your previous skills seem inadequate to deal with the complexity and challenges of the new unit.  That’s when you suddenly entered an unprecedented state of crisis, you will self-doubt, was not lived in vain before himself?You will feel life is a mess, you will doubt yourself, it is not handled properly and interpersonal working relationships?  You like a lot, but with no eggs, the situation is still out of control, the more you do well, the more skeptical, more skeptical, the worse.  You give yourself design dream bubble was pricked ruthless, this time, is your defense mechanism fails, the world can not cope when.  Maybe some heart Friends will say, then I will practice new skills package, the development of new defense mechanisms thing.  Unfortunately, this does not work.The challenges of life no end, you will fall into blowing bubbles – bubble burst – and then blowing bubbles – infinite loop bubble burst in again.You will continue to experience self-doubt to self-healing process, until you no longer able to deal with the biggest challenge yourself.  So, do no saving life?No, you still have a chance, which goes back to the beginning of his book, heal your inner child.  Only healing the inner child, so that the inherent strong enough, you will not need so much protection layer to help you cope with this world, it does not need to peek at the world through colorful bubbles, dare to use the most natural, most of this really face their own world.  Powerful and self-confidence, is distributed from the inside out, rather than pathetic to get Hujiahuwei.And all because of fear avoidance, when we are able to face their own fears, we find the light and found a new life.  Are you ready to put down this fake sense of self yet?Light reading is the fear of not touch, you have to start to try.Please take a deep breath, take courage, plunged into the stream.Finally, we take a look at the feedback group of friends right? – This will be Zhou Xinyue course – all the way out, all in the church you love yourself.This is a challenge and an opportunity, the opportunity to enhance the quality of your life, and the time I really met, in which case you will have the opportunity to exchange a pair of shoes to go live, rather than stay here forever do not belong to your world.  Inner child course, is such a journey, a journey of changing his shoes.Your answer to everything in life, in this course in.  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80% seek death of love are like this

80% of all love so I seek death ticketing staff he is a programmer, we have been introduced to colleagues, I fell in love a year and a half.      My trouble is customary to mention breaking up, every time he took the initiative to come to coax me ask complex, but last month we fight the Cold War for three days, I still think he will soon be able to find me to apologize, and the results received that day he broke up the phone and told me he was tired, do not want to continue this Yaohong Donghonghong day every day, she told me very depressed.      I look ignorant, wayward pretend to say Well, you said it first, hung up the phone I’m sorry, I feel like he is not with another girl, so I pull off so the fishes, give him a phone in the past asked he did not make any explanation, let me think how to think how to love.      Then I realized his mistake, to call him a letter of apology micro seeking complex, he did not agree.Even during my illness later in hospital, I cried hysterically, he did not come to the hospital to see me.I hated him, he was particularly disappointed me, on his regret when he was with.Joy teacher, what should they upgrade themselves far as to beg him to let me compound? Instructor Re: Do you want to upgrade their retribution by his effect it?      I’m really sorry for the boy, he had to pay for all of you all of you turn a blind eye, even in the case of breaking up causing so much harm to him, still complaining question, completely not recognize his mistakes.      In my opinion, the boy had just proposed to break up, a little pseudo-meaning in it, he just wanted to tell you he was tired, the way to break through this give you a little lesson, I hope you can realize their mistakes change.You not only did not know his intentions, but also to impose guilt on his head, that he derailed, you think he did not care, even had to ask him to come back to coax you, and completely do not consider what exactly between you question, where do not own.      If you do not change their illnesses, even if no matter how much useful work to enhance, not the right medicine, treatment for longer will not have any effect.So in this case, I do not recommend that you open in any way to restore, the first stop and reflect on their own, why go to today’s outcome, or after you together with any man, will live into the current state of torment each other hurt each other.         Do not pester her boyfriend complex, promised decided to break up with him, and give yourself time to reflect on their own to change, take a piece of paper and put something before you carry out the fight, did you write on how to deal with, he has a kind of reaction , you think right, if you give a chance again, how should more appropriately dealt with.Mapping in their daily lives, what differences emerge friends or loved ones with you, let your heart unhappy time, learn to restrain their emotions, allow yourself to calm down, ask yourself if it suffer or do, you will die If not, they face a smile, look on point.      More often, it will naturally allow yourself to become generous tolerance and learn to love.This time to upgrade their building, the second building on the other side to attract valid.As for how to upgrade their Charisma, add tutor micro-channel can get leyu918.

(Teacher’s Day) In fact, the more you know me, the more uncomfortable

I’m just back from his trip, I heard my wife to call the head teacher to find me, if there was something?I quickly taking the time played in the past, or wife answered the phone, did not say two words, hear I hear applause, little wife said excitedly: “You know you called teacher, happy clapping!”At this time, I wish to reproduce the scene yesterday ah!As long as he knew I had a phone call, will be on hand grabbed the phone from my wife, and asked my favorite saying is: “how’s it going?”He seems like life is my homeroom teacher.    Only to hear my wife on the phone, repeat TV drama words: “Recently, I do not know why, you always love talking about your teacher!”Then I heard the teacher that never betray applause, my eyes moist!    My homeroom teacher suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for several years, I remember Teacher’s Day a few months ago, I asked the teacher and the previous two classmates and his wife to dinner, the restaurant was busy, the waiter first three cups of tea, I’m looking for the topic asked the teacher: “we have five people, the waiter had only three cups of tea, how do?”I never expected that the teacher replied without hesitation:” The short, I do not!”I then asked:” That’s a cup or less, how do?”The teacher Wood with his little eyes looked slowly around a bit, pointed at me and replied:” You do not!”We did not expect, do not have even the addition and subtraction will be counted homeroom teacher how could this ‘afterwards’, quiet atmosphere has been broken by the sound of a burst of excitement, and that the previous two classmates wife very happy.Then the teacher stared at me as if to say this answer only you can understand!    Each time students, and the students will be pulled teacher jokes, which said he was eccentric thing for me, is unavoidable topic, I do not know why, it seems to have been all the students want to completely unravel a mystery.In a former teacher sick students at the meeting, in front of the students face, but also in front of me, he finally admitted!But then, he imperious eyes seemed to deliberately avoid me, did not look me in the eyes that look forward.    Whenever recently heard the applause, the teacher sat in a wheelchair on the wooden stay applause image will emerge in my eyes.I delusion, paranoia or the teacher’s question with the phrase a little domineering asked me: “how’s it going?”.    I still live in hope that he should not be in front of the students admit, I admit that he is more eccentric, so this mystery, let him know I know this mystery, forever looming treasure in our hearts!(One yuan brother)